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it had been for us to a tree is from the. denmark is an ideal society has a high standard of living high standard of public services but the other site with the use of increasingly worried a bit high taxation or for that matter immigration into denmark that they no know what they get for the tax the only the only people who try and not to pay that tax is the very rich people because they move away from ten but the normal day they pay the tax and then no they get value for money. about the immigration thing get all the countries in in europe is afraid of immigration we cannot feet ten million more people in denmark we are only five million five to six million danes are very worried about it and those who don't say they were there lying and when they've gone to vote in six months we have an election in denmark you would see people who go in and they were full capacity because they afraid of the immigration
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you have threat of something you don't know we want to help but we don't want to spoil our own country and people who is who is willing and want to be here and want to work and want to pay tax in their very welcome how will that sanction resolve itself if it is impossible to control immigration with european union context is the likely to be a rising number of people in denmark who say well if we can solve these problems with in the european union perhaps like britain we should move i would say the european union that will not happen because what i feel when i talk to people they know that we have very small country without all the trading deeds without e.u. without trading with the whole world we don't have a chance we had to export our of goods we had to export a lot to england and we hope that will continue and that's the way a small country like this. we're valuable if you created that mean we're good in
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design good in india nearing we good in green energy we have so many things to sell to the rest of the world and this we build borders we can't do that and that must be a castro for them and so denmark joined the european community as it was then in one thousand nine hundred fifty three the same day as britain joined denmark voted against the mastic treaty in a referendum and had to be asked again at the share many of the euro skeptic tendencies that we've seen in britain but from your perspective there is no chance of denmark following britain out of the exit door i don't think so and i think it was a big mistake that that england they let the people vote about it but it's so complicated that david cameron probably thinks the same thing yeah yeah because i mean how much do we know how much can be involved this is just you you hear
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something they come and take our work i'm against and you don't really see all the profit if you make make what's good and what's but there's more good than bad so i can see the we see it we have i think two times we have been in wilting if we keep the krona and. get into the other room and people they don't move it's about the oil because they know when they're travelling it's much easier with oil but they want to statement are we against it's better to it's more funny to be against than be with your paper carried a very interesting supplement recently on the success of un city copenhagen do you think that a small country has advantages and track to international agencies in a way that perhaps it would be difficult for washington almost school for that matter to have agencies. for people who think it might be some political influence
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it was a small country can host united nations into the sea of fear of any bias with a small country but we think big and we have been working for human rights for two hundred years the first was reading in forty eight so our most is is heard in that area and unicef we have had here for many many years delivering the stock delivering for home the world and we do a good job so that's one of the reason i think they know that we can trust us and we're good at the job we do i think that's the reason a fascinating history of the nation of denmark to empires you took over they would once yeah yeah you have sweden norway ten sixty one. canoe the great you got there before the normans yeah but it's a comfortable country in the context of of the european continent sees its place
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well defined before in europe or do you think there markers other ambitions for the future all i think we're fine where we are and will. develop still in denmark we had to do engineering design. and if we had to to have the factories most of them will be out of that and so you're saying that the state of denmark competes not as a superpower but in terms of brainpower. yeah maybe that's what i'm saying. as like you so what's a bigger now examination thing if i could very much. out of milly it's a copenhagen city councilor i don't expert on the history of the city he's had over twenty picks published on the subject alex let some of them hear more about local politics. so professor i'll mail you a local historian twelve years a council man and denise b.
