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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 1, 2019 8:30am-9:01am EST

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it's time to try some new tactics this is true in everything from basketball to cooking and yes even the drug war which is exactly what the great country of mexico must be learning after new president underestimate lopez obrador officially declared on wednesday this week that the drug war is over yes i'm not kidding mexico is officially announced it's ending its war on drugs i swear to you i'm not making this up over of our took to his daily press briefing to announce that quote there is officially no more war we want peace and we are going to achieve peace we want to observe that no cape he went on to observe that no k. poses a been arrested because that is not our main purpose the main purpose of the government is to guarantee public safety what we want is security to reduce the daily number of homicides and that is quite a daily number that number of homicides i my friends is staggering in two thousand eight hundred eleven over twenty eight thousand murder cases were opened in mexico
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that's a fifteen percent increase over the previous year in fact according to the mexico news daily more than two hundred fifty thousand people have been murdered and thirty five thousand have disappeared since the beginning of mexico's drug war you can see why it's time for new tactics based on those numbers alone however given the length of time that the war has been raging the corruption involved the pressure from the united states not to stop it and the seemingly never ending casualty list many critics legitimately wonder if obrador is announcement will end up being just more empty talk window dressing on an already burning house and while that is a possibility many are still hoping the true reform and changes coming to mexico on the war on drugs because clearly the old way of doing things isn't working anymore so today let's contemplate what the demise of the war on drugs could mean as we start watching the hawks. what would.
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the be like real that this would be. as it were the plot of. the day like you that i got. with that we. would. like to. tell. the world a little of the watching the hawks i am tired of the turmoil and i'm top of the list and i love to see a war and there's anything i love it's a war and i guess even when i resist a bar on drugs i'll take it yes and especially a bloody war this bloody you know i'm really curious to see if he backs up their state was a bold statement you know up on t.v. and say we're ending the war on drugs you know here in mexico but that's not i don't think something that you just kind of throw out the daily press conference unless you really mean it no i would hope it's not up until this point remember
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that we had a lot of cooperation on some level at least with the mexican government u.s. . so. in mexico central and south america so i think there were agreements about this idea well we'll keep you know the war on drugs will go there because it'll keep it from our shore and you know all wall or laser or whatever it is that if we're going to magically make drugs if we just don't have any drugs here at all the great crime will be. drugs because we can stop it all the time it's ridiculous i mean when you look at those numbers i mentioned them earlier you have over two hundred thousand people killed and murdered since the military was deployed to combat drug violence in mexico thirteen years ago they brought out their own military to my topic and nothing's really stopped in fact the big problem they say is now the military like all the. leaders
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in the cartel leaders are like fighting amongst each other because you know one day one gets killed the other guy's there to take his place and it's just total chaos and that's part of the reason you see this kind of violence and it isn't you know it's this idea of it's not organized crime most crime is not very well organized. hence why there are so many murders so yeah and it's gone up massively i mean it's not as if. it's a tiny amount no i mean you just look year to year to you're seeing this massive rise i mean and so some reports say it's you know there's thirty three percent more killings and twenty of them that was twenty seventeen i mean it's pretty incredible book there's still a lot of skepticism towards whether or not you can do it correctly because while you sort of taking the military off the case of the drugs he is creating a new national guard a kind of national guard to over door he sort of campaigned on this promised to tackle the root causes of crime so poverty or lack of opportunity but yeah when you say controversy also announced plans or what he said creating
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a national guard type for interest in mexico that's not the militants that so that's tough because a lot of people are just going to see it as another militarized police force since all police forces around the world at this point pretty much are all militarized on some level. and one of the things are not support who is a technical secretary of the mexican forum for democratic security here told politico that the creation of the national guard is popular among the political class and society in general but the fuel that feeds it is political opportunism and social desperation in the face of violence so you know you have massive poverty you're trying to deal with that and then you also have this you know horrendous amount of violent crime that's connected to the drugs that these people are somehow going to be involved in in order to eat so it's just it's taking that shadow economy out and getting these people into a real economy that they can work and deal with things and then you don't have the
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need for they got so i think it's like ok i would like i don't care about that i mean good simply i mean we've talked about it numerous times the way to end a drug war that nobody ever wants to admit is legalize drugs you know legalize and control drugs and then you'll see the drug war on but it's got some other interesting ideas to reduce crime without. using the law enforcement or military or militarized police some of those include granting amnesty to low level criminals meeting again version of legalizing drugs just you know negotiating with crime bosses to dismantle their syndicates realistic probably not but it's the ghost of it all over their own us says it all over the world on the way and then convening truth commissions in order to investigate and confront human rights violations committed by soldiers police and public officials within mexico and things of that nature that's an interesting angle to make people trust their institutions more by weeding out the corruption in the institutions that are there to supposedly protect
