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they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to go right to the press this is what will befall three of them or can't be good. interested always in the water. trump again says c. doesn't rule out sending troops to venezuela to support the opposition leader one that of the washington post new sanctions on president the doura who will the us to back off and stop seeking regime change. in the front.
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who is the shape the week moscow suspends participation in a london nuclear treaty in a mere response to washington's withdrawal over alleged russian violations also to come this hour. a twelve consecutive weekend of yellow vests protests in from the seas clashes between demonstrators and police cheering what was a march to denounce police violence. lesser joining us midnight here in moscow you watching the weekly on r.t. . trump has announced that he does not rule out the use of military force in venezuela to support the self-proclaimed leader one go i don't know how this announcement was condemned by phone as well as vice president said that caracas
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would respond to any attempted foreign intervention. what would make you use the u.s. military in venezuela what's unusual as a lawyer say that but certainly it's something that's only an option earlier this week in a speech at a pro-government rally the country's president nicolas maduro called on his supporters to back him he emphasized that the crisis could eventually result in civil war saying quote it depends on the level of madness and aggression from the northern but there were also announced early elections could be held in the opposition controlled national assembly in the meantime his rival wango i don't know has asked for the country's military to come over to his side the youngest members in the national assembly do you agree with that i agree and i stand by that decision do you want to make shoes do you want. let's have parliamentary elections the. soldiers the hour has come the moment has come to declare your support for the constitution humanitarian aid and for change for your family people are gathered
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here to protest against an equal as my dear and to demand free elections this guy was made by one white oh in other parts of the city there's also protests to suborn equal as mature as president and also to celebrate the twenty years of the revolutionary socialists and there were some very strong his words from the u.s. is no time for dialogue this is time for. all options are on the table. neutralise material would do well not to test the resolve of the united states. i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo. venice. on a true. venice or do you feel that already tense political climate in the country
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a military. it rang today a general also a bad one wedo us president. nicolas maduro and recognized as the president in charge of all of the real republican. comrades in arms i ask you not to turn your people. in while economic sanctions imposed by the u.s. and its allies against video are starting to bite the target the country's key source of revenue that soil by freezing seven billion dollars worth of us it's a move to further increase the cost of basic goods like food and to keep protesters on the streets it's estimated sanctions will cost venezuela eleven billion dollars in lost oil exports this year washington said that it would lift the sanctions if control is transferred to. the lip our
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president of all associates l.l.c. in houston texas andy good to have you on the pressure on venezuela clearly it's mounting washington's announced sanctions this week targeting venezuelan state oil billions in assets will be affected my question to you is what about the u.s. side of this will u.s. companies be hurting as well well you have proprietors undertake who are looking for alternative supplies. and. don't permit them to transact business with a p.b.s. say the state owned oil company so we're already seeing where we thank and who are opposed this we are number of cargo that worth it in venezuela are now sitting there and that well will not be coming in the u.s. gulf coast. what about madeira he wants to sell is oil that obviously the financially in tatters at the moment needs everything he can get his hands on in
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terms of money how can he sell this oil to someone else. well the sanctions clearly are impacting the u.s. companies from transacting business with venezuela and we're already seeing the european union looking at taking a similar type step so with euro was going to be faced with trying to sell additional quantities of oil to russia or china or even india and keep in mind that nearly half of the venezuelan crude oil production today is going to repay loans from russian and chinese companies how do you anticipate this scenario is going to fight the oil price. well i expect and i've said that oil prices are going to rise with these venezuelan sanctions not only does venezuela need to sell their oil they need to buy was not in a deal you win in order to mix with have very very heavy oil coming out of the war a no go region and without to add value when we can also see that production
