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only grow. each. and every. move. that. triggered by a meeting between the deputy pm and yellow vests protesters promise recalls is i'm going to put. relations between paris and rome. present from promises a complete victory over by next week while his secretary of state says the u.s.
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troop pullout from syria doesn't mean an end to the fine. medical aid group doctors without borders. which claims the charity is partly to blame for the bombing of one of its own hospitals in yemen last june. and. germany's north stream to project with reports suggesting probably will have direct. pipeline. some o'clock here in moscow you're watching altie international line from last year with me welcome to the program france's recalling it some pasta to run for consultations amid a worsening spot sperm. by the actions of
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a deputy prime minister charland to bensky reports. well this marks a new low in the already rocky relations between france and italy two countries that should be allies the members of the european union and some have described this latest move by france has being unprecedented i believe it's the first time that france has recalled its ambassador from rome since the second world war when the two countries who are actually at war with each other well this move comes after one of italy's deputy prime ministers luigi demaio was seen photographed with yellow vests protest is he in france describing the movement on twitter as saying that the winds of change were coming across the alps with the french foreign ministry has hit out at that describing the verbal attacks from italy and saying that those provocations are just too much this is the statement they released the
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most recent interferences constituted additional and an acceptable provocation they violate the respect that is owed to democratic choices made by nation which is the front and then they violate the respect the democratically and freely elected governments each other and his coat deputy prime minister within the italian government has also been one to hit out france and particular president marcos recently offering his support to also the yellow best movement you know i mean i side with the millions of frenchmen who are complaining about a president whose home is a french people since i condemn any actions hooliganism and violence without exception it's tremendous. the minister of the european affairs here in france retorted with this france refrains from giving lessons to the telly salvina and to milan should learn to sweep their own doorstep. well the two countries have been
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out to show those troops for some time more recently finding themselves on opposing sides of an international crisis that's happening in venezuela with france amongst a number of e.u. countries deciding that they will fall through their full weight behind the national assembly declared himself into a president that we do meanwhile italy decided it would reject that and has remained supporting the democratically elected president maduro for the moment it seems that these relations between france and italy two countries who are neighbors two countries who are part of the european union the two countries who should be strong allies is getting worse and worse. french president micron was among a number of european leaders to recognize the venezuelan opposition leader as the interim president however not iran and paris is on board with the decision
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socialist think ahead well and shown compared the backing of a while ago i don't to allowing the yellow vest leader into the presidential hot seat in france. you know it's not a good thing to recognize an adventurer who proclaims himself to be the president of a republic as this gentleman has if we do that yellow vests lead to mr drew a would be president of this republic me to. live not to discuss it here with paolo refound an italian poet a political scientist in china thanks for coming to the program paolo. our way of looking at just the surface of the issues between italy and france right now or in your opinion do they run. well there are many root causes to disgraceful imo city between the two capitals these root cause is going to be found . at least since two thousand and eleven the libyan crisis and they have been.
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of some help like for some time until you need to leave the government has changed . and so we the current government has been very clear. distrust between the government of the italy in the one the france case of the high speed train there's been whole tears of the problems with the migrants on the border. the we have also to acknowledge the fact that france holds a huge chunk of italian public debt something like four times bigger chunk than any other european nation. so there are a number of issues that make this relationship very complicated. and each side is taking a stand for a confrontation. issue off most of the time that maybe could have been played
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a lower level than it is today it is anyway very disgraceful that two western countries two european members are acting. really in this in this aggressive way now i mean what would you make pallor of the timing of all this could be could it be looking to advance its policies after some resistance from the e.u. over its budget for example. i think that this doesn't help anybody doesn't help the time in government and doesn't help the french government so this is not the way to conduct feelings with reciprocal hits and accusations it's time to find more comparative for set up. these last names gives too much of an importance i would say to political show off means by the early one percent.
