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it's a mash told. mr president and please introduce more until. you have produced because it looks for two snippets on the two new yorkers that is the girls who it really is who produced the young she shouldn't feel you should cook door for them or was do or do the. violence erupts on the streets of france as yellow vest protesters turn out for a thirteenth consecutive weekend to condemn the policies of the mccrone government . plus among the week's biggest stories with venezuela's humanitarian crisis worsening the country's opposition leader says he's not ruled out calling for
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military intervention to overthrow president bush during. under syria's devastating eighty along begins drawing to a close r.t. looks at the former suffered by the country's children and. their discontent. it's sunday on the enemies as well as today's headline news we're also bringing you the week's biggest stories as well let's get you up to speed first almost been happening in france this weekend it's been rocked by a thirteenth consecutive weekend of yellow vest protests with fierce clashes breaking out between demonstrators and police in the capital one person had part of their hand blown off by a crowd control grenade. video agency. recorded the aftermath but please be wrong
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but some of the images are graphic. was. definitely. through me at the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg and he tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction and the grenade went off. the yellow vest rallies began last november over rising living costs but quickly morphed into a broader set of protests. with ortiz estimate that more than fifty thousand people demonstrated nationwide on saturday four thousand of them in paris alone.
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because our demands remain in place that's why we are marching we're demanding better salaries and conditions in france. we're here because we don't want to be subject to government decisions without having a say we have one group the elite of them who decide whether we have the right not what we have to pay for our message is the same this harsh we want a better life so what has the government done to try and stem these protests well president michael gave a big speech back in december where he announced that the minimum wage the cynic would rise by a hundred jews a month he also said that people who were in businesses for the n.b.a. they wouldn't have to pay social contributions and that a new tax and people over time would be in a similar situation no tax no social contributions on that and the government is in
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the middle of a national debate across france getting people together to air their concerns to talk about the things that matter to them so the government can decide whether to make changes that people say or not however the jle asians have said this isn't enough and many felt that the office the concessions being given by president might go on with too little too late and that's why they've kept coming out to the streets and now we're hearing that the protest isn't going to change tactics permanently the government is becoming more and more repressive we denounce the extreme violence and the use of excessive. force the authority is not seeking compromise but passing laws that limit our rights so we have collectively decided not to declare the time and place of demonstration some powers from now on rule not be the partners in crime with the government there is the mention there of a law to limit right so what these relations are referring there to is what's known as the anti hooligan or it was discussed recently by deputies the m.p.'s in the
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lower house in the national assembly and they've approved that now that lou it's going to move on to the senate before it goes on the statute books but that law would essentially limit some of the individuals from going to protest if they deemed to be a public threat also part of the rule is the idea that if you cover your face going into a protest even with the simple scarf you could be liable to up to a year in jail and a fine of fifteen thousand euros so many people claiming that this new law which is set to pass in the next few weeks here in france is actually contra against their civil liberties. tensions have been continuing to rise in venezuela this week as the struggle for power threatens to unleash chaos on friday the opposition leader told journalists he has not ruled out calling for a u.s. military intervention against president the door of government. that i am there no we would do everything possible once again this is obviously a very very controversial subject the making use of our sovereignty and within our
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jurisdiction we will do what's necessary on tuesday the venezuelan government claimed it had intercepted an arms shipment flown in from miami the interior ministry said the stash included assault weapons ammunition and communications equipment security officials allege that the arms were intended for criminal and terrorist groups financed by the us. for despite facing immense pressure to step down venezuela's president told r.t. that he will resist washington's push for regime change you can watch our exclusive interview with nicolas maduro on r.t. dot com. there will be no war or military intervention the venezuelan about it doesn't mean that we shouldn't get ready to fight for our land use every media outlet to urge the entire world heads of state heads of government or world leaders social movements and the international community to denounce the sort steps gentle traumas taking against venezuela and to stop him threaten us with
