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brit of the sites moscow used when i interfered in two thousand and sixteen this analysis includes the speculation and opinions of a couple of security state types some former f.b.i. agents and most importantly the expertise of cyber security firm new knowledge knowledge. now i heard that name before they were the group that only that the new york times outed only six weeks ago for creating and running a paik russian propaganda campaign designed to make it look like moscow support of the republican and was attacking the democrats during a special election for a senate seat in alabama conveniently n.b.c. news left out this little factoid up from their article i guess giving context for the reader just isn't as sexy as practicing a little twenty first century mccarthyism now let's find out why they left this out and we start watching the hawks. to.
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get the. real thing this week. as part of. what they like you know that i got. was that we. would. be. welcome ever on the watching they are so i robot and that happened while it so. yes apparently if you talk about news relating to candidates and you or you know you have the little green and black symbol in the corner of the t.v. right screen the r t symbol you're now pushing the kremlin everybody in the kremlin is like yes her that's the one machine is the one that we all know i'm. confused about that but i got to ask what what is so dangerous about polls the gabber that on the day of her announce when you saw mainstream media outlets like n.b.c. c.n.n.
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they put out an article reporting that she's n.b.c. reporter up the article reporting that she was russia's favorite c.n.n. claim that her campaign was off to a rocky start why is this like she's so threatening to mainstream outlets in the well in any of them also even the day that this thing that she had announced you had people major reporters tweeting out that she doesn't have any plans stop she's not doing any rallies is she even bothering like why is there what's dangerous about this is. one there seems to be this idea that before anything's even started that you can begin to start to tear down candidates and this is what we saw with bernie sanders from the beginning and so all they're doing is repeating the same this the democrats are repeating the same mistakes they made and the last forever elections. and putting everybody at risk because if the truth is they really do want all these things why are you so afraid of someone whose only threat is that
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she will cut the profit margins of the military industrial complex that's a great point that i her threat she's very nonintervention is involved in syria we shouldn't be getting involved in those ways. we got to figure out how to terror yeah because there was a russia likes or. so russia is a big. piece no one minute they're building bombs the next they're trying to stop all war from happening rose ok now what. would you know what would be left out the of the new knowledge knowledge yes this company lulin surely admitted to creating a false flag operation that made it look like so new york times quoted eight new knowledge report in their own words and they said we orchestrated an elaborate false flag operation the plan of the idea that roy moore's campaign was amplified by social media by a russian bot not keep out of mind this is a man who was accused of sexually harassing possibly assaulting his girls under the
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age of eighteen when he was a grown and grown man a grown adult him is twenty. and the idea was what will make it look like russia's then the paedos i. mean the guy on many levels of wrong it is i can't hold it and new knowledge of c.e.o. john at the morgan glenn greenwald reports that he used his own fake russian accounts to a lot of the public and deceived the national media into believing the kremlin counts were trying to defeat the democratic senate. when i'm back the coach he was citing were ones he himself but they never gave control now years more thing how are we supposed to trust the expertise of this group where the clearly lied and how the they are what they're going to say we're supposed to trust their expertise that oh yes all of russia and all of these outlets are combining to push polls and jabbered you know but but we're supposed to trust new. information we
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just posed to take face value that's that's that's what i mean i tend to avoid sure that you tend to avoid taking using sources from people who've been caught blatantly lying or in ways that could cause a national incident the way that gets people killed yes you know and that's the thing such a response to that i think was pretty on point is that as commander in chief i will work to end the new cold war nuclear arms race and slide into nuclear war that is why the neo con we'll have more mongers will do anything to stop me and that's it that is exactly the problem you know the neo cons and they all libs and there is a muslim everything else they just don't like somebody who just they don't like anybody who has like a moral compass and tries to paint with the mcgurk the most loved. as the minutes tick down and lowest scoring super bowl in history the washington post unveiled its democracy dies in darkness super bowl ad and for many in the industry of journalism the commercial celebrated the i. did
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a lot of these commercial and celebrated it was added a list of some strong emotions just not the ones the washington post in its billionaire owner jeff bezos were hoping for because while the commercial slide shows featuring major moments in u.s. history journalists lost in the line of duty and tom hanks powerful narration did convey the important need for good journalism in a free society it was the price tag of the ad that many in the industry feel betrayed its core message as you know my friend's freedom isn't free and neither are so. verbal ads especially at sam's for the washington post who reportedly shelled out a cool five point two million dollars for it as you can imagine this price tag did not sit too well with many in the industry has been steve as we've seen story after story week after week of budget cuts and layoffs in newsrooms around the country and factories are console the co-chair of the washington baltimore news guilds bargaining in an app the washington post took to twitter exclaiming quote the post