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of the italian government if we take a wider perspective on all of this france as recently as as you know recognized the venezuelan opposition leader the rightful interim president in the latin american country the paris says the deputy italian p.m.'s actions are interfering in french affairs in your opinion is there any difference between these actions. when the this was really blocked and visible because these political italian figure went to paris and met with yellow vest people had pictures mean declinations and so on but the interference is reciprocal and can be done in the more subtle way but the interference happens also from france towards italy i mean so this is this is a normal with the things happening in. between countries but the problem here is a problem of prestige is a problem or. is
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a problem barfoot showing that. a state cannot accept what has been done and the other one instead claims that politically correct so it's something that should be called for holds and to reduce that tension this is not the way ahead. talk about reducing tension again if we look at what some of french politicians are doing there again supporting the venezuelan opposition leader how much of a divide do you think there is within france and the rest of you on this matter. it's not only france i mean there are a number of european states including spain and u.k. . germany that expressed their decision to support the. way dual in the us will but again they are the process of changing with israel is something that has to be taken seriously this is not by supporting one side
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against the other the changes facility this is a way to ignite a possible civil war in this way which would be benefit nobody so. here tool i mean the approach should be much more cautious approach any time that something is done by. the fruits of force or with other doesn't help it doesn't help a positive outcome ok apollo referendum we'll leave it there and italian political scientists and journalists thanks very much for coming on to the program pallor. your work. but as friends are coming up in caracas to sign a petition in support of the embattled president nicolas maduro they're calling on the u.s. to stop interfering in that country's affairs yep a letter of a portable circulated around venezuela with president or has been to get ten million signatures he then intends to send it to the white house in washington here's what some of the people have gathered in caracas told us. that somebody
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don't know we're avoiding a war but they don't want to stop it what are we going to do for the dollar out of this is horrible they want to seize the richest of the entire planet this is worldwide the oligarchs he wants to seize the planet and want peace and want to unix or would not want fascism we do not want racism you think him only want peace and i want to safeguard that interest because donald forces are attempting to series on ash and well. separately the venezuelan government claimed it intercepted an almost shipment from the u.s. on wednesday the. interior ministry says the hole included rifles ammunition and communications equipment is claimed they were flown in from miami and the authorities say the bust was part of a broader crackdown on organized crime this comes as u.s. national security advisor john bolton and the possible lifting of sanctions for senior military personnel in venezuela who are willing to defect to friends and
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diplomacy academic dr louis man rose front and warns that such a move has dangerous implications. i think it's a game of carrots and sticks with win win you know the trumpet ministration and all that spokesperson thought about all the offers on the table yet seem to point out this sort of military intervention in seoul it's very very. complex and complicated way of of presenting options on the table and yes it has very negative implications as you probably have seen in the last weeks. you know the call for five thousand troops on the ground and the repercussions of that house and the response from the redeemed to this sort of note from john bolton. you know complicates and leads to seeing this offers us negative incentives or bribery the venezuelan she has also barricaded a bridge on the colombian border to block
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a delivery of humanitarian aid to shipping containers and a time to try to have been placed along the highway a convoy of aid donated by the u.s. is currently on its way from according to the colombian government venezuelan opposition leader says the supplies will test the military's loyalty to the government but president maduro has rejected the aide saying the people of venezuela and not beggars and such shipments would be used to justify a foreign military intervention the red cross is stepping up its own aid efforts in venezuela doubling its budget for the country but the group says its policy of neutrality means it cannot take part in the usa deliveries of fire colombia. according to the fundamental principles of impartiality neutrality and independence the i.c.r.c. cannot take part in the initiatives to hand over assistance for venezuela from colombia dr monro santander again says there's one clear driving force behind the crisis. it's very important economic interest that is pushing all the sides
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to you know have a. say and two percent different options on venezuela the united states which. you know the importance of venezuelan oil and is moving with the support of colombia and brazil to to you know have more dominant be more of an influential player in the region but also the fact that venezuela has made a lot of promises and relationships economically and commercially with countries like russia and china so i think or oil becomes sort of a contest station between the two sides for you know the future transition of venezuela it is a key driver of many of the interests initially. that out of pocket is the claim by the u.s. president on eisel fate in syria and iraq saying its remaining territories will be recaptured by next week made the statement at
