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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 4, 2019 2:30am-3:01am EST

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of pinochet in chile after the death of salvador allende but of course kissinger did so much more if you think of the things he's been found out something done. lying about. lying about achieving bangladesh east timor the deaths of so many people needlessly for the value of himself and his criminal president interestingly foreign minister alan duncan didn't reply to us when we tweeted that him to ask whether his account has been hacked surely no twenty first century politician could promote the so-called wisdom of a man who stands accused of helping to slaughter millions of people then again the liberal media routinely whitewash his nature nation's laws are unlike our next guest who champions freedom of speech and has no time for lies jimmy door host of the jimmy doors show who entertains and informs millions around the world joins me now via skype from pasadena in california jim thanks so much for coming on the show you had to tell me what the significance of today's man a fourth hearing in washington is the guardian here in london continues to stand by what appears to is now by a story that trumps former campaign boss came to london to talk to judy the psalms
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currently under arbitron attention here yeah well the guardian has been doing some fantastic work on this story fantastic being i mean fantastic fantasy's because the most surveilled building in the world has got to be that ecuadorian embassy and somehow that guardian has a story that visited julian signs three times i even knew what he was wearing but there is a picture of it nobody has a picture of the most surveilled building in the world when metaphoric this huge thing that is going to blow the roof off this case he goes and visits it three times there's no pictures of it and i don't know if you know so that was written by luke harding who also wrote a book called collusion except there's no evidence of collusion and when he was interviewed by errant take of the real jews and he was asked to provide evidence of collusion and his book was a title he couldn't do it in fact he left the interview so that's the kind of level of reporting that the guardian is doing right now they're just they're repeat.
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being cia lies they're repeating intelligence community lies they're pushing propaganda they're not doing journalism and that's why i have a show because i can tell people the truth about that bogus meeting a man a ford and julian a silence because i don't have i don't i'm not beholden to anybody i don't have corporate sponsors and i certainly don't parrot what the government tells me to when there are corporate sponsors you've commented on your show about a third network and pro hillary clinton official and d.n.c. network all n.b.c. apparently boeing sponsors a show on that network what do you think that does to its journalism what do you think it does there journalism they pushed every war in my lifetime that they've since they've been on the air in fact with the iraq war or one of their journalists on air host phil donahue was pushing back against the government's narrative of the iraq war back in two thousand and two and guess what they fired him m.s.n. b.c. fired phil donahue for telling the truth about the iraq war and pushing back
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against them so the government's narrative they fired him because he got the wrong war right and a memo was then released years later that reveal why they fired him and it was because they feared someone being against the war would tarnish their brand and so they are pushing the war so they push every war m.s.n. b.c. and they in fact they're there and b c's flagship news show meet the press has ike a fact checking segment and it's sponsored by boeing that's literally so they don't see a problem with that m.s.n. b.c. we also want even they wouldn't even let their hosts cover bernie sanders because he was progressive and in fact ed schultz got fired for covering bernie sanders now they so that what does that tell you that tells you that all the people on the air at m.s.n. b.c. go along with war propaganda when told to and don't cover progressive politicians when ordered to every one of those host goes along with the edicts. from the top of
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the corporation comcast to telling them what they can talk about and how they can talk about what they can talk about they're all puppets and they're bought and you know how much someone like chris hayes or rachel maddow makes they make thirty thousand dollars a day day and that's a lot of money and that buys your integrity and they've been there you know it i'll just watch the shows it's unbelievable it's two hours of conspiracy theory and then it's followed up by some we should overthrow got another sovereign government it's just cia talking points in fact they hire people rights from the cia to be there are news analysts that's the opposite of journalism that propaganda yeah had schultz of course the native schultz then went on to join this network i'm sure those anchors would deny that there were money has anything to do with the way they're not covering yemen for instance let's go back to rachel maddow they have m s n b c i know you having a cold snap in some states in the us she said just reporting the weather that what would happen in fargo if putin the russian are basically switched off the power
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because of the cold in the kota i mean we've just described to me the kind of and the russians stuff is it like to have a days of arthur miller in the crucible. it's worse what's happening in the united states it's worse what's happening right now because it's being pushed ubiquitously right so it's not it was before the first red scare that happened in the united states you know that came from the right well the left is now pushing a red scare because they don't want to own up to the fact that neal liberalism failed at the ballot box in twenty sixteen people ninety million people didn't come out to vote in that election in two thousand and sixteen and hillary clinton of the biggest most well funded most powerful political machine in the history of the united states lost the election to a political novice game show host who everyone referred to as a joke and a clown donald trump he beat the most powerful well moneyed political machine in the history of the united states so that's what's happening here. they don't want
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to look at that and so bill this is what rachel maddow has developed is she's devolved to is to now she's like you have to take speculating her whole show is speculation by the way i actually watched her show last week for an hour it's not it's it's well if this happened then maybe that will happen well if russia wanted to control the power grid you know there's a story still up in the washington post that says that russia hacked the vermont's power grid even though they didn't and even though there's an editor's note at the bottom of the article saying this story didn't really happen but they leave the story up so this is the kind of crazy red scare that's happening in the united states a rhodes scholar who hosts her own t.v. show gets paid thirty thousand dollars a day to speculate on wild conspiracy theories about whether russia controls our power grid in the united states and that's called news that's not on you tube in some corner some crazy alex jones type that's m.s.n.
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b c owned by comcast sponsored by the bill terry industrial complex and wall street and a thirty thousand dollar a day host rachel maddow spewing unbelievable psychotic. this conspiracy theories about russia controlling our power grid that's what the news media does in the united states and they call alex jones crazy in fairness i mean not that many people watch him as n.b.c. we will try and get ready to him out of comment on the even more alarming perhaps of what you are being commenting about the fact that the d.n.c. appears to be some kind of military junta in waiting you've been covering the out of one hundred two competitive democrat primaries in twenty eighteen forty four involved primaries with d.n.c. candidates were either involved the military intelligence or had state department backgrounds yeah it's it's not a good look right so and but by the way that's not really news in the united states i covered it on my show. there are maybe
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a handful of other people that i did had it covered really but maybe one or two other places that it's an unbelievable amount of intelligence community people who are running and i'm democratic primary just like you said it's our governments and our intelligence community and our corporate news which are the biggest purveyors of fake news death and destruction because they've never pushed back against one of our foreign wars and they're pushing right now for a coup and venezuela a democratically elected i don't know about you but when i saw that unelected guy give a speech in front of a group of a whole group four people and then he swore himself in as president of venezuela i shed a tear for the debt watching democracy take place well yeah but the and as you say the d.n.c. is supporting that coup so is the european union so is the british minority government here a lot of criticism over here of arguably of the same and they the b.b.c. coverage how is the coverage on network news away from the cable channels of what
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looks like a regime change by your president in venezuela. it's a it's horrible it's the opposite of the reality of what's happening they don't tell you any of the background information of how many. got into an economic crisis they just tell you that socialism the way venezuela got in that economic crisis is that saudi arabia decided to overproduce oil so they would drive down the price because venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world more than saudi arabia so we got to get after their economy so they overproduced oil drive down the price of oil a twenty dollars a barrel the united states put sanctions on venezuela economic sanctions which really crippled their country that's what's really crippling their country for instance now this way they can even take out a loan to finance their oil production because it's illegal to do that because the united states has made it that way so that we're doing everything we can to saying sions are to help people or bring democracy to venezuela the same things are there to bring a country to its knees so the united states can that have a coup and then the united states corporations can then go ahead and reap the
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natural resources of that us whale oil which is all that's already been admitted to by john bull so how is it being covered in the united states horribly the opposite of what's actually happening i mean or thank you. thank you my pleasure after the break and a feel like all you do is fill out forms we investigate whether it's all part of a coming plan to rubber stamp austerity and the journalist world famous for red causing the football we speak join us a little more coming up about two and going on the ground. what politicians do you suppose to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president if you. want to be.
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to the right for the survival. of the people. i'm interested in the. she still must. have. actually i know right. now. there is no time she knew not. can if you could vote for us i'm ok if there. was not a master plan a little bit about today only three out of collage that i'm not going to be. the one that having. people. give the nod to me i mean come on
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what the how do not. assume. when you know not do you need the whole corn. why do not let out on a horse so when i think just use it i don't see. the us in order to guarantee bans by the population well the gauge and soft to tell terry doesn't and that's clearly on the march and the population is ready for it you know they were all sad to say hope benteke got to get ready for their get ready to be controlled. welcome back in part one we had for jimmy door about the illusion of democracy but
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batu aided by the ruling class so how do we make democracy more responsive to those not born into privilege not through an endless filling out of forms but through actual citizen participation well join me now as a professor of citizen by. it's a patient peter berrisford from the university of essex peter welcome going underground your chair is in citizen participation what what is it and why is it such a critical subject to understand the current malays arguably in the u.k. civic society it sounds a bit like a fancy word but what it's really about is that all of us should have a real say in our lives in what happens to us and if we need help particular if we need help in the services in the policies that we might need to do now one thing governments since tony blair maybe arguably have been saying is that the vulnerable are being heard because more and more questionnaires are going out more and more data is being received from the most vulnerable and says that the authorities know more and more about what is going on them. most marginal communities it's really
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interesting the way that of course language is always a problem for us in this kind of field but we are used to ideas of involvement where i are used to those sort of ideas most in the commercial setting market research surveys to find out our opinions because when we buy something at a shop and they ask us our opinions we don't actually expect that's going to result in that shop changing its hope policy the thing about involvement in participation if we're talking more political policy terms is it's a chance for us to put our already as citizens even as non-citizens to shape the world the political the social world that we live in to have a real impact on government what's happened with government and it's been a great achievement over the years although we've still got a while to go is the progress that's been made on representative involvement but what i think the challenge and the exciting aspiration of citizen participation is
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that it's more than just being represented it's having a direct voice a real direct voice yourself in issues that directly affect you ok but we have those forums we have a local guy. meant we vote for local representatives alone or national representatives in westminster so what are you reinventing parliamentary democracy only that alison if only that were true probably twenty to thirty percent of people actually vote best in local elections there are concerns that local government is getting further and further away from people it's difficult truthfully to say that it does speak for all people in communities because it's very much shaped by party line now local service is a contract it out to privatized contract as and they would presumably say that they drag it in put into how will their handling what used to be about a civic life under democratic control using data from.
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from the people that they serve is that the kind of thing that you're looking at it's the kind of thing i've been looking at but it's not the kind of thing that's offering very many answers and if we look at one of the key areas of local authority responsibility social care which of course is largely provided by the kinds of private organizations you're talking about actually it's the policy in most disarray domestically in the u.k. where from government ministers right through to local people people on the receiving end there are absolute concerns about the crisis of social care so we that system as you just briefly describe it is sadly an example of real failure we know that peer fi the private finance initiative has cost well we know it's cost billions and billions and billions some suggest hundreds of billions others have lower estimates but it's cost an unbelievable amount of money this is a private public partnership that's right really super charged under tony blair
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that that's right and gordon brown and never it never gets mentioned when we hear about the financial difficulties of the n.h.s. . all sorts of issues are raised should there be more tax paid should we cut back some of the services should people pay more for it directly but hanging over is this legacy which you've just identified of debt which was created by moving to privatization and its capitalization i wouldn't want this to be an attack on the private sector let me say that i've spoken with service users who've received services from the chargeable sector the state sector and the private sector all of them sometimes fall short and all of them sometimes of good quality so it is more complicated than just saying which sector that's the point of the argument for citizen participation we need to strengthen people say in services and policies who ever is providing them so it's about democratize ation and obviously outside of
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local government which is a is kind of broken not necessarily outside of local government i think local government needs to have a very fundamental review for two reasons that more and more of the financial burden of local communities has been placed by central government and local authorities which is really difficult to sustain in poor neighborhoods that's the first thing they've also a big concern going the austerity in the past summer a serious amount of the budget came from the center the tradition from mrs thatcher on is to reduce the contribution from the center so it becomes more unfair for people who haven't got much money it's not just about local authorities are restricted in what they are and aren't allowed to do the amount of debt they're allowed to get into and so on and so forth one of the things that i find most frightening and worrying about for ordinary people as citizens with their health needs is the death of the high street because the high street somewhere where we
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get together where we do things together where we are able to be social animals but if you look at it the death of the high street has a lot to do with the way that our taxation system hasn't kept pace with our. different ways of doing living and making profits and we know therefore that little corner shops will be paying some considerable amount of council tax whereas very large international companies operating on the internet will not we need to up update our thinking and i think we do that very well if we spoke not just about social policy issues but economic ones toward many people we didn't say to them oh give me your economic theory for this we said to them how's it working out where you live and if you leave the confines of the south where we are today london and you go to some of the northern cities whatever you see happening here in terms of disadvantage and homelessness you see magnified many times professor peter berrisford thank you well away from conservative all separately policy last week when already government leader tourism a reaffirmed our support for
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a free press that's why in twenty ninety replacing our resources behind the calls of media freedom we're helping to train journalists around the world such as in venezuela where we see the whole forest area and government suppress its critics the statement raised some eyebrows not only from those who have witnessed terror attacks on the free press but also from those who have been following the arbitrary detention of julian assange so as being a journalist more dangerous now than ever before joining me now is celebrated gunny an undercover reporter whose colleague was killed just weeks ago after the conclusion of a high profile investigation his face is covered to protect his identity ellis welcome to going underground just before we get into anything else tell me about your colleague ahmed hussein's whether. it was a proper journalist. is someone i would always sort of say i said. he was very measured in thoughts whenever it came to way you need
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a certain level of discipline that comes with that kind of job we do a maid had the composure he thinks deep and. as a team player and them i see we are really missing. who killed him. two men on a motorbike. followed him shot him twice in a hat and one in his neck we still can't tell from. and i'm hoping that the state security agencies who are currently investigating this matter would come out with some good results your production company we work with him do a lot of anticorruption journalism is it as it were so it could be almost a different people not just the most famous investigation you did which is on corruption i'm going to intrude pool. yeah we've done a lot but there is a story that comes to mind will be dead judge a story
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a film where we exposed thirty four judges and over one hundred judicial staff and then there one that really gave us a lot of rights would be the football story where we exposed again or by hundred referees and football people and. of course the people where we didn't feel. and there dan a football association that also came with a lot of threats on the football story why do you think there was so much interest in that we're more interested in the world then there was in the judicial appointment story and corruption with going to introduce you. because a i'm not a football person unless lee before the. revelations on the football i was like ok why don't we just throw it and then we do a much bigger story later i didn't know that people were dissenters yes the
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football and the north that he was going to get to even affect. for ever freed they had to be removed to come home i didn't know that the configuration of african football was going to sack all of them i didn't know that the football association of ghana that the ghana was going to be dissolved and it was going to be reforms i didn't know that over fifty two referees from day again i refer to well going to be sacked you think there was more excitement over the football story because one of the referees is a world cup referee going to russia for the world girl certainly in this country there was a fair amount of anti russian feeling the british government here told english friends not to go and so on that while you were exposing corruption your gender that could be used by one state or another in geopolitical activity i think is very no lawful politicians to attain their own journalism depending on which side well
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the forces against the leadership. as it pivots arguably to china or another brics countries a pretty strong journalists presumably going to have to use techniques that. you've been hearing i'm going to just tell me about say. i suppose the most infamous undercover technique you use as a journalist to get the truth entrapment. well. undercover journalism what is also known as such stuff you janet is would always remain the last resort of every propaganda cover identity also to keith when we look at it before we've. had the public interest so before i picked my hidden camera to come and fill me i would have satisfied myself that. evidence and this is all contained in the b.b.c. of course rules it's also clear that some people want to attack. and that covered
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journalism and the issues that they come up with is on top of it and is very different from mine back of my journalism they are not the same and if you look at my way over the years those who have pretty good and have yelled and troponin whenever they've been to cardiff last there's a vast difference between being trapped by a journalist and dean being filmed at the top of the t last correspondent call it could have been syria channels like this one press t.v. the iranian channel has been under attack in the united states the detention of one of their presenters what threats do you currently face and which is the reason why because you have to wear what you're wearing well to be fair ghana has been a fairly stable country when it comes to have press freedom saw for me it's a wake up call that it doesn't matter how famous strong back that you're democracies like you have given examples from media that countries and i talk here on behalf of my head of policing that african countries that sometimes you look at
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the system and you think that everybody's smiling but why is that when it comes out and it affects the bad guys they're going to come get you because we're not far here from where julia is stranded in the embassy in knightsbridge in west london is a case of what happens to people who try and expose the expose the truth nowadays and really in the future if you're going to do some more of this undercover journalism they're going to be moved frightened. i don't think so we don't quit we don't sit around. we get there right signal that we had to endure i think that's why people want to come after us and here i say that on behalf of all my colleagues on the african continent. we will persevere we know day is not going to come easy we also know that it doesn't matter what you are reporting on if they're bad gays deciding to come after you here well we have
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a choice to make it out we leave society to get into chaos or we fight if we refuse to fight was there it will not forgive us because look i mean it is not a fast person who has laid down his life. to. shining light on site before that. happens is local so more. enough facile. and all these great janet left blazed the trail. to continue the struggle and like i said we will. keep pushing the frontiers of five democrats and us thank you that's it for the show keep in touch via social media we'll be back on wednesday with seven seventeen's mountain where.
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is this is a sticker from the open water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that seems cool sets their classes. on my end only stay on your own at a special projects funded. on the new best that is the end of it for the city of fun now the mountains of waste only grow higher. on the stand.
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that are on the right track but rather across the top four or. only. an. i have floozie china for praful. living. its whole full. time in syria has said. from my last farthing for the whole fucking around with mr hate that for jim and then i hope that our fairly mature course.
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through. ladies and gentlemen. what. i. did see a beautiful spring. through. this i was told headlines here were nazi donald trump confirms that sending troops to venezuela to support opposition leader. is a lie. meantime venezuela's president warns the lucky consequences cheerfully it's something that's on the it's an option stop.


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