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a military intervention in venezuela has not surrendered and never will what's donald trump sconces bellies against venezuela what is it do we have w m d's are we a threat to u.s. national security you know what the cost is bally's here then is a well an oil and as well as resources go and natural gas diamonds or water our material wealth and the twenty first century and is not the time for cannon fire and military threats you know the twenty first century should be a century of dialogue civilized behavior politics respect for god version peace peaceful coexistence and finding peaceful diplomatic solutions to international conflicts dielike is the most important thing for venezuela it is a remark to not only be honorable i'm adorers challenge of the power was until recently an almost unknown figure but he's now enjoying widespread support from the international community if a trying to look at how rise to prominence may have been aided by some powerful
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allies they've made him the new interim president but haven't learned how to say his name. you know present one go you know one guido ok mr pompei oh my i have issues with spanish so you know. what you know if you know it's probably not about the language it's just that a little while ago very few people knew who. was even an ms well. i had never heard that name before the first time i had about him was in social media when he declared himself president one way or the barge one where you do just recently supposedly he's the other president of venezuela which honestly think is a joke. whichever way during the first time i heard about why go two years ago. i don't own this short while ago and when this political situation started a little bit for those abroad who loathes nicolas maduro there's an easier last
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name to say lope is if you've never heard of low poll the low because some very important people will definitely have. venezuela should allow lippold alone a political prisoner and husband toting out of prison immediately this man's political ambitions have arranged for a mayor of caracas to the president's office his wife has made friends with world leaders as if she was part of let's say the g. twenty herself so why do we keep on hearing we've recognized why and why go as the new president instead of we've recognized hold a low because first of all he's now under house arrest after being in all kinds of trouble with law enforcement but even his wife says that doesn't stop him from pulling the strings at home he works with all of the opposition everyone he speaks with her on going don't know who is not president and all of the members of popular will and members of all the parties the big ones and the little ones he's taking
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charge of uniting the opposition why dose says they're always in contact and always see eye to eye while even the american media is hinting mr why don't you could just be a pawn in someone else's hand according to the opposition party though he makes his own decisions your polo has been imprisoned for almost five years now so communication with him it's very difficult we have to speak with him so he's funny so i mean basically. gives ideas the decisions are being made by one and the rest of the. perhaps for those who are trying to overthrow a government because of how authoritarian and corrupt it is admitting the whole show is being run by someone who could be a full on state department puppet is kind of dodgy we can leaks has spilled the beans on exchanges between us diplomats with step by step descriptions of how
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leopoldo lopez should rise to power by the way speaking of scandals lopez's wife was all over the news when a mountain of local cash worth sixty thousand bucks was found in her car. this money is to pay for my grandma who is hundred years old and has been hospitalized three days she has no insurance and a country where it takes a suitcase full of all of our bills to buy a coffee no one out there protesting in the street has that kind of money so maybe someone like one without the awkward baggage is an easier sell. during his highly anticipated state of the union address on tuesday don't trump outlined some of the threats he believes america is facing now among them were illegal immigration terrorism and socialism and with income inequality continuing to grow in the united states that's when the ideas do seem to be on something of a rebound as credible but now explains how those who watch donald trump state of the union address would have
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a hard time missing one particular moment the topic of socialism america will never be a socialist country. eighty not mild words at all and it's not the first time the trial has raised the specter of socialism all nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery that it brings us to everyone. but the socialists they say that he's just afraid of their rising popularity i have thought it was fabulous because it shows that we've gotten under his skin he has no vision for this country everything is about what he doesn't want everything is about the boogie man and they've got a point after all bernie sanders is one of the most popular politicians in the country but. it's not only republicans that are fearing the rise of socialism you've also got
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the establishment in the blue corner concerned as now at this point a majority of democrats say that socialism is the way forward for america where we can say. is that this is. elizabeth has a say in the party party right now. and that is getting perhaps. i would say capitalization of the party presented by the republicans pro truck media going as far as printing guidelines on how to inoculate your children against the rising ideological danger. so we decided to go out to the district here in new york that elected alexandria
