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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 6, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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that is not a prosperous great nation far from it that is a nation on the brink of collapse whose leaders refuse to take their heads out of the sand and their corporate hands out of our pockets which means it's time for all of us to start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing this week. as part of. what they like you know that i got. was that we. would. welcome everyone to watching. the world and then times out of the other and i like many americans a very attack away from it's not
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a joke i mean it really is that we people think that's the you know i guess people who have huge savings accounts and all of this available credit you know just got to go on the all the fun kind of don't understand what that means they really don't there's a huge disconnect between the levels of this country and i think what the prosperity now report found that's very interesting is that everybody's kind of assumption the middle class was the middle class isn't really true no it's not because what they found is that that those numbers come from the middle class where their middle class was paycheck away from poverty i mean to me that says working class blue collar was what i know. not jane and that you know it was like you work really hard but being blue collar essentially working class means you know the difference in working class and and you know middle class is a credit card and one credit card or a savings account with a month's worth of expenses and and we're talking massive numbers and you think about forty percent of the country grass i mean you're talking about so you know we
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have about three hundred twenty five. almost three hundred twenty six million people hair and the people according to the prosperity of now it's numbers that what that means when you say that forty percent is that one hundred thirty million people are living u.s. citizens are living in a situation or their family is living in a situation where one missed paycheck could mean losing their home not having anything having to go out and look for some kind of charity one bridge or one paycheck one bad decision no one want any thing one your boss forgot something you know you're out your whatever you want and they sell that they saw that hardcore during the government shutdown recently gas employees who have you know but all government does produce good study jobs health insurance all of those are suddenly they're off limits to paychecks and they're going into food lines they now know how to do all this that's the reality for one hundred thirty million citizens and again
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like i said that's not a stable country no not in the in the richest country in the world this great the great america that so great got to be greater and there's all this whining there is zero reason in the you're twenty one thousand for the united states of america to have working people be so poor that they cannot afford grocery rug and this isn't the working people's fault this isn't something now it's like oh well they're not trying hard enough and they don't have smart exact makes korean t.v. they're not being smart with their money you know that this is garbage i mean look you're talking about the urban institute study uncovered recently that four out of ten us of the old so they experience at least one type of material hardship like struggling to pay for groceries or housing in the entire year of twenty seventeen at least once a year that's born to forty percent again same group same group yeah you know and believe me these numbers skew even worse when you're not white working class when
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you're going to say you know borgen. black americans the numbers rise even harder yeah this is scary and one of the other thing is that this idea of how credit scores were many most of us who are adults now know that sort of credit scores don't say how good you are with money really it's how much money they can make off of you and what you're looking at now due to everything the credit crisis layoffs everything it comes down to do i feed my kids or do i pay the bill a lot of people so feed their kids monsters who does that but now you have almost half about forty eight point one percent of americans with credit scores that are below prive meaning they could not get a store credit card they cannot get a loan they cannot get you know things at a rate that is an exorbitant in and oppressive financially so and then you say that nearly twenty percent of households didn't have any mainstream credit
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in the past twelve months they didn't have a credit card that was usable they didn't have credit. and that's you know likely access and i will say this there's changes being done to credit scores now we're going to be able to look directly at your bank account coming up this year and how many times you've been overdraft and how many times you've been i know that's all going to come together. that's going to it's going to get work hours. apparently if you're looking for someone who doesn't believe that sugar and soda and sugary drinks are unhealthy and contribute to obesity type two diabetes and heart disease well look no further than the c.d.c. the health policy journal mailbox quarterly published a paper this week that included an analysis of nearly three hundred pages of eighty six e-mails exposing a rather symbiotic relationship between the centers for disease control and prevention and sugar water behemoths coca-cola the most the c.d.c. were directed to dr barbara bowman who at the time was director of c.d.c.'s division for heart disease and stroke prevention coca-cola representative wrote to
