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you. know. i. i. i i. but as well the president nicolas maduro urges the world to stop. change in an exclusive interview given to r.t. . every media interest world denounced officers you know and i'm going to the point even as well as not surrender and never will.
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i police fired tear gas at crown's is yellow vest demonstrators throwing striking trade union workers on the streets of paris as the national assembly adopts a. law that targets protesters. and america's n.b.c. news brands democrat a russian agent as soon as she enters the race for the white house with the network making some somewhat bizarre claims. for a good evening this is r.t. international. in an exclusive interview given to r.t. venezuela's president has remained defiant and insisted he will not give in to washington's push for regime change the pressure is building on the close muros
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more countries the opposition leader one gordo and you can watch the full version of this interview at twenty one thirty g.m.t. on our website that's just for now though here's a preview. let me put it that only that i do not care about my legacy there is one thing i know for sure i will not be remembered as a traitor get it as a weak men who are a nation that is historical committing this by the betrayed his nation only as a practicing christian rock i pray to god that our nation doesn't have to put armed resistance to u.s. troops in a sort of way there will be no war or military intervention he venezuela but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't get ready to fight for our land c.m.i. using every media outlet to urge the entire world heads of state up and heads of government or world leaders for social movements and the international community to denounce this absurd steps traumas taking against venezuela silent to stop him threaten us with a military intervention venezuela has not surrendered and never will what's donald
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trump sconces bellies against venezuela what is it do we have w m d's are we a threat to u.s. national security you know what the cost is bally's here then is a well an oil and as well as resources that will go and natural gas diamonds or water that gets our material wealth and the twenty first century and he's not the time for cannon fire and military threats you know a twenty first century should be a century of dialogue you know a civilized behavior the politics the respect for god virtues peace or at least one coexistence and finding peaceful diplomatic solutions to international conflicts dielike is the most important thing for venezuela it is our motto not only be honorable or while i think it is a diplomatic political and ethical mistake they should see rypien governments in a bad light because they recognize something does not exist there's only one government in venezuela was one that was elected through a direct vote so you set forth in the council he should tell me who we've got here
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i would like to spend my retired me surrounded by grandchildren and no great grandchildren and when i turn ninety i am venezuelan and i will spend my last days . my home we're. going to try john bolton and i compelled like the parents despise us you know and this is the thing that their american imperialism superior they despise all other nations lead an american venezuela they despise us their statements are xenophobia but in arizona. in the meantime nearly a dozen latin american countries and canada there are ramping up pressure on the dura to drive him from power the so-called lima group is throwing its support behind the opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president one guy though but a protest did disrupt the group's latest meeting on monday. leave a group of school for the suspension of military cooperation with materials government and barred high level venezuelan officials from entering their
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territories and his foreign minister is a local military to get behind walls why does something was there are labeled a sick joke. this statement is disgusting and laughable it's difficult to know whether to laugh or vomit or both when i read it i wanted to be see can laugh simle tediously one request is crazy or then the other on behalf of all the people of venezuela we see yes to dial up a thousand times dialing in while russian and venezuelan media have been banned from attending a crunch meeting of the lehman group on the crisis the canadian foreign ministry emailed russian agency sputnik and re in obviously telling them their accreditation had been refused but gave no reason why the venezuela based t.v. network telesur was also denied access without explanation and this correspondent alina due out today it was meant to attend the talks or not to us says that it's to prevent non-mainstream voices from being heard. it's not
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a surprise not for me at least it's not a surprise that they don't like us and they've been trying to balance every single voice that it's against this a narrative against the venice well and they're claiming a great amount around the world but their star away from that respect and that is every single aspect that they're claiming for this is only exposing the contradictions of this group. a monday more than a dozen e.u. states recognize one god i was the interim president that is at least until new elections have been held but the source in italy is ruling coalition confirm to r.t. the rome actually vetoed the e.u. wide statement recognizing the opposition leader as head of state who i don't think brussels but then appealed to italy. nobody. on behalf of. those who are hoping for a better life a sincere think you for the recognition given by the european bloc where waiting
