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especially. on. the mountains of only grow. thirteenth weekend. protests on the streets of paris. coming up this hour venezuela's opposition leader says he. for a u.s. military intervention against president. we would do everything possible
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once again this is obviously a very very controversial subject we will do what's necessary. also coming up on the program the primary school in england. for teaching children about same sex relationships and the rights. to old age not right now because you don't want. to begin with them like you did to you if you want to. or every year chiming in from rights around the world this hour a warm welcome to moscow and to r.t. international mining even our top story a thirteenth consecutive weekend of yellow rallies in france has descended into horror one protester a part of his blown off by
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a police grenade or video agency ruptly film the moments immediately afterwards and a warning you may find the following video distressing. he was. there to remove the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy who tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction and the grenade went off well the situation seems to be something that we've seen for many weeks here in paris clashes between the police and the protesters with t. a gas being used to disperse protesters and also grenades also being shot into the crowds but of course the protesters are normally the ones who do start off these
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scuffles by throwing projectiles such as rocks and broken glass to wards the police but what we've seen today is it seems one of the protesters one of the shell asians who's actually photographing the event for the social movement actually had a his hand blown off in a grenade on television and a command volunteer medics were first at the scene two of ours rushed up to help him due to the general commotion another team of medics surrounded him to wall him off when a person is in that condition he needs to breathe properly he don't want crowds gathering around watching and filming that would frighten the injured person even more. but this is not the first time we've seen injuries like this since the movement started back on november seventeenth basically back on december tenth improved protester that actually picked a canadian up and it exploded as he held in his hand there's also been many other injuries in these protests including more than a dozen people who have lost their lives since the start of these protests and the
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figures suggest that some one thousand seven hundred plus chelation ones have been injured in some method another i'd also. a thousand. police officers has also been injured as a result of these protests but despite all of those injuries the protesters say they will continue coming out to the streets bottles only for demands remain in place that's why we are marching we are demanding better salaries and conditions in france. we're here because we don't want to be subject to government decisions without having a say we have one group the elite of them who decide whether we have the right to not what we have to pay for our message is the same this harsh we want a better life so what has the government done to try and stem these protests well a president gave a big speech back in december where he announced that the minimum wage the simic would rise by a hundred euros a month he also said that people who are in bonuses for the end of the year they
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wouldn't have to pay social contributions and that in tax and people over time would be in a similar situation no tax no social contributions on that and the government is in the middle of a national debate across france getting people together to air their concerns to talk about the things that matter to them so the government can decide whether to make the changes that people say or not however have said this isn't enough for many well that the offers the concessions being given by president might go on with too little too late and that's why they've kept coming out to the streets and now we're hearing that the protesters are going to change tactics permanently the government is becoming more and more repressive we denounce the extreme violence and the use of excessive force the authority is not seeking compromise but passing laws that limit our rights so we have collectively decided not to declare the time and place of demonstrations and powers from now on rule not be the partners in
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crime with the government there is the mention there of a law to limit right so what these relations are referring that series what's known as the anti hooligan or it was discussed recently by deputies the m.p.'s in the lower house in the national assembly and they've approved that now that law it's going to move on to the senate before it goes on the statute books but that law would essentially limit some of the individuals from going to protests if they deemed to be a public threat also part of the rule. is the idea that if you cover your face going into a protest even with a simple scarf you could be nigh able to eat in jail and a fine of fifteen thousand euros so many people claiming that this new law which is set to pass in the next few weeks here in france is actually contra against their civil liberties where we discussed the riot bill just mentioned there by our correspondent with a number of guests who are of the opinion and want to improve the situation i've
