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there and pick and nail i don't think is a channel for truffle. oil and water and then our modeling hi michelle the downside of. the hey how do you want to do it. good it's whole food plus choice the i knew you had an unfair awesome time in serious sin. city she ought to have a. model for the name after the couple fucked around with mr hates it for jim and then oil for her for food are for every minute of course. even. germany reach a compromise on a joint russian and german pipeline project challenge by. washington it
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comes to the u.s. ramping up the pressure in recent weeks. coming up on the program chinese telecoms wayne lashes out at the west calling. against the senseless with the united states in the firing line for lobbying e.u. governments to. alter coming up. blue march in great numbers from washington. to the white house. asking person. stepping up the pressure washington rules on the possibility of talks with. socialist governments. just on leavening am in san francisco at five pm in brasilia ten at night here in moscow this friday february hello and welcome to r.t.
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international our top story germany and france have reached a compromise on the joint russian german gas pipeline project nord stream two commenting on the deal german chancellor angela merkel lauded franco german cooperation. it was previously suggested paris was seeking to derail it. takes us through how an amended e.u. order. got the enterprise back on track. the directive is now a compromise between frogs between germany which means the project or will be still going ahead though it looked like it was set to be derailed off to france announced on thursday that it was actually going to support an e.u. directive that could have completely bridge this entire pipeline this is a pipeline that would bring gas directly from russia roy the way through germany it even had gone to the point that suggested that there was a diplomatic tensions between the two countries over this project what had caused
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president might go on to pull out of the munich security conference where he was due to be holding a joint press conference with anglo merkel frog's had raised concerns about the project saying that it would mean that europe would be far too dependent on russia when it comes to energy and it could also have a conflict of interest for other countries particularly eastern europe to countries such as poland and slovakia but anglo merkel said this in response it wouldn't. think it would become dependent on russia because of the second gas pipeline and i'd say no not if we diversify the same time germany will expand its guest term non-scholarly confides gas this means that under no circumstances do we want to become dependent solely on russia but russia was all of this source of gas in the cold who are and will remain one without us foreign and one sided to passions. this isn't the first time that this multi-billion euro project has come under attack
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particularly from the united states with the united states saying at one point that german companies to continue with the construction of this pipe but could actually face sanctions as a result of doing that and last year when president trump was at a nato conference he made this declaration we're protecting germany we're protecting french we're perfect for these crises and numerous of the countries go out and make a play. it was right here where this thing is hours into the coffers of russia germany is totally controlled by russia because they were getting from sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia and a new pipeline of the united states concern there about the monetary influence of germany paying russia for this energy when in fact the usa would like to be selling its. gas being one of the major supply. you with the feature not so with this project going ahead not only that but u.s.
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ambassadors to germany to denmark and to the e.u. are said to have been pushing pressure on nations to actually oppose this project but some fault that hasn't worked as we know there's been a compromise and the stream to project will be going ahead it seems like the pressure from the us has resulted in one thing only and that go well r.t. sophie and co program has been discussing what washington has been pushing its german partners to do as regards the nord stream to project you can watch the interview in full on this channel to our tribe or on r.t. dot com. mr masse recently sat that questions of european energy policy must be decided and europe not in the united states i mean i can agree with him war but can really in really stop washington imposing on whoever they choose. we have never be succeeding in this in the last series of cases we view
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americans where we complain the extent to of. all of american lives. for us to accept. and nothing will come we really come to a point where we have to discuss fear is frankly with the americans. moving on chinese telecoms giant while way has had its critics in the west flatly dismissing claims that it's a potent being used for beijing's spying purposes. recently who always been under constant attack by some countries and politicians were shocked or sometimes feel amused by those ungrounded and senseless allegations chinese telecom from slammed the united states after receiving another blow in the five g. race they feel shocked and amused of how the united states is lobbying here governments against the firms the united states envoy to the european union has
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threatened its western allies that if the huge chinese equipment in their infrastructure projects they will face consequences and they will be in a disadvantage side when dealing with the united states the chinese firm has been receiving a lot of pressure from western regulators and law makers of it and its involvement in the next generation network with officials blindly accusing the company of spying someone from the politburo in beijing picks up the phone and says i want to listen in on the following conversation i want to run a certain car off the road that's on the five g. network and killed a person who's in it there's nothing that the company legally can do today in china to prevent the chinese government from making that request successfully just last month the united states government filed criminal charges against a quark we accusing them of stealing trade secrets from timor bile scored in the u.s.
