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as. far. as the pressure in present. the world. exclusive interview. communication the whole world to denounce and stop the madness of donald trump is
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never going to give me. also a change of plans things that. islamic states will resurface in the middle east. going against president. and also assurances that. michael can say. preparations for. syria. calling from the us spends again we hear how people are taking the news in the french capital. unfortunately when they are imprisoned they are able to brainwash other inmates there are many cases of muslims being imprisoned these people should be tried in the country when they come into trial they decided to france to practice in.
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welcome just gone two pm here in moscow you're watching international pressure is building on the venezuelan president nicolas maduro as more nations come forward in their backing of the country's opposition leader our sister channel r.t. spanish though spoke exclusively to madieu row about the constitutional crisis gripping his country and he says that caracas will not fold to america's desire for regime change the full interview will be available on our website at r.t. dot com and also on our sister channels and social media pages but his a preview. i do not care i'm going to go down in history but i'm not going to be a traitor a weak one like a man who turned his back on his historic commitments to his people by that but. i pray to god that our country won't be invaded by the american. that's sort of the way to get there is i mean there will be no war in venezuela but no military intervention but this does not mean that we do not prepared to defend our land just
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secretly. because you know i take advantage of every means of communication to ask the whole world to denounce and stop the madness of donald trump and this whale is never going to give you. a little bit of you want is donald trump's cassis barely not against venezuela the cast especially is the oil of venezuela the riches of venezuela it's gold gas diamonds other material riches really. well meanwhile a group of a group comprised of nearly a dozen latin american nations and canada is ramping up pressure on the door though even to drive him from power the so-called lima group is throwing its support behind the opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president. however the group's latest meeting on monday was disrupted by a protest. at. the lima group has called for the suspension of military cooperation with the duros government and barred high level venezuelan officials from entering their
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territories canada's foreign minister has the local mayor mostly to get behind something to do about what's labeled a signature. this statement is disgusting and laughable it's difficult to know whether to laugh or vomit or both when i read it i wanted to be sick and laugh similar taney asli one request is crazier than the other on behalf of all the people of venezuela we say yes to dialogue a thousand times dialogue. well russian and then as well the media have now been banned from attending the lima group scrunch talks on venezuela the canadian foreign ministry emailed to russian agencies sputnik and ria novosti but gave no reason for refusing them accreditation venezuela based t.v. network telesur was also denied access without explanation its correspondent lina duarte who was met it was meant to attend the talks in off the worst strategy to prevent non-mainstream voices from being heard. it's not
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a surprise not for me at least not a surprise that they don't like us and they've been trying to balance every single voice that it's against this a narrative against the us well and they're clinging to. around the world but their star away from respecting there is every single aspect that they're claiming for this is only exposing the contradictions of the group what a monday more than a dozen e.u. states recognize one quiet is the interim president at least until new elections are held however a source in this least ruling coalition did confirm to r.t. that rome actually vetoed the wide statement recognizing the opposition leader as the head of state has thanked brussels but then appealed to italy. on behalf. of those who are hoping for a better life this is a serious thing q for the recognition given by the european bloc where waiting for
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italy. like the rest of europe very will take a step towards a recognition well the international support garnered by quite a previously unknown figure in global politics can seemingly benign be attributed to the work of one man in a prank now looks at the rise of the opposition leader and his man in the shadows. they've made him the new interim president but they haven't learned how to say his name. you know present one go you know one guido ok mr pompei oh my i have issues with spanish so you know. what you know if you know it's probably not about the language it's just that a little while ago very few people knew who. was even in ms well. i had never heard that name before the first time i had about him was in social media when he declared himself president one way or the barge one where you do just
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recently supposedly he's the other president of venezuela which honestly think is a joke. here where you don't the first time i heard about why go it was two years ago. though so you. go i don't on the short while ago and when this political situation started a little bit for those abroad who loathes nicolas maduro there's an easier last name to say if you've never heard of low poll the low because some very important people will definitely have. venezuela should allow lippold a lot as a political prisoner and husband toting out of prison immediately this man's political ambitions have arranged for a mayor of caracas to the president's office his wife has made friends with world leaders as if she was part of let's say the g. twenty herself so why do we keep on hearing we've recognized. as the new president
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instead of we've recognized loophole the low because first of all he's now under house arrest after being in all kinds of trouble with law enforcement but even his wife says that doesn't stop him from pulling the strings at home he works with all of the opposition everyone he speaks with her on going don't know who is now president and all of the members of popular will and members of all the parties the big ones and the little ones he's taking charge of uniting the opposition one by dos says they're always in contact and always see eye to eye while even the american media is hinting mr why don't you could just be a pawn in someone else's hand according to the opposition party though he makes his own decisions your polo has been imprisoned for almost five years now so communication with him it's very difficult we have to speak with him so he's funny so i mean basically. gives ideas the decisions are being made by one and the rest of the. perhaps for those who are trying to overthrow
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a government because of how authoritarian and corrupt it is admitting the whole show is being run by someone who could be a full on state department puppet is kind of dodgy we can leaks has spilled the beans on exchanges between us diplomats with step by step descriptions of how leopoldo lopez should rise to power by the way speaking of scandals lopez's wife was all over the news when a mountain of local cash worth sixty thousand bucks was found in her car. this money is to pay for my grandma who is hundred years old and has been hospitalized three days she has no insurance in a country where it takes a suitcase full of ball of our bills to buy a coffee no one out there protesting in the street has that kind of money so maybe someone like why and why do so without the awkward baggage is an easier sell.
