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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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it was not a. good month but you. know why did the white. people. need to meet. these. tit for tat response russia says it's suspending participation in a key nuclear treaty after the u.s. made the same else went on friday. you know best we're just as clash with police in paris as demonstrators gathered
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for a twelfth weekend middle row. as the venezuelan crisis escalates thousands take to the streets of the capital to back self-proclaimed president one. pro-government demonstrators reply with. rally. coming up in just an hour's time we'll review the top news stories of the week with. the national loads going on the ground while in the u.k. and ireland is coming your way next. time after time as you were going on the ground as the trumpet ministration in washington suspends controls on nuclear weapons that could kill seven and a half billion people every human on earth coming up in the show as the masses again today rise up against the. leaders risking their lives against french
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security forces we ask a mathematical physicist about the chances of another french revolution and with six people dying every day last year while they tend to deflate and arguably make their destroyed libya we'll ask the world health organization about the immigration detention centers in britain to the un the refused entry to well as a refugee in a commonwealth guantanamo style prison camp wins australia's top literary prize in the past twenty four hours as we speak to the former british soldier who blew the whistle on possible crimes against humanity all this more coming up in today's going underground a first on wednesday's show we talked to jeremy corbyn ally and form a shadow you came urgencies minister chris williamson about the bank of england's withholding of gold deposits made by the government of venezuela the bank run by former goldman sachs executive mark kone has got back to us about the alleged stolen one point two billion dollars of gold they said the bank of england provides
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banking services including gold custody services to a large number of customers the bank does not comment on any of those relationships which are subject to customer confidentiality in all its operations the bank observes the highest standards of risk management and abides by all relevant legislation including a political financial sanctions war in venezuela in a minute but even by the standards of u.k. media how could this week's chaotic breaks of parliamentary proceedings be described as a triumph for a minority government leader to raise a may as mainstream media prattled on about an irish backstop pm queues fell on the anniversary of the bloody sunday massacre when british troops opened fire on civilians but the leader of the formerly paramilitary linked party keeping main power for a billion pounds appeared to prefer to actually talk of war in ireland recent days we have heard the irish prime minister talk of quite bringing his trips up to the border in the event of a no david we've heard the irish deputy foreign. talking of people jumping out of
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windows isn't this highly rakhal us talk extremely dangerous in the present circumstances that as a group claiming to be the ira warned that future bombs in britain would come with no warning to resume said she would be talking to the irish tea shock but ahead of being told no nine known by twenty seven nations of the e.u. she did arguably hit the nail on the head with u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn just corben about so-called e.u. state aid rules they could prevent a radical corben government from bringing britain's health care banking water energy telecommunications and transport systems under democratic control it talks about a strong single market relationship with the european union in the future i want to know whether that means he wants to accept all e.u. states rules for example because in the past he subjected to state rules well of course this is prime minister's questions so corgan replied as he might as leader of her majesty's opposition last time i looked at the order paper it said prime
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minister's question time is right of course it is a time for questions for the pm not him at least for now but the fact corbin gets away with not answering questions of detail about labor plans to reverse decades of facts right near liberalism is arguably down to a failure of mainstream journalism all the more ironic than the juries of may have just celebrated journalism celebrated it as a minister's harass this t.v. station and its bureau down the road from parliament here she answers a question from m.p. john witting dale who has defacto considered shutting this show down and i certainly agree with him about the important role that a free press and journalist play in our democracy is but how democratic that alone free societies in the neo liberal western why the demonstrations for washington chosen politicians in venezuela covered more than those in say france because today for the twelfth week in a row emmanuel mccrone security forces will no doubt be firing grenades at civilians in the streets of paris joining me now by. skype from france is
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mathematical and statistical physicist jawbreaker more george thanks so much for coming back on so why do you think three thousand have been injured ten dead up to today's demonstrations why is this happening in micros france well i think it's a movement which was absolutely unexpected but which is also very handy and as i said to a friend yesterday to the birth of anarchism there with the appeal is that because the artist have been totally focused in the ng and nationally is that they freshly censored and they have not understood that dog desperation of the people and of course those peoples are patriotic so that doesn't fit with anarchism traditionally and still but what it is is that it's a self organize room and of the masses if you wish of the downtrodden of the people have been left behind by this or globalization which is just one way to say the new version of accumulation of capital and these people of course have been attacked by the media and the so-called free press and in credit pressed by the government you