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on sanctions on iran but again no proof when they were actually asked directly of where is the proof the u.s. response was simply it's actually one party one state and it seems that the u.s. cannot choose in a better time to actually do this european countries are actually looking and weighing in of new introductions of sanctions against companies and countries when it's coming to cyber espionage and gathering intellectual property theft but as all this is happening there's a government officials in germany which are saying that calls government right now is ruling out the ban of the. chinese equipment supply for building its five g. network as germany is currently walking into the net and into building itself five g. network europe is actually walk ways second largest market has invested billions and billions into digital sector they've been working closely with major telecom
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companies are on the continent such as the way to telecom orange and bt and many others and as the u.s. is now trying to impose a blanket ban on chinese firms when it comes to the five g. market europe is actually on the horns of a dilemma. the united states is continuing to dial up the pressure on venice oil as crisis stricken government calling on the international community to deal with the leader of the opposition instead and not bottle president however nicolas maduro is in stepping back and resisting america's calls to resign. instead of trying to accommodate regrowth through country groups or dialogue we urge countries to recognize one why do always interim president and join us the time for dialogue with majority has long past don't fall into a trap that has set many times before where there's
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a fully dialogue rather than a strong message to him it's time to go but i you know not little marching in great numbers to washington we will even go to the white house to deliver more than ten million signatures asking for respect of unusual and demanding peace i just signed it it says hands off. we should be respect it's quite simple all the countries that do not recognize the door as the the democratically elected rightful president of business will because he won the elections he won the elections fair and square all the question all the countries that do. not recognizing him including the united states are supporters of imperialism in some shape form or fashion so even though they may not be you know. conducting imperialism the same way the united states is they are they are supporters of imperialism so that countries like italy and so many other countries that have made
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a stance to recognize and adore because somebody or won the election they are sitting around on the side of peace they are saying on the on the side of justice. you know the same way that they would want free and fair elections to be recognized in their country and the elections in venezuela by all accounts were free washington has no also revoked the faces of numerous officials working for president maduro's ministration we discuss the u.s. backing of the opposition figure one and quite zero with host of artie's worlds apart earlier it's unavoidable. presumably the united states always knows what's best for people in other countries and you know what's astounding in this whole debacle for me is that is not only the every successive american administration of falls for the same regime change operation irrespective of its ideological persuasions but also that it always does it in exactly the same way by pushing a very stark and very misguided choice on the people it supposedly wants to benefit
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because. it is a very legitimate conversation of whether president has been good or bad in handling or mishandling the economy in his country there are many critics of his economic policies within israel and outside the country but this very vocal and very unapologetic backing by the americans really frames the conversation from the substance of his economic policies into who has the right of appointing a leader in the news and when you still have a very very proud population they're very proud of their independence and this backing of. i think donna's major disservice to gordo himself because he is now seeing is seen not as a legitimate grassroots figure out position figure but as a figurehead for the american administration there always third and fourth and fifth options and you know just today from my program i interviewed rafael
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remarries who is who used to be who. is also sometimes referred to as the new sellers former oil czar because he ran the oil industry for many many years and he's extremely extremely critical of maduro he believes that were betrayed the legacy of. and did pretty much all the chairman's of his government but he is just as harshly critical of the door because he sees him as the representative of the american interest well let's see exactly what he has. to say gains. for my country gains of this is because. we we have to. but sure would mother with any turn still to go to the gauntlet but neither though because.
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it is the. war from the u.s. that man has very strong connections within the venezuelan military as well as a more international partners such as russia and china and he's now trying to portray himself as the third option a consensus candidate he hopes to run for president if the elections are indeed called and you can watch this interview in full on worlds apart this coming sunday there are many many interesting moments and it's a very interesting look at the country outside the either or framing that the united states is trying to push on the venezuelan street while in africa an hour of the nigerian president has claimed the opposition in the country code for the severe consequences if they attempt to create a copy of the venice wheelin crisis nuclear and it was the story venezuela
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a picture of chaos or a blueprint for success well it's all relative according to sci fi a key ally of nigeria's president bihari with this week accuse the country's opposition policy of plotting to emulate the crisis in venezuela and a televised interview the governor of the northern state of could do no want foreign nations against interfering in nigeria's forthcoming general election rules that. you want to come into where we can for the first interview. his strong. did warning comes host of the hills of what some are calling a brazenly unconstitutional power grab in venezuela nicholas madeira found his leadership in limbo after the u.s. and a wave of other countries spoke out in support of their preferred choice for president one kwaito we are ready to recognize one guy do as interim president we will recognize him as constitutional interim president we stand ready to recognize one
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why do as the interim president of venezuela this discussion in the council is about the right of the venezuelan people to direct their own internal affairs and choose the future of their own country democratically fine claims to have intelligence that suggests nigeria's opposition party the p.d.p. are eyeing up civilized tactics like venezuela nigeria has its own pressing issues both developing countries are rich in natural resources facing serious economic challenges and along with france are social issues to contend with then no strangers to political violence. so as nigerians prepare to cast their votes next week in what's considered a crucial general election perhaps some level of u.s. concern is already being anticipated nigeria's former president goodluck jonathan accused the former us leader barack obama of an overwhelming level of interference
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in the previous twenty fifteen election the level of the interference by the obama government was overwhelming it goes outside the normal diplomatic relationship but perhaps this time will be different secretary of state might pompei it was thought to come concerns insisting the u.s. supports a free fair transparent and peaceful election that reflects the will of the nigerian people or could that depend on whether they choose the right candidate for the job . well let's focus now on the nigerian part of a report by nikki aren't we can cross live to lawrence kay freeman an african affairs are less good to have you with us or what kind of foreign interference could the nigerian leadership be concerned about do you think. whether the number of indications that i've been watching the situation i put out some round statements in the last several weeks there is now an effort to protect.