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continues to slide off further tightening the market. may go to show what is on the something that donald trump was trying to avoid an increase in oil prices. well he is trying to avoid that and you saw some statements from the u.s. administration about our friends in the middle east and asking them to increase oil production to affect any increase in price that's going to sort of counterproductive in the sense that you know the u.s. sanctions being imposed on it would would seem. what do you make of the situation in venezuela or in general is turmoil good for business or not no this is going to be a lot of fluctuation. well i don't think turmoil is good for business especially man on the street level you see a significant amount of migration advantage well there's a lack of food and medicine a significant amount of factories have been nationalized and as a result of that they've been shutting down so i think in venezuela you have
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a ready willing and able work for i think that there's no jobs the factory for me economy is grinding to a halt. and what do you make of this u.s. move to hand venezuelan assets in u.s. banks over to the opposition leader. well that's a political decision in order to force majeure out of power that much quicker and i think that he has moved out of power then you will see a blow into that as well of the u.s. as well as european countries and he did speak to appreciate your time my guest and president of all associates. thank you. all three of washington's most hawkish figures are leading america's attempts to undermine president killer morfin takes a look at the team seeking regime change. at the united nations like pompei zero draw a line in the sand now it's time for every other nation to pick
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a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with his may sound familiar either you're with us. either you love freedom and with nations with your bridge freedom or you are the enemy yes their ideas are not new but now they're linking arms in the global spotlight some call them the axis of evil or the troika of tyranny meet mike pompei oh elliott abrams and john bolton the three amigos of imperialism john bolton was a big supporter of the iraq war and he represented the united states in the united nations an organization he really didn't care for very much united states makes the u.n. work work and that is exactly the way you should be because the. united states is. now mike pompei o is the new kid on the block without very much experience as head of the cia he tried to get the authority to conduct drone strikes in afghanistan without the pentagon's oversight and he worked day and night
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to rip up the iran nuclear deal at the center of it is not interested in a campaign of economic pressure to starve the regime of the revenue it uses to fund stabilization of these throughout the middle east and indeed around the world now back in the spotlight after years of obscurity meat convicted criminal elliott abrams he was tied to massacres in el salvador any help to funnel weapons to the contras in nicaragua he was convicted for his role in covering it all up and he received a presidential pardon now he's a special envoy for venezuela it seems that his record in latin america has really impressed certain people america's new dream team is now taking aim at venezuela why because they just care so much for those poor oh pressed venezuelans they want them to have a chance at freedom and democracy right or is it something else will make a big difference to the united states economically if we could have american oil
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companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in venezuela be good for the people of venezuela be good for the people of the united states we both have a lot of stake here. yes honesty is always appreciated caleb up in r.t. new york. this week so america suspended a key cold war deal to limit the amount of mid range nuclear missiles and claim that it's because russia is in violation of the decades old agreement moscow in turn says the accusations of groundless and withdrew from the treaty the next day in a tit for tat response the treaty bound all on base ballistic cruise missiles and launchers with short intermediate ranges. looks at what's behind the dispute. it's not like the u.s. withdrawal from the iron of deal chord anyone by surprise washington's been looking for the exit for a long time russia has repeatedly tried to steer the titanic of a relationship away from its burke. for many years we have proposed
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disarmament talks with our initiatives have not found the support of our partners in fact they always find a pretext for dismantling the global security system but this week everything crashed and burned and went to kingdom come the time for talk was over. you know you don't own our american partners said they were suspending their participation in the i.n.f. treaty and we will suspend ours also they announce they were conducting research and development and we will do the same i've asked our foreign and defense ministries to keep the doors open for dialogue but also not to initiate any talks on the issue why well one last time america's top diplomat threw a barrage of accusations at russia for violating the iron of deal without a shred of proof russia has violated russia's violation russia's shamelessly violated the russians are in violation of the agreement now officially in the u.s.