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can't find anything similar except during the algerian war and even then ok in education world they were similar repression but nothing like that was happening in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight and of course nothing like that after that this population is socialistically similar to those people who voted for blacks and voted for tun but the ninety people voted for i see no sign of serious civil food on days until racism or anything like that it is people rican fans ok well this is important to realize that france is different and the people of france is not what is needed to be the hayes's as it is about that be that use it is ation our faces and they said it is a matter of time as a weapon and the other weapon the use is to at used for an intervention which is a hunnicutt given what they do in venezuela right now but this is without proof of course that these people have been supported by her share of bad. even by the right
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left coalition in italy it is absolutely ridiculous of course they said after us you know also in trans our team friends i don't know about the u.k. but it's. incredible at that point and from the media that the they're very upset because if there is a t.v. which is popular on the west it is the fans that i know some of their journalists and when they go there there's no problem at all where the journalists on the mainstream media barely their demonstration of the you know this because they have to act even physically which is a little bit you know and avoidable given the circumstances we do we have cameras there today and of course we're under attack arguably here in britain for the english the london bureau but you're saying all this and i'm on the media blew money today i understand maybe shutting down the news game this week you say all that but the french security forces are saying they're defending themselves from hooligans mccraw the president is describing the demonstrators as hateful crowds
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and has said nothing about excessive force which is an edge by people like how they never mentioned you know but you see i've been in demonstrations myself and i can assure you that the people who sent it here yes and yes first of the police and they don't do it and the necessity to do it occasion questionis who started it and it's not at all to that they use it on the us and the city in fact you see some towns in the provinces where the administration of the era best and where the police does not intervene are these before they intervene they snow a lot public at all coming from the head of s. i think this is a test which shows where the violence comes from an accomplice a very dangerous game because if you say all the invest that that politicians journalists jews for in their kids etc i mean this is an incredible i'm again because they don't know that that jews were innocent is and because of that is until it isha. that's the german jews who made that journey people don't like you
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because of that joke them in the great you but i mean it's unbelievably it has sponsored a bill and they're hoping they feel you're probably you know i see africa as a for in chief. commander in chief easy over the place in the media taking the vest on this image when he says i'm committed to is extremely irresponsible isn't she is this and they said it isn't for example i should say that obviously there are people in the edge of their own who say that it is all inclusive especially l g b g q and obviously the jewish people and people of all all faiths was limbs and all others but people around the world watching this may be surprised that france is allowed to use grenades against its own civilian population what do you make of the european court of human rights rejecting appeals made to them for the french security forces not to use grenades on the eighteen would have said for a long time that this whole human rights business is a shadow then you know they'll be all of the nouns about that israel only had one
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but they decided a settlement about france and that's of course sure they understand us because the chance is closer to home from their point of view and as i say i mean the valiance in france's president it's in the hands here who are very few intellectuals factor that this internet does it by the end of this which was they didn't last me until the the very this usually is the very where insist a lot of super left intellectuals are on the side of the bow in this country a lot of them support the european union i understand you've been writing about fundament paula incommensurable problems with the actual existence of the european union just tell me about that i contrasted the republic problem of the european union as i see it is that it's democratic and it's not possible to have all the people if you help me in the foreseeable future at least one people and with these new people how can there be a democracy and what exists is a behold. so know that it idiocracy the european commission because
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a functionary set and then take an enormous amount of this engine for the entire european people which are then with them and if the t.t.s. allow them to make the decisions plus we have a permanent currency the common currency in a state that doesn't exist is a popular you know in a way that in england they behave poorly general but any other common currency but that only exists because a british state to some extent he disagreed money from the rich to the poor he did maybe not enough but to some extent they do but if you don't have that in you hoping you don't have that in your of the germans are never going to pay for the other then of course the single currency is deeply this dysfunctional ok well obviously britain wants to get out there's an arguable kind of revolution occurring here but you don't think that day's events and maybe further weeks of protest in paris are going to mean another french revolution no matter how many security forces personnel themselves may be unhappy with globalization and your liberalism.