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the trunk of reporting there now the pentagon has issued a stark warning that i still will quickly resurface in syria if the u.s. goes ahead with its plan to withdraw its troops it is very likely that isis will have the opportunity to set conditions for a future resurgence and territorial control we have just absolutely decimated isis absolutely obliterated isis the have won against isis absent sustained counter terrorism pressure isis could likely resurgent syria within six to twelve months or currently the us has around two thousand ground troops in syria they do provide tactical support for kurdish forces in the north of the country and of course have also been targeting syrian government forces nationwide washington's involvement started back in twenty fourteen's it launched its terror operations the country became a war zone around eight years ago but right now syria has recaptured large areas of its territory controlled by its government forces and also backed by russia and
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iran but while the president claims that i still has been defeated in the country terrorists held pockets remain in the east close to a pair of u.s. bases trams planned to pull out u.s. soldiers was met by criticism not only within washington but also his own administration too with advisers conflicting each other on the proposed pace of the or draw however the president has claimed american troops could return whenever necessary. but you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of ice to see a resurgence you know where we're going out we'll come back if we have to we have very fast airplanes we have very good cargo planes we can come back very quickly when donald trump announced his decision to withdrawal from syria a couple of months ago. there were a huge amount a huge number of off the record briefings by the pentagon by security intelligence agencies we see that the intelligence chiefs are suggesting that u.s. troops should stay in. in syria because of the threat from isis.
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self of course to set that in relation to iraq and in relation to syria that the reason why the u.s. troops isn't to do with isis anyway it's to do with. protecting the interests of israel by keeping iran at bay and stopping the expansion of iranian influence the pentagon also its own motives they would like to stay they tend to like to stay in the cut in conflicts. you know. you know until the cows come home as we see in afghanistan i think it's mopar that they don't know they don't want to follow the president's order to get out and i think they're trying to justify it and build up pressure in the media to keep the troops there and meanwhile washington is foreign fighters held in syria to be repatriated here's what the pentagon had to say. the united states calls upon other nations to repatriate and prosecute citizens detained by the s.d.s.