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for easily. led like the rest of europe they will take a step towards the recognition of the international support garnered by going to who was previously unknown in global politics can seemingly be attributed to the work of more money if you're trying to reports they've made him the new interim president but haven't learned how to say his name. you know present one go you know one guido ok mr pompei oh my i have issues with spanish so you know. we don't like what you don't know it's probably not about the language it's just that a little while ago very few people knew who. was even an ms well. i had never heard that name before the first time i had about him was in social media when he declared himself president one way. one where you just recently
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personally he's the other president of venezuela which honestly think is a joke. here where you don't the first time i heard about why go to years ago when everybody. heard about go i don't this should probably go down when this political situation started doing that at the u.n. that advice for those abroad who loathes nicolas maduro there's an easier last name to say lope is if you've never heard of low poll the low because some very important people will definitely have. venezuela should allow lippold alone a political prisoner and husband toting out of prison immediately this man's political ambitions have arranged for a mayor of caracas to the president's office his wife has made friends with world leaders as if she was part of let's say the g. twenty herself so why do we keep on hearing we've recognized why and why go as the new president instead of we've recognized hold a low because first of all he's now under house arrest after being in all kinds of
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trouble with law enforcement but even his wife says that doesn't stop him from pulling the strings at home he works with all of the opposition everyone he speaks with her on why don't you he's not president and all of the members of popular will and members of all the parties the big ones and the little ones he's taking charge of uniting the opposition won by dos says they're always in contact and always see eye to eye while even the american media is hinting mr why don't you could just be a pawn in someone else's hand according to the opposition party though he makes his own decisions your polo has been imprisoned for almost five years now so communication with him it's very difficult we have to stick with him so he's funny so i mean basically he gives ideas the decisions are being made by one and the rest of the. perhaps for those who are trying to overthrow a government because of how authoritarian and corrupt it is admitting the whole
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show is being run by someone who could be a full on state department puppet is kind of dodgy we can leaks has spilled the beans on exchanges between us diplomats with step by step descriptions of how leopoldo lopez should rise to power by the way speaking of scandals lopez's wife was all over the news when a mountain of local cash worth sixty thousand bucks was found in her car. this money is to pay for my grandma who is hundred years old and has been hospitalized three days she has no insurance in a country where it takes a suitcase full of ball of our bills to buy a coffee no one out there protesting in the street has that kind of money so maybe someone like one why do without the awkward baggage is an easier sell. france is overwhelmingly passed a controversial anti hooligans law that cracks down on protesters in response to
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months of yellow vests rallies in the latest demonstration on tuesday your liver smallish with striking trade union workers in paris and a protest over the cost of living to show that dubious kate was there for us. it seems like there's been a big turnout for this nationwide and to professional strike called by france is the largest you see she t. now they here to protest things such as they were raising the minimum salary of the retirement age to be sixty here in france they generally against the reforms made by president macaroons government but they've also noted a new things in the list and that is the fact that they are against this new anti cashiers nor this is anti huge international that it's no nurse as something that's been proved to him by the government in response to the yellow vest protests that we've seen rocking the country over the last few months now that anticancer is moving anti hooligan though is unpopular because anybody who goes to approve just
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in covers their face to face up to a year in prison and a fine of fifteen thousand euros that's because the authorities say that they want to crack down on those people who've caused disruption and violence at the yellow vests protests over the last few months and as a result of that they want to be able to identify them but others say if you can use your protest in this tear gas all around you want to have something to cover your face to protect you from that your gas and people here in the process. very unhappy with this new law. i'm against this law because where is the proof that these are real hooligans the government can choose. who is not the critical to slow us against the marches it's to stop people rallying to scare people this happens all the time so the government scares people and they don't come out to. see the kids or to this organ's the rioters raised questions like i don't find the overwhelming i guess it's a complicated issue will they detail the real writer that's the real question or
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will they just pick up any available gas who trip four and when they get back to their feed boom the police are taking them down to the sanctions that put you the law is quite tough i assume it doesn't need to be so strict but the same time see that's important to avoid a total crackdown we need to limit the number of disturbances some people have the right to protest but with outright we saw scuffles breaking up between the police and the protesters we saw some of the protesters digging up so most of the rocks in the street with the taking place and throwing those two with the police at first what we saw in response was just the security forces trying to push back in a bit of a cat and mouse game but later as the protesters as those all stroy go head to plaster the concorde we saw the police then responding with tear gas i didn't see tear gas now coming down behind us at london close to us one of the protests is i just gave us this canister this is sort of