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bowman that quote there are clearly areas where we can work collaboratively collaboratively and share insights to advance the work and prevention of obesity in the event to inform consumers of choices now realize those choices relate to coca cola's low calorie or no gallery beverages with coca-cola representatives claiming in e-mails that studies showing associations between diet averages and weight in the mail audible studies is likely the result of reverse causality so what they're saying is that people who drink diet soda are already are probably already sick with some sort of problem and obesity when they start drinking the diet soda but why would they be putting all of this effort into palin around with boman in the c.d.c. will coca-cola representatives wanted inside information and advice on how to combat the world health organization aries scientifically backed claim that reducing consumption of sugar sweetened beverages would also reduce the risk of childhood
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obesity boman was so helpful to them that she was forced to resign after the connections between her and top coca-cola executives were revealed in twenty sixteen and well it isn't necessarily wrong for corporations to engage government agencies and dialogue about public health it is wrong for those corporate. to get help the fills their coffers at the expense of public health so hop watchers to where your tax dollars spent cord manning health campaigns and children that were designed to raise the profits of a nearly four hundred billion dollar us market. no no you don't want to pay for big big sugar to make more money i moves all we pay the health costs again . over and over and over and over again where you see the corporate boom that's like those kind of blood you know with their greedy little hands clawing and all of our web religion sees like oh they've c.d.c. let's be friends you know what so we can. so how do we yeah i'm special what they
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did was they went in there and what that study showed is they went over all of this information and the paper laid out these three main themes and the correspondence all this. is a metaphor for what they're ending for us to go to gay men expand access obviously they want to lobby and make sure they can get their voice on capitol hill so that regulations things like secular taxes won't go through and to shift attention the biggest one is this idea of shifting attention and blame a wave from their product sugary drinks oh remember we broke up again and things like it's a small idea of being part of this behemoths but what they really are doing is just trying to cheat the system if they don't like it and this is what hurts me the most about this is this isn't the f.d.a. where you do your natural your brain goes over food and drug administration ok well magic you know this is the c.d.c. the centers for disease control right that coca-cola is getting her. to areas and
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which processed sugar has been shown to raise risk heart and stroke humans in the world health organization report coca-cola you mentioned the report will that report so what riled up specifically it points to the risks to low income children and adolescents in developing places like china and africa the cocoa. poisoning them so doesn't want anyone stopping them essentially from poisoning brown children the world over him poor communities all for a profit that's what got another skin about the world health organization report is that it sold them for what they are vampires here and they don't like because the e.u. and the u.k. has put these taxes on sugary drugs ultimately if you want to go sell your sugary drink all you want go for it one don't lie and say stuff is healthy when we know it's not part of the problem is that congress is way too trimming with with company companies like coca-cola and that goes on we've seen coca-cola and all these things to keep go on going and taking water from communities that while gary ross kind of
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co-director of us right to know which is the organization that originally did the foyer request that got these these e-mails he told salon that congress should investigate what really happened between c.d.c. and coca-cola and whether c.d.c. complied with relevant ethics that c.d.c. is not improperly influenced by corporations that manufacture harmful products i going to guarantee they are there is that you have to ask that question we don't need an investigation corporations are definitely finitely there i want to get there's a quick we will see this is what cities at the coal framework provides checks and balances needed to keep the agency on track scientifically and at the clean the c.d.c. provides employees with resources to maintain it at the go inside to work integrity . but the paper did actually look at it against the ethical framework of the c.d.c. and they in fact still showed a lack of effort on the part of those intended so if the c.d.c. about there to finish reading the paper they might know that they're too busy talking to a lot of x. as we go to break our watches don't forget to let us know when you're going to stop
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or to cover the facebook and twitter see our poll shows that r t v dot com coming up we build into the at the cold war crisis a big tech companies putting potentially dangerous new technologies into the market conservative commentator steve malzberg joins us to discuss so stay tuned to watch . i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine stamping each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred
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to five hundred three per circuit for sure and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember in one one business shows you can't afford to miss one can only. measure the sand had a. problem what has. that i don't run from i think rather fast i got the fourth down take care of that. i'm going to let them but i'd cut him a little cut them and keep an eye on what i have to lose a child for truffle that it. was then.