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a major counterterrorism conference in washington d.c. on wednesday it should be formally announced some time probably next week that we will have. one hundred percent of the caliphate. but i want to wait for the official word and i want to see it too early. and he i discussed america's recent policy in syria but our correspondent in approaching. the main question the conference was whether the american president will say something new whether the seventy nine members of the u.s. led. coalition would hear something special perhaps ground breaking from donald trump well his main message was that islamic state now holds a tiny percentage of all the land it used to call their caliphate nothing groundbreaking here because previously we heard pretty much identical stuff from
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him become another syria like very soon we have just absolutely decimated isis just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq we have one good study says we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly very optimistic mr trump very proud mr trump proud of how he's dealt with islamic state however things may no longer be going as smooth earlier this week in fact just a couple of days ago a new pentagon report came out and guess what it says in that report. could be in the process of regrouping and the main conclusion of the report is that in just six months the militants could regain the strength that they used to have there in terms of the u.s. in syria we've seen a lot of to ing and fro ing and you know saying that they're going to withdraw and not gonna throw less of a quick listen to what was said before and into. now we've won it's time to come
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back. because we remain on the ground after the physical to feet of the caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that the defeat is under. the knock of the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon. to u.s. officials tell b c news the president reluctantly agreed to keep troops in. territorial caliphate is removed this conference and we have any further developments on what the u.s. have decided to do you know what no one can still say for sure what's going on with this pullout the conference didn't help another important participant of the was us secretary of state mike and we thought that he could have shed some light on the american plans in this case instead he made a rather vague comments he reassured his coalition partners that america will quote unquote continue to wage alongside them and also he said that the u.s.
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army was only in the middle of some sort of tactical change besides that the problem is you was generals have said the mission is not over and that they need to keep going let's not forget that iran is still being quite active in syria so this could be the reason why washington is has it apart from anything else well just before the conference u.s. secretary of state mike was talking about the same old story risks islamic state and russia these two are being named together and if the americans are perceiving moscow as a threat in the region perhaps again that explains why they are having second thoughts about pulling out. security and political. explain the possible reasons for america's mixed messages on syria. three things that i can say about that if the pentagon has such strong intelligence about isis and it can tell you exactly
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that in six months it can regroup and restart how come we didn't have that intelligence in the first place when i started in the first place if they had they could have stopped it from the beginning so if they have such strong that they're supposed to send this to the president and tell him that no it is not yet eradicated and it would take more than a week to eradicate and destroy isis i think that. makes sense in a general reasonable way the second point is that this contradiction shows that there is no plan and there doesn't seem to be a strategy a clear strategy of the american administration and there are some people in the pentagon who are really annoyed by apparently by the white house stepping in with no experience no knowledge of what's going on in the field and the third thing and that is a very interesting thing that the fact that the americans and the pentagon keeps insisting that isis is there is because it justifies the american involvement in this part of the world the war against terror is a justification for the american presence and american involvement in the affairs
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of the countries of the region under the pretext that it's fighting terrorism. back in a couple of minutes away. join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. against mubarak. another political system. of justice. respect human dignity and so on but if you look at what is going on in egypt right now most of the people have the feeling that. it
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was even better. they don't feel envious of the situation. welcome back to the program the dispute over a major energy pipeline project is threatening to drive a wedge between europe's two powerhouses germany and france north stream two you would see russian gas pumped into europe through the baltic sea but france is apparently making moves to block the project our europe correspondent peter oliver has the details. france could be about to put the cattle on the pigeons when it comes to the north stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany it's understood
