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each. and every. move of the good. that. president trying to promise is a complete victory over i sold by next week while the secretary of state says the u.s. troop pullout from syria doesn't mean an end to the fight. leading medical aid group doctors without borders or porter which claims the charity is partly to blame for the bombing of one of its own hospitals in yemen last june.
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and the church in spain says it was forced to cancel the screening of a documentary on the hours of life in occupied gaza claiming it received threats from supporters of israel we speak to the film's director. the international community not entirely but most of it especially europe and the us see this situation as legitimate which we think is totally unacceptable. and you're watching a lot international live from last year with me welcome to the program and we start the program with some breaking news france is recalling its to italy following what the foreign ministry calls unprecedented verbal attacks the envoys being recalled for consul. stations of anger spiraled after italian deputy prime minister luigi
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demand met with yellow vests protesters in rome and publicly backed them the protests have been causing disruption in france since november they began as a protest against fuel price increases but widened into anger against president micron two senior taliban government members have since been heavily critical of president micron and we will of course keep you posted on france's move to pull its own voice from italy for further discussions. left out of pocket is the claim by the u.s. president on i saw as fate in syria and iraq saying its remaining at territories will be recaptured by next week donald trump made the statement at a major counterterrorism conference in washington d.c. on wednesday. it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have. one hundred percent of the caliphate. but i want to wait for
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the official word and i want to see it too early. i discussed america's recent policy in syria with our correspondent in a picture. the main question out of the conference was whether the american president will say something new whether the seventy nine members of the u.s. led. coalition would hear something special perhaps groundbreaking from donald trump well his main message was that islamic state now holds a tiny percentage of all the land it used to call their caliphate nothing groundbreaking here because previously we heard pretty much identical stuff from him not to the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon we have just absolutely decimated isis just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq we have one good study says we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won it's
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time to come back very optimistic mr trump very proud mr trump proud of how he's dealt with the islamic state however things may no longer be go in as smooth earlier this week in fact just a couple of days ago a new pentagon report came out and guess what it says in that report. could be in the process of regrouping and the main conclusion of the report is that in just six months the militants could regain the strength that they used to have there in terms of the u.s. in syria and we've seen a lot of to ing and fro ing and you know saying that they're going to withdraw in a not gonna throw in less of a quick listen to what was said before i'm going to. we have one good study says we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won it's time to come back. because we remain on the grounds of after the physical defeat of the caliphate
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until we have the pieces in place to ensure that a defeat is under. the knock of the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon. to u.s. officials tell b c news the president reluctantly agreed to keep troops in syria. we are there until the isis territorial caliphate is removed they've won they haven't won they haven't won that they're not going to it goes on and on and on. this conference and we have any further developments on what the u.s. have decided to do you know what no one can still say for sure what's going on with this pullout the conference didn't help another important participant of the event was u.s. secretary of state mike and we thought that he could have shed some light on the american plans in this case instead he made a rather vague comments saying that america in fact he reassured his coalition partners that america will quote unquote continue to wage alongside them and also
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he said that the u.s. army was only in the middle of some sort of tactical change let's not forget that iran is still being quite active in syria so this could be the reason why washington is hesitant yami not perceive the iranian threat another reason why the u.s. isn't in a hurry to leave things as i've said but just before the conference u.s. secretary of state mike was talking about same old story risks from islamic state and russia so these two are being named together and if the americans are perceiving moscow as a threat and the region perhaps again that explains why they are having second thoughts about pulling out. here's a security and political analyst in beirut to discuss this further thanks for coming on to the program. he sounds very confident i sell will be eliminated but we
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have seen this before and the terror group still holds in syria and iraq why do you think washington is so confident this time. well i don't think it i don't think any one of the people who were in that conference that you were analysts just talked about were really feeling that there is a certain feeling that there is an atmosphere of confidence in the american administration the current and many american administration as i said before on r t in previous occasions is seems to be confused doesn't have a clear plan in syria it's confused because of the way things developed in the relations with turkey and the fact that the americans want to withdraw therefore they want to abandon the kurds in order to rearrange. their relationship with turkey was a member of nato especially after they have realized that there is a turkish russian push more and that turkish russian push more is a problem for the americans and it has always been. a threat to american interests