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the mint in a very negative light there are some people saying that the government allegation ministration will instigate violence as a way of trying to manipulate you which. have been statements coming out of the united states and united kingdom both wanting nigeria to have a transparent election warning them in advance of anything happening in this and then you have a huge reduction of george soros. and the open society of west africa and its people are now putting out statements that circulate in them and of course or us is known for regime change all around the world so this is a legitimate concern even if governor roofies comments are a little harsh yet there is concern that there are people who don't like the direction that president bashar is taking the country and will like to see the destabilize it and map possibly help is upon it with the election popular is the
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current ruling party then nigeria are they favorites to take factory. the are all people's congress of course cheers and upset victory in two thousand fifteen hours they are monitoring the election it was a lieutenant you know gratian present bihari and i think they would indicate that he would win again there are many many allegations against his opponent going back ten years or so allegations of corruption various allegations that prevented his opponent from even coming to the united states until a couple weeks ago but i think the people in the country the very difficult economic situation it's not the way it should be going but i think many people see that president hirees trying to do the right thing he's wage a very harsh war lead in this war against corruption and he's embarked on some very positive economic policies including one i'm working with and one which is reviving
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the shrinking wage side with a water program called transact well we've been working together on that and this is an absolutely huge election tens of millions of people will be taking to the polls in terms of issues with the election voter fraud. ickes issues of corruption what kind of situation is it as we reach the sixteenth a favorite. well the last election four years ago was the most transparent and honest election i believe nigeria's had since they've been having elections since one thousand nine hundred ninety and everybody recognized that this election i would assume unless there is outside interference which i would not rule out that there are certain political financial people united states in london and elsewhere who don't want to hire because hiring represented strong government is a nationalist and there are people who want to manipulate in museums and steal money and oil from nigeria at so he is not like by all the international financial
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force but inside nigeria he has a lot of support and i think he's been trying to do the right thing do you know if this do you do you do you see echoes with dennis we then lawrence because they did the thread about falling into chaos similar to the country. now there is no threat there are people i believe who would like to play an east abel's ation maybe provoke violence or something else in a way to discredit the election in an attempt to discredit christian bihari in an attempt to destabilize nigeria outside forces working with insight force put out an article on this i believe those people would like it inside the jury today it is not nice similarity to venezuela situation except the fact that you have people who want regime change united states right now despite president transcends the gas for
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him changing is actually caring are you supporting regime change in venezuela and i believe i'm not accusing him but maybe other people in the united states and great britain who would like to carry genes against prison but hari because it was wrong policy he's apply ok i'll use it but not always good to get your expertise in the program thanks for taking the time african affairs analyst lawrence k freeman live on the program. a chilean luxury fashion brand gucci has found itself in brawled in controversy over this polo neck sweater quite a few people were quick to point out as well if the eight hundred ninety dollars garment resembles a person wearing blackface. but a clavinet topped by gucci happy black history month you'll i want to hear from the brains behind this design and from the people who approved it for production this is why you need a diverse market force for
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a company of your stature it's really shocking. well gucci has since apologized and removed the polo neck sweater from its website saying the item will be withdrawn from its stores to the company also wished a statement stressing its commitment to diversity well gucci is not the only big name italian brand to face claims all of racism of late in december probably withdrew a line of monkey key chains after consumers complained they resembled racist carpet yours of black people well we got the thoughts of political commentator andrew walker body confidence advocates on religious. i think the fact that it was released during black history month in america shows that it's very intentional toward something i mean this isn't the first major brand to do something so silly so i think they didn't learn from prada what they thought actually we can use that as a marketing strategy will apologize it doesn't matter if we have people speeding's it doesn't matter if it's racist and i think that they they planned every step of