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you see a compared with me sixty if you take me sixty it was a huge victory for the good east nevertheless the movement succeeded even do it fade in the short now that the best. not yet been defeated not after a few weeks like me sixty eight that had been defeated yet i think the real eventually but i don't know but if it continues it made directly in this as a thousand create an ideological movement that people will question so who are present that if they're not percy there's a lot of movement about their democracy and the point is that here there is that we're going to vote for you always get the same policies or these will get maybe the same polices simply a little worse each time regina's a democrat setup and it doesn't really matter who you vote for because the basic decision as i say after the european union or the common currency would just to adapt to in any way fall. war and peace everything he said they need to find police
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here you've seen with venezuela it's no discussion whatsoever g.i. gains that you're against human rights in and out of the game so i mean we lead it in a society where the what the masses used to go to form of democracy is as formal as it can be just briefly it's clear why macro once breaks it to fail that arguably well the olympics had to feed because they want to tell people that there is no need to exit from the european union and i don't understand why did it on us and even when the legitimacy is there of making people want to leave they should be allowed to deal with too much constantine and obviously the old to fail because they want to avoid the people thinking about leaving the government people who want to be formally opening and we just most of the parties even they should realize that we doubt the fate of leaving them they're going to change anything eventually to ensure a job really well thank you thank you for the break we investigate the treatment of
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refugees around the world with the world health organization down the winner of the twenty nineteen blueprint whistleblowing prize will expose privatized detention centers i think. you can help sense as well as more coming up in part two of going on the ground. baseball's about one point. zero money if your other countries decide to move ahead. with. faking to gather you very for example and then prove it with you for a level that kind of integration that's that's possible i saw italian polo no provincially by would not be part of the change. in the deal where you know you're. going or. doesn't want to know most of it possibly in your years and years it was not a big. but you. know i did my
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best diligent and i'd. need to be a. good listener. you know some. welcome back eight years ago this month the u.k.'s fraser may support it calls from then prime minister david cameron that would lead to the murder of moammar gadhafi leader of africa's richest per capita country nato bombing of libya would lead to the destruction of libyan infrastructure in the worst refugee crisis since the second world war but with an average of six dying each day while attempting to cross the mediterranean last year how are those that successfully find refuge
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treated when they arrive in europe joining me now is dr seventy of the world health organization sentido welcome to going on the grounds of the u.n. reporting some of the highest levels of displacement history what's the reason reasons are remaining still social economical for the most looking for a better life for themself and the families but indeed in the last period of what he's been confronted also with a number of crises around the world and national made michel the sauce that we should be getting people movement of forced migration will be equal force would you say there's any correlation with the war zone in this country afghanistan iraq libya syria while indeed. war is being generated if we g.'s or asylum seekers and displaced people mostly what we don't tell about the story mostly those people tend to look for protection in the neighboring countries because they are wishing to go back soon to their own homes so the amount of people coming to. europe is not that
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large like sometimes appear always perceived by people i mean i os tres way way selfing of which we're not coordinating public building migrations resume when she was home secretary and there are three thousand children trying to get into this country just said well they can't get into this country that was it and this is very similar to what happened with the sector these you off. providing provision about asylum and protection for asylum seekers and for geez it's really a national put it all get if the asylum protection of asylum process requests process it's really really good to see the id through responsibility of the counter so indeed the garden and the police as all rights to decide will the thing to be. more appropriate yeah and the secretary says clearly these refugees the first place there ever is france they have to stay there why should they be coming to this country the same thing with. this and with the sector it's responsibly of the gun
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to the side what kind of health sector it's more appropriate the for the needs of the country but what showed us what we are advocating as a little to show that those decisions or policies formulation supposed to be supported only on very solid evidence facts nor. suggestions or emotions or sometimes even hysteria like it happened in the past where fear for importation off any sort of health problem including terrible diseases was usually a company the idea of hosting these populations we have here if it figures released here by the government suicides rising twenty two percent in the u.k. detention camps more than off near heathrow airport actually live in the west of london who were surprised by the narrative here is even affecting. political developments like say the brics a driver and this migration problem is not a w.h.o.
