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thank you thank you. it. was. below best protester loses his hundred clashes with police as the anti-government movement takes to the streets for thirteen consecutive weekends. last in the stories that others say the we can buy as well as opposition leader says he hasn't ruled out calling for u.s.
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military intervention to overthrow president majeure oh we spoke exclusively with both from. time to styria struggles to rebuild after eight years of war also a look at the trauma suffered by the country's children. and on to my beloved us. and. to a very warm welcome you're watching the weekly here on r.t. international with mean ikey airing the top story this hour france has been hit by a thirteenth weekend of yellow vests protests with clashes again breaking out in the capital one activist had most of his hand blown off by a crowd control grenade artie's ruptly video agency recorded the off tomorrow we should warn you some of the images are disturbing.
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you. know you. know. was. the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg and he tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction and the grenade went off our sister channel r.t. france spoke with the father of the protester who lost his hand. on our susan we stayed in the hospital until late night to find out what's going to happen with him he's lost everything from the wrist down then we met the ophthalmologist to talk about his i he's only wasn't affected too much there's some superficial wounding but his hand is gone we'll file a complaint and then see what happens if he's not dead on a sunday and yesterday sebastian basically lost his hand in front of the national
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assembly he's crippled and he's a plumber he needs his hand to deal with basic daily stuff he's lost and because i don't know if you understand how symbolic it is but sebastian lost his hand in front of the national assembly the house of the people and the government hasn't said a word they are concerned about the fact that the house of mr feraud the president of the national assembly was burned but is just material resources while in front of the second residency of mr for iran the president of the national assembly a person has lost his hand. although the arson attack mentioned there on the home of the head of the national assembly wasn't directly linked to processes similar tactics were used on saturday with several cars that's on fire the yellow vests rallies began last november of a rising living costs and quickly morphed into a broader anti-government protest campaign authours he's estimate that more than fifty thousand people rallied nationwide on saturday four thousand of them in paris
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. so what has the government done to try and stem these protests well a president gave a big speech back in december where he announced that the minimum wage the civic would rise by a hundred jews a month he also said that people who were in businesses for the n.b.a. they wouldn't have to pay social contributions and that a new tax and people over time would be in a similar situation no tax no social contributions on that and the government is in the middle of a national debate across france getting people together to add a concerns to talk about the things that matter to them so the government can decide whether to make changes that people say or not however the jle asians have
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said this isn't enough and many felt that the office the concessions being given by president might go on with too little too late and that's why they've kept coming out to the streets and now we're hearing that the protest isn't going to change tactics permanently the government is becoming more and more repressive we denounce the extreme violence and the use of excessive force the authority is not seeking compromise but bossing rules that limit our rights so we have collectively decided not to declare the time and place of demonstration some powers from now on rule not be. the partner some crime with the government there was the mention there of the law to limit right so what these relations are referring that series what's known as the anti who can know it was discussed recently by deputies the m.p.'s in the lower house in the national assembly and they've approved that not that law it's going to move on to the senate before it goes on the statute books but that law would essentially limit some of the individuals from going to protests if they
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deemed to be a public threat also part of them who is the idea that if you cover your face going into a protest even with the simple stuff you could be liable to up to a year in jail and a fine of fifteen thousand euros so many people claiming that this new law which is set to pass in the next few weeks here in france is actually contra against their civil liberties so that i am against this law because where is the proof that these are real hooligans the government can choose who's a hooligan and who's not going to see this law as against the march this is to stop people rallying to scare people see the complete gives or to this organize the rioters craze question i find it a bit appalling i guess it's a complicated issue will they detain the real rioters that's the real question or will they just pick up any you know a vast i've seen not just ordinary people who are going out to demonstrate who are peaceful people who cannot stand anymore to have the only answer from the
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government being violence that tomorrow they cannot cover their face because police fired tear gas at them what type of democracy is this is below could enable police to impeach people from going to demonstrations because there's a doubt that they might bring trouble to the demonstrations this is minority report we're going to arrest people send them to jail because we think that maybe they may commit a crime this is just showing the tyrannical side of my comment today and i think it's going to be more central to the streets to the internet to the social networks to denounce the system until until he. and as well as self-proclaimed interim leader who has blamed the country's our ongoing crisis on the vanity of the media or government mr glide only spoke exclusively to r.t. here's a short extract from that interview and me and other innocent and seeing millions of in the zone skip supporting nicolas maduro how are you planning to win them over let them hear is out all we want is to be heard and for our plan for the country's