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they expect so the first question for years what is the best davies beer the one you like. so allan the you take people rode in this this great city of new sure them are a bit of the real living history of copenhagen what do you tell them both the state of denmark what do you tell them about how daily a society is valving in moving forward from the. things are really good highly prosperous society socially cohesive society a great awareness of environmental issues is that the reality of the some troubling on the couple's we're working on it but as you probably know in all the world we have the same problem that people beast moving from the countryside to the big cities but we are getting a thousand new evidence in copenhagen every month so the city grows very strongly and that gives us a lot of problems but are up to now we've been able to cope with them so we're
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trying to keep up the good work and the social standard and as they always say copenhagen is the real i lived in the green country because it's been socialistic since nineteen seventeen so it has been a long history for being a rich city and looking over the cityscape of copenhagen here we see a great deal which tells us a bit but firstly hardly any high rise buildings so this is one of the few great cities of the world which you actually see a city skate like this see the great district heating air plants we see the renewable energy the when there are offshore copenhagen it's that tell us a lot about that cityscape does that tell us a lot about it copenhagen in their mind we're trying to keep all history in mind so therefore we have a rule inside there already bitches of rampage. which was running right down here inside their new building or what five stories so therefore we try to keep the old
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city as you can see of the goods they are moving up inside the city we're still trying to keep the old city as authentic as possible to give the world impression of how it was to be dane and probably how it will be in the future when you go over to the city of denmark famously in international comparisons as a high level of passable taxation and extremely high level of delivery of public services some people say that that tension is going to come to the fore in danish politics and then this is what sure analysis of that island the problem is that. in these most primitive form is anybody's closer to himself and therefore they want to keep everything for themselves but history has learned us that if you pay for it advantage by taxations then when you needed to there even though you don't have any
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money so therefore. it has been a long fight from the one nine hundred twenty s. up to now to build up a system where you're sure if you're getting sick if you want to indication of things like that the money are there you can go to it you don't have to pay extra to get any of those services that society normally should provide. them a society of denise politics seems to be moving to the right senior members of the people's party it was seen the social democrats attacking the rate to try and make sure the breakthrough by the people's party and the government would that be unanimous there's a a trend to the right from this traditionally social democratic consensus where there's over democrat never happened in denmark we only got about half of the vote so therefore there must have never been quite usually stick. there is a tendency to that people are singing more in the pro terms and might some feel for
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the foreigners being bored by some fearful grief that i wanted for myself and tomorrow never comes so. that's perhaps the new way of life style of. getting to the knock before we all are thinking about trying to think ahead what could happen tomorrow so therefore a new kind of what you would call individual greet. a part of the new world. stay with us because coming up after the break more from alan million plus a look at copenhagen's groundbreaking u.n. city will see that. different people. with agonist mubarak will have another political system that's. more of a social justice more rule and
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a spectrum of human dignity and so on but if you look at the what is going on in egypt right now most of the people have the feeling that. it was even better. mubarak could you know they don't speak hindi i mean your vision of the situation. donald trump second state of the union address was conspicuously light when it came to foreign policy why use is what is his aim to avoid disappointing his base while at the same time wishing not to spar with the deep state what are these mixed signals all about is an elaborate strategy for an indication of indecisive. but rather the sound. of full on white house.
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i know that i don't know a lot about the brother you know about what. i'm going to let him but i'm going to cut him then you can keep an eye on what i have to lose each on a phone call not that i'm. living it up. i know. it's whole full. pay i think time in theory has said. a. mile farther than africa will fuck around with mr hate that for jim and then i
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hope that our fairly mature course. you know world of big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. denmark has a country join the beautiful being community on this very same day that britain joined back in ninety seven to flee various times in various subjects denmark has been pretty used to skeptical in its attitude to the jet did the mass to render the
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referendum has never joined do you keeps a close is there any chance whatsoever in your analysis of denmark falling britain out of the exit door probably not i voted against the you. up to today. i'm nothing against a common market but i don't like the political structure on top of it that is my job to ensure it but i don't see at the moment that there's any movement. and i can see the if you look at the poor the you are so unpopular that is still a majority for being in the us or there is not a movement trying to get out so the black city years and britain was a q are companies are going to follow britain at the exit door they're going to be disappointed i think so because if you look at it and we'll have a look the result of the producer for and i'm all the people on the fifty booth for us and that was an older people who would want to go out which made a lot of young people in britain but in denmark there is nothing not that gap