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a canister that the tear gas is kept in as you have to be pushed back as a result of such a gas which is now all around us and it's not just protesters here in france you seem to be unhappy about this or this even being criticism from the human rights commissioner for the council of europe who suggested the idea of making it illegal to cover your face in a protest could be degrading civil liberties but the government particularly the interior minister chris of a customer has defended this law saying it's necessary. this law is not intended to prevent demonstrations on the contrary its aims to protect them more than twelve hundred police officers and emergency workers and nearly nineteen hundred yellow vests have been injured since the start of the movement to do nothing is a free pass for some to wreak destruction at each protest well that law has now been passed by french m.p.'s in their national assembly much to the horror of many
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people in france you feel that it will erode civil liberties also criticism that that law could erode civil liberties coming from the human rights commissioner for the council of europe for the moment people remain out on the streets and there remain unhappy with many of the policies of the government of president mark on so that even ski r.t. paris. america's n.b.c. news has wasted no time labeling democrats to think about as a russian puppet came straight after her announcement she was running for president in twenty twenty one days carry more pain breaks down the so-called evidence provided by the network. so n.b.c. has gone out of its way to inform us americans that we should disapprove of congresswoman tulsi gabbert answer twenty twenty presidential campaign why because it is backed by a vile kremlin conspiracy so what's the proof well they've got their evidence in order among other things one of their claims is brace yourself but apparently
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sputnik news and r.t. published articles about her site celebrated go bones announcement defended her positions in russia and i sent in a time just to choose a pool and for most now r.t.m. sputnik have written about all sorts of different candidates but that's beside the point the fact that candidate who favors a non interventionist foreign policy was mentioned by news outlets from russia is considered to be a huge smoking gun but it gets worse she was mentioned on some obscure forums analyst's new knowledge told n.b.c. news the chatter relates to go beyond in anonymous message boards including those known to right wing troll campaigns a hot new knowledge you remember them don't you that's the cyber security firm that was caught running a false flag campaign in alabama election they were running operations to make it look as if russian bots were supporting a candidate they did not like now and b.c. failed to mention that in their exposé but they do have one more source meet mr
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josh russell he lives in indiana and on his free time he uses the internet to hunt down russian trolls i'm just a regular person and i don't have any relationship with any type of won't. of the company through social media companies but n.b.c. says that we should believe him and this isn't the first time mainstream media has played this card remember when they were widely alleging that black lives matter was a russian asset at least one of the ads that was bought by this russian troll farm on facebook was a black live matter ad they are still going after jill stein. the green party presidential candidate vishal you were implying there was a dress table which is part of what is raising questions among investigators and don't forget that bernie sanders is also a pawn they used automated social media box and what appeared to be paid operatives in russia and other countries specifically to target burning supporters so the
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message is pretty simple someone questioning the status quo thinking outside the box opposing the u.s. foreign policy well if that's the case don't listen to them it's just a voice from russia to confuse you and get you to not believe in our great american leaders don't think obey. r.t. new york. until the sofa leaves he's being singled out for war stunts. asked commander in chief i will work to end the new cold war nuclear arms race and slide into nuclear war that is why the neo con nearly warmongers will do anything to stop me i think most people are tired of the russian side and most people don't buy into it and you know but yeah they're using the label to put on her in order to potentially do you radio or campaign they're afraid of her because she is independent she speaks her mind she is very exceptional popular support from her in
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her own state and she goes against a lot of the abolition of concepts that are there in to someone i think the country needs. the road to the white house in the twenty twenty lection has begun not just for those who go above but also for other candidates and among the usual run is a right as there is a surprising faced out of the billionaire how it chills form a c.e.o. of starbucks although he hasn't officially entered the race just yet easel ready causing a media. pat a successful wealthy billionaire businessman as president you're kind of the same thing right i don't think i want another businessman he's another billionaire one of us should go to starbucks until he announces he's not running. i've also been criticized for being a billion euro i'm so from the head i thought i was doing american dream.