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restoration to be heard a future we're building together i've told you that recently just a few days ago we had a meeting with ministers who worked on the chavez not the chair of us today youth function members of a student movement were in attendance to let them hear as now let them hear is in the future but politics is notoriously poor of good intentions what if you fail to make good on your promises politics and life are first and foremost it's about being attentive and then you can come good on those deeds actions on the delivery of humanitarian aid the protection of our assets the protection of our citizens the protection of newborn babies who should not have died in and so article a few days ago because the vanity of some people and there are only a few of them who don't even recognize this is a crisis which is recognized by the un and many other organizations and we will be showing more of that interview on monday here on r.t. international this week we also spoke to venezuela's president nicolas maduro you
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can watch that interview in full on our website r.t. dot com but it has a step it. there will be no war or military intervention he venezuela but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't get ready to fight for our land use every media outlet to urge the entire world heads of state heads of government or world leaders social movements and the international community to denounce the op sort steps donald trump is taking against venezuela and to stop him threaten us with a military intervention in venezuela has not surrender and never will what's donald trump sconces belli against venezuela what is it do we have w m d's are we a threat to u.s. national security you know what the cost is belize here then is a well an oil and as well as resources go and natural gas diamonds or water our material wealth and the twenty first century and he's not the time for cannon fire and military threats you know the twenty first century should be
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a century of dialogue civilized behavior politics the respect for god virtues peace peaceful coexistence and finding peaceful diplomatic solutions to international conflicts dielike is the most important thing for venezuela it is our motto. most western countries now recognize is interim leader of venezuela but until recently he was an almost unknown figure trying to explain. they've made him the new interim president but haven't learned how to say his name. you know present one go you know one guido ok mr pompei oh my i have issues with spanish so you know. what you don't know it's probably not about the language it's just that a little while ago very few people knew who. was even an ms well. i had never heard that name before the first time i had about him was in social
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media when he declared himself president one way or the barge one where you do just recently supposedly he's the other president of venezuela which honestly think is a joke. here where you don't the first time i heard about why go two years ago. go i don't own this short while ago and when this political situation started a little bit for those abroad who loathes nicolas maduro there's an easier last name to say lope is if you've never heard of low poll the low because some very important people will definitely have. venezuela should allow lippold alone a political prisoner and husband toting out of prison immediately this man's political ambitions have arranged for a mayor of caracas to the president's office his wife has made friends with world leaders as if she was part of let's say the g. twenty herself so why do we keep on hearing we've recognized why and why go as the
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new president instead of we've recognized hold a low because first of all he's now under house arrest after being in all kinds of trouble with law enforcement but even his wife says that doesn't stop him from pulling the strings at home he works with all of the opposition everyone he speaks with her on why don't you he's not president and all of the members of popular will and members of all the parties the big ones and the little ones he's taken charge of uniting the opposition one by dos says they're always in contact and always see eye to eye while even the american media is hinting mr why don't you could just be a pawn in someone else's hand according to the opposition party though he makes his own decisions your polo has been imprisoned for almost five years now so communication with him it's very difficult we have to stick with him so he's funny so i mean basically. gives ideas that decisions are being made by
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one and the rest of the. perhaps for those who are trying to overthrow a government because of how authoritarian and corrupt it is admitting the whole show is being run by someone who could be a full on state department puppet is kind of dodgy we can leaks has spilled the beans on exchanges between us diplomats with step by step descriptions of how leopoldo lopez should rise to power by the way speaking of scandals low prices wife was all over the news when a mountain of local cash worth sixty thousand bucks was found in her car. this money is to pay for my grandma who is hundred years old and has been hospitalized three days she has no insurance in a country where it takes a suitcase full of all of our bills to buy a coffee no one out there protesting in the street has that kind of money so maybe someone like one why do without the awkward baggage is an easier sell.