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a cacio cortez the rising star of democratic socialism and we decided to see how people here feel about the ideology that went pretty far in defining the twentieth century and why do you think people here voted for her i think a bit of her because she was pretty evil to verb because he's charismatic and i think they also voted for because of the change from the guy that was in it before who's very much liked in bed to a lot of people are afraid to show up so i mean anything to veer away from what trump is doing i think to feel people feel more confident about what's going on you know trump recently said the usa will never be a socialist country do you agree with him. i guess so yeah i think he's right. i don't see that happening united states being great now we know anything that comes out of his mouth is the complete opposite he's the result world so if he says america will never be so it was going through i feel very good nor going to miracle will become a socialist country are you afraid of socialism. will. to some extent year i don't
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think that will be appropriate for this country i don't know too much bought it so i don't know if i could be afraid of it no no we also got a chance to speak with journalist dan was there dan can you tell me is socialism. no longer a dirty word in american politics well it's a dirty word still in certain quarters but it's more acceptable now in other quarters and it was a few years ago next to bernie sanders and. alexandria ocasio cortez now do you think it is possible that bernie sanders might run against trump there saying he's the most likely to be trump is it possible that we could get a trump versus sanders ticket in the upcoming election i think it's very possible but i don't watch for the predictions but it is very possible yes and is that something the democratic party leadership is afraid of the thing they're out there terrified of i think that if that happens every democratic politician in the country would running for cover. as a member of sanders that's not a democrat just as trump is not really a republican so we'll have to have
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a non democrat versus non republican and everyone in between just just hiding their head in the sand and try to forget your what's going on for a long time it seemed like the s. word was almost profanity and we see the establishment trying to stoke up the same old fears once again however it seems like in twenty nineteen socialism is back on the table for debate came up and r.t. new york you're watching the weekly on the way why the ice all threat is still very much a concern in syria certainly as far as the pentagon's concerned. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instantly of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go
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round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news group. which of us is revolution is screeching to a hold inflation and unemployment cause millions to leave venezuela world powers a lot over whether president maduro should stay but the real question is how should the country move on from its current crisis.
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hello again we'll get on to some of our other big stories from the past week in just a moment first i want to show you what's happening right now in madrid in the spanish capital it's a sea of spanish flags right now it's there in the i think it's the plaza de cologne columbus square thousands of people have turned out for a march in support of spanish unity the protesters have reportedly alive from all across spain to try the prime minister stands on a catamaran and dependence so although this is a march for unity it's not in support of the prime minister let's not forget that the route over castle and dependences and then something of an impasse for a couple of years now the very. very least pedro sanchez the prime minister recently suggested bringing in a mediator to help the talks on self-determination for the breakaway region demonstration this demonstration that was in straw this sunday afternoon by
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a number of right wing parties which is strongly opposed to catalan independence the prime minister of course being leading a socialist governance and as ever with spain these things aren't as easily cuss and dry the prime minister's leading a minority government at the moment he's also got a big budget vote next week and unless he gets those separatists cattle and politics on board that vote is going to fail not only that but also this week there's the trial of the twelve jailed independents leaders so there's a lot on the shoulders of the spanish prime minister at the moment and as you can see thousands of spaniards from across the country clearly frustrated with the way things are going it's very cordial rally but certainly one that's a major turnout we'll keep our cameras trained on that and keep that many screen up life for you during the program. next the pentagon warned on monday that islamic state still poses a significant threat in syria and could quickly reassert control over parts of the
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country if the u.s. withdraws its troops. it is very likely that isis will have the opportunity to set conditions for a future resurgence and territorial control absent sustained counter terrorism pressure isis could likely resurge in syria within six to twelve months or despite the pentagon's warnings the us president seems confident that the terror threats been dealt with donald trump has declared the victory over iceland imminence and stressed his commitment to pulling america's troops out of northern syria it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate. but i want to wait for the official word no want to say too early we look forward to giving our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome back home. great nations do not fight endless wars. it is