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and get its whole full place choice i knew. he had an unfair icy time in syria has said. he she ought to give up some mylar for the name after the whole fuck around mr hates it for jim and then we're for half of it are fairly new for. the money. as a presidential candidate donald trump lambasted america's endless and wasteful wars but as president q. surrounded himself with
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a division of me defending and advancing american empire a full time career why did trump cave and what could be the consequences for him and his presence. in science fiction has taught us anything it's that you can not trust cutting edge potentially dangerous new technology in the hands of mega corporations or omnipotent governments from walen you tommy this cyber dime it never ends well which is why it's not surprising to see that in january more than eighty five human rights groups including the american civil liberties union national lawyers guild chapters and freedom of the press foundation wrote to microsoft google and amazon demanding that they stop selling privacy crossing technology like facial recognition software to governments militaries on law enforcement agencies but
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apparently the heads of those companies did not see or understand the moral message of the science fiction films we watched we growing up because of the world economic forum in davos this year when business insider asked the president and chief legal officer of microsoft bribed smith about the letter he replied i do not understand an argument that companies should avoid all licensing to any government agency for any purpose whatsoever a sweeping ban on all government use clearly goes too far and risk being cruel and it's humanitarian the fact joining us now to discuss which is more cruel selling the u.s. government dangerous surveillance technology or not selling the u.s. government paper it's a rather thrown out of date as guns are going to receive miles brag great well you know what. oh no fear of the flood and when i disagree with the record like. i'm really going to know this is interesting this is a really interesting dilemma the kind of post before society right now and i want to start as steve should companies do your opinion for should companies like microsoft and amazon be allowed to sell potentially dangerous software to the
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united states government or law enforcement agencies software that you know could be used for nefarious purposes but yes they should be able to and i think it also can be used in could and is being used for good purposes first of all what these agencies want these eighty some odd groups and i'm a fan of every single one of them they want to total blanket ban they don't want to go into any government any agency anybody just like wrap it up and throw it away and that's never going to happen once the software is out there it's out there and people are going to get it one way or another but you know good is being done there the national genome research institute is using it to diagnose a disease called george's syndrome and they use facial recognition as you could tell in the face so that you know and they could prevent it or get it early also it helps find missing children are there some discrepancy there they say oh no it doesn't but in the new delhi nineteen thousand missing kids they found fourteen
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thousand the media is focusing on the five thousand that haven't been found and they are court says well this technology is not working we have to find five thousand but they found fourteen thousand so it does good can it be used for nefarious purposes yes and microsoft c.e.o. acknowledges that and wants limitations placed when it comes to human rights violation of privacy so i mean i think his intentions are good and i don't agree with him that would be whatever see a human catastrophe to rid told technology that can benefit humanity if you will i think that's you know that would be a bad thing. well i think the obvious question is you know it's always you know a wall a facial recognition software these are all things that can be used for a good purpose you know they can be used for humanitarian purposes they can be used you know not evil you know but then when you put them in the hands some of the stuff in the hands of someone like google who has to remind themselves not to be. pointing it out there so what the question then becomes because corporate greed is
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corporate greed of course you know i should they not make money but then what about supposedly u.s. rivals what happens if they're like well we can sell we can sell this to iran we can solve this to north korea we can solve this to any of these kinds of what happens when that well i think the sanctions that are in place against north korea and against iran would prevent them from doing that or they'd be in serious violation but it's a legitimate concern you know what it could be an evil doer doesn't have to be a congo a country a government could be an evil doer who gives it to them subsequently so the risk is always out there but once the genie is out of the bottle the genie is out of the bottle so the bad guy it's like to me gun control the bad guys always going to have a gun so withholding it from law abiding citizens puts them at a disadvantage if i could make this analogy so withholding it from you know good doers medical associations and government sort of put it to good use because of the fear that somebody nefarious will get ahold of it they're going to get a hold of it anyway and then the good people won't have it to use it for the
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betterment of society it's a very very similar on an odd thing is sort of the plastic straw today you take away everybody is classic stressed out the environment but what you're doing is actually making raise a lot harder for non ambulatory people who need them then they have their house and it becomes a very it's interesting because there's a really this is one of those facial recognition software and you know because it was seen over the years and things like that apart from the good that it does it is still a very big brother kind of orwellian it's literally everything or yeah you know and since they got it. so that it's one of those ones where it's like you you know we need our congress to act of this we need people to come in like like let's put the rules in place now before it gets out of hand. but i wonder kind of brings up this bigger question of where should we ethically draw the line when it comes to what should or shouldn't be for sale to law enforcement or government i mean is there is there a line that we shouldn't cross the business or should say you know we can invent
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anything. but maybe there's a certain point where i'd like to think you're right yeah but you know i'd like to say well maybe they shouldn't be able to look at us through our cameras in our computers when our computers are off but you know what. maybe i should be able to spy on those twenty four seven you know what it is so you know i don't know how you draw the line anymore i'm afraid to say because i think like i said the genie is out of the bottle technology is running so wild that what we have today will seem like not being in five years so i don't know the answer i share your concerns to a certain extent but i certainly don't have the answer i think that's the thing that's so scary is that there's all these great things come out of technology whether it's nuclear power there's nuclear medicine saves people's lives but then when you think about a nuclear weapon or nuclear power plants are so many bad things so like i said it's like ok we're going to get the plastics are off your table but now someone else is being you know we're on this thing where there has to be some sort of moral ground