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between older and younger people there is a bright understanding i think that we are a part of europe we have once will one of the big powers in europe now we have it it's more country. things are stupid governments are stupid was put into britain. most of the city and. twice in a few years the british naval or stuff into copenhagen during the pull i think that was a vengeance for commute the great turmoil over the years of the century the british never forget. well you must leave that one down to the english yeah i will say i was a lot when i was part of could do. much nicer people but deadmarsh is quite interesting because i made the point that you could argue that denmark is a small country. in the last thousand years of history it's a period of two empire. to go over to england and much of much of europe and then
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later of course. nor we feared iceland greenland all part of the. if you like. but after these disasters wars settle down to a much more. socially accused of method of of existence is there something a bit denmark's past that says a small country should be more co-operative rule from the european frame will the lock for demography thing was that all who wasn't quite deniz was cut off in all those wars so you got back the cause of the danes tradition in the danish culture and already there you can see in the in the fourteen centuries when the english better though in denmark he said it was a people who was always happy or not very nice not very good looking but it was very calm who never made any fuss or way anything they too could have came and well
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they accepted a king who decided everything so that you could very calmly so you're telling me that in the middle ages the english ambassador here in copenhagen was saying exactly what the opinion polls are saying now denmark is one of the most contented societies on area and he always and he also said we have got some of the best in europe even in the middle ages traditions die. and so if you want to see people internationally how would you like denmark to be seen and regarded how would you sum up modern denmark in a phrase or to a piece for people who like to take care of each other and would like to be a friend dieter for those that would be the idea my ideal than picture of the mark in the outside world alan thank you so much for being in the alley simon show. wonderful wonderful copenhagen which is a city full of surprises for here that the key site at the leader of the oslo
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family it's not the flag of the european union it's flying of the daily flag it's the flag of the united nations for this says u.n. city which employs some two thousand people eleven united nations agencies and the danish capital let's find out what they're doing. there in the heart of u.n. city and i'm good to said this marvelous staircase to speak to fleming you hansen the deputy director the communications who's going to tell me the the whys and wherefores of united nations city. you know the rights of communications here the u.n. city as a credible concept tell us about the the thinking in the origins of this united nations city so the u.n. has been in copenhagen since one nine hundred fifty seven when the world health organization came to copenhagen. and we've seen several agencies move to copenhagen
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over time so when that the idea for this building was first conceived which was back in two thousand and two we had six u.n. agencies in copenhagen but six agencies working from three different addresses so you had to w.h.o. in one spot one location with the original headquarters for your you had a unicef warehouse on this plot of land and then you had the u.n. house with an additional four u.n. agencies. and it goes without saying that that's not very cost efficient so there are a lot of savings that we could reap if we were to bring everybody under one roof because there's more than just a concept of a convenient prop up to the an ethos behind the sharing as well as well there is back in two thousand and five there was a process of reform within the un were a concept was developed you don't know that the un is one big organization with many specialisation he's funds programs so many different subsets all working with
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their own individual mandates so what they wanted the woman wanted to try to achieve was to have the knows you know one you when delivering as one so the day to day is government figure why don't we try to deliver a building that actually allows the un and the agencies working here to come together to work across agency devise really create the optimum space for agencies to cooperate since early in two thousand and fifteen hundred of the number of agencies indeed the number of un stuff working host grew well we were seven hundred fifteen when we started and today we are almost nine hundred people working from out of copenhagen so we've exceeded even the wildest of estimates we've gone beyond i think the maximum number was thirteen hundred fifty people when we did an estimate back in two thousand and five so we didn't really foresee that we could attract this many people and agencies to copenhagen so the un staff working here
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for the various ages because there will be into mingling with each other lists for the original design of the building which was basically almost forces people to meet each other exactly and the architects they believe that you can change behavior through architecture so what they wanted to do with the staircase was to put in a feature that kind of animates people to use the staircase so if you're on the fifth floor. you know it used to lift to go to the fifth floor you would use the staircase and you would run into people that you have met before you would run into colleagues that when you were in a meeting with yesterday perhaps that you could follow up on things you failed to conclude on or you just simply say hello how are you doing what do you do and where are you from so it's a connecting factor in physical terms but also connecting space and a meeting place for colleagues to get to come together so that's the original idea on the part of the architect we do have the i should say but they've actually been