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here an interesting democratic ally or an interesting voice i like some of the stuff out there and i think you're trying to do great. and i'm a. great resume super smart guy a lot of experience dedicated public servant good guys. the first day of peace talks has ended in moscow as the sides attempt to find a solution to the eighteen year war auntie's me if an option has been up the negotiations and brings us the details tuesday's event dollar peace conference he
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has brought different influential gani forces and politicians together with the aim of discussing ways to bring the long awaited peace to afghanistan and we can call it a historic one experts say that today is getting closer to end the war and the violence in its territory than any time before of course no doubt that the keep it disciplined off today's event and actually everything that is going on in afghanistan and around. afghanistan is the movement of taliban bend in russia as a terrorist organization that is now according to various sources controlling more land on the ground than the official government which means this is a force that no one can ignore and everybody should consider their major condition for peace in afghanistan has always been and remains a complete withdrawal of all foreign troops from the territory of ganesan they have come here to moscow after intensive six day talks with the american side and i had
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a chance to talk about the chief minister of this meeting with the had of the taliban movement political branch mr stein exult let's take a listen and we had some progress in the trial in future also in the hope that we'll have more progress and by proceeding the accept your vision the word does not mean that they accepted our condition some of the talks will be between good sides from our side and from their side and indeed we've heard american president don't know trunk all during the american troops to leave afghanistan while speaking about the deadline of us mr standing side by the deadline when we can see the foreign troops leaving afghanistan will it happen within days or months or years he has told me that they only hate that it will not take too much time perhaps months interesting that the official kabul is not attending today's peace conference here in moscow mr stein exactly has explained that this is because it is not a legal force the taliban movement has always blamed the government in kabul for
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violence for aggression against afghanistan and for foreign troops on the ground let's take a listen but the first government has to be in this meeting they were not supposed to come because the. interim very libertarian. from ignore the movement of the obama and also the other one communities who are important for government is. according to the north and they go dormant to do more to minister although. many see today's peace conference here in moscow as well as other efforts to bring the long awaited peace to afghanistan as a positive tendency not everybody shares this optimism i have been able to speak to the member of the afghan parliament head of women rights human rights and civil society commission there and she has told me that a virus the majority of she believes of the afghan society is not ready to go back to the rule of the taliban because this is a very conservative and at the end of the day quite controversial for us this is
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what she has told me i think we have to listen to what the people of afghanistan was because at the end of the day they will do the country that people deserve that the people of afghanistan don't want to go back and taliban should understand that and should hear that message we're talking about the power sharing we're not talking about who is ruling we have to go to the people of afghanistan and ask them what they want about the future it was the former president of afghanistan hamid karzai is also among those participating in today's peace conference and i had a chance to talk to him as well and i asked came whether it is a big problem actually that the official kabul is not participating and he has told me that again they hope that one day they will all gather together and i guess this may only happen after a little last soldier leaves afghanistan so it's a lot about at this point but as experts say the key the breakthrough moment about
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these talks is that it is happening. and assassination guy targeting members of the alternative for germany party has surfaced on a platform linked to far left extremists it appears to include step by step instructions including apparent plots and escape routes the website to post comes less than a month after an attack on a regional leader if he is chair in the german bundestag has responded to the threat calling it a far left act of terror against the party and urged the portal the purpose it to be shut down our europe correspondent peter takes a look at the threat. the anti immigration alternative for germany party has come in for its fair share of criticism in the past. the a.f.d. is a racist and nationalist and military state parties but i simply am here not just lonely and unhappy conservatives they are not suppressed economically liberals it's a clear way into right wing extremism at dawn that indeed there are members of
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parliament and i cannot discredit auguries and his racial to give birth to more instead of the ten they've even found themselves put under surveillance by the german security services now the party has become a target of a radical left online group seeming to have the intention to do real harm in the lead up to the european and local elections it appears to be a step by step guide to killing politicians from where and which weapons to buy to which shoes to wear for the kill choose target at will the more well known the better. working groups women with non migrant background are preferable white german women are ideal body guards will pay less attention to women who are pretty made up and well dressed there are calls to take out specific named politicians it also encourages would be attackers to familiarize themselves with the surroundings their potential targets frequent whether it's
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a sick prank or real intent it's hard to tell however the tone in which it's presented coupled with a recent serious attack by must assailants on an a half day local party leader in bremen gives us a more sinister edge leaving some an alternative for germany to wonder if they are a target peter all of a r.t. . camp about with updates for you in half an hour's time together. this is later. this month that they're. actually man or a. girl as
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a nun she knew not. can if you had a way out all of them ok if true. was not a master plan a it will be larry king about all day i wait for the last three of a garage. to be. given to people. who give the newly married couple what the how do not. assume alice are. not those they need the whole corn to go before. the men are well known asia or so on out in. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy
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confrontation let it be an arms race is on offer and spearing dramatic development the only solution i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. oh stars or the reporters show. takes you close as you never thought you'd ever go. max you know i was in the public ladies room and some young woman came up to me and said i just want you to know that jesus loves you i said you know our show is huge in latin america we get into spanish so i think you mean hey suits
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correct well you know jesus i think of the big lebowski. all guys think of just the bass or a character in the film you know dad is jesus that's the jesus i pray to i hear actually they're coming out with another big lebowski maybe there's a rumor or it might be just be a super bowl of course latin america should be a little bit concerned at the moment because you know there was a long wave over oh about twenty years where the u.s. kind of was distracted by the middle east and all of our wars there syria iraq afghanistan all of those wars over there somalia we still have some intervention there and you know there are actually some concern trolls in the us mainstream media. in the likes of washing.


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