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and i think it is it is the wages for which we publicly democrats and maintain any two party system in this world john mcafee thank you and that's of the show will be back on monday the fortieth anniversary of the reagan revolution. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers
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you need remember in one one of these shows you know from the one and only boom but . this is a steak from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away and history should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. a special projects funded me. on the. phone now the mountains of waste only grow heigho.
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well for the fed given its kind now i know all my mojo good price was zero zero and one when your margin on mine never been more stem that i left clownish over and then or a lot farther and as i say over there you. still have off either through the soup
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history for retarded canno nature and need to set off at the monetary though here. in order to be has zero which i don't want you to agree with sign your fed your b.s. over during their list so to sort of i was so alone with their fed your grandmother said it could off for him as it was hell for america. in cancun to show dewani whiney. model of our navy gloss on and they were all smokes or felt anything on there. and then just tend to shout icon his own when you have to laugh in the low shit sort of advice i'll tell you that and i would have a profit without the first so we kill them and then less stuff but the war and damage he said as she. for many a month the left side of a face off by. oh. oh.
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you. want to visit it don't. know why. don't all i know. i'm kind enough. to. do it a little off it. and i was just i said a real friend simplified the idea i'd met with to ask him to fix. my work well and march on. the dock and. go saw the shrunken is what i had now how them profited and now the idea. we're going to find out as much often and i let this get out of that i'll say i must tell the tough get. going on or with those of us who are god nor are the times i feel in our war on the good i think
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it's sort of the shot i haven't had that the heart of the. sun is gone from hotel. on a flash and that. and you. know you know nothing but what i got in that you can keep an eye on what i have to lose each other for twelve fall. when you enter this city one of the first signs you see reads welcome to burial ground of the american these soldiers had just put up posters asking people to inform on insurgents attacking u.s. troops. they had barely left the scene before the locals tore the posters down with god that it had been left on monday night when the judge then oh my god i love each other.
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their knee. though as you know could you know connie and i took it. and was although i don't want to annie. fingered the month of. ramadan oh my. god we have to decide all the holidays but i have back oh i hardly had time to see out of. that. we start with on interests that have occurred here and there are going to be how you will. trust and we're going to have a lot of i can tell you how could i. have all of. the woman nor have i any. notes. and don't occlusion i don't i toy in return. lousily gallium with consummate toil here's a thought off in the sky with
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a lie. and i would stay out of the as a warning. without any question i had to give my who was. behind county analysts that i've already. been there. and i didn't because i would have really only as it were shot. not k. any know what costume. his or her. should do not only you know him global issue one. day as an issue in. the his home why a smile running. and yet no doubt shut. up.
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in a question were so kind and good it was a whole lot less special some veteran led the new community vets on the health so she can go on as little manana. how he does. so in may and you so much know well. i was going to sort out the laying on of. it if they were no gaza. you are a foreigner surely charlestown. palin not. asian or not a born in me is gushing out by the cluck cluck i wish monarch. another
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know it all say as just a quick smart of the last class war that us and welcome not only imus international phone. any china sunny may go. i suggest is. going to. all cut in on it by do that then by saying i'm not going to do. i know i. want. you. to. see it.
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i. feel. joe i. was. trying. to move. the hockey mom. i was a little kid. in the alley well you. know it started. hello how. difficult was it and know what that obvious or it was supposed to be killed a child don't go away. the whole thing
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a little bit you know. just it was one. of those i don't want to fall off well. you know. my. will was i still ended there. how long oh i actually. just i'm just so down. i only so. you know this is mostly a little i still got and then. you know yeah it's the law and you know they're just wrong but i know all that i did. you know you. did this you know. oh. god why did john.
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from the. sixty's tried to get a birthday as you had to say to hear from. stan . and i said and. i'm going to toss and that was the nice carry on that out of washington. but i didn't then how. the from that's off. the first of the to have to go. back on what i saw and no human only suggested no women on the. block and i saw she and i did. have to have leave it all to this was. a soft on job then i'll cry i thought i let shofar i know what kind of this meant
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that couldn't everything that goes to iraq must be approved by a special sanctions committee this committee has consistently blocked the restoration of basic services in iraq power light and clean running water if it didn't go well. all of it maybe a little bit. but next a lot was sort of the. model for the whole story was the put the. bad guys are financial survival guide liquid assets now does it you can convert means exasperate easily. to keep in mind you know as it's mean to a place. very large.
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and i mean another one of the guys going to come away. benefits for mukti it. was in this way got it out for. you know how they decide this over the one o'clock that hour and i don't mean to start them if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way. to. the floor to concoct a fifty pound is worthless woody allen you have a whole movie about a box of that came out on the. books but i think is this is the fans that is a constant thank.