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this straw. man i hope i hope that the drug war is truly on the new mexico to be brilliant brilliant. and fabulous twenty seventeen if you are applying to colleges you might have come across the university of farmington so according to our website it can trace its lineage back to the early one nine hundred fifty s. when returning soldiers from the second world war were seeking quality and marketable education they claim to be a nationally accredited business and technology school offering programs and accounting engineering and even international business they get only one kind of student was important at the university of farmington for instance they had very clear instructions and did a lot to help get foreign students the correct visas to be legal student in the united states staying on their side the office of international programs will issue the form i twenty necessary for obtaining an asse one student visa to international applicants were accepted for admission and those admission files are complete. slight problem though the university of farmington does not now or ever did exist
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it was created in february of two thousand and seventeen by the department of homeland security as bait to catch recruiters trying to help people cheat the rules to stay in the country as a student in this case at a fictional school in the n.b.a. just made eight arrest of recruiters and one hundred thirty of the university of farmington students on immigration violations violations that would not have been possible without a fake university helping them break the law so that v.h.s. could a race could arrest them for breaking the law i mean don't you already feel safe. for every day. one of those kind of like. school with the law still have been broken probably not by those people. i mean a hard. so much now in u.s. law and. we're going to we're going to create the ability for you to break the law
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basically set up an entire you seem to break the law which is make it seem almost legal in order to break the law then put a middle person in a middle man or woman who is a recruiter who's going to go over everything and make it sound legal to the other person just say hey be discreet because that's essentially what the recruiters doing there is selling this student that what they're doing is illegal or at least that they they will get in trouble it's all perfectly legal as long as you're a full time student that's this program and the whole thing you don't know how much these students were told at base it's interesting because we were talking about earlier the investigation began back in two thousand and fifteen when they created this kind of homeland security created the college and mind you're going this is not a college it exists on paper and pictures but it was the call they had no curriculum no actual classes no bus. what's also curious about this is that many students seem to be part of. in particular ethnic indian group the telegu and the american going
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to go association told indian public publication the hindu the quote the american telegraph socialism has put the number of students arrested at this fake university one hundred and says it has confirmed confirmation of arrest warrants for six hundred students based on conversations with attorneys that's a lot of one particular a group right and what they found is that the two well in this case it was a lot of indian students if you look at the names of people who were aggressive is a fair amount of indian men and women of indian descent or people who we had immigrated here also chinese and this isn't the first time this has happened where they're targeting it particular group not think about it they're literally going after is saying we're a great stems call where it was science technology engineering and math and then you're going to take you know this idea that oh we do international business and everything so then what they're doing is targeting people in a certain ethnic group in
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a certain part of the world and that's india and china and they have done this before this isn't the first time they've set up a fake the d h s to set up a fake university to try to get these chinese and indian students into trouble and have them. claim about these are not via these are not people who've broken they've been violent crimes they're not drug users that we know of these are just people who came here to work and overstayed their student or some sort of saying ok how can i continue my student visa so i can continue to either study your work here in the united states that the idea and subsequent security would complete university yeah the heart of the lure of these people in the. well whatever it is it's really their marketing it's all about the marketing so like i said that's clear that they were looking for a certain kind of student. what is unclear is how these recruiters were hired or how they were allowed to be because part of the story in both. these universities is story that this recruiters got kickbacks from the school so they
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went and got cash from them for every student they brought in. which is amazing because then what you're doing is is really breaking the law every time like you're paying them to do something you eagle you're incentivising i'm not debating that iron send devising them to get other people to bring along and this isn't the first time this has happened over and over. yet and so there's no understanding now yet if how many of the students of the university of farming to make money that paid for application fees perhaps thinking it was a real school how many people are many of these people and who even foreign students legitimate foreign students who had no intention of breaking the law apply because they also said they had a graduate programs in engineering so many of these people are they had a great hole anyway just. because they're so crazy all right as we go to break god watches don't forget to let us know what your pick of
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a property would go over to facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are coming up all the world watchers all politics and who is on hold but as we well let's not forget what the other arm of the u.s. empire is up to these days in africa as we've broken enough to remember be coordinating committee of the black alliance for peace they too are watching the whole. region is still in country's oil you know just touch on this for a momentarily i mean scotland does have a lot of oil and the whole president is mightily confusing so the u.s. could consider invading britain right now during this breaks it all and take control scottish oil i mean i'm all for that.