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during his highly anticipated state of the union address on tuesday donald trump outlined some of the threats he believes america is facing among them illegal immigration terrorism and socialism and with income inequality grew and continuing to grow in the u.s. left wing ideas do seem to be on the rebound as kenneth morgan reports that those who watch donald trump state of the union address would have a hard time missing one particular moment the topic of socialism america will never be a socialist country. critique not mild words at all and it's not the first time the trump has raised the specter of socialism all nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery that it brings us to everyone. but the socialists they say that he was just afraid
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of their rising popularity i had thought it was fabulous because it shows that we've gotten under his skin and he has no vision for this country everything is about what he doesn't want everything is about the boogie man and they've got a point after all bernie sanders is one of the most popular politicians in the country but. it's not only republicans that are fearing the rise of socialism you've also got the establishment in the blue corner concerned as now at this point a majority of democrats say that socialism is the way forward for america rulebook and saying one of the things this didn't show is that democratic socialism is the said. party party right now. and that disunity perhaps. i would say capitalization of the party presented by the republicans trump media going as far as printing guidelines on how to inoculate your children against the
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rising ideological danger. so we decided to go out to the district here in new york that elected alexandria kazuo cortez the rising star of democratic socialism and we decided to see how people here feel about the ideology that went pretty far in defining the twentieth century and why do you think people here voted for her. to vote of her because she was pretty evil to verb because jurors meant it would be also voted for because of the change from the guy that was in it before who's very much liked in bed to a lot of people for the short of being anything. to veer away from what trump is doing i had to go through people feel more confident about what's going on you know
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trump recently said the usa will never be a socialist country do you agree with him. i guess so yeah i think he's right. i don't see that happening and i say it's doing great now we know anything that comes out of his mouth is the complete opposite he's the brazil world so if he says america will never be so it was going through i feel very good nor going to miracle will become a socialist country are you afraid of socialism. will. to some extent year i don't think it will be appropriate for this country unless i don't know too much pot it's only because i could be afraid of it no no we also got a chance to speak with journalist dan was there dan can you tell me is socialism no longer a dirty word in american politics well it's a dirty word still in certain quarters but it's more acceptable now in other quarters and it was a few years ago now as to bernie sanders and and alexandria ocasio cortez now do you think it is possible that bernie sanders might run against trump there saying
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he's the most likely to be trump is it possible that we could get a trump versus sanders ticket in the upcoming election i think is very possible but i don't watch for that predictions but it is very possible yes and is that something the democratic party leadership is afraid of the thing they're out there terrified of that i think that if that happens every democratic politician in the country would running for cover. as a member of sanders is not a democrat just as trump is not really a republican so we'll have to have a non-democratic versus not republican and everyone in between just just hiding their head in the sand and try to forget gore was going on for a long time it seemed like the s word was almost profanity and we see the establishment trying to stoke up the same old fears once again however it seems like in twenty nineteen socialism is back on the table for debate came up and r.t. new york. no one expected the u.k. the exit from. the european union to be easy but this week the bloke's leader's way
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to turn up the heat on britain's abraxas is issuing some extraordinary criticism a comedy of sorts that dante and self would appreciate. that i would be welcomed every critique what that special place. to look so looks like photo cool promoted back to result even a sketch of a plot of how to cut rates safely.
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this deadly hurin mania is doing his best to keep the united kingdom found by the chains of the huge bureaucracy in control i hope i'm not going to help but if i do that is a decision for the lord almighty and not for the president of the european council we have been in an unholy democratic hell since one thousand nine hundred seventy three chains of brussels time to break free. i praise be that has been just the language that you just made which is not helpful and cool widespread just say in the united kingdom. i believe it now but i have never seen the view of the college i was. the do my job here it's how do i help it.