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is now paying say five million for thirty seconds to tout journalistic freedom during one of the glitzy it's a glitziest and given the n.f.l. is me taking protests and concussions were controversial sports events in our country this seems like an especially infuriating expense for a company that is a try to take away health insurance from part time employees be moved everyone toward riskier forms of health insurance see made it easier to lay people off cut their severance eat frozen their pensions and resists is the smallest in the hands of a story meaning it for entire benefits until senator bernie sanders shamed ended doing so so hot watchers to the washington post in their zeal for super bowl exposure just expose one of the main reasons journalism is dying in darkness corporate great . this was this was because the odds of beautiful. now you know journals go you know you see you know you love journalism totally but then when you realize wait a minute you know during massive layoffs and everything else you know when guys are
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spending five million dollars on the super bowl it wasn't a washington post it was the clone i mean i think everything answers that it's like why is the billionaire does look at his company is the people who work for his newspaper don't make any money and i have lousy. ells people as it is a shipping centers have to get tagged and tracked and this came back and i was really extremely how you make a billion kids i guess it was like super extremely bad timing i agree with what the critics are saying about their schools. i mean. given what's just been happening literally last week. firing people by just turning off the e-mails. and. everything
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out there every single person talking about this. we're going to life we're going to do something else they're getting out of the news. but they don't really have the public image track record you know you want to reach a lot of people. five million dollars. five million dollars potentially could have the washington post five. hundred thousand dollars. it would support twelve journalists. and seventy thousand dollars which is considerably above. thirty nine. i mean look. one of the biggest things right now in journalism is investigative journalism. the most expensive. things we talked about.
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department papers. how much do you think five million dollars could have bought the investigative journalist alive you know i mean that's a lot is dying in the darkness because they've decided to spend five million dollars letting the super bowl fans know that while we're literally watching out now remember this whole idea of corporate media as the do gooders which is what i looking at that it's your big corporate capitalism news. which is fine if you have alternatives fine but when there are these are the same people that back the newseum here this news museum here in d.c. they were supposed to showcase journalism in the first amendment which is now closed and. sorry it's just headed to heroin or was it really is like you can see that so the freedom forum which created and finds museum announces closure as part of a building sale to john hopkins university which if you ever want to know about some
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shady stuff they're doing in development go look at this baltimore. and they bought it for about three hundred seventy two point five million unsustainable operating who wants to go to a news museum a corporate news museum news yeah yeah it's really about them where you. go to look at the situation you know you go to understand how you're coming across cuba. maybe could've spent the money a little better octave that's a good word optics all right as we go to break clock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics you cover and facebook and twitter see our poll shows that r.t. dot com coming up we discuss the latest news on the over two thousand migrant children that were separated from their families with immigration attorney alan moore jr stay tuned to watching the hawks.
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seemed wrong. roles just don't hold. any new belief yet to shape out this day become educated and gain from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. thank you. thank you thank you thank you last summer as questions mounted over whether the new border policy implemented by the trumpet ministration was illegally separating families the palling its policy itself seemed just clean enough to give plausible deniability to those involved take jonathan why the lead for the department of health and human
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services unaccompanied alien children reunification coordination group he himself warned his colleagues of family separations and when questioned by the senate judiciary committee this was his response in july twenty. the answer received that the family separation was not a policy. but there was no policy tourism which can result in family separation is a consequence of the policy but correct they both know that i would say that there was no policy which would result in separation of children from family units. so now seven months later mr white announced that reuniting families separated at the border quote would present grave child welfare concerns it would destabilize the permanency of their existing home environment and could be traumatic to the children in addition and maxwell of health and human services announced in january that the number of children separated at the border was much larger than the two thousand seven hundred thirty seven reported to the media the
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reason staffing it takes approximately eight hours to review one case file the health and human services office of refugee resettlement has over forty seven thousand cases to review meaning it would take one hundred employees working for four hundred seventy one days simply to determine next steps for those separated at the burr border so as the problem of funding isn't being allocated correctly or are the actual problems on the ground being ignored while those here in washington play politics with lives and security here to help us better understand the immigration system and what truly needs to be done to fix that is immigration attorney and speaker allen or a trainer thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me yes or go to you is what i'm interested in is so there was a federal court order that was supposed to you know family separation at the border here we are months and months later. and health and human services saying well it's too hard to reunite the families and they didn't bother the track the adults and children they took into custody the first place the a.c.l.u.