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and commence a continued efforts of the s.d.f. to return these foreign terrorist fighters to their countries of origin well france is one country that has confirmed it is preparing to allow jihadists to return in the coming months as warnings emerge that the draw of any troops could allow the terrorists to escape in the region but some people in france do call it a worrying development a shot at the bin scale now explains as false prepares for the return of jihad just captured in northern syria there has been outreach suggests and just saw this people who went to fight for their enemy they're traitors to the nation they fought against us and our civilization their terrorist barbarians their enemies to france . to consider the return of the french jihadists is a decision that i find criminal regard to the safety of our citizens the announcement a u. turn in policy was sparked by the u.s. is surprise decision to pull troops out of syria are concerns that french prisoners
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could be released from kurdish jails or escape as a result have forced the government to make hasty contingency plans the justice minister says france would rather keep track of them rather than see them evading justice. we've made a choice which is that we prefer control which means with bad food in them to france for french hardest work amongst the biggest contingent of beisel recruits from europe but i still cells were responsible for the paris attacks in two thousand and fifteen. the idea that a hundred and thirty could not be were perpetrated isn't going down well in the capital surface of it that's frightening but we need to be strong and the government needs to protect people on the hardest he'd french people. this is very bad it's absolutely. among the people who could commit terrorist attacks here says these people should be tried in the country where they come in to do crime
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they decided to leave france to new practices and ideas and there against france another area that's worrying some is just how the country will cope with an influx of new to harvest already france is struggling to deal with the thousands of individuals currently under surveillance by the intelligence services some of those on the list have gone on to carry out attacks including sure if she cat who killed five people and wounded eleven less than two months ago. there's also concern that if they end up in prison they could compound the problem of radicalization behind bars. it can create a problem a problem of radicalization so maybe it's better for them to serve their sentences there so as not to make the situation here a war on. we need to take things seriously and convince them that violence is not the solution meant as most fortunately when they are in prison they are able to
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brainwash other inmates so perhaps we should be protecting prisoners from them. there are many cases of muslims being radicalized in prison the french government says it needs to be prepared for all of venture allergies when it comes to an american withdrawal from syria but with prisons already hosing hundreds of suspected terrorists and radicalization still a huge problem the idea of packing more is causing concern that france could be about to pick up a new ticking time bomb. ati paris. thanks being with us this afternoon we're going to take a quick break and i will be back in. seemed
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wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just being active. engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. for us in order to guarantee obeying by the population gauge and saw to tell terry doesn't and that's clearly on the march and the population is ready for it you know they were those had to say. they're getting ready for their get ready to be controlled. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get a little the olympics or. i'm sure i'll see you then.
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hello again america's n.b.c. network has named a russian agent who resigned up the white house the story turned. democrat to see god to the kremlin and labeled her a puppet. picks up the story. so n.b.c. has gone out of its way to inform us americans that we should disapprove of congresswoman tulsi gabbert answer twenty twenty presidential campaign why because it is backed by a vile kremlin conspiracy so what's the proof well they've got their evidence in order among other things one of their claims is brace yourself but apparently sputnik news and r.t. published articles about her site celebrated go bones announcement defended her positions in russia and i sent in a time just to choose a pool for most now r.t.m.
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sputnik have written about all sorts of different candidates but that's beside the point the fact that candidate who favors a non interventionist foreign policy was mentioned by news outlets from russia is considered to be a huge smoking gun but it gets worse she was mentioned on some obscure forums analyst's new knowledge told n.b.c. news the chatter relates to go beyond in anonymous message boards including those known to right wing troll campaigns a hot new knowledge you remember them don't you that's the cyber security firm that was caught running a false flag campaign in alabama election they were running operations to make it look as if russian bots were supporting a candidate they did not like now and b.c. failed to mention that in their exposé but they do have one more source meet mr josh russell he lives in indiana and on his free time he uses the internet to hunt down russian trolls i'm just
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a regular person and i don't have any relationship with any type of won't for the need of the tech companies or the social media companies but n.b.c. says that we should believe him and this isn't the first time mainstream media has played this card remember when they were widely alleging that black lives matter was a russian asset at least one of the ads that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was a black live matter ad they are still going after jill stein. the green party presidential candidate official you weren't going there with us cable which is part of what is raising questions among investigators and don't forget that bernie sanders is also a pawn they used automated social media box and what appeared to be paid operatives in russia and other countries specifically to target burning supporters so the message is pretty simple someone questioning the status quo thinking outside the box opposing the u.s. foreign policy well if that's the case don't listen to them it's just