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the pentagon warned this week that islamic state still poses a significant threat in syria and could quickly we assert control of a part of the country if the u.s. withdraws its troops it is very likely that isis will have the opportunity to set conditions for a future resurgence and territorial control absent sustained counter terrorism pressure isis could likely resurge in syria within six to twelve months despite the pentagon's warnings the u.s. president seems confident the terror threat has been dealt with donald trump
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declared that victory i've i still is imminent and stressed his commitment to pulling america's troops out of northern syria it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate . but i want to wait for the official word they want to say too early we look forward to giving our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome back home great nations do not fight endless wars. it is time to give our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome home. u.s. currently has around two thousand ground troops in syria their primary goal is to provide tactical support to kurdish forces in the north of the country america's military involvement in the conflict began in twenty fourteen when it loosed its
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anti terror operations security analyst i'm on a xabi gave us his thoughts on the mixed messages coming from washington and its apparent lack of a clear strategy in syria there are three things that i can say about that one that if the pentagon has such strong intelligence about isis and it can tell you exactly that in six months it can regroup and restart how come we didn't have that intelligence in the first place when i started in the first place if they had this they could have stopped it from the beginning so if they have such strong that they're supposed to send this to the president and tell him that no it is not yet eradicated and it will take more than a week to eradicate and destroy isis i think that makes sense in a general reasonable way the second point is that this contradiction shows that there is no plan doesn't seem to be a strategy a clear strategy of the american administration and there are some people in the pentagon who are really annoyed by parent lee by the white house stepping in with no experience no knowledge of what's going on in the field and the third thing and
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that is a very interesting thing that the fact that the americans and the pentagon keeps insisting that isis is there is because it justifies the american involvement in this part of the world the war against terror is a justification for the american presence and american involvement in the affairs of the countries of the region under the pretext that it's fighting terrorism. all serious personal eight year conflict appears to be gradually drawing to a close so many the scars will last a lifetime and are secretly has been looking at the trauma suffered by children who spent the early years in areas controlled by extremist fighters the programs available to watch online has some of it now. this would. lead to him to. lose condemned he.
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can as you read about and you can not about all of them ok. and. as i don't want to read anything at all but if there were no name about that had. a lot on never having to visit later. what i said appears as a system must execute on the hostages not for. this midnight prayer with. our musket but in the ocean it didn't have to be on the out of the stadium and that the military could see out how the value of value wanted. to. show my actual foot in the face but. i did not leave the. channel in the sun on the santa channel hands on there never was one i don't eat i want real baba and i want him. damn all the trash over under
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nine am trying to enforce them soft on the facade a hand. i can say short. of the girl who up there comes to show. chauffeur. genesee and falun gong montanna. i adore you the war news of the war a war a smile swore he was a little boy not boss what news you know how to. meanwhile in a rock many youngsters have grown up in similar circumstances a group of russian children who spent time in
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a baghdad prison with their mothers have been brought back to moscow this video from the russian emergencies ministry says the arriving at a moscow airport there are twenty seven children in total aged between four and thirteen the exact details of how they ended up in iraq are unclear but it's believed there are many of them were brought there by their radicalized parents all of them of being resettled in the homes of their relatives. russia's ambassador to the u.s. that down with r.t. this week to speak about the stumbling blocks existing between the two countries as well as areas where their interests do allow for close cooperation. i only have treaty is dealing with the security or european countries and the russian federation i know if is not dealing with the security of the united states for me it's clear if you notice the decides to deploy. in europe it will be a crisis of security for european countries of course we will find solutions we
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will fire. but we all hold my tonight it's the deed. in the region and we are a dear to cooperate together we are looking very attentively at the situation in this country because. such ground is like budgets but when is it was because. there are three german and we see so. troops appeared on the border between alliance and we're going to start. of course we are very much done so on what is going on. we really appreciated all efforts and made by united states in these regards and we are a good look operate together to find the solution how to from one side to dismantle nuclear program of north korea at the same time to ease and to ease sanctions
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against. north korea. i don't understand why russian from so why germany or western countries have to be punished for these economic project it's not position of the russian federation but it is position of . west on the european countries who can see that this project is very useful. there is nothing in policy in this. project that brings that to speed on the latest headlines we will be back in half an hour with the latest see that. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. countries gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i think and they've got to hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlottes and the geniuses this american hero this is it we found the point around which hollywood has gone insane where starting last.


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