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has a problem with this message nato classified as s s c eight russia says that it in full compliance with the i.n.f. treaty but washington check russia's arguments out of the window the united states and most of our nato allies did not attend this briefing as we all saw it for water was another at tam to a few ski the violation and give the appearance our transparency was like a bottomless cup as the allegations kept pouring culminating in america's withdrawal so now more schools done with being cooperative in all actually it says the u.s. is no saint louis since twenty fourteen the u.s. has. bin europe is m.k. forty one missile launches which is suitable for american tomahawk missiles which is a direct violation of the treaty these missile launches are based in rumania and already to be constructed in poland russia's defense ministry says in the past two years
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the us expanded its key missile factory in tucson across the board it swelled in size and hired some two thousand new employees moreover the pentagon's defense budget for this year by asked last spring and drawn up even earlier had already calculated the scenario currently being played out and this week donald trump revealed the chapters to come we will move forward with developing our own military response options and will work with nato and other allies and partners to deny russia any military advantage from its unlawful conduct russia though has an ace or two apart sleeve like the brand new miss as it unveiled last year including hypersonic weapons and even the u.s. admitted it has no counter form and defense minister sergei show who says there's more where that came from we suggest starting work on adapting russia's caliber
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missile launch systems for maritime to land based ones we also suggest beginning work on a new land based hypervelocity ballistic missile of a short to medium range yet at the same time moscow says it's never been driven by the offensive potential of its weapons its all about it essentially russia points to the fact that america's somehow been defending against the iran and north korea threats by mussing missiles on russia's border region and no one likes to be surrounded by the military of a state that openly calls you an adversary and still moscow leaves the door ajar despite everything the new arms race doesn't have to begin it says russia has promised not to deploy any missiles in europe first but if the us chooses to set this in motion well you can play that game. three men have won awards at a ceremony in the middle east that was meant to celebrate gender equality we'll take a look at the reaction after the break. when
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lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. the prime. nor middle of the room. these balls to go to the well. if you other trees decide to move ahead. with. peek into
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a very for example and. that's that is false it will saw it does not prove she would not be part of the change. in france that been for the clashes between the yellow vests protesters and police and some today demonstrations were held across the country for twelfth week and in their pride and they were dedicated to those who've been injured in previous rallies spy police firing rubber bullets comes after a french court recently ruled their use is lawful.
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police used tear gas water cannons to disperse crowds the country's interior minister defended the use of special weapons against the rioters but he also stressed any abuse would be punished according to officials because more two thousand protesters plus about one thousand police officers were hurt in yellow vests events since november seventeenth says the channel r.t. france spoke to some of the demonstrators. the doctor didn't have a couple of during act two on november twenty fourth they came with friends to paris to peacefully participate in a demonstration expressed my concerns with the usual slogans michael resign at sixty two thirty one of the riot police cauldrons attacked the movie crowd and the g a lie if four times grenade hit my legs and exploded at whitehaven sank to injure
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at twenty five to thirty people injured and maimed mostly old best in the garage those who were wounded before the sockets on the say weapons that are suffering so united artists was it was obvious no difference much made up this is important because i became part of a new family the family of the wounded i'm not the only one wounded like this i became part of a large group who were injured there are many seventeen hundred people i'm the twentieth a person whose i was injured so it was important to come today in order to at least to support the speakers. you know press the macron surprised many by claiming that he too would done a yellow vest under certain conditions political analyst little america which told us the president's out of touch. if a yell of this means being for higher paid work and a more efficient parliament than i am a yellow then i think macro and the people in his entourage just don't understand
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what's going on there so much distin it did with what the french are living on a daily basis that they have they don't know what type of answer to bring can not come back he is over as the french president he can only give back his image he is hated by more than half the population today imus in his dislike of people disapprove of some of his actions i'm talking about a trip sometimes people don't realize how tough the police are in france how they how violent they have been these past two weeks i have seen personally and this is a man being shot in the face just a million fifty centimeters away from me for doing nothing nothing at all. it's part of a drive to boost equality the united arab emirates held an awards ceremony last week to recognize government efforts to employ more women but for some one thing wasn't quite right all three recipients of the awards presented by the ruler of dubai the vice president were men and that stood quite an online reaction.
