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i. hate. violence since hey gas in the french capital market fifteenth consecutive weekends against falling living standards and what protesters call an increasingly repressive governments. with bandits when they are in the throes of a humanitarian crisis its opposition leader says he's not swelled out was calling
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for u.s. military intervention against a president not all right. good and we would do everything possible once again this is obviously a very very controversial subject we would say was necessary. to primary school in england parents to teaching children about same sex malaysian chips and beats he writes. should learn to back to old age not right now because you can reach. the goal of the new year with a like you. if you want to. live from the russian capital this is aussie international with me in the show sethi welcome to the program. says teens consecutive weekends of yellow vests rallies in
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france has descended into hora with a protest to losing his hands amidst clashes with police warning you may find the following video distressing. it was never really. the end of best movement is now increasingly diverse with some rallying for better pay and others demanding the resignation of french presidents emanuel micron around one hundred sixteen thousand demonstrators took to the streets across france last saturday according to the interior ministry. let's get reaction now from patricia shannon yon a regional council left of the national party. we've already seen more entries this weekend fresh air despite the anti police brutality
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in march last weekend do you think police are sticking to that heavy handed approach. here it's very serious it was your question. exactly but we are you pulled back the fight that we see paris today of course we are against any violence from any site coming from any side we can condemn any any type of violence however it's been clear to my current to the french government that after thirteen weeks it's the stations that needs to be political and a political solution offered to these two you know first of frogs this cannot go on and it will not be reinforcing. and making the french people and the french trying these conflicts which it's not but that we can resolve this conflict the government needs to be thinking about this a constitution and maybe look fantastic just this is no solution we need to
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absolutely dissolve the national assembly and have elections which of course the next. you know today in parts we do not have proportional elections which means that too many french people are not represented represented by the politicians and this is really what the main reason for this crisis is today with the end of that release a statement saying they wouldn't and now when future protests would be held and that was in a bid to avoid police violence how do you think that it's going to work. well what happened is that the government house last week which is making it easier for the police to crack down manifestations easier to have been any demonstrations so the of course the yellow vests were not happy with this because they want to be perched the only thing they are asking for is actually. and they have decided there will be something not to declare manifestations the demonstrations it is taking
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a very very dramatic way and it is very that the french government realizes that they cannot keep posing the french people and the french police needs to come a political solution to this terrible crisis they're going to be going. well the end of last initial tomorrow is to scrap the fuel hike with matt and now they want micron gone do you think they'll keep hitting the streets until he gave. a what is absolutely evident is that after thirteen weeks of. manifestations of the yellow. asking to be hurt by the politicians and with anything political system this is extremely extremely difficult because we do not have a very difficult system they are not being heard because the national assembly is not representative of the french people so what did you get the best of saying is
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that there's one. solution to this problem they want the french people to be represented in the french now. and then we can start solving the problems that are actually making the people go out. today with very legitimate calls the. french is terrible have so many people living below the poverty line we have got social facility was closing public services closing in the big cities in france this cannot go on and it is very urgent french government now us to call the french people and that mr dissolves the national assembly it came. from the issue of patrician neon regional councillor for the national party thank you. we can now cross live to our reporter charlotte dubinsky and charlotte some disconcerting videos coming in how bad exactly is the situation in paris.
