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we have produced of course listening to snippets on what i knew of those the girls who were in this report is too young she shouldn't feel you should book door for the one who's your desire. to. roam vito's plans for a joint statement to recognize wang is the new president of venezuela which was confirmed to r.t. by a source inside its elise ruling coalition meanwhile certainly is something that's on the it's an option stop stop trying to hold it right that you are making mistakes that leave your hands covered in blood and you will leave the president stained with blood. trump again stresses sending troops to venezuela to support the
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opposition leader is still a libel action and that's what this president nicolas maduro warns of deadly consequences. the pentagon claims i saw will resurface in the middle east if the u.s. leaves marking a contrast with president from the surance this is the terrorist group had been absolutely obliterated. around his anger in sweden after security officers remove a heavily pregnant black woman without a valid ticket from a subway train. base for joining is this one am here in the russian capital this is. more than a dozen e.u. states have now recognized as the interim president of venezuela but
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a source in italy's ruling coalition confirmed to r.t. the rome vetoed an e.u. wide statement recognizing the opposition leader as the head of state has thanked brussels and appealed to italy. and behalf of. those who are hoping for a better life a sincere think you for the recognition given by the european bloc where waiting for easily i'm certain that like the rest of europe they will take a step towards a recognition whole host of e.u. member states of put their backing behind one quite doe as the interim president of venezuela the likes of germany spain the united kingdom france and denmark and the netherlands among others have said that quite doe is their man to take venezuela into a fresh set of elections now one country that you're not going to hear from is italy r.t. is heard from sources within the five star movement part of the ruling coalition in
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that country saying they have no intention of following the rest of their partners and supporting one quite so in fact what we're hearing is that they are the reason italy is the reason that there is no unified e.u. statement on why they vetoed that just last week we heard from their deputy foreign minister who explained why they're taking the stance. italy does not recognize gray door because we absolutely opposed the fact that a country or a group of third countries can determine the international policies of another country this is called the principle of noninterference and has been recognized by the united nations the reason that these announcements of come about it follows on from a ultimatum that was given by either nations to president nicolas maduro saying he had to call fresh elections in the country by midnight on sunday or e.u. member states would start supporting mr joe. was never going to
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give in to this ultimatum what we have heard from him though is calls for fresh elections in the national assembly which is dominated by the opposition which mr quite oh is headed. it was the same is threatening spain with action should they not recognize catalonia is an independent state we don't accept ultimatums from anyone it's like you fight all the european union i give you seven days to recognise the republic of catalonia and if you don't we are going to take measures nicolas maduro is also warned that civil war remains a possibility in venezuela as long as the united states and e.u. members continue to throw their support behind one quite oh whether the crisis could result in civil war depends on the greve insanity and aggressiveness of the northern imperialists and its western allies as international pressure increases on nicolas maduro to stand down as president he maintains he isn't going anywhere.
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donald trump again confirmed that the use of military force in venezuela is one of the options being considered if madeira doesn't step down what would make you use the u.s. military in venezuela it's an option stop stop trump hold it right there you're making mistakes that will leave your hands covered in blood and you will leave the presidency stained with blood stop would you personally negotiate with nicolas maduro to convince him to exit while he is requested a meeting and i've candid we believe variance have the capacity for dialogue understanding why would you want to repeat vietnam. the military option has been on the white house agenda for some time last week u.s. national security advisers know that caught the eye of reporters because on it was written five thousand troops to colombia colombia shares a border with venezuela as they have takes a look at how wide though virtually unknown and is really just
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a month ago is now touted as the country's legitimate president. every so often you may have noticed the media much of it lose their minds they become obsessed crazed fixated on something to the point of madness and it's happening again the freedom fighter leading his country to democracy why do is investing in the people that revitalized our position leading the charge to topple the dictator there demand of the very heart of venezuela's fight for democracy. why do the media's darling every anchor's prompter on every pundit slips on every tabloid hacks script and they've foregone the whole impartiality thing reuters latin american wing a staple fair and balanced journalism change their twitter background to this picture of who and why do lou secret who they're pushing the economist world famous