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quote called the report a shocking concession that it can easily find thousands of children at risk from parents and doesn't even think is worth the time to locate each of them i have to ask you as an immigration attorney someone who fights and deals with this every day do you think the government's excuses hold water at this point you know it's unconscionable because these are human beings this isn't chattel so even. these people didn't know the country undocumented which that's still arguable right if they were taken if their clothes were taken if their belts were taken out their shoes were taken may be returned at this point they're not able to return the children to them and there's actually two cohort there's the cohort that happen before family separation that the courts which are the thousands of kids that we can't even know because the government doesn't give us that number it is the coord that we did know the twenty seven thousand that you discussed and out of that twenty seven hundred sorry there are three hundred fifty of them that are still in the custody at h.h.s. which have not been returned to their families with the government's clear understanding that separating children is deeply traumatic to the cho so it is justifiable unconstitutional and it is black history month there's only one of
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those time in our history that we've done this and that is when the slaves were here we took rip families apart and did not bother to read about the groupoid never even thought about the context of that that's a really fantastic point and that's kind of where my not my where my question then becomes is that. here in the u.s. we've obviously there was never any you know part of reparations wasn't reunifying family is. that there are certain groups that have always been at risk of losing their kids native americans still to this day i talk to native americans all over this country and there they have their children taken away by child services african-american family especially poor family you know class becomes a distinction of having a money then you shouldn't have your kids. and adults with disabilities as well these are groups of people that have their kid snatched literally snatched by their system and nearly impossible to get your children back if some of the kids and up and this is the the what may happen and up in these sort of defacto adoptions
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because they won't have parents to contact them and judges will just sort of hand off. what are the negative effects of that down the line traumatic to move the kids now what happens if you just leave this well you destroy their culture right i mean that's really the real problem you destroy the culture and you sort of see them. as a thing that you were able to reallocate which is unfair to anyone people are unable to be reallocated to cultures relegated by the courts and so the most important thing is that we're all about border security and in this instance we have people that we capture we have them in our custody and then we release them and now we say we can track them and the concern is that people aren't coming to court so it is a deficiency of the u.s. government v.h.s. pacifically with regards to these children and also we had the home i mean the secretary of homeland security said in front of congress and say there was no policy when clearly there was a policy and then said that there were procedures that were in place to make sure these children could be united and there were no procedures in place to say these kids should be reunited and the only reason why america is not at the edge of their
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seat or burning down cities is because these are brown kids who don't speak english i think in any other culture or any other where in the world if there were kids that were separated from their families we'd be the first ones marching is this one of those things your experiences were kind of the culmination of a lot of bad policy leading up to this point over a long stretch of time or is there something that's like unique to right here and now i think that family family separation has been a problem it has never had this sort of an issue before with immigration at the border i don't want to say it's a crisis because we are a large country two thousand people showing up at our border is not something to be alarmed about hundreds of thousands of people in every day about both planes and overstay and there's no concern about that so when we start talking about that in the northern border then we can talk about immigration as a crisis so what i sort of see is that this was supposed to tell people don't come to the border anymore it didn't send that message right it was also sends a message that you need to come to the port of entry you just traveled a thousand miles three hundred miles and you know the port of entry is that's ridiculous in august and laws aren't written that way so therefore you see that the
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problem is that we're trying to send a message that no one's receiving and we need to re think what we're doing for immigration by solving the problems at home no where in the in our foreign policy are we saying let's address the issues at home and part of those issues are deporting the criminals back to their home areas to terrorize the people that are there but you know it's interesting. because a lot of border patrol you know experts have pointed out that the current system of immigration has been kind of at least in the southern border has been kind of built upon and was designed to handle the process specifically like a mexican man absolutely and families exactly so that is a fair assessment and how is that contributed to this kind of this confusion and chaos we're seeing with these families as well i mean the secretary of homeland security basically said the exact same thing we have a system set up or been they've been having women and children so it's just like our educational system we've been educating people for factories that we don't have factory jobs anymore and then we're concerned as why people are no longer doing these factory jobs is just not reshaping the narrative at all and then you sort of