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health problem will kill the organism but it's a problem of. these people must not be allowed to come in well it's certainly interesting to see how the top people became political sense of the event on top of the political agenda of all contraries indeed these an issue of governance and probably some times of crisis of governance. a lot of misinformation is there so we're told the report would be very important instruments to make at least for the public outside in the authority of the narrative about making racially it's ungrounded very negative at this stage and this is just that reason changed to compare with few years ago where all we where i agreed that migration being in. fact for the country for people for the country of this nation and sending countries because of it i meet in season and strong so we'll see that indicator of development and and resource for most
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developed societies from the public view we were extremely concern that this negative would and the lack of evidence because we are confronted with a lack of evidence or irrational diseases or disproportion measures in terms of public health point of view but also we want to make sure that get tensions going to be there to the rio east use so for example a lot of attention was given as we made just mention to communicate well diseases not enough according to us to chronic diseases which something we need to leave i want to tension i mean there's been a lot of criticism by the british government against the u.n. rubble to an extreme poverty what do you make of the fact that under duress or may i think it has the u.n. and even the lead to britain's detention camps or detention centers privatized ones it is that the u.n. you can't come in here more and more the world health organization when trying to
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compile reports is going to face that. we actually i don't know if. we actually need to face really difficult political situation why opening up. and if. you need to see that would deny that there's anything political about what that was a very messy asian that was very specific situation which was not disputants in producing our report gaijin even with countries with the. consent of an approach to make an issue the issue of the tension. from the public a point of view is certainly proved to be prone for. many of these sources and disorders we have been proving this not evolution to if we're just a migrant but we started many years ago with mental health patients conveyed to the into psychiatric hospitals then health team pleasance how important was to offer
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them the same kind of set of pieces in order to prevent having them get can seek when completed so the issue of attention and forcefully is the approach most utilized by contras but you know what we have very clear that that tension needs. three getting health concerns and problems and as you say yes indeed this is not an issue we are observing only knew about it's an issue it's a global issue migration to the management of the migration phenomenon the management of the. population is a global not by chance just recently to compact being approved the compact on make nation the compact all refugees it's actually with the aim to improve the framework of collaboration between cantor's international gains issue in order to manage those phenomena so we need to address the issue in a positive way we need to rebalance the understanding the t.v.