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or considered a threat to american interests in this part of the world now what is interesting and i was taking some notes as your analysis was talking and the fact that there is this this this contradiction between what mr. and and the report that is issued by the pentagon that says that you know in six month they could regroup that isis could regroup and restart its campaign and what mr trump said and giving a time limit saying next week it would be completely eradicated that's a big contradiction in the actual information that is available to the public but i mean i wonder there are three things that i can say about that one that if the pentagon has such strong intelligence about isis and it can tell you exactly that in six model. can regroup and restart how come we didn't have that intelligence in the first place when isis started in the first place if they have this they could have stopped it from the beginning so if they have such strong intel that they're
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supposed to send this to the president and tell him that no it is not yet eradicate and it will take more than a week to eradicate and destroy isis i think that makes sense in a general reasonable way the second point is that this contradiction shows that there is no plan and we said this before that there doesn't seem to be a strategy a clear strategy of the american mr ation and there are some people in the pentagon who are really annoyed by parent lee by the white house stepping in with no experience no knowledge of what's going on in the field and the third thing and that is a very interesting thing that the fact that the americans and the pentagon keeps insisting that isis is there is because it justifies the american involvement in this part of the world the war against terror that is the justification for american presence and american involvement in the affairs of the countries of the region under the pretext that it's fighting terrorism now mr pompei all had made very interesting statements that i think are worthy to look at he said that this is a new stage in the old fight i think what mr pompei was trying to do by actually
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actually attacking russia and saying that he will not allow and i i think he said i'm almost certain he said he will not allow russia to play a main role in this part of the world well i think it's too late it's too late actually regardless of the position i mean the the russian involvement in this part of the world has proved to be efficient in the fight against that it was supporting the syrian army let me only let me jump in and they have their own let me jump in please yeah because. well basically if we look even you've mentioned so many points and you've mentioned obviously the relationship between russia and turkey and the u.s. . you know you start to mention russia's role. in the global color. for decimating i said but he did also fail to acknowledge the role of russia in syria which is obviously common knowledge in the global communities as well why sideline countries that also want terrorists defeated.
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didn't the question i'm sorry because there was a problem with the sound. ok so i mentioned the relationship between turkey and russia which you talked about. and us and try and find king the global coalition for decimating eisel but he failed to acknowledge the role of russia in syria and why why do you think there's a sidelining of countries that also want those terrorists defeated. i think the american agenda has to be changed after the change of the administration the american agenda was to support the kurdish troops and to actually divide into different different areas different countries perhaps different entities and that completely failed and you know today they are having to you know pick up the pieces of the failure of the american policy by actually really reorganizing the
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relationship with different players in the regions in order to protect their interests and i think you know the problem is today is that you know it's not and i would say it very carefully that it's not in the american interest for you know a contradiction to what mr trump are saying that. isis is completely eradicated because if it is completely eradicated there's no there's no context or reason or justification for this a strong american involvement in this part of the world i reiterate that and i think it's it makes sense and it explains this confusion within the american administration and the contradiction between the pentagon and the white house. the security and political analyst in beirut thanks very much for coming in to the program. and sharing your opinions thank you. and except them all and contradictory that's how doctors without borders has described the findings of a new sign the report which claims the humanitarian group was partly to blame for
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the bombing of one of its own hospitals in yemen in june the organization says the saudi led coalition is attempting to avoid taking full responsibility for the air strike according to the disputed reports m.s.f. as the group is olsen and had failed to inform the coalition that its cholera treatment center was a medical facility that therefore claims that the building was considered at the time to be a legitimate to military target the size it had notified the site he led coalition about the newly built hospitalise twelve times and had its emblem displayed on the roof riyadh has since called the bombing an unintended era.