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seen and not just ordinary people who are going out to demonstrate who are peaceful people who cannot stand anymore to have the only answer from the government being violence that if tomorrow they cannot cover the face because police fired tear gas at them what type of democracy is that it is built could enable police to impeach people from going to demonstrations because there is a doubt that the might bring troubles to the demonstrations this is minority report we're going to arrest people send them to jail because we think that maybe they may commit a crime this is just showing the tyrannical side of mt today and i think it's going to be more central to the streets to the internet to the social networks to denounce the system until until he leaves this is a law which isn't certainly necessary to protect our police and to try to jail souls who are by law and what it wants stop is a fundamental demonstration which is nothing to do with this kind of violence so i
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think that in fact you will of course jails all swap by should not demonstrate but you are not going to answer the merits of this demonstration she's pension which is that the government should consider the french and the regulators and. venezuela's self-proclaimed leader has raised the stakes in the ongoing political crisis in an interview with the e.s.p. news agency one going to zero said he does not rule out asking the united states to launch a military intervention against president maduro. but i will then know we would do everything possible once again this is obviously a very very controversial subject the making use of our sovereignty and within our jurisdiction we would do what's necessary. opposes trained as agents of foreign governments of the united states introduce sources of unrest of internal chaos to dismember the states in venezuela they have driven us to the point that
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libya was taken over syria was taken to the point of an armed opposition they have attempted that but we have not allowed them to and venezuela is at peace. military intervention is actually one of the main talking points between both venezuelan president nicolas maduro and the self-proclaimed president one guy i don't know what juror has already denounced the u.s. as imperialist and his exclusive interview with our team and he's also visiting many military bases across the country is encouraging the troops to remain loyal and he's overseeing the armament of people's militias there now on the other hand why don't has he hasn't ruled out authorizing the u.s. to intervene and he's been trying for over the past several weeks to encourage military officials to defect and with very limited success and that's because many people in venezuela don't think inviting the u.s. was why does that idea that washington believes. its reaction stems from its
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pivot to doctrine of overthrowing regimes and democratic systems that don't like having their arms twisted the humanitarian aid is a big lie it's the worst possible diagnosis of the situation we've seen that is no humanitarian crisis the us is trying to frame the situation in a way that would allow it to invade venezuela this won't happen we won't let it happen the army and civilians are united and determined to defend the country sovereignty and territorial integrity. and why don't the us say that this humanitarian crisis is. very real except what aid means is actually a point of contention between the parties the venezuelan government claims it intercepted an arms shipment from the us earlier this week and it there there was reportedly assault rifles ammunition communications equipment flown in from miami as as a result the military has blocked roads leading into the country from colombia one
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of the u.s. allies and it's these reports the red cross to stress that humanitarian aid needs to stay nonpolitical. humanitarian aid can never be a political issue we cannot divide a population on the issue of him in a different house because humanitarian aid is always neutral that this is a difficult moment when it's civil society to appreciate this kind of work which is aimed at people in need you know with the lines were drawn starting several weeks ago when go i don't know announced his claim to the presidency the washington based organization of american states immediately supported. and followed in the u.s. his footsteps but countries like russia china mexico cuba they quickly reacted in support of the during his government now most e.u. countries also decided to back why don't the dural refuse their ultimatum to hold another presidential election and u.s. national security advisor john bolton called on these pro governments to switch
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sides doubling down on the bad but doesn't make it to good that there is still time for russia not those to join the community of responsible nations and recognizing why do the national assembly and the path to freedom and prosperity in the desert now although no one has yet to take bolton's advice the situation is definitely getting more tense and any changes in international legion says are certainly going to influence the domestic situation there another issue just to talk about a little bit more here the international monetary fund said on thursday that it's holding talks with member states on whether to recognize. us with an. president it follows reports that the self-proclaimed leader was considering asking the global financial body for a bailout now a spokesperson for the i.m.f. said a consensus must be reached before any loan this can be issued countries are still establishing their position in terms of recognition so the proof that process is ongoing so as i said we are watching that closely just to point out what they
