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the united states has always had a variety of tools to use in its attacks on other countries. economic sanctions are are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries a talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country particularly in our own press and in the press of that leader's own country. americans love to think there were intervening in other countries to overthrow evil people and if that's true you have to make the person
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look evil. in nineteen fifty one ottomans came to power in guatemala to being a looked at by the people. us president for. the use of us. years ago i wrote a book about how the united states overthrew the government of quote a moloch in nineteen fifty four. the case of guatemala is a great example of american call for action during the period of the one nine hundred fifty s. when covert action was at a peak. the country lost its legitimate government and hundreds of people lost their lives.
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and those new see a pull you to say that as you see them will do was. to be independent and i want them on the look in the abbey on at the moment for them even if i'm. not on the foreign bill really didn't know you saw none of that done. at this time a giant american company the united fruit company owned huge amounts of lending water.
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and much of that land they were not using was just being held taken while many guatemalans are starving because they didn't have the land to grow food. enough. down in the. order that i. should. no one month and there is no way to. get those little of the requests. i don't know what to get. yeah of all of them to come as you know but going to at the end. fills us. now in atlanta. and it's going up and. so a president arbenz a league watermelon government decreed
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a land reform program this land reform program would have forced the united fruit company to sell its own used land so it could be divided up and given to poor families the united fruit company was very unhappy with this they went to the united states government the u.s. government and concluded that these socialist orientation of guatemala was dangerous to the united states. gave. them and threw her to go. up dramatically apart become in. her particularly good we want to put the foot over here i won't go to you because we're not. going to come in from people going to give them i get
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a four month. later civil war broke out something like two hundred thousand people were killed in that conflict over more than thirty here . may need to be able. to go. black and gold but it's all. you know who's the lad on it sam i'll be near. the man. come up with something. but only for michael.
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are you scared off with him in the soon they. don't have to milk this. for him our. research. one. excuse to feel wanted to steal our people and will spoil the story. then there. is. so the first one is. that. the government that we don't like shows bad faith by bothering an american company. then we convince ourselves that that company is our geopolitical enemy.
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then we sell the intervention. as a humanitarian intervention we only do it to help them we don't do anything for ourselves in fact we sacrifice ourselves. for the good of others. american involvement in the overthrow of the government of libya the government of omar khadafi was the number example then call of a number of impulses in the american interventionist spirit.
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as. was in saudi when i know not the could be and had then walked and if it had been wished them i don't really. have. seen just a few to fuck up and see a sea of. them as it all off. maduna because he will from the innocent will feet. up on the men and the house and at the homeless men then he. would move yes it will be back in the time of the fall both had their good but that away in well many of them as usual for me and libby.
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we thought of him as a bad leader one we couldn't control now he looked like he might be about to carry out all human rights atrocity so we decided it was time to participate in an operation to overthrow could offer to do that operation of course he was killed. so we succeeded in the short term goal get rid of gadhafi to depose that government
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but then what happened we didn't have a plan for what was going to come next we thought that maybe by magic some new peaceful regime would urge everybody would cooperate and things come together. what hit. us. anything on pace because i was out
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of london at. something to convey. something on sandusky enumclaw self-image and i'll go. laugh. he.
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looks like the beginning of the french revolution whether one or three those any such a movement these people that's good advice is if you don't know each other then never went almost as and never went to demonstrations after craftsmen down middle class people from a working class background that's what they are. and i mean i did. don't you know you're. on t.v. it's going to. those who know most of us to be in your years and years it was notable to be a very good month but i believe you. will use the please the ways of the i did my best to you guys the wide. world. needs them you see.
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there's one of those. is good. news for the new year. streak of a steal a country's oil cleanup and just touch on this for a moment terribly i mean scotland does have a lot of oil and the whole thing is mightily confusing so the us could consider invading britain right now during this breaks of turf awful and take control scottish oil i mean i'm all for that. when lol make this manufacture consent instant to the public will. when the right wing closest to protect themselves. with the flaming merry
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go round lifts only the woman said. to ignore middle of the room signals. to leave room for the real news room. and house even about the mission to mars would. not see how the. i am. i am.
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just i'm a heavy candidate. for life in a home slush contin but if that was a man and said ask. a canonical female of them and if a hut. up a not a mile i don't and if it was that i do any and myself a kind of god even in the. month of. ramadan was not the met seen then obama. on the one of them and feed on and on that i left him feed off any sessional fee our boss cost kind of. national by any of vision i want to be just any other company and young know what. i am. coming out.