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and myself is now demanding a new investigation of that the allegations a gated be ok to be dropped rights activists are of flounders top of the astronauts on hospitals are totally unlawful. under international humanitarian law medical facilities are protected may not be targeted under any circumstances and it is your responsibility of those carrying out the attack and not to the facility itself so even that argument. you want argue it's a complete fraud of course the bombing was carried out by saudi arabia and the quadrant had been given again and again as mentioned soon on terror explains. and the. time. such a medical facility and they're being bombed and three years time so
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on and three front an outrageous outrageous crime. against international humanitarian law. and against the people against the people. back to our breaking news story now france is recalling a time buster to italy for a home for consultations after the prime minister met with yellow best protesters in rome and publicly backed them we're going to cross live now to our correspondent in charlotte do penske. it sounds like in these two european neighbors aren't likely to be patching things up anytime soon are they. that's right this seems like relations between france and italy reached an all time low with some describing this move by france which is the cooling. from italy as being unprecedented some suggesting that this hasn't happened since the second. this is
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how desperate relations between paris and rome have begun so why has france recalled its ambassador to italy with a statement today the foreign ministry described the provocations and verbal attacks from italy and also described it as meddling in domestic affairs in a statement that was e-mailed it went on to say that having disagreements is one thing between two countries but using the relationship for electoral purposes is quite another and this comes after it emerged on wednesday demaio one of the deputy prime ministers of italy had met with some of the yellow vest leaders here in france he posed with them and then he posted that picture on twitter saying the window. of change are coming across the alps he has offered his support for the yellow best movement as has his compatriots in that the entirely government the other deputy prime minister met a u.
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silvani this is what he said just a couple weeks ago in regards to the yellow vest movement and how france is treating its protesters. i side with the millions of frenchmen who are complaining about a president who is harming the french people i condemn any acts of hooliganism and violence without exceptions. where the two countries have clashed with p. to me over a number of subjects over the last twenty months or so since president michel was elected and then the new government to me was installed this beams that suv in immigration with a to be accusing france of dumping migrants illegally back over the italian border there's also been spots over the fact that luigi demaio the deputy prime minister also cited the poverty in africa was as a result of france not letting go of its colonial ties to the continent but for the moment what we know is that frogs has recalled its ambassador that's christian must
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say from rome as a result of this disagreement some describing it as a precedent and step by parish in the gods to this all new low between the relations between what should be neighboring and you if you read nations and allies . bank. to bank a reporting of paris thanks for the update charlotte. will be back in a few minutes so don't go away.
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gyptian people revolted against mubarak to have another political system to have a social justice. and a spectrum of human dignity and so on but if you look at what is going on in egypt right now most of the people have the feeling that. it was even better. they don't feel any i mean you ration of the situation.
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welcome back to the program for this wayland's all queuing up in caracas to sign a petition in support of the embattled president nicolas maduro they're also calling on the u.s. to stop interfering in the country's affairs the open letter will reportedly be circulated around by this while i with my toe hoping to get ten million signatures he then intends to send it to the white house and washington has watched some of the people who've gathered in caracas told us. that we're avoiding a war but they don't want to stop it while we can do forward. this is horrible they want to seize the reaches of the entire planet this is worldwide all we got he wants to seize the planet we won't be. yes want unity would not want fascism would not want racism. only want peace and we want to safeguard has rights and interests because some external forces are attempting to syria's our national wealth. separately the venezuelan government claimed it intercepted an arms shipment from
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the us on wednesday the interior ministry says the whole included rifles ammunition and communications equipment is claimed they were flown in from miami the authorities say the bust was part of a broader crackdown on organized crime. this comes as u.s. national security advisor john bolton as the possible lifting of sanctions for senior military personnel in venezuela who are willing to defect defense and diplomacy academic dr louis monroy son today warns that such a move has dangerous implications. i think it's a game of carrots and sticks with win win you know the trumpet ministration and all that spokesperson thought about all the offers on the table yet seem to point out this sort of military intervention seoul it's very very. complex and complicated way of of presenting options on the table and yes it has very negative implications as you probably have seen in the last weeks you know the call
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for five thousand troops on the ground and the repercussions of that house and the response from the regime to this sort of note from john bolton. you know complicates and leads to seeing these offers us. negative incentives or bribery the venezuelan military has also barricaded a bridge on the colombian border to block a delivery of humanitarian aid to shipping containers and a tanker truck have been placed along the highway a convoy of eight donated by the u.s. is currently on its way from the gutter according to the colombian government venezuelan opposition leader one says the supplies will test the military's loyalty to the government but president has rejected the aide saying the people of venezuela are not beggars and such shipments would be used to justify foreign military intervention the red cross is stepping up its own aid efforts in venezuela doubling its budget for the country but the group says its policy of neutrality