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a voice from russia to confuse you and get you to not believe in our great american leaders don't think obey. r.t. new york well the democratic candidate does but she has been single for her antiwar stunts. asked commander in chief i will work to end the new cold war nuclear arms race and slide into nuclear war that is why the neo con nearly warmongers will do anything to stop me i think most people are tired of the rush biden most people don't buy into it anyhow but yeah they're using their label to put on her in order to potentially do real her campaign they're afraid of her because she is independent she speaks her mind she has very exceptional popular support from her in her own state and she goes against a lot of the. right of concepts that are there in to someone i think the country needs. another news at least nine people have been killed including a baby after
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a fire ripped through a residential building in an upmarket suburb of paris french authorities say they are investigating monday night's incidence of possible arson attack and have detained a female suspect a five hour operation involving around two hundred fifty firefighters look to hold the blaze as residents could be seeing climbing out of windows and becoming trapped on the roof rescue services say the death toll could still rise in what is the deadliest fire in the french capital neighborhood decades. now an assassination guy targeting members of the alternative for germany party has appeared on a platform linked to the far left extremist it does appear to include step by step instructions including apparent plots and escape routes the website post comes less than a month after the attack on a regional a.f.p. leader. in the german bundestag has responded to the threat calling it
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a far left at terror against the party in the portal that published it to be shut down our europe correspondent peter all of a look at more. the anti immigration alternative for germany party has come in for its fair share of criticism in the past. the a.f.d. is a racist and nationalist and military spots he said can you not just lonely and unhappy conservatives they are not suppressed economically liberals it's a clear way into right wing extremism and go on that indeed there are members of parliament that i cannot describe other than as racist who give birth to more reassured that they've even found themselves put under surveillance by the german security services now the party has become a target of a radical left online group seeming to have the intention to do real harm in the lead up to the european and local elections it appears to be a step by step guide to killing politicians from where and which weapons to buy to
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which shoes to wear for the kill choose target at will the more well known the better. working groups women with non migrant background are preferable white german women are ideal body guards will pay less attention to women who are pretty made up and well dressed there are calls to take out specific names politicians it also encourages would be it has to familiarize themselves with the surroundings their potential targets frequent whether it's a sick prank or real intent it's hard to tell however the tone in which it's presented coupled with a recent series attack by must assailants on an a.f. day local party leader in bremen gives us a more sinister edge leaving so many alternative for germany to wonder if they are targets peter all of a r.t. . and that brings you up to date for this hour is just coming up to
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a t thirty here in moscow we're back again at the top. when lawmakers manufacture can be sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final merry go round of lives only the one percent. drinking or middle of the room six. million real news. is this is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones
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they're the litter box they're throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. under. the seats tickle capsules exposed so hard a man left as soon as last set for their classes for six a coffee on my end i leave stay on your hands at a special projects funding me does a difference and or hold on i'm your best bet is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of moist only grow higher. than it is later just. just. there on the. edge of an arrow. and there's
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another machine and not. can if you had a way that was more greek a fool. or synonymous to a girl like you battle they are way over the past they have a garage that a little more than a bit. of the world that having. people people. who give the night. what the how do we call our day a soon alice are shown in the know jane me the whole corn i go for. why do men well not a year or so and i think just. greetings
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and sell you to issue. this weekend before the super bowl punted itself into a. adam levine took off his pillow and curtain print t.-shirt the united states congresswoman from hawaii democrat tells the gabbert officially announced her candidacy for the us presidency that's a pretty simple straightforward news item to report watchers the same simple straightforward news item it was when most news outlets reported she was running after she on officially announced a few weeks ago on van jones a c.n.n. show but apparently reporting on this simple news item appears say sputnik russian side are or have the green and black in the corner of the screen like the one below must mean that congresswoman tulsi gabbert is putin's new favorite candidate and that the marching orders have been sent that we here at the kremlin propaganda machine are ready in our facebook and twitter bots to push the representative from
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hawaii harder than vince mcmahon pushes john cena roman rains down over rose. at least according to n.b.c. news who in the early morning hours before god's official announcement released an article proclaiming the quote and n.b.c. news and al assists of the main english language news sites employed by russia in its two thousand and sixteen election meddling shows representative tells the gabbert of hawaii has become a favorite of the site's moscow used when it interfered in two thousand and sixteen . this analysis includes the speculation and opinions of a couple of security state types some former f.b.i. agents and most importantly the expertise of cyber security firm new knowledge and knowledge. now i've heard that name before they were the group that only that the new york times outed only six weeks ago for creating and running a fake russian propaganda campaign designed to make it look like moscow supported
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the republican and was attacking the democrat during a special election for a senate seat in alabama conveniently n.b.c. news left out this little factoid up from their article i guess giving context for the reader just isn't as sexy as practicing a little twenty first century mccarthyism now let's find out why they left this out when we start watching the hawks. get the playing field with this one. as it gets to the bottom so if you see. what the day like you that i got. was that we. would. be. welcome or on the watching the i robot and that happened while it now.


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