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yeah. fight back fight back savages. promising. increased recycling and collection targets. is objective the collect. explain. do me. strategy a that would never.
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value. the year of a. fair. if you. there. before judging the actions let's take a little trip. we
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travel to tanzania a country in east africa known for its incredible landscapes unspoiled beaches and the best so far is in africa. however what this promotional film does not specify is that tanzania is also the incredible land of coca-cola. here everyone waits for red and white buses hoops alongside red and white walls and in the playgrounds children play around red and white the logo is everywhere so off there a while you was stopped noticing at. the good news is that in this country you can still find coke bottles made out of reusable glass
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but this will all soon be over. what the american company is doing in tanzania what it did in the united states fifty years ago replacing the glass bottles with plastic ones. and guts what is going on behind these walls inside one of the four coca-cola factories and and zinnia. all guide is james mother the manager of the new production line a production line which only makes plastic bottles today they're producing bottles of found one of the numerous brands inside the coca-cola group.
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everything is automated and the equipment is brand new the bottles of filth behind this window. because by. the third. it's just that i didn't put the book a book or two in the lawn well i've been out of the. eighty six thousand three hundred and forty bottles in two and a half hours that a lot of plastic we did the calculations that ten bottles a second and that's in the on mom production line in one of the factories in the country. five years ago this factory only fabricated glass
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bottles but on the day of our visit the production line for glass bottles is almost at a complete standstill. because they want to go the extra week apart from plastic allowed to be you while you are doing it but the trick apart from those two are differently roof in terms of plus add to that job so far so good to look so good that. the aesthetic perhaps but the choice of plastic is essentially unless you grasp what of the stick yoke of a tunnel the book got rid of i don't care about the guitar. only cared for sure. what our guide is trying to say is that plastic doesn't seem to be a problem for the environment in tanzania so. come back in business to see everyone
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know i think you know the business perspective so if the political goal was to. defend the banks. now that our factory visit is finished we can finally show you the wonders of the unforgettable tanzania. unforgettable tanzania. here are the real results of coca cola's famous recycling business and just by looking at the waste collectors we were told about it's clear that the recycling business is first and foremost a poverty economy. overall and one. that i know there are
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a lot of trouble that there are rather you know that are before for them to care that are. only allowed to but i don't question that you can get an a. i had flu china for truffle that it. was then i want to show the downside of. the hey if i don't. get this whole full place for sure john the i knew where you're from and pay i think time in syria said. british. somewhere else for that in africa will fuck around mr hates it for jim and then i hope it. of course.
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there's a survival guide book stacie just to start simply. he should. get a. repatriation look at the last seven years. of the. record. she'll be even begin to look what their mother sat still observed in mile for most of the independent voters with meters that they took with. me to day. i used to sit on my lemon who speculated that me or the
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jamie as the old. now are terrified of the guillotine but because he lied i'm only but that never. seemed like him to make the royal i me or the only marrow have gone floating closer got bigger make it is a season when a luther. king . is fifty years old and has three children that she is raising by herself. to feed her family she collects plastic on the beach. but not the best a half hour subsequent to the plumber told herself a lot of talk and play when you are. a little too lazy to notice
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a good enough or just a bit like the mexican you know your mil or. evidentially sanny is also leaving its mark in tanzania. by working eight hours a day much i can collect up to twenty kilos of bottles at two hundred fifty shillings a kilo that's ten cents. she earns less than two million records and that's on a good day. someone didn't come with them and they're going after money when i would buy the reason i asked to help you to see did this particular amount to the young man that was going to affect in this your cause yep i'm of the twelve and i need to sell as a because you bought it but they are going to be there because the money and i need to conduct it's are gonna come up. why the price is down the national such as in
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the country and. too much plastic and too many people like mata who connect empty bottles just to scrape by. to bear witness to the most unsustainable side of this savage recycling economy we head to the longest tape in the land dar es salaam the economic capital of the country. every time a truck arrives to unload waste it's the same friends a. beggar
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get your mouth. about not a fool gonna order some ice that the job was a while you come by he's going to. loose up unions or is no pinto it till we are yelled down you know what you know the brain does its job but with your board and i was it off. you national guard. and so they. resort to using their bare hands to dig through other people's waste. but only when you've got an actual well we did you're one of us and when i didn't mention an ngo. bias in my news i am a lawyer zero zero. at h. the model moon has already spent two years rifling through waste in search of plastic that's more than enough to know that there is only one moved to the
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recycling business here only the strongest to make it. would all go where it resides. so much joke i'm by no means out the dark corner a little rough around there is more than just about the door and out. it's time to clean the windscreen and head elsewhere. we go to meet the people who dictate them nor on the new market for recycled plastic. we find them in the suburbs of dar es salaam. these are the companies who buy plastic bottles this one is the largest in the country.