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actually do the i.m.f. has one hundred eighty nine members and helps ensure financial stability whilst promoting sustainable economic growth poverty reduction one key function is to provide be allies to indebted recession hit countries in exchange for structural reforms well in light of events in venice we love what the leaks recently drew attention to a document it published in two thousand and eight which it calls a us manual and details washington's use of global financial institutions like the i.m.f. the world bank to advance its agenda and wage conventional warfare against its rivals if properly authorized in coordinated u.s. army special operations forces can use or coordinate for other agencies to use measured in focus financial incentives or disincentives to persuade adversaries
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allies and surrogates to modify their behavior if they to strategic operational and tactical levels such application of financial power must be part of a circumspect integrated and consistent unconventional warfare plan. a wall street analyst michael hudson believes there's nothing new in the u.s. pushing its interests through international financial institutions the world bank has always been run by the u.s. military from mcnamara to all of the subsequent people and the i.m.f. functions basically it's a little office out of the pentagon basement where the wiki leaks thing only confirms what people have been saying for the last fifty years of course who are going to and the i.m.f. are tools of this leak department for foreign policy the united states from the very beginning insisted in having veto power over all i am out and world bank decisions so that they could prevent any alone that was against us foreign policy
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that was built into the articles of agreement that's been the case since one thousand forty five none of this is no parents in one u.k. said they are pulling their children out of primary school over classes on same sex relationships we break that story after this. actually as a financial survival guy. let's learn a salad feel like let's say i'm the troika and here i'm greece banks have to fight . thank you for. the story that's right well that's slavery.
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sixty minutes into the program welcome back a teacher in a primary school in the u.k. he's been receiving threats for teaching pupils about same sex relationships looking at the controversy now here's. what happens if you fundamentally disagree
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with something your kids are being taught at school it's a question that some of the parents peoples at this cramming him school have been confronted with money lou hopes are another cyclone both of the moment you go some to see who is on the white them back and you more fat is an award winning deputy head teacher he is with the queen he's been shortlisted for the world's best teacher award. for developing a diversity program the no outsiders program involves talking about relationships and highlighting the l g b t community in other words telling children so much younger than eleven that it's ok to be gay it's something that angered some of the parents whose kids are at the school is not for the only appeared for the deception kids used. to homosexuals you should learn about your to old age not right now
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because they can easily get you to instruct did teach your kids enough leaders did not need boys and boys who and that's not a good thing this was a two hour live with a like it's equality act obviously it clearly says you can't discriminate against religion and what not and that's what they're doing it's ninety nine percent muslim it's not about being muslim the the jewish community the other communities the christian communities they're all have issues around the way things are being done some four hundred parents have signed a petition calling on the school to stop the no outsiders program and earlier this week the route between school and parents escalated to this. whole. thing.
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that this area of birmingham is predominantly muslim and being gay is forbidden in islam the school's reading program uses books about l g b t issues this one is a story about a family with two moms another a fairy tale about a prince falling in love with another prince the parents may not like it but the government's own watchdog has classified this school outstanding as the top model a school can get and much of the praises for the way the children here. are taught about the ukase equality laws which could be why the school says it will not buy now so parents pressure deputy head andrew more fat who's openly gay himself had to resign from a previous job after a similar route with christian parents i just form a school despite the controversy the teacher says his diversity program is not going away we have to ensure we safeguard and protect them from all possible forms
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of harm including homophobic or transgender bullying we have no plans to change their curriculum and no outsiders remains in integrity part of the drive for excellence in light of this parents have chosen to remove their kids from the school and opted to pay for private tuition this is around about a small school but is exposed a big clash between a religious community and the diversity that's part and parcel of modern day britain. parties probably bought the reporting from birmingham while there's another school in england and so also find itself in the media spotlight and after it decided to drop a play about charles darwin following complaints from christian birds.
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charles darwin had been just all of the world so we've made a comedy musical about his life but always boring i hate. no he's not.