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purposely withdrawn from out of sight so when you walk into the building all you see is this magnificent there's a very fit united nations stop here to copenhagen well you should use this thing so i know and i want to be frank i know that many colleagues they they put themselves to use the stairs at least once or twice a day so it's a bit we go into and from lunch they take the staircase then you have the really fanatic ones who insist on taking the stairs wherever they go others of as they used to live but it is i mean it's quite a walk going up and down so it will burn some calories for you so eleven agencies already. of two thousand people already grueling demo so relatively small country five and a half million people one of the advantages of denmark copenhagen that gives such an international reach through the the working of these agencies here and then much capital well i guess. it would be a qualified guess because we do have studies that show that we do have
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a qualified labor force in copenhagen connectivity is rather good you can get to and from the airport from here within forty five minutes international surveys have that living is good in copenhagen copenhagen is by many standards a very livable city it's an attractive place to work time so why shouldn't covered the entire world from from out of copenhagen as you can from many european cities but we do have a disease you know if the united nations office for products services they cover the entire glow. so they will cover the asia pacific region in the morning in the americas in the afternoon so for those reasons alone it's an attractive place for the little dog as ations if the company can offer of the the school of past now on the communications there is an attraction of being a small countries when one thinks of geneva which has the headquarters of of so many international organizations i suppose copenhagen can offer that aspect as well and we are a small country there is no denying that. but i think a lot of the things that factor in is the availability of space obviously we. we
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have a building that still has available space and that's really part of the problem in some of the other u.n. cities un hops if you will geneva is a big city has facilities but it's running out of space as well so they did live there some agencies have relocated staff through other cities copenhagen being just one of them would have more coming through into the u.n. city the smaller behind a lot of daily schoolchildren i suppose huffing these agencies united nations agencies here the new and city opens up a new perspective for the the young people of the people coming to visit and seeing within their own capital city international organizations hard at work and trying to better the lives of people across the planet well it's yeah indeed this is like a micro version of the world we have one hundred eight different nationalities working here in this building alone we work within the framework that is this is
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a noble development goals and when we bring in the school children obviously we're trying to teach them about the world that is going to be theirs tomorrow so so they anyone need to know exactly what are the challenges what are the solutions and what is the agenda twenty to twenty thirty and that we're working on. so we pride ourselves on talking to as many as we can invite as many people into the building. we get one hundred thousand plus visitors every year for meetings guided tours conferences so the u.n. is the people so when we put up this building we wanted to have a building that kind of signals openness and invites the public to come in because it is indeed their building and we want them to use it as well come in learn about what we do as individual agencies but even more so what we do together to achieve goals and address challenges that indeed concern as all be it in denmark or beyond
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the flamming you mentioned one hundred eight nationalities working in the city well what's the gender make up as a un women are one of the agencies headquartered here you know we according to our latest count we actually have a gender balance in favor of women so we are fifty seven percent women and forty three percent men as is. fleming i'm going to speed insists wonderful stay at case. of course thank you so much for bringing the examiner so thank you thank you so what did we find from a daily slice and today well it seems a country can be independent minded almost due to skeptic and its attitudes and still want to be at the very heart of europe and dependent minded but still claiming it's place a spot of the european foment perhaps as a lesson here for britain's bright city is it is possible as denmark shows to lose an empire and fighting to rule. something that other small countries he could take
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note of in that database last. from those middle myself and all here at the show it's goodbye for now. this is a sticker from the old water bottle found in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litterbugs are trying this way and history should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. and i'm sure. it's difficult at.
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the manner that suits their classic classic stay close to a lie and are you staying in your own hands at a special projects funded me. on i'm your best bet is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of moist only grow higher. when you look back truth pays off problems between the last cozy i left you to me it's clear that this treaty is coming to an end while you because of the lack of interest of both sides all from washington was. never even to his later systematics. this meant that there were.
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no. actually you know. there's no no don't you know not. can is you can weigh up all of them ok if there. was not a master plan a it will be like about today only lastly i could watch that a little more than a minute. the minute having. people. give the newly married couple what the how do we call our d. s. when i last saw one in a need. for. what i want to hear was someone i think she was just an honest.
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sad. and very. good in. that. france recalls its embassador from wrong amid a route over a meeting between italy's deputy prime minister and of the french the all of us protesters also this hour. time for dialogue with rulers long past the u.s. special envoy for events.


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