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ten years ago iraq was a developed country whose oil had brought great wealth today the death rate of children under five is over four thousand every month that's four thousand more than would have died before sanctions. lifted off it's a no show jimmy a difficult nobody saw and why limited. to call it that is shout out to him to do you know it can be shot out of. his office jet into shot janek get a minister that does a fine and sad as i was was sent out for the message just then. and still think that it's justified. but i thought i knew. who was full of sort of. soft as they do enough of
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a little down there stuff like ah it's a no i left so i said no way off on and off what's. new off the shabbat i think the issue should begin it meant a spirit on the floor of course that. this building has simply been left because there's no fire service available. now and. you risk getting schools like that i think. i know that i know and. that are. about the would have gotten any kids and adults who showed you know how they should. they have to ensure that god simply because he
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could be out of xara. and sharpness and over security in. a knowing crowd and i was some was so shot him because he. blew up. how the left side just didn't want to be had but i. know that it's kept for a little bit and circuits if a kook or study of cool. down to lock. them aside and you know my leg before. probably much on the net did you do it for me at all so that i would just do what it would with as a bicycle crew i did this to. kids because it's true financial. plan for those things you don't. and those that i would i think i don't. like. i have never.
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had i don't. think. i'm. the only. real well. you've been missed i'm so glad that you can what the would you be do i just. did what he said on the box are there. do you want a few going to show i don't know i have. one hundred what are those still don't. know don't know what machine will know and you still are the golden ox was out again. when i said i don't we should let you know me so when my father.
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marsh died watching. it live. on me i'm going to ma that it's high then but it's a shit couldn't find in the world today. month a couple feet off i didn't want the thing he'll without arm it was eight one for far. for all it's. not a facade with no set of a d. here on her and want us out that have to do only a deal. with this civil war gets accomplished this is the record set up cross can destroy
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a theatre of it all for the planet i meant it to had no edge of the finish i would definitely be a tick. susan and mr i bow down with or without either edge by an. hour of it's a new knee so i did go that's a. bit of an uncredited still a lot of good off for the smiths to feeding me i'm sure at the facebook i don't need to be north of the children has so he sure has always. had this to know and the perfidious for canadian lot of people. and why the change he needed seem. more like and then it's. really out like that i think i saw the skids. this aside.
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when you. put. that much on. made it will make it hard for them both yeah because they just go. to we probably why. do you watch this so. why didn't i was taught by. bill. doesn't mean he really. needs it. thank you. i wish. i was out of it. when i.
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was. a mobile business much so much. on you why do you. wish you. could live your life like. this is. you know for all of. you believe me this is the.
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real you. all over probably no. no. no no no you didn't go to no you didn't you didn't do it in the. mean. conyers to be. good because you would be kids are you mad that i say i don't know. who that i would do anything with i'm going to get it but kind of like. you know where to go if you do like i do i deal with getting. on and probably give it a daughter or. just. sit with our study. we. have no off. on this fellow did when i was like this so much like i want to side the road with.
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love on a number of and have. them a lot up. on a whim two of the other way the one guys i know moghadam the close illusion and suddenly fall for not follow porch on a good just because someone just did. someone just one hundred over two and a little connie for one. with. marsha. that we should. hold the rushing in. all no one walks. she's going to finish.
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no you go. so serious an energy bill you don't like know my. yard you know. on a good. morning i had the. most i want to let . sure that's been the only and lot of them. are has been. has said. it's because. they feel comfortable to. let you. know that. i don't have the.
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how to walk on to the. how to shop one how to. learn how to. convert out. the one i do with. this one with a home. with china chile. and if you do. what i'm going to. do or be entirely. well good luck i'll be a model but i should all be in. the us should he had been in would you be.
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want to show that the fear the. unknown. is later she still must. have. actually married. now or not or. there's no known she knew not. can if you could quote all of them or create a fool. was not a master plan a it will be like the battle they have laid for the last three of a good watch that a little more than a bit better. than having. people go people. who give their name not. what the how do not. assume alice are shown in
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jane me the whole corn go before. why do men not let out on a year or so and i think just. for. the swarms of them some. of us who was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are few of them snowmen or the norse. but it. sure didn't look beautiful the movie since the good. muslim also her. it's goals that you've gone through go
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good. don't go to shows from the board to assume you believe it's true or you do you should go. the thoughts to some to the to meet until it was the little one wished they'd say look it is with. him specially understand statistics it's the most old truck stop to think that you can please introduce more students. as we have to choose to go to listening to snoop come up and do it because that is the girls who. are your supporters to your shoes as they should shouldn't feel you should cut off the one who's doing business.
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i. feel. i. should. violence erupts on the streets of france as yellow as protesters turn out for a thirteenth consecutive weekend to condemn the policies of the muck problem governments. venezuela's and powerful president orders the army to block us aid shipments if the opposition leader refuse.


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