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u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defenses officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war and surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy miss for. when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final larry go
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round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real news. for the past three weeks much of western media activists and journalists of the world have been rightfully focused on the latest battle for control over south american resources currently manifesting itself in the struggle between sitting venezuelan president nicolas maduro in the united states and the united states of america let's try. new anointed leader about israel
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a warmer water for many venezuela's current struggles are just another chapter in an old story of colonial style strong arming and natural resource stealing an old story that the great continent of africa has seen played out within its borders over and over and over again and is still being played out today by the likes of united states china and other outsider nations so joining us today to help us better understand the actions and tactics of colonialism and imperialism we see playing out on our televisions in new speeds in places like venezuela across continents like africa is a member of the coordination committee of the black alliance for producing them atl is to give the truth for foreign policy studies not for freedom thank you so much for coming up thank you for having me on so i want to first start with just the idea of like you know how do you best describe the united states kind of current role that we're seeing right now who will so right now a lot of people need to understand africa the u.s. africa command which is what the black alliance for peace has
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a campaign against us out of africa shut down africa and so we were traditionally after the end independence in anti-colonial struggles in africa the united states got its hand in the neo colonial forms of domination mostly through the multinational institutions financial institutions like the i.m.f. and world bank and using loans and structural adjustment programs you know and those kind of things and also aid you know the manipulation by aid still with this colonial white supremacy idea that africa needed to be civilized but only different types of. terminology like you know good governance in democracy and human rights and all those kind of things and then dangling that way aid in support in those ways but now increasingly we see the u.s. africa command which was established in two thousand and eight by the bush. administration and then after two thousand and two those seven but the obama
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administration came in and really pulling for a to africa all over. africa common establishment of military bases in africa during this was not the first military bases but what africa did was formalize these military bases increased them you know by one thousand nine hundred percent increase in military bases across the continent of africa or at least u.s. presence as you say across the continent of africa and then there are in terms of military bases there about forty some various forms of military bases and then also military to military relationships when you come from the gather all of them for the common of africa except for one country that's fifty three out of fifty two countries in africa have africa in there and so now this is the new dominance because of the increasing presence in influence of china which mostly is dealing
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with however you say their their intentions are their interest development right they are helping with that but the united states doesn't bring that it brings militarization in the guise of trying to stop the war on terror and those kind of things border right and it's been interesting because we've reported on here this idea that chinese are bringing in infrastructure investments and actually want to put money into it where it's a very different situation with the united states and the west and i wonder looking at you know obviously tyrrell brought up and we've seen that what are the similarities on the outside it seems very similar what are the similarities real to malarious between what's happening in venezuela and what we're saying and and this commitment at inside africa by the us well the similarities versus the i mean the essential similarity is u.s. has the money and wanting to dominate the resources and the economy of different various countries that are not western countries. one morning the country's to be
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at the we has two of them being able to extract role minerals and then sell back finished goods and which is contrary to self-determination to independence and self-reliance of country so that's the essential thing you can see also which is really interesting in the trumpet ministrations approach to latin america the just the threat of military invasion and over third a military invasion which the u.s. will always reserve to it doesn't matter what what administration is in office but they're kind of open with embracing with it and then all this administration is also doing the same thing in africa just recently. and trying to protect its interests in the congo africa and the u.s. deployed troops to go beyond because they were trying to make sure you know the outcome was favorable to them and they don't want the people rising up in this and disrupting their and then right now the outcome they created made the outcome favorable to them and so the similarity again where you see them declaring someone
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president m. bennis will this is the same thing that they actually done in the congo with the current person who really did not win these elections is is being supported by the united states in western powers interesting in the it's interesting seeing those parallels because it's kind of what you know different faces different places but very similar techniques that you see used over and over again you know the pentagon you know it will justify you know the argument for africa was always well it's vital to you know strengthening our partnerships and you know fighting terrorism and all of the. quest to that kind of argument has our common anyway been successful in fighting terrorism in africa and they're better reports that they were trying to shrink africa is that true. what actually the reports are saying they're trying to reduce the troop presence in africa and that's always kind of been the the intense. of africa has been to use the militaries of the african
