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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  February 10, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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and tom. join me every thursday on the elec simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. on the welcome to walter part two decades after hugo chavez won his first election
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his boley berry and revolution is screeching to a d.z. halt with runaway inflation and unemployment higher than ever millions are believed to have left in his and wild world powers are now lost over what their president would do or should go to the bigger question is where should the country move from here to discuss that i'm now joined by rafael ramirez close ally of president chavez and a harsh critic of both president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader. mr ramirez it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you think is my position in many western media you're referred to as either former oil czar or hugo chavez says dr had man i wonder how do you personally see yourself now well. i hearing you but i cannot disclose. or. or
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persecution from the government of venezuela or used to be the oil minister for pressing charges with twelve years. hundley the most important post in the direction of our whoosh and now i know that you had a major falling out with president maduro in two thousand and seventeen you accused him of incompetence and the supreme power he accused you of corruption but if we try to put those personal grievances to decide what do you make all file what's happening in and around venezuela right now i believe everybody i sure that everybody sec read that our country faces a very deep. terrible crisis in the political side economic concise and also in the saucer size in the political side that we have now to search for a crime in president. mr way though what of. our
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constitution we have a problem in the political side for legitimacy of these two guys in the economical size that we are confronting he'll push. more than one point seven million percent. of the supply of medicines the food they were lewisham all saw the gorman half of the straw. sector which is the most important in the country in the source inside. the our people are suffering because of where our games. after the prison charges we are now facing the poverty of our people didn't miss any of our people. work we're suffering the excellence of our young people. more than four million of people have been left the country if their first time in our. the story well deeper the position often is our is indeed very
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troubling and i know that you put most of the blame on president maduro his lack of competence but for most foreign there is there isn't much difference between let's say the child his administration and the mature administration they're really seen as two sides of the same coin why is it different from you why why do you put so much blame on my door and seemingly exonerate president chavez entirely. not only incompetent. history. many. of the. first. or. destroy. one of the most powerful
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company in the world contrary to. the main issue for our economy. being all of. the. missions in my country and then. thing. is not. completely different but mr ramirez i think what you are not mentioning is a very sharp change in economic environment between the two administrations president chavez had the benefit of high oil prices while present majoris term client side it's been a very sharp decline in the hydrocarbon markets as critical and skeptical as you are of competence is it fair to blame this crisis a very very deep crisis. him in charlie rather than on the whole ball is very an
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economic system i don't believe the president chavez enjoyed. different situation in the oil slick though during the cold