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was situation seems to be something that we've seen for many weeks here in paris clashes between the police and the protesters with tear gas being used to disperse protesters and also grenades also being shot into the crowds but of course the protesters are normally the ones who do start off these scuffles by throwing projectiles such as rocks in and broken glass towards the police but what we've seen today is it seems one of the protesters one of the who's actually photographing the event for the social movement she had his hand blown off in a grenade not sure where he picked that grenade up or it was a direct hit but this is not the first time we've seen injuries like this since the movement started back on november seventeenth basically back on december tenth in bordeaux manifest their protest that actually picked
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a grenade up and it exploded as he held it in his hand and that's how he lost his hand but we had to stand at the pole. he's been injured today has been taken to hospital to receive treatment to see what paramedics except you can do but one of my colleagues from ruptly was there they heard the quran a they said they heard a commotion they said it was incredibly difficult doing their job with a huge amount of tear gas around and they actually rushed to the scene to find that chelation who just had their hand blown off the roof seeping medical attention there's also been many other injuries in these protests including more than a dozen people who have lost their lives since the start of these protests and the figures suggest that some one thousand seven hundred plus generations have been injured in some method or another and also a thousand. police officers was also being injured as a result of these protests but despite all of those injuries the protesters saying
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they will continue coming out to the streets. our demands remain in place that's why we are marching we're demanding better salaries and conditions in france because we're here because we don't want to be subject to government decisions without having a say we have one group the elite let's call them who decide whether we have the right to not what we have to pay for our message is the same this marsh we want a better life. so what has the government done to try and stem these protests well the president gave a big speech back in december where he announced that the minimum wage the simic would rise by a hundred euros a month he also said that people who are in bonuses for the end of the year they wouldn't have to pay social contributions and that no tax and people who earned overtime would be in a similar situation no tax no social contributions on that and the government is in the middle of a national debate across france getting people together to air their concerns to
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talk about the things that matter to them so the government can decide where the to make the changes that people say oh. not however have said this isn't enough for many well that the offers the concessions being given by present that come with too little too late and that's why they've kept coming out in the streets and now we're hearing that the protesters are going to change tactics permanently in france you have to announce a demonstration you normally have to give three full days a clear warning that you intend to hold a demonstration and to say where that will be held and if you are going to move a tool as part of that demonstration which they normally do now they say that from now on they will no longer be making those notices they will no longer be telling police where their protests are going to take place and at what time this is the press release they gave out to explain their decision. the government is becoming
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more and more oppressive within hours the extreme violence and the use of excessive police force the authorities are not seeking compromise but the laws that limit the rights so we have collectively decided not to declare the time and place of demonstrations in paris from now on we will not be partners in crime with the government. there was the mention there of a law to limit right so what the jail asians are referring there to is what's known as the anti hooligan or it was discussed recently by deputies the m.p.'s in the lower house in the national assembly and they've approved that now that law it's going to move on to the senate before it goes on the statute books but that nor would essentially limit some of the individuals from going to protest if they deem to be a public threat and the person who can make that decision will no longer be a judge but actually the prefect from the local region and also part of the law which many people are unhappy about is the idea that if you cover your face going
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into a protest even with a simple scoff you could be liable to up to a year in jail and a fine of fifteen thousand euros so. many people claiming that this new law which is set to pass in the next few weeks here in france is actually contra against their civil liberties now in terms that we're not sure how many people come out across france today but last weekend it was just fifty eight thousand followers figures than what we saw at the start of the movement when almost three hundred thousand people took out to the streets but what is clear is that they still have the support of the majority of the french people with a recent poll showing that two out of three people still support the shit nations and their movement. shall it dubinsky life from paris thank you. one of italy's deputy prime minister says claim to the yellow fest movement is changing the face of european politics we've had the meyer says he believes the continent will move away from traditional rights and left leaning parties the
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comments comes after relations between paris and rome took another serious blow when to my i'm at best activists in france i was struck by the fact that among the claim some yellow vest posters there were themes that now supports the right and the left and the bobrick needs first that's why i wanted to meet yellow vest members i believe that the future of european politics is no longer with right to left leaning parties especially saying that some of those right to left boxes in europe are calling themselves new when in fact the traditional. after demaio tweeted a photo of him alongside yellow vests leaders and protesters earlier this week paris recall that sent boy to italy for consultation france then sent it sangar to sleaze top officials accusing them of baseless attacks and even calling it an unprecedented situation since the end of world war two relations between the two countries have quickly deteriorated so for