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if not entirely balanced or even the pretense of balance there why do isn't the front page portrayed as a champion hero if you squint you might mistake him for the statue of liberty and they want you their readers to know it's ok to interfere in venezuela's affairs because it's for a good cause it was democracy is the right to seek change. the question is how democracy is a nubile gone people power or the democracy usually means installing the guy that's friendliest with where. yes but just a coincidence perhaps oddly enough considering how angry america became and the mere suspicion that russia interfered in its internal affairs elections you would think that they wouldn't want to interfere in other's internal affairs and you'd be
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wrong no washington is hinting at military intervention to get their guy on the throne he was schooled in the united states he was involved in the student uprising as in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight against the chavez regime now that israel is doing well oiled prices were high there was lots of social provision so his claim today he's doing out of concern for the poor people and it's only because of the current economic condition of the can see is total nonsense i think he's being pressured by the united states into doing things but i think he's disposable he's what the americans would call a patsy. and so i think in the media you would see somebody else taking over it's clear at this point that what is happening in venezuela has already been decided i wish him a long quiet retirement on
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a pretty beach far from venezuela and the surgery takes advantage of that the series likely to have a nice quiet retirement not a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo there is an agenda in the air mission to accomplish in pushing through it all of the media washington think tanks and activists know how the so often ends as a long and bloody history of america's interventions in latin america they pushed for change they got their way albeit at a huge cost i just hope that that doesn't happen in venezuela. a group of program american states has changed its mind at the last moment and banned russian media from tranche talks on venezuela the lima group which includes the likes of brazil and colombia is meeting in canada to decide next steps after canada's prime minister backed why don't the canadian foreign ministry emailed sputnik korean obviously but gave no reason for refusing accreditation venezuela
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based t.v. network telesur it was also denied access without explanation and it's correspondent . who was meant to attend those talks to a says those moves are part of a strategy to prevent non-mainstream voices from being heard it's not a surprise not for me at least. it is not a zipper that police are for it some has been created to dismantle these demonic narratives it's a show whether what must media is a show in so it is not a surprise that they are not they don't like us and they've been trying to balance every single voice in that it's against this a narrative against the venezuelan and i mean david this is only exposing the contradictions of this group that they've been claiming for freedom of speech of speech that mark received but they unfortunately with discounts or are far away from respected nevers every single aspect that they're claiming for.
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the pentagon has issued a stark warning that ice will resurface quote very quickly if the u.s. withdrawals its troops it is very likely the dices will have the opportunity to set conditions for future research and and territorial control absences team counter terrorism pressure isis could likely resurgent syria within six to twelve months and regain limited territory in the middle euphrates river valley well these recent words from the pentagon are quite the opposite of what we've heard from u.s. president donald trump who says that i sill has indeed been defeated and knock of the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon we have just absolutely decimated isis is absolutely obliterated isis in iraq we have won a good study says we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won it's time to come back now it was this reported defeat of isis that was given as the reason that donald trump was going to withdraw u.s.
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forces from syria now that was a controversial decision and james mattis apparently resigned in response to it now at this point we're two months later and we're hearing from from trump that apparently there is talk that the usa could return to syria in the blink of an eye if need be that you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of isis see a resurgent you know they're winning out we'll come back if we have to we have very fast airplanes we have very good cargo planes we can come back very quickly now the report also seems to indicate that's the report from the pentagon that isis could indeed resurgent in iraq and that's why the u.s. forces have not been removed from that country however in iraq people are not quite happy about the u.s. military presence there lawmakers in iraq are actually planning to put forward a bill to stop the foreign adviser presence in the country so at this point there clearly seems to be some do. it's
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a green men about the nature of isis and its ability to to resurge or to come back and there seems to be some some tension possibly between the president and folks in the pentagon about what exactly to do about isis and how powerful isis might be. security analyst charles told me that fighting i saw was never the top priority for the united states in syria well this analysis today isn't a complete surprise of course because when donald trump announced his decision to withdraw from syria a couple of months ago. there were a huge amount a huge number of off the record briefings by the pentagon by security intelligence agencies we see that the intelligence chiefs are suggesting that u.s. troops should stay in. in syria because of the threat from isis but in trump himself of course has said that in relation to iraq and in relation to syria that the reason why the u.s.