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they may be about to vote in favor of changes to the e.u. gas directive now this is according to a story that ran in the german newspaper sooted torches zeitung the paper specifically says that this is a move to target nord stream to they quote unnamed sources in the french government saying we don't want to increase dependency on russia while damaging the interests of e.u. nations like poland and slovakia now there is a vote set for friday on these amendments to the e.u. gas directive these moves would give brussels a lot more sway over projects like nord stream to cause north stream to is funded by a third party russia's gazprom and under these changes to the gas directive that would allow the e.u. commission a lot more access to them it had been thought that germany would vote along with france the netherlands belgium austria greece and cyprus to say no to these changes
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however if the french do decide to side with changing the e.u. gas directive well the fact of germany getting its way becomes a lot more shaky the north stream to put gas project is intended to send fifty five billion cubic meters of gas per day from russia into germany germany is set to make a lot of money out of this both german companies on the german state however poland and the baltic states they've been against this since the beginning they say it gives too much power to russia over the e.u.'s energy infrastructure and also that it cuts ukraine out of its important transit role now i'm going to merkel the german chancellor has said in the past that this is not the intention of north stream at all and if you can on the earth we believe this is a. canonical project where also for amaj of diversification we're also wanted to
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have continued transit gas traffic but we believe that not true and is no danger to diversification in the united states also hates north string to washington wants the e.u. to buy liquid natural gas from the united states which incidentally comes in a lot more expensive than piping it directly from russia to the itself in fact the u.s. ambassador to burley and richard grinnell his want german companies about getting involved with north stream saying if they do they could face sanctions and ambassador grinnell put his name to a letter along with the u.s. ambassadors to denmark and the european union saying why they were against north stream to. with the use dependence on russian gas harbors risks for europe and the west as a whole and puts a soul in the precarious position stream to do it the more than just russian gas russia smarts an influence will spread all the way to europe with the votes on friday it could well prove to be
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a stumbling block in getting the nod stream to project off the ground that well certainly neither russia nor the german side thought they were going to be facing. an acceptable and contradictory doctors without borders has described the findings of a new standard of court which claims the humanitarian group was partly to blame for the bombing of one of its own hospitals in yemen in june the organization says the side led coalition is attempting to avoid taking full responsibility for the airstrike according to the disputed report as the queen is often and had failed to inform the coalition that its cholera treatment center was a medical facility and therefore claims that the building was considered at the time to be a legitimate military target m.s.f. however says it had notified the satellite coalition about the need to build a hospital in these twelve times and had it displayed on the roof we had a stance called the bombing an unintended era.
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and myself is now demanding a new investigation and that the allegations against had been trumped rights activists are flounders told is that asterix and hospitals are tightly unlawful. under international humanitarian law medical facilities are protected may not be targeted under any circumstances and it is responsibility of those carrying out the attack and not to the facility itself so even that argument is a while and you want to argue it's a complete fraud of course the bombing was carried out by saudi arabia and the quadrants had been given again and again as residents in fine care explains
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and this is the time of such a medical facility medicines them from terror facility being bombed in three years' time so on every front it is an outrageous outrageous crime against international humanitarian law. and against the caribbean and against the people the whole world. that's the news round up from the union only it will take up from about thirty minutes time but do stay with us for a documentary called a plastic surgery coca cola's secret which is next on.
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three. more on the good. that. you know world big partisan movies lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. with more
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make this manufactured consensus seem to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. film begins in hawaii in the middle of the pacific ocean in spite of the island's remote location it is also fallen victim to the epidemic of the twentieth century plastic.
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plastic pollution is littering beaches and endangering certain species of animals no matter how remote or out of reach. in this elaborate tree in the north of the occupation ago scientists study marine animals not plastic at least in theory. no idea what that. but it's certainly plastic. jessica apparel man is a biologist accustomed to finding plastic in fish stomachs she has started a very unique collection. of casually often plastic bags. and this was off of a stomach when i found it had no.


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