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the way completely well you would have received the backlash if you'd have had the idea that this looked like a black person which of course it did not just explodes those your viewers who haven't seen it it's effectively a black turtleneck that goes up just to around here and then has a an opening for your mouth it doesn't look like a black person i've ever see the my life i mean firstly can i just point out i'm not being formally that black people are not black in the same way that white people like me are not fully white if that was a white t. shirt with a black person to work i would say it was ridiculing me for being white just reopened if we had suffered from a recent back in back in the history back in history how how black people did we would also be offended we can't stand here and say that's not offensive when your when you're not the one suffering from it is actually in fact black people that find it offensive and they have every right to feel offended they were the ones that suffered racism they were ones that went for the ok ok ok how many people are offended by this will use the outrage or was it just
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a few members of what i call the racism industry people whose job it is to be affected by this so they can talk about it let me ask you mr professional do you rate is an industry that surprised us not real people let me ask you a question do you think if there was a black person in the production team in the management team in the marketing team they would have said yeah no that's fine go ahead of it especially after what happened with prada did you see what happened with product do you agree with prod out and let me ask you another question why did it bring out in every other color why black with red lip on the board i don't know what you are in i'm not right in pink why black or white why black or red. what why the hell were are going to read and perhaps i'm not going to rain why do these garments always block because the most ubiquitous call of the most popular colors for garments a black or white why are people offended well actually in truth i think you've offered no evidence to suggest that most people are fed that i think very few people are offended but i think the racism industry of course they're going to say
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they're afraid that in reality it's a turtleneck you pull over your face and that happens to come in block goodness me get a life. so black face. parties polly boy who threw is the rule book of those who still think wearing blackface is ok in the twenty first century in the latest episode of in case you missed it. i don't want to do it please do it we do it in venezuela israel something most controversial you. bought from a in case you missed it it's kind of a sensitive subject. blackface blacking up pretending to be a black person if you don't one just for fun is racist because of history people used to think differently. they're very do it that people would want to partake of the. well meaning.
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the long black race are apparently confusing to some so let's see if we can clear it up with a few examples we may have already mentioned this but just to recap rule one. easy route to have done it and definitely don't forget if you did it is rotfl then the governor of virginia has this in his medical school year but he admitted and then denied saying he was the man in black face in fact late say he said that he had backed up in the process but not in this specific example great defense ralph actually while we're on rule of rule two subsection one always remember that. featuring people dressed as the ku klux klan tend to lead towards racism always remember that one case you're wondering why that fire is on the horizon is one additional funding that yeah but moving on n.b.c. host meghan kelly suggested that black enough was common on how we when she was
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younger than fairly she must start within a week to find you i guarantee is no defense against the crime which brings me to rule three don't say it and do your own thing care and finally we and where all reasoned arguments about racism and. us to pass our i.q. so much you're still not me i'm lucky not one. something with chillies meet in the iconic movie i mean some of you that they may have made their way down to take mary up and. running very much they root for identity is that racist they look at this bunch of great this as a modern innovation. somebody would just identify different races now no one got angry and you save money on me. we get out. ok moving all know there's been
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a fresh development in the script poisoning case reports are no emerging britain security services have identified five suspects and the nerve agent a turk on a former russian double agent on the story in march last year here's an associate churkin with what we know. according to several reports circulating in the u.k. press this morning u.k. authorities are now looking at five possible suspects in this poisoning saga we are waiting for more details on that to be revealed that has yet to come we have contacted scotland yard who have told us that they don't really have any news to share and that they're continuing to pursue several lines of inquiry now at the same time we're seeing u.k. based opensource investigative team belling cat announcing that they have according to them conclusively identified the third suspect in this poisoning case if you remember previously they said that according to them the names of the first two
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suspects are. in their identity those two men. are you officers now they're saying that this third suspect is a forty five year old daughter of who according to belling cat is a senior g.r.u. officer of the link that are saying that all of. these three men have their covers created at the same in the same year back in twenty ten and according to them this third suspect is linked to a case in twenty fifteen and bowl garia where a businessman fell sick and was taken to hospital on with a son and his executive and the story very never led to nor the chalk and the substance use on him was not really identified but billy kat is now linking vose together and we have heard from the kremlin spokesperson say that it's not really clear where this connection comes from and what this revelation.


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