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a number of animated and strained exchanges political commentator sean bricmont told us he believes the l.a. vests have much in common with this least five star movement. the french government just plain situation to complain about the interference of the amount you into there are fair when you see what they have just done in there is really the legal knows it which is government who doesn't even got hold of me and presumably not will not do that except to foreign intervention military intervention dating united states so it's a do because they do they need if you can. go on. them and the polish government that might cause the heatedly then they don't see where the dungeons god you know be friend with a movement which is a bit similar to the. needle in them young woman which is neither right nor left that we just as big dog food i mean there are four seven d. so very similar to this except now known bird of the a list of
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a far from being dubbed as on sea where the communities and i mean there's only in the sense given that you know the fact that we are all europeans in principle. tensions between venezuela's beleaguered president and the leader of the opposition are rising why don't you up the ante on friday telling a.f.p. news agency that he's not swirling out calling for u.s. military intervention against nicolas madore. you know we would do everything possible once again this is obviously a very very controversial subject. making use of our sovereignty and within our jurisdiction we will do what's necessary. opposes trained as agents of foreign governments of the united states introduce sources of unrest of internal chaos to dismember the states in venezuela they have driven us to the point that libya was taken over syria was taken to the point of an armed opposition they have
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attempted that but we have not allowed them to him and venezuela is our police. military intervention is actually one of the main talking points between both venezuelan president nicolas maduro and the self-proclaimed president one guy i don't know what juror has already denounced the u.s. as imperialist and his exclusive interview with our team and he's also visiting many military bases across the country is encouraging the troops to remain loyal and he's overseeing the armament of people's militias there now on the other hand why don't has he hasn't ruled out authorizing the u.s. to intervene and he's been trying for over the past several weeks to encourage military officials to defect and with very limited success and that's because many people in venezuela don't think inviting the u.s. was why does that idea that washington believes. its reaction stems from its pivot to doctrine of overthrowing regimes and democratic systems that don't like having their arms twisted the humanitarian aid is
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a big lie its the wost possible diagnosis of the situation we've seen that is no humanitarian crisis the us is trying to frame the situation in a way that would allow it to invade venezuela this won't happen we won't let it happen the army and civilians are united and determined to defend the country sovereignty and territorial integrity. and why don't the us say that this humanitarian crisis is very real except what aid means is actually a point of contention between the parties the venezuelan government. it intercepted an arms shipment from the u.s. earlier this week and it there there was reportedly assault rifles ammunition communications equipment flown in from miami as as a result the military has blocked roads leading into the country from colombia one of the u.s. allies and it's these reports the red cross to stress that humanitarian aid needs to stay nonpolitical. humanitarian aid can never be
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a political issue we cannot divide the population on the issue of him in the terran house because humanitarian aid is always neutral that this is a difficult moment when it's civil society to appreciate this kind of work which is aimed at people in need you know with the lines were drawn starting several weeks ago when announced his claim to the presidency the washington based organization of american states immediately supported. and followed in the u.s. his footsteps but countries like russia china mexico cuba they quickly reacted in support of the door of his government now most e.u. countries also decided to back why don't the dural refuse their ultimatum to hold another presidential election and u.s. national security advisor john bolton called on these pro governments to switch sides doubling down on the bad but doesn't make it to good that there is still time for russian others to join the community of responsible nations and recognizing why
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do the national assembly and the path to freedom and prosperity in the desert now although no one has yet to take bolton's advice the situation is definitely getting more tense and any changes in international legion says are certainly going to influence the domestic situation there then the sway of the base to enlist pull tops and believes that if one quiet day where to ask for u.s. military intervention it would lead to disaster. i think it's a very foolish move by one where you know. if he has any chance of achieving his political objective of ousting the elected government he's going to meet popular support here in venezuela he will not be able to do that just on the back of the us for foreign military intervention is a lesson we could be learned from syria from iraq and other cases of u.s. military interventions over the last twenty years whether it's very definitely eighty and eating a very significant chunk of those who back him. at the end of the day in ticks