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i'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you that you forgot to invite women. really nailed the diversity there one of those gray you've achieved an excellent balance of men with dark facial and men with. graduate. one gender and two by. the us prime minister says women are playing a central role in shaping the future of the country and the getting more women into positions of power is a priority but despite that women's rights are still severely restricted in the country for example women require the permission of a male guardian to get married they can't get a job without the husband's consent and divorce is rarely granted he spoke to political analyst catherine checkdown about the award ceremony. i think that the leadership should have actually you know made good and actually present at least in a would you want women i mean to at least pretend pretend that you for which in
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gender equality is not even trying they're not even doing good p.r. for one thing they're going to. another question what was the point of the exercise that's all it was new at times by so ever tried to be you know repairs done. what made them visible somehow nothing was actually done other than one particular woman was to dated it she didn't even receive you know would you imagine anything like that it's one thing to speak before with another to actually not and i think that you did you read much much better than the rest of the board for one reason is that it has. a lot of talk about foreigners about. changes had to be done. you can catch up with the rest of the world i don't think it's the new we know. so of church and state has long been a and established principle of the united states but not division is being tested because bible literacy classes for public schools are being proposed and it's sparking controversy secular activists want that it would set
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a dangerous precedent over donald trump has already endorsed the plan which was rapidly criticized on mine. numerous states introducing bible literacy classes giving students the option of studying the bible starting to make it turn back great. bible literature classes in public schools clearly violate the first amendment which seeks to ensure our government does not support a stoppage a national religion i propose that we also have hindu islam buddhist egyptian book of the debt and the reason courses they predate the bible are in the historical significant there are already optional bible literacy classes offered around the country every weekend it's called sunday school whatever happened to the separation of church and state bills to allow bible classes have been introduced in several states the proposed courses are optional and focus mainly on the historical
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importance of the text opponents though say violates the constitution's first amendment by lending government support to religion. we got the visas john lauzon former republican member of the senate and the kevin bolling from the secular student alliance i think of one of the bottom lines and you know it comes down to is who do we want teaching religion i don't want my government teaching religion i don't want our public institutions teaching religion i think that's a great place for or for the religious community i'm not afraid that kids are going to get bible instruction or qur'an instruction in high school and suddenly be. turned into terrible people that most of the founding fathers actually had pretty good statements supporting the separation of church and state we want our schools to teach we don't want them to preach people just want to be left alone after school wants to have a bible class let them have a bible class i don't know why so many people are afraid of a book if you really want to get into what the historical documents of the bible
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are i'm not sure that there were a lot of things a lot of christians would want to for school to be teaching the bible discusses a lot about sex and slavery and genocide and rape i don't want my school teaching my children that the whole reason that this law is necessary is that the bible is singled out for banning from schools the qur'an is is working its way curriculum all across the country and there's very little controversy around that it's in but it's when the bibles broad and of a single out the bible to be banned and so that necessitated laws like the ones that are being looked at that say hey you are so missing the founding fathers wanted the bible as part of our cricket expected the bible they just assumed it it was a standard across country for the first two hundred years that's can be rather difficult for for elementary schools and high schools to do that here in los angeles and so
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we probably have the talent pool where we can find someone who has that background that educational background to properly be a bill. to and instruct that class. thanks thing with all to join me for updates in half an hour. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race move this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. to us in order to guarantee obeyance by the population will engage and
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stop to tell terry doesn't and that's clearly on the march and the population is ready for it we know they were those had to say hope they got to get ready for their get ready to be controlled. this is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all of this waste become but he has long promised to reuse the plastic. to cook out soon as he speaks in maine that seems cool sets for their classes. on my end only stay when you especially object to funding he tells it depends. on the new guest that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of moist only grow higher.
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just. thought. ladies and gentlemen. what. i. think. it's a beautiful spring. thank. you so after reading trash for life and a stick even if you are going through. invited us factory for the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of the episode. on october fifth
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or in the past this plane was shot down in the guard for the poor play dropping arm . corkey tour that reagan had finally trained. and there was one crew member the parachute is shaky. usually awesome prize money to them for a. minute risk. cure me after we arrived. the nikken arm when you're sure tribunals take house and close out to the crash site and ask you about we want to go on a helicopter with hostile by so they crashed right house and by shock yours about all the flights you've been on all these covert flights of army air corps and he would course angry because he had been abandoned by the reagan administration he was basically a greater mercenary he was proud of. his capture would reveal a complex web of covert operations run by u.s.
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colonel oliver north reagan's administration had bypassed congressional control and for. did the country insurgents through drug trafficking and secret arms sales to iran it's all secret but the house and bush down blew it out into the open to make a mistake it's really hard to tehran sir no and i'm not taking any more questions and it's just a second i'm going to ask each journey general meese to brief you on what we presently know what he has found in the united states why. didn't somebody why. the revelations of the iran contra affair gave new momentum to the work of the peace activists. evidence showed that the weapons were coming from the largest pentagon arms depot on the west coast california's concord naval weapons station.


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