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say you need a wall for protection and you're sending troops down and then you also acknowledge at the same time that it's women and children that are coming so how can you sort of say you need troops for we will women and children it's just an inconsistent conversation very much and part of that i think and some of this has to do with this idea of assimilation like we don't mind as long as you. and as i said before this idea of taken away kids that's something that happened with native american children so happened with you know children of slaves is the same thing this is a simulation of of into this white anglo-saxon american culture that they're supposed to want to be and how do we fix our immigration system do things like have more clearly need more people there clearly under funded that human services there is clearly underfunding and not being put in the same in the right play is but how do we fix our immigration system without falling back on to those myths about assimilation the myth of if you look like us if you talk like
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that that that's what america was everything that's what we already know everything now so we should start with that first conversation the very first conversation is talk about money right money is never an issue for anything else so it shouldn't be an issue here so i don't know and specifically we're talking about human beings and something a problem that we created right if we can build billion dollar walls we can also take a couple hundred thousand dollars. people do things appropriate in the first place right with regards to our immigration system we need to modernize it right we need workers there even at the trumpet still these we have people that were undocumented that were working there were provided false documents from that so the key places a sort of start with the employers right if we're saying there's an issue let's give the employees a way to address the job shortage about making these people have the appropriate documentation to be here and stop yelling to deport people in the budget the budget only allows four hundred thousand people four hundred thousand people a year to be deported right we have eleven million here as a four years ago it's not going to happen so any time when you're taking either to people who are undocumented once a child adult and separating them or a u.s. citizen child and removing their undocumented parents that's just not what the
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united states should be though it should should. look like a member you know as an attorney looking at this is this something our courts even equipped to handle this right now our courts are but once again this court clock right you're going to have to get to the issue right in there really sure what this is if you want to know what the problem immigration is it's all in congress congress hasn't done anything for twenty years the only reason that obama did something and the truck has been allowed to do something is because congress did nothing so they should look themselves the real hard look in the face and say it's time for us to get our act together very lovely the immigration issue and speaker boehner or i want to thank you so much for coming out and talking about this great talk forever to talk. spiral galaxies were first interpreted in edwin hubble is nineteen thirty six book interpreted as part of the by his hubble sequence which classified galaxies into classes based on their appearance from what he had available at the time photographic plates now in twenty one thousand the hubble telescope and
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a couple of its friends have captured more than a photo for a science of these new images you'll see this supernova rich galaxy a mere thirty million light years from earth known as the whirlpool galaxy in three separate dimensions hubble gives us a view of the visible light the spitzer space telescope took again. is that whirlpool in its infrared showing the oldest stars and chandra as you see right there x. ray observatory got the x. ray of will cool revealing the energy emitted from whirlpool because of the cooperation between the reed telescope scientists can now see the overall picture of the universe is largest known spiral galaxy and it proves that teamwork really makes the dream or i guess specially a galaxy far far away team or makes the dream work yeah well that's a good bumper sticker with that but you know that's a grow bicycle he does some of those things are good words like i marvel at the greatness of human invention human ingenuity and then as we you know as we're
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talking earlier about like we can't even figure out how to handle border issues we can take pictures thirty million light years away from our earth but we can't figure out how to keep mother a father and a child together during embryo here and like we can do better that we should be about because of that and to learn all about it and i messed earth you know if that has come on let's stop being the embarrassment of the galaxy you know by all means are coming right now you had to clean that mess up first all right everybody get out of our show pre-debate remember everyone in this world we are told we love that up so it's all you all i love you i am i rolled with a turtle and on top of the barn watching those hawks out there it was great being in there but. thank you. thank. you thank you. thank you. thank. you. it will.
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good go to shuls a look but look at this immutable law you have to show the story to the you should go. to startups to some good it's needed so it was a little missed they'd say look it is it's. just ashton understands this new markets the mashed old truck to stop the president and please introduce more students. as we have producers to ghost whisperer to sniff of the most when you look at those the girls are with you sir your supporters to your shoes through sure sure mr you should cook door for the one who's devoted to the ripples to. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president or injured. or somehow want to be. that you'd like to be for us this is like the flash tree in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters in the house yes sure. that should. read the stand. on our good armor our trove of the brothers you know across the aisle before for the care of their. own lawyers and let them but when i catch them then you can keep an eye on what i did flew to china for trial for all that it. was going to.
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do is. get this whole fool push the un you say you haven't paid off time in syria has said. really she ought to have a. model for the africa will fuck around with mr hate for jim and then for hope that our freedom in the course. of the money. the us in order to guarantee obeyance by the population will engage and stop to tell terry doesn't and that's clearly on the march and the population is ready for it you know they were those had to say ok got to get ready for their get ready to be controlled.
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i do not need this movement to be. a little. i. see. president nicolas maduro.


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