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of when do our rights of privacy like have we just given up i feel like you know so many of us screamed for so long when everything came out from you know torture to spy to everything so like you said their computers i mean were real just a little too quiet and then having never giving up i think the united states government the congress still hasn't regulated facebook and these other companies like google and the european union they slap a fine on facebook and they call it is a evil or whatever then bubba but they're so law parading freely and there are no restrictions on them right now to be honest with you except from a fine here or find there which of them is you know one nickel here and a quarter there technology is moving at such a extremely fast forward to the you know we might we might we could be developing something wildly very interesting we don't even know we're developing at this point and that's the big concern i mean think about it i mean what happens if if you know
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what up. microsoft develops the new killer but like a good we go back to like but nine hundred fifty s. what happens if like microsoft developed a nuclear bomb before the united states government did you know obviously you know today's restrictions on who could make weapons and things like that but what if you didn't realize it was a weapon until it is used as one of the marketplace is a member of this point about more ality because you know what you know that we can question the morality of a nuclear bomb oh i should have used it or in our whatever we could do that but what science came out of it but that was a government funded program that was very secretive that was there was meant to be you know kept in the hands of secrecy was somewhere along the line the united states government kept saying well we can let these big corporations develop all this stuff honestly facial recognition should have been developed by darpa and everyone else a very long time ago and it shouldn't be in the hands of these corporations so my question to you is at what point does more ality come before profits for a technology company or a company that's like where you like he said like where does the around it where
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you start to go. i don't and i don't know exactly who makes these things but you could read article after article concern have to concern about artificial intelligence and robots now that we're creating that can take us over i mean physically and we all otherwise and it's a real concern to a lot of people that we've gone too far and we're going too far as the for you are you saying you know if i wrote. about as i said you know friends you know what word . i mean personally i think i think we don't do it i think when it comes to that kind of stuff i think you know that i don't i don't like mad scientists and creating a monster that's going to take over the world and maybe that's exactly what some of them are doing you go look frankenstein i was going to toss this is mary shelley wrote a. column about i think it is if you know what that thing in the news and i think that's that's a part that both sides of the aisle should be ok it should be absolutely because.
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on that we don't really agree because i mean it's like since since snowden since the n.s.a. since torture it's very hard for me to put my trust in government and that's something that i can vote and change and control i can't vote can change you control a corporation unless i have a majority stockholder makes it even more scary for me when a corporation starts kind of running rampant or saying like no no they need to have this to be cruel if they didn't you know if you can you can say that better both governments have to step up and some regulation that even microsoft says they want they want. that imagine that we're going to pay them in studio for a chance. to have a new. by using a machine algorithm to test the brain scans of one hundred twenty one women and eighty four men who raged in age from twenty to eighty two scientists found evidence to suggest that women's brains are younger than men in a way to see they were trying to calculate metabolic rate ages to determine why
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women experience cognitive decline and a much lower rate than men do but this isn't a matter of men maturing faster than women it turns out their brains are always metabolically three years older than women's starting at adolescence obviously more studies will be need to be done in order to confirm the results but it does suggest that there is a difference between male and female brain development and metabolism and these gender differences of our grey matter are less about gender and more about treatment so you know women's brains might hold the key to saving men if you can imagine that but be patient because studying the most used organ in the human body can't be rushed but it's definitely a no brainer for science. i wasn't listening what did you say they obviously weren't using both sides of your brain i wasn't lots of old rules for god oh where am i who am i where you just look at the camera and read the degree of the thing
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that it's hard it's hard on me right now now that's an amazing study yet that's really neat and because we forget a lot of times because everything's kind of near as we think of it no time in years and all that that we forget that there's metabolic time and that is cool but when you're really there you might want to figure out why that man actually it's true pardon does require both sides of your brains to work so if you understand my puns you're pretty smart so that's going to us pretty good all right everybody that is our show for you today and remember everyone in this world we are not told we're loved enough so i tell you all i love you i know i rolled into that capital of people watching all those hawks out there another great day invite everybody. i met kaiser one for my guide to financial survival this is. a
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device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just looks to the. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get insured that's kaiser. still must. know. that there's no dumb. you know you not. can if you could quote all of them ok if that. was not going to match the net yeah it will be like the battle they have wait for a bit of a good watch that a little more than
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a bit. about that having. people people. give their name not a. what the how do we sort out the a soon i'll show you now not go join me the whole corn. why do not let out on occasion i was so on i think she was just out of. the swarms of them so my. good us who was before. much of those who heard the preview are few other movies to see and we will. we will we will. move. move.
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what. i am. i. the. headline stories this hour the e.u. consul chief say's there is a quote special place reserved in hell for those who polish push critics accuse me towards a no deal breaks it's us treason make her
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a plea for help in brussels it's also coming.


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