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troops there isn't to do with isis anyway it's to do with. protecting the interests of israel by keeping iran at bay and stopping the expansion of iranian influence across that country. pulling a twelve consecutive weekend of yellow vest protest in france president among your micron is under attack from his political rivals who are in the person who heads the national rally party is accuse them of peddling conspiracy theories rather than tackling the crisis head on and on more from continues excrete when he explains to was that a yellow vest or manipulated from abroad yes of course it's conspiracy theory and it's rather disturbing to see something like this from the president of the republic this is above all about his wish to never doubt himself it's always others yellow vests russia the united states everyone except him drew is a media product a product of social networks we saw it on facebook more friends i have the more
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capability to spread information i have the more embry tweeted just like with the yellow vests the fascists fear left wing sphere in the russian sphere comprise ninety percent of the movements online on the show to do as he takes a look now at the allegation that the french president is dodging responsibility. once upon a time there was a spontaneous social movement in france as the people revolted against an unpopular president and government crackdown on them. and thousands injured but the people kept protesting and just their cries rang out loud respect for the president diminished he declared he would travel across the land and listen to all the words get by no it wasn't enough and the people stayed on the streets ok the president said one day if i can't beat you i'll join you if yellow vest means being for higher paid work and the more efficient parliament than i am a yellow vest it didn't quite go to plan so the president touched
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a new idea and decided to blame outside influence he pointed his finger to the east and said it's those pesky russians and their leader who are the problem not me people overinvested online are the two extremes those are then the people who buy counts who troll this is russia today sputnik it's a true look since december the leading internet movements are no longer b.f.m. it's russia today but the people weren't boy they had watched the news from this outside influence and found it to be fair. the powers that be continue to point their finger to the east telling their children to be wary of the stories that they weaved and that if they were. the local or never. were on the horse two thousand reseal and even more christian was
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one of the interesting things that my course said about r.t. and i think also sputnik he claimed that these were the media that are being followed on social networks if they go on to r.t. as emmanuel michael says they are then that proves that they like what they find. the idea that this should somehow be a cause for worry or you know proof that they are somehow fifth columnists just shows how dangerously or thora tarion the french regime is becoming he's scared he is a pure creation of the media and we can see now that the bubble has burst and that his opinion ratings are very low that he feels it meant resentment at the fact that. are stealing the headlines when he wants to have the headline now is the president struggle to get ahold of the chaos in this country the russians were the perfect villains since the president had long hard distrust of the we have evidence of that it's coming from the show the evidence of some very well known
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recent ones like. malls russia today and sputnik were going to have influence them produce things that were contrary to the truth about myself and my campaign so the president said his people had been misled by the czar of the east that the protests were not real and his subjects were rather naive and the news outlets across the land read this brand new tale the french media hate being he would once more be beloved across the hills and dales but this story is not yet over the book is not yet closed the president remains that men the people oppose. has been anger in sweden after security offices there forcibly removed a heavily pregnant black woman who didn't have a valid ticket for a train and pinned to a bench the incident has raised questions about the treatment of minorities in a country that often portrayed itself to be a beacon of tolerance. was. officials
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say the woman was taken to hospital by ambulance the woman in question insisted she did have her travel card with her but failed to find it immediately and by the time she pulled it from a pocket the ticket control how the already issued a fine she recalls what happened. they took me by the arm very hard the first me out they put me on the bench with my stomach down one of them put their knee on my back and i lost my breath i was afraid that my baby was going to die in my belly. laughter the video went viral two security guards were suspended the police are investigating social science professor adrian grillo but all this the problem of racism should be tackled politically. sure happened these two a while sue the. class woman i don't think so. probably they will treat
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her in another way people with my own backgrounds. i'm in the black community. but everybody of course there are much more aggressive nonwhite people police guards doing racial profiling. regarding security issue than you can by lead your rights very very recently because you don't have the two. must be really really thought in different ways swarth to have changed in society in this way their remarks on people of. non white skin the question of structural discrimination races than should be political mainly. because it's a political problem. thai or thirty's have extended the detention of
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a bahraini footballer a political refugee arkema al-arabiya had been granted asylum in australia but was held when he arrived on honeymoon in bangkok activists and leading sports personalities across the world have been demanding his release. has the story it's not too often that you see sports personalities club's fans and even high ranking officials unite for a cause but this has been just a case of be a football player from bahrain currently behind bars in thailand chelsea legend didier drogba liverpool that robbie fowler spurs legend gary lineker five time olympic champion swimmer in four entire sports federations all jumped in to urge football authorities still save hakeem al-arabiya were first arrested in twenty twelve in bahrain when the country was going through a massive anti-government uprising violently quelled by the gulf states ruling family he claims he was tortured imprisoned. like thousands of others they spent three hours shooting me hard in my legs while saying it will break your bones will
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destroy your future you will never play football again with these legs in twenty fourteen he fled bahrain fearing for his life and in twenty seventeen he was granted political asylum in australia where he continued his career until november last year when he went on a honeymoon trip to thailand and was detained right at the airport with authorities pointing to an interpol request to detain him as a fugitive of justice since then he has been locked up in a bangkok prison with bahrain seeking his extradition back home he is charged with vandalizing a police station and sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison that is despite the london based bahraini dissident group b i r d releasing the live television footage of him playing a football game right at the time of the crimes he is being accused of this may seem as a credible alibi to anyone but here is the problem it may not be enough to vindicate him since he took a swipe not just at political elite of his home country but particularly at shaikh