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and the knowledge we have been about people. movement doctors and you know it over any thank you thank you. but we just heard from the world health organization about the treatment of refugees in europe but how they treated around the globe joining me now is dr nick martin the award winning whistleblower who exposed what he calls crimes against humanity had australia's privately run guantanamo of refugees nic thanks for coming on the show congratulations on winning an award following in the footsteps of chelsea manning john kerry aku the course kiriakou went to jail chelsea manning was tortured how difficult was it to make a decision to blow the whistle. at first it was quite difficult because i was worried about my livelihood and i was worried about prosecution but then the increasingly when i thought about it i figured i had no choice really morally it was absolutely necessary to speak ashby you could have been jailed even for keeping a diary about the island of no roo whitely see this all straight is going tom well
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what did you see there that people wanted you to keep quiet about i think the biggest thing i saw was the absolute despair of the refugees who have being held in a room in indefinite detention what is now really because people want to live another is a tiny auto industry nation state is on the right on the equator in the middle of the pacific and it's it's tiny it takes about twenty twenty five minutes to drive around an hour itself is being used to be the richest country in the world per capita that we will be phosphate that was being mined out and now it's one of the poorest countries in the world because i understand they had free education health it trance will a new taxes build who comes on this or the great journalist that it's a place of of shame you knew it was a place of shame when you came to work that these are refugees from perhaps major wars of the you you served in the royal navy brought there by the australian government yes is that right if you try on reach australia by boat and they take
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you to christmas island as well which is not enough west australia and they process you and then it's really fat albert she will be carried to a detention center in a bit of a desert in australia or one of the cities or if you go it's minus or no rear cities it's a while and said australia's decided to place people in offshore detention really means out of sight and out of mind and having me reporting restrictions so no journalists are allowed back they have had a couple who've been heavily monitored and very pots on their approach but basically you can't go to you can't record an issue but to watch what was going on and say. that it was more traumatic what you saw there than what use was a royal navy doctor in afghanistan yes is different sort of trauma but saying if you had a kid who maybe was three years old when i got sonari after five years or eight nerds a camp or tent in this tiny yard and you see over and over had dreams just being
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taken out of them and getting you know worse and worse psychologically that was very traumatic to see and we saw a loss of self harm we saw a lot of serious attempts quite apart from the physical conditions i had which were not being treated correctly that would show what the australian government is saying now with some self reflection going on there i mean do you contend that patients with breast lumps kidneys just your logical damage diagnostic treatment was being delayed for the absolute here it's laid every single time we would make recommendations that people needed treatment was not available and i knew australian government would say yes we heard you and then just store it these patients were just languish with no no no further treatment program treatments are so people with diabetes for example lose their eyesight so people have kidney stones and up losing kidneys just because of the delays put in that you wouldn't be employed by the australian government was effectively yes training government event have austrian border force event employed who've been used mass which is
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a company you point me to provide medical care h.m.'s know that there are a subsidiary of internationalists so as that's right yes that company which says that their humanitarian care is is the excellent of course they say their clients are provided with unrivaled service pioneering preventative programs and all the rest of it the used book clinical decisions that you may being overruled other people yes they're being overruled they're being naughty but in the company no i think people in a mess would take my opinion or tech my recommendation approve it and then give it to austria. border force who would then that's where it stalled that's right the decisions are made by no medics to say no that will not happen that test will move that's what you're saying is in direct to the australian immigration detention of over claims all transferees have access to clinically recommended they do have access to care of them when the people who they are employing and paying
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a lot of money to give back can make recommendations saying these people need to get health that's when the problem happened in the australian government for what's in the courts pretty much every time to prevent kids of the people getting the care that require so when they say we've got the kids often are very very spent millions of dollars trying to stop these children in particular and you know i don't see females everyone when you're being nice to your former employer they are as i should say on clinics run clinics here in britain in the believe and teesside. with a dual aware that things were going wrong in the contract that they'd accepted i think know well aware and so you know right why did you take you to come out like this. in the many email was expressing my concerns and they replied agreeing with these concerns i suspect that is a lucrative contract and i think. there's no evidence of what we don't want to lose his money now that you've come out blown the whistle things are going to get better
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now i really hope so i think that's very well still people employed and by effects through body australian government on i'm hoping that i will continue to speak out and say what i mean what is clearly a massive breach of these two was human rights and as talk in australia of it being considered a crime against humanity by seven lawyers because of the different indefinite nature of detention and so i do you have a this momentum keeps going is a well known saying in australia which came out by a major general pretty recently about the standard you will. accept and after a while working and i realise i could no longer walk past and it was unacceptable and i hope that people continue to behave like that and they want and thank you that's it for the show we'll be back on monday with a journalist disguised as own safety into the days of his colleague was shot dead until they.


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