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of. it because eco is the cousin business that i called up out of. the from the visited days wrote a famous history of the peloponnesian wars woody observes there is. the war or the conflict does not usually break out with the bigger the smaller country pushing up and pushing up and finally attacking that's not what happens it's usually the bigger country that gets worried and then attacks and you can see this pattern through history they call it sometimes the. trap and it's dangerous for the future because we united states is
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a power that's been used to being on the top and is now being challenged now out of . that. islamiyah. mubarak out of the league but nobody and yet. i let medina problems but that. was in the measures that he has. a lot of believe be too free he said then.
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he didn't. i. think. it may. well be. but. i think in the end i'm woman of the year to be. numb and feel how. beautiful but. you know when i left i mean.
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mode the one type. of others. we believe that we are an exceptional nation this is a phrase you hear a lot in the united states we call it american exceptionalism it means that we have a responsibility for the whole world and we need to make rules for the rest of the world because without us there will be chaos.
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my name is dr king on the side and i am a white political scientist. in eighty ninety three my country was invaded by the united states and we've been under an illegal and prolonged occupation ever since i've dedicated my life to not only finding out why the united states invaded my country but also how to bring the occupation to what it. all was was the. long term american project it began with the religious missionaries they left from boston in the eighteen twenty s to go to hawaii and live there to spend the rest of their lives civilizing the poor savages and
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barbarians as we saw who lived in the white. room. this is the only policy on the back row. this was the executive monarchs bilby. hawaii by eight hundred ninety three was already a constitutional monarchy so it had three separate branches of government executive which was here legislative and judicial which is across the street. the leader of these white a lawyer actually came to washington to win permission from the president of the united states to overthrow the government of the kingdom of why he received that
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permission he went home he organized a coup in which the hawaiian kingdom was overthrown american marines were quickly landed to secure the new white government and a few years later a y e became part of the united states. so this is the place that u.s. marines landed this road here is where they marched from honolulu harbor and they occupied this location break here when they invaded my country the honking the. so we're at right now this is where camp. smith this is headquarters for the pacific command and it overlooks pearl harbor and pro harbor is a naval base for the united states what falls under the command structure of the pacific command.
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he was taken by the united states were invaded in order for the united states to control pearl harbor because of hawaii's location in central central in the central pacific so there's a central location that ships could enter point ports after disarming refurbish. rearm and go back fighting. the middle men who are busy asian or in peace. by monday night greet and sleep with the british police should they resent all the things it was happy for you to be d.c. ninety and ninety three so what we see rising up out of the lack of people who are
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the least. bit monsters that are injury. document of annotation. document. basically saying we're right this is what you are worthy of notable truth and absolute most of all my book and i see it from the newspapers that we're seeing. we've developed an unusual. a view of the world because of our location we have huge oceans and a couple of weak neighbors in mexico and canada therefore we've never had to have a foreign policy of clear cooperation with others we've been able because of our power to impose our will on others. won't we here hello come on
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a charter school. school level there we're going to be visiting. you share with you folks to have a local one on the train only to you and your plans for them so. they make you forty three like we already know why it was just standing national was this nation state and for fifty years you celebrate if you know you three what we know that. oh united states of america illegally overthrew. now. all of the of the united states maintain that paul or despite having no mule already on this new military why do you hear what i said military that the threat of force violent sprouse for you how else are they maintaining power in. their population we just talked about how many guest video two hours of bench off
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it. we're all americans are waiting to. see what's yours. we are the evidence. but the nationalisation where the evidence of the war crime we're not the war crimes ourselves. already is an independent country all that was overthrown and eighty ninety three was our government by the united states not our country so our country is still an independent state but we're not a control of our independence we're occupying.
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this book overthrow is an attempt to show the times that america overthrew foreign governments over a long period. the united states at least in a relative sense is declining in power in the world and we can still remain and i believe will still remain a potent dominant force in the world and we need to accept that the conditions of past decades don't exist anymore and we're not used to this we're not ready for this psychologically americans have always been on top we think of ourselves as always getting our way and we're entering into a period when that's not going to be so easy the challenge is can we adapt our habits of dominance to a more equal multi-polar. us
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veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from a certain branches officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government
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and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort or an easy mess for. it would normally get as many a factor come sentenced into the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round lives only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. tomorrow morning real news is really the way.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with allows for so the biggest raid in truth to stand out news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answers. question. headlines when i see venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader refuses to rule out a military intervention as the crisis in the country intensifies putting more pressure on the government of president nicolas maduro to. bring police are under scrutiny after over one hundred cases are open to the use all free.


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