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and do not wish to see the country ruled by washington he would be wise to distance himself from these sorts of links if he wishes to to actually further his his popular support here in memphis when a. parents in the u.k. pulling their children out of primary school they have a classes on same sex relationships we've got more on that story after a short break. you know world big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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big and big crypto as the currency continues to dominate global finance and cut the us dollar into the graveyard. the bush of us is revolution is screeching to a halt inflation and unemployment cause millions to leave venezuela the world powers along the job or whether the president maduro should state but the real question is should the country move on from its current crisis. welcome back to our. it teacher it's a primary school in england second biggest city says he's been receiving threats
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for teaching people about same sex relationships his initiative which has seen some parents pull their children out of school in protest this triggers a broader debate in the u.k. on ways to challenge fabian looking at the control of the same pace. what happens if you fundamentally disagree with something your kids are being taught at school it's a question that some of the parents of peoples at this priming him school have been confronted with mostly lula hopes or another succumb both of them mostly name ago some tissues on the white damn back andrew more fat is an award winning deputy head teacher he is with the queen he's been shortlisted for the world's best teacher award for developing a diversity program the no outsiders program involves talking about relationships and highlighting the community in other words telling children so much younger than
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eleven that it's ok to be gay it's something that angered some of the parents whose kids are at the school is not for the only appeared for the reception kids. promoting homosexuality should learn to back to old age not right now because they can easily get you can learn stuff did teach your kids enough leaders did with boys and boys who doesn't a good thing this was a quality leader with a like it's equality act obviously it clearly says you can't discriminate against religion and whatnot and that's what they're doing it's ninety nine percent muslim it's not about being muslim the the jewish community the other communities the christian communities they're all have issues around the way things are being done some four hundred parents have signed a petition calling on the school to stop the no outsiders program and earlier this week the route between school and parents escalated to this.
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whole. thing. that this error. birmingham is predominantly muslim and being gay is forbidden in islam the school's reading program uses books about l. g.b.t. issues this one is a story about a family with two mums another a fairy tale about a prince falling in love with another prince the parents may not like it but the government's own watchdog has classified this school outstanding as the top model a school can get and much of the praises for the way the children here are taught about the ukase equality laws which could be why the school says it will not bow to parents pressure deputy head andrew marr fat who's openly gay himself had to resign
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from a previous job after a similar route with christian parents at his former school despite the controversy the teacher says his diversity program is not going away we have to ensure we safeguard and protect them from all possible forms of harm including homophobic or transgender bullying we have no plans to change their curriculum and no outsiders remains an inch a group part of the drive for excellence in light of this some parents have chosen to remove their kids from the school and opted to pay for private tuition this is a round about a small school but is exposed a big clash between a religious community and the diversity that's part and parcel of modern day britain. poly boy k. reporting from birmingham there's another school in england this also found itself in the media spotlight after its aside to drop a play about charles darwin following complaints from christian parents.
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charles darwin had benches all over the world so we've made a comedy musical about his life but boring i hate to say no he's not. live. live.
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here not states with the latest global news so have more updates in thirty minutes time see than. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk.
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this is this is a sticky water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste to company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. a special project funded. on the. gulf and now the mountains of waste only grow higher. join me every first day on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to the world
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of politics sports business i'm show business. time after time we're going underground on leave of the thirty second assembly of the african union which opposes u.k. e.u. and u.s. policies on venezuela coming up on the show an atomic armaments race or a chance for peace we deconstruct president trumps state of the union and we speak to cybersecurity by india john mcafee about running for president and running from the u.s. government all the more coming up in today's going underground but first why is britain supporting us attacks on the nation with the world's greatest amount of oil
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reserves over in the u.s. twenty twenty democrat presidential contender tools that god has been clear in backing the policies of u.k. labor leader german corbett on venezuela just as she did on syria the united states should not be in the business of intervening picking who should lead their country and we certainly should not be threatening military action venezuela poses no threat to the united states but does it pose a threat to the u.k. something the enemy is those who enforce all stare at the policies that have been twenty one thousand people dying as they wait for welfare but for the resume well she slams the u.n. for reports on u.k. malnutrition is the enemy actually venezuela because she has deployed a military boat within fifty miles of the latin american country a mile off shore looming on the horizon the joint shape of royal free talks in every ship.


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