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time to give our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome home. well the u.s. currently has around two thousand ground troops in syria their primary role is to provide tactical support kurdish forces in the north of the country america's military involvement in the conflict began back in twenty fourteen when it launched its anti terror operations security analyst in the shabby give us his thoughts on the mixed messages coming from washington and its apparent lack of a clear strategy in syria are three things that i can say about that one that if the pentagon has such strong intelligence about isis and it can tell you exactly that in six months it can regroup and restart how come you didn't have that intelligence in the first place when i started in the first place if they had this they could have stopped it from the beginning so if they have such strong that they're supposed to send this to the president and tell him that no it is not yet eradicate and it will take more than a week to eradicate and destroy isis i think that makes sense in
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a general reasonable way the second point is that this contradiction shows that there is no plan and there doesn't seem to be a strategy a clear strategy of the american administration and there are some people in the pentagon who are really annoyed by parents lead by the white house stepping in with no experience no knowledge of what's going on in the field and the third thing and that is a very interesting thing that the fact that the americans and the pentagon keeps insisting that isis is there is because it justifies the american involvement in this part of the world the war against terror is a justification for the american presence and american involvement in the affairs of the countries of the region under the pretext that it's fighting terrorism. while syria's brutal conflict appears to be gradually drawing to a close for many the scars are going to last a lifetime and altie crew has been looking at the trauma suffered by children who spent their early years in areas controlled by extremist fighters has been hearing some of their harrowing stories the programs available to watch online but here's
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a quick look. good. the issue of. the. clip is condemned muslims. can as you read about and you can not about all of them ok. and. as i don't want to read anything at all in implementing the name of the man that had. a lot on never having to visit later. that sort of tears as. systematics again or not additional for. this midnight prayer with. a woman it's good but it who shall it be and i'm headed there on a yacht and stand in front of the mill i didn't see either how good the valued at
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about i wanted. to. show my actual photo in the video but. i did not leave the. genoa sun on a santa general tone there never was one i don't eat i want real baba now wandering around. the back of the. hundred nine am trying to enforce them come from the facade a hand. i come so short. of the day it comes to show. chauffeur. genesee and falun gong montanna. i adore you the war news of the war a war a smile swore what a good morning not ask what news you know how to.
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nafisa. about four programs available online it's a tough walk but it's only for provoking of the weekend for this hour thanks very much for watching but we'll keep watching what's happening in madrid to that unity rally and i'll have more for you off the wall to partly to keep form a figure in venezuela's top political circle who talks to us about the country's current. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. as you read the stand and hear from us and. move on what has. run out of this that i know are rather shocked at the rather cross i thought before for them to care that they're. only allowed combative i don't question them you can keep an eye on what i don't think is a channel for truffle not that. you know that i think the. number . certainly i would hate for not doing.
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anything to get the whole fool. the i knew you had an unfair r.c. time in syria since. he she has evolved from my last farthing to me after that i will fuck around mr hates it for jim and then we are far from it are fairly in your court. even. the country has gone into a nihilistic fever. hit the road and get out to traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius to put american hero this is it we've come to a point which alan would have done so we always are on the. culture. we're starting west with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into
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the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't know any more. it may be completely different but in this. part two decades after hugo chavez won his first election his boley very and revolution is screeching to a halt with runaway inflation and unemployment higher than ever millions are believed to have left. and while the world powers are now locked over whether the president would do or should go to the bigger question is where should the country
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move from here to discuss that i'm now joined by rafael ramirez close ally of president chavez and a harsh critic of both president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader. mr ramirez it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you thank you might wish in many a western media you're referred to as are their former oil czar or hugo chavez says dr who. man i wonder how do you personally see yourself now. and hearing europe but i cannot disclosure because. under persecution from the government of venezuela i used to be. the most important post in the. hour. now i know that you had a major falling out with president maduro in two thousand and seventeen you accused
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him of incompetence and your supreme power he accused you of corruption but if we try to put those personal grievances to decide what do you make all file what's happening in and around venezuela right now. everybody sure that everybody sec read that our country faces a very deep. crisis in the political economic and also in the saucer size in the political side that we have now to. president. mr way though. of. constitutional we have a problem in the political. guys in the economical sides that we are confronting. more than one point seven million percent.


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