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countries themselves and really may mostly have the troop presence be advisors and special arms forces and those kind of things the whole idea because us people the populations here don't really see want to see their boots on the ground and tangled in things so there's always been something that the has really been behind it but that doesn't mean that they still aren't going to protect whatever basic interest they have in terms of africa so that's not been the case we actually see in these here they're planning to have drone base because this would be do the replace the human beings with in technology and so they're having that they're planning to build a drone piece they're building a drone please this in the six next six years will cost a quarter of a million dollars currently last year it's already been almost a quarter of a million dollars just on africa operations alone without the drone base billion i mean it's part of a billion normally one there is a million and so yes so your question was has that been successful no
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in fact we can see with the decimation of libya which was an operation between us and nato these are the things and these top operations have exacerbated the forces that there are terrorist forces are deemed terrorist forces and have made them disperse them in different places in in the continent of africa to the drones in somalia operations in somalia and these kind of things really make things worse they don't they do the opposite of what they claim that they're fighting to do. and what's interesting is on the american side our reaction to things also tends to have a very western perspective sort of from the west looking in where if you're in for in on the continent average in any country there is a very different perspective of involvement say by the chinese an infrastructure or with russia any of that so just before the new year the trump administration along
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with national security adviser john still kind of makes me think of the day that laid out their prosper africa plan. under the guy is that it sort of protecting africa from as they say predatory practices by pursued by china and russia that stunt economic growth in africa threaten the financial independence of african nations you've had a chance to look at the plan. does africa prosper under this plan no i have to admit the plan itself is not to the men's room mostly example what john bolton says a long speech that he gave at the heritage foundation when he was talking about this and there's really no difference in the relationship of the u.s. to africa or even the previous administration's disposition toward africa the only difference is that they will be cooperating less with overcomes reason in their heads of money practices and that the that's pretty once that's pretty much the
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only difference and that they will also will be more strict in terms of how they dispense aid in all these kind of things i mean there's really no other difference besides that but i mean people really need to understand if unfortunately people fall for these things because we really don't have a critical view of the deal political role that the united states plays in the world and particularly in africa i mean there's no way the way that we can believe that the united states has has a military and humanitarian or benevolent role if we look at just its history and overthrowing the democratically elected police in the congo or the coup cia orchestrated cool of ghana. kwame nkrumah or even recently the decimation of libya in the guise of things and so there are so many examples and then even you know the troops there are still. in you know supporting uganda in rwanda.
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strong men do whatever you want to call most of it like i was you know one of those things that we have to pay attention to when we when we can't buy a hype for the most lame. that you learn relative we have to see through that one of those people out there over the years do that as yourself not the prima but you so much for coming out today he was a good un sir. when you think the nordic country of denmark you might think a vikings or danish american actor of hugo mortensen but now you will know it as a country who built a wall to keep out those dirty disease ridden belgian pigs thankfully they're talking about actual pigs here not belgian people say the country of denmark is constructing a twelve million dollar five foot high forty mile electric fence not called a wall along its border with belgium in an effort to keep the very large and valuable danish ping population safe from african swine flu which some wild boars in belgium have tested positive for how valuable are these danish pigs while not only does the country make about five billion dollars
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a year in egg exports to the e.u. and pigs outnumber danes by about two to one their national day is so easy keys to think is a special kind of roast pork and while some say the wall is hogwash since most white and flu spread by humans many feel that hamstringing farmers with that risk. isn't it worth the risk and i'm stringing farmers hard while you're on fire you're all fire about as a result river bed when the red one in this world are about love love so i tell you all i love you i am tired and up have keep on watching those hawks out there and i've a great day and night everybody. united states has always had a. muse and its tax on other countries. economic
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sanctions are are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military press around the country talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be change. looks like the beginning of the french revolution and whether one or three those an essential movement these people that you know they didn't know each other didn't never went almost never went to demonstrations after craftsmen middle class people
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from a working class background that's what they are. this is a stick from the water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells me. bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter box for throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has long promised to reuse the plastic. on the. fun now the mountains of moist only grow.
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stuff. yes. yes yes that was. u.s. secretary of state suspends. control treaty with russia. compliance from. the kremlin denies. interim leader refuses to rule u.s. military intervention in his country as he tries to president nicolas maduro.


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