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a marketing executive a sportswear giant reebok has been forced to quit after a provocative odd campaign in russia some consider the sexist against men you can make up your own mind. this is horrible maybe funny out of context that makes me want to facepalm it's all hype and harmful nonsense because like this people have a problem with family. gender equality school
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reaching warded through degrading one of the sites is not cool by the way on the man who can throw eggs at thing. fortunately after photos went public it became clear that some of the content is not appropriate to post on our official account due to social media age restrictions. and surprise traffic jam by this by the passive pop that the one now on carrots in this case everybody screaming louder it just. had this reaction we'll. face not being the best choice of words in this context i have to say it's certainly created a lot of amusement oh yes now if reeboks advertising is looking up this is a. lot of work it's going to. let's not kid ourselves advertising
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is not meant to educate people i do ties it is meant to sell products it may. integrate shall we say or incorporate into its advertising a message will. find approval from people but basically at the end of it all interested in moving products up shelfs and there you go well more news and views happy by the bucketful n r t dot com i promise you will not be bored there stick around either for a section of shows the pending on where you are in the world this weekend season.
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i. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. this is a stick from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic.
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that's. their plastic. that special projects funded. on the best. but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. which of us is revolution is screeching to a halt inflation and unemployment cause millions to leave venezuela world powers a lot over where the president. but the real question is should the country move on from its current crisis.
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time after time said we're going underground on leave of the thirty second assembly of the african union which opposes u.k. e.u. and u.s. policies on venezuela coming up on the show an atomic armaments race or a chance for peace we deconstruct president trump state of the union and we speak to cybersecurity by india john mcafee about running for president and running from the u.s. government all the more coming up in today's going underground but first why is britain supporting us attacks on the nation with the world's greatest amount of oil reserves over in the u.s. twenty twenty democrat presidential contender tools that god has been clear in backing the policies of u.k. labor leader german corbet on venezuela just as he did on syria but united states should not be in the business of intervening or picking who should lead their
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country and we certainly should not be threatening military action venezuela poses no threat to the united states but does it pose a threat to the u.k. some see the enemy as those who enforce all stare at the policies that have been twenty one thousand people dying as they wait for welfare but for the rays of may well she slams the u.n. for reports on u.k. malnutrition is the enemy actually venezuela because she has deployed a military boat within fifty miles of the latin american country a mile off shore looming on the horizon the joint shape of royal fleet talk scenery ship mounts those pictures are from when the british military boat was defacto threatening syria after being. dogged in what some cypriots believe is occupied akrotiri but as preparations were being made by the e.u. and washington to resell lector venezuela's president the boat was working with u.s. southern command which would surely be part of any don't trump military intervention in venezuela it's certainly being advertised by the royal navy as militarily
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capable it's what's below deck that makes these bay class ships unique a large wet dock in cavernous vehicle deck mean troops and equipment can be loaded on to landing craft even in rough weather and did half the time of their predecessors this as british marines specializing in close combat from forty commando infamous for its role in tony blair's iraq war carry out battlefield and casualty evacuation drills in central america as they have done for some time we're currently in a place called. police in central america conducting our jungle warfare training we're conducting our individual skills package at the minute and we've been in the field for about seven days and we've got about another eight days left to go in this package one of the biggest challenges is about ninety five percent of the company have never been to the jungle before well the u.k. m.o.d.e. told going underground that there are no plans right now for u.k. military attack over this well and the deployment of the month's band of troops to billy's is routine and nothing to do with venezuela they are there for hurricane
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preparation and counter-narcotics operations u.s. southern command told us that cooperation is so close with the u.k. that because of the month of may there was a u.k. liaison officer based with them and their cooperation remains the same as always with the u.k. military in addition the mts way works in conjunction with u.s. homeland security well homeland security and economic warfare against venezuela topics in u.s. president all trumps delayed state of the union speech this week joining me now to discuss that is greg swenson of republicans overseas u.k. thanks so much greg for you going on he begins the state of the union with eisenhower implied reference to a president who said he was jogging by the military industrial complex you know eisenhower talked about that a long time ago a lot of people didn't know about eisenhower's as almost a peace candidate in one nine hundred fifty two and and so and also he talked about the industrial complex military.


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