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people coming here we never would have been madge and filming anything quite like this. a mountain of empty plastic bottles that you have to climb with seventy kilos grams on your head. at first we're almost fascinated by this blue mountain and the incessant coming and going of climb this all smooth and then loads. but then we talk to the workers.
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yeah but back it was our. enemy to me who are. you know. enemy number one. and i'm. not going to have it in the sound. of your court that's not the limit for me. at the foot of the mountain these workers begin their final sorting session they put the colored bottles and plastic bags to one side. they put the clear bottles into launch bags these bottles then go through these machines to be reduced to small pieces before they can be recycled. and. until very recently the company exported this plastic to china the largest buyer of recycled plastic in the world this is what the side manager is about to explain to us. yesterday when i was working and asking for collectors tell you about this on
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the price went down a few months ago and really laid down the wise saying that be my tool by this time we strolled. in september in the east bank owned slaves ready to explode because does not know if you know my kid so what did you do when you couldn't export to china oh i keep on buying we buy and we buy you but you see the money paid to this is because you couldn't sell to china yes so i can. early. in twenty seventeen china announced that it no longer wanted to be the world's largest rubbish bin and that they would stop porting used plastic from january twentieth. this decision led to the collapse of the recycled plastic market or precarious business and an economy that rests entirely on the backs of the most vulnerable.
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back at the coca-cola headquarters we speak to michael goldsman the vice president of the company again. we. we. see measure. you know as you would expect.
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me. yeah. yeah yeah. they do. i'm going called fail meant and. under the fair.
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circular economy. business. i don't see. clearly.
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if. they're. next. good ease on this one too christopher no small poor korean system a. good. day. beauty. no. t.s.a. . not even
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a trend of the multiple dead and eat. it too soon maybe for we for all of in here doesn't know what i mean that's for the terror. doesn't. class the members. here the system the. clique you put are you teasing. you. owns some plastic. you know. some test eek all over why do government as depressed seek. that post i say that i'm back to cowboy on. mate yeah days if in a fast a dog simple sock you full metal presses just empennage i collect the money with
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coca-cola you can still taste the feeling in plastic bottles zero waste does not mean zero plastic and the promise of a circular economy is very far away to conclude our investigation a single statistic will suffice during the length of this film nearly thirteen million bottles of plastic left been sold by the coca-cola group throughout the world. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mattered the us is over twenty
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trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember in one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only bloomberg. this is the system. for. the. edge of
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man knowing. that there's another machine and not. can if you could vote was no great if the ball was anonymous to let in a little like the battle they have wait for the last three of a good watch that a little more than ability. the men that are being. given the people. who give the night. what the how do we call our day a soon i'll us are. not go join me the whole corn dog for. why did not let out on a year or so and i think just. to fool.
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i. was. five us. violence erupts on the streets of wrongs as yellow vests protesters turn out for a thirteen consecutive weekend to condemn the policies of the government. with venezuela's humanitarian crisis worsening the country's opposition leader says he's not ruled out calling.


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