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means it cannot take part in the usa deliveries fire colombia. bickering to the fundamental principles of impartiality neutrality and independence the i.c.r.c. cannot take part in the initiatives to hand over assistance for venezuela from colombia. santander again says there's one clear driving force behind the crisis. it's very important economic interest that is pushing all the sides to you know have a say and to present different options on the israel of the united states which. you know the importance of when it's really an oil and is moving with the support of colombia and brazil to to you know have more dominant be more of an influential player in the region but also the fact that venezuela has made a lot of promises and relationships economically and commercially with countries like russia and china so i think oriel becomes sort of
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a qantas station between the two sides for you know the future transitional been as we look it is a key driver of of many of the interests in business we. our spanish church has cancelled the shadowed screening of an award winning documentary called gaza a look into the eyes of barbarism the pastor claims the decision was made under pressure from quote the jewish community. the vicar called me on behalf of cardinal of story to tell me that the screen of the documentary had to be suspended and there would be lots of pressure from the jewish community the film won spain's prestigious and korea award documents the lives of palestinians in occupied gaza as they struggle and israel's crippling blockade its director came to us he has also faced pressure from supporters of israel. when i saw israel uses jewish organizations which tried to censor of film they tried to do it at various
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festivals and sometimes they succeeded even when the film was already on the shortlist we received many threats. to me to see should they make that the. when they make the guy with everything to make the. money we came up. with. to scare you know you scared which. if you have money in the bank you don't come out until it's a new. community we can't. land there we started planning to make this film after the last israeli army invasion when lots of people in gaza were killed but one of the really hot the low self. eliot or the judge you know that he lives in the heart and only of us are
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there. i'm also a biology professor and we used it to get in we got permission to research agriculture in gaza that's how we got there but that wasn't easy at all. the jewish community in madrid meanwhile thank the church for suspending the showing of the film about life in gaza it also alleges that the documentary is one sided and has said it will launch an appeal with the film festival that director however claims he frequently encounters this sort of response and says it's part of a campaign to whitewash israel's actions. you're going to nothing but the thing is that there's a total legitimization of israel's actions and israeli apartheid the international community not entirely but most of it especially europe and the us see this situation as legitimate which we think is totally unacceptable they do it in different through political recognition for example viewing israel as
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a close ally. we did get in touch with the office of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but it refused to comment on the censorship claims and that's our news round up for now i'll be back around thirty minutes with more but do stay with us now for past. you know if. we recognize nancy pelosi has the president united states that we're not going to talk with donald trump the world to be you know outraged but of course the u.s. has a stereo exceptionalism that no law applies to them and so they can do whatever they want but by the central banks buying gold as they are they are now coming to the conclusion that america has lost its mind and then when they run out of gold to buy i guarantee you they're going to start fishing around them but what market.
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is this is a stick of water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand despond of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. on. the mountains of ways only grow.
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very hard this is both broadcasting around the world and covering the big bad world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm bart chilton in washington thank you so much for joining in we're pleased that respects aboard. with us coming up today the clock is winding down and there are only fifty one days until breck's it and as the numbers of days get smaller so too do the chances of a good deal plan for the u.k. the c.e.o. of strong mark henry ford which is standing by to break it all down and after u.s. economic sanctions were imposed upon iran iran is following it venezuela's footsteps by establishing its own currency but will it go the way of the petro r t producer saya tavern you're brings us to latest plus last time on the program we brought you the top line earnings numbers from disney and now will do a does the deep dive and take a look at
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a few other companies with adam mesh of adam their trading group and later a saudi shakedown appears to be in the words conservative t.v. and radio commentator steve malzberg helps us understand what's going on or going wrong in the monarchy all that directly ahead but first let's get some headlines let's go. global energy politics lead to a global report today as opec the organization of the petroleum exporting countries moves to formalize they d. facto alliance with russia the secretary general of opec mohamed keno is reportedly eager to extend its strength and strengthen the so-called opec plus arrangement which we've discussed in the past under the agreement opec effectively manages global oil supply in consultation with russia with saudi arabia in a leading position within opec saudis surging sway within opec was among the factors that recently led to qatar to leave the group now the ideas seem.


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