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solomon being a bit of a high ranking member of bahrain's royal family and a man who was one of the front runners for the presidency of fever in twenty sixteen the post which was eventually won by gianni in front back then right in the middle of the campaign either a b. accuse the shaikh of being responsible for his arrest and torture sheik soman was responsible for the football players for the national team how can it be that he did know anything about it i'm an example of it and i have evidence the royal denies these allegations but here is the most twisted part of the splot despite losing the bid to rule fief shaikh selman currently holds the position of senior vice president of the association yes the same body which is under massive global pressure to do something about our a.b.c. case and produced the following statement. of the kingdom. this is the. steps to ensure that mr lorry b. is allowed to return safely to australia at the earliest possible moment at this
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point tire thora g.'s may wish they had not detained al arabia given the massive global outcry and something they are not even sure what to do with the man having just extended his detention by another two months so ask or a be passed his fiftieth day in a band called jail he and the whole world are waiting to see who shall prevail in this battle sports or politics. r.t. reporting from moscow we heard from a pro-democracy activist in bahrain who told us the thai and bahraini monarchy is appear to be unconcerned by international law talk about the. ruling family which have their own relationship. with the boy and i think it through the pressure of relationship they are really completely abandoning any notion of the big asian little who are we. simply put in
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complete disregard to only the mission of question and. all the commission of litigation and to proceed shamefully crucial because. the u.s. has accused russia of conducting tests the violate the i.n.f. treaty banning intermediate range nuclear missiles washington is sr new missile flew more than five hundred kilometers during tests russian officials point out its maximum range is just around half that what he'll be trying to and don't quarter of more. so russia is absolutely not a fan of starting a new arms race in the twenty first century after all saying goodbye to the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty isn't just an immensely serious political statement being made by the donald trump administration america's already announced that it will be developing new weapons and two that the russian foreign minister is saying that in any case moscow's ready to catch up however he's saying that this
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won't require new budget paragraphs and moscow's military spending. we're not looking for an arms race with the u.s. of course we will react to the threats created by the us suspension of the i.n.f. treaty movie initiatives coming from us are still available but we're not going to chase our western partners to remind them of this mr lavrov also called out europe he says that if the european states are keen to preserve some form of international arms control they should stop following orders from washington and this is what he meant by that the people of norway. we're living in a new era an era which is characterized by u.s. efforts to break the entire system of arms control including the limits of offensive strategic arms and that's a pity. the i have treaty is one of those landmark international agreements that will now only remain in the history books with the reason for that being donald trump and the way he sees international law here's my colleague donald quarter on
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how the trading suspension has been received and i should say some of the takes are quite surprising trump's decision to pull out of the i.n.f. treaty has come under fire from some of his fellow americans u.s. withdrawal may not be such a good idea they say and is actually a gift to russia who benefits most from the u.s. backing out of this treaty a lot of air putin's russia has actually wanted to dissolve the. treaty for some time so really playing the fence gift to vladimir putin this is going to be a gift to vladimir putin in russia why because it will allow russia to produce new ballistic missiles legally moscow says it's purely defensive after all it's not russia building missile systems along the u.s. border but america is convinced russia started it with its own violations of the i.n.f. treaty to this day russia remains in material breach of its treaty obligations
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russia's violation russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests russia's shamelessly violates the russians are in violation of the agreement there's no mistaking that the russians have chosen to not comply with the treaty of washington's official beef is with this particular system but see russia says that it's in full compliance with the demands of the treaty moscow was even ready for reciprocal inspections of nuclear facilities but washington acted as if nothing happened but withdrawing from the treaty actually opened a whole range of possibilities for the us to perfect their own missiles for example this bad boy it's much smaller than your average nuke but also much better for conventional usage production already started back in september and the donald has promised there's more where that came from we will move forward with developing our own military response options and will work with nato and other allies and partners to deny russia any military advantage from its unlawful conduct of course russia
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has many powerful weapons of its own conventional and nuclear but just having the ability to defend yourself isn't usually a cause for alarm so who benefits from leaving a treaty that was supposed to stop the world from nuclear annihilation consisting constituent of russia's federation council thinks the us is looking for an excuse to quit the un if deal. was. it's really crude to wound and. sure it's controlled the concept of exceptionalism has gone too far any attempt to attain junior lateral supremacy in the arms fear can provoke a mere response from other countries and there's no doubt that russia china and other states will do this there's no other means of securing collective security than parity the americans deny this they believe they can maintain their national security by attaining supremacies over their opponents but it's an illusion balance will be ensured and russia will not accept any other variants russia's made it
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stand point clear it's still at the negotiating table if the us has extra questions it has a right to ask them and russia in its turn has a right to answer them or not the americans need to reach enter into dialogue with russia and then things might improve but currently there is no sign of this and there's little chance of this happening as the u.s. needs to suspend the i.n.f. treaty is seeking a reason to exit it and attain supremacies in the arms alone. you're watching r.t. international my colleague nick kavanagh behave the latest at the top of the hour. the u.s. intel community and the political establishment challenge transform policy is this a good or bad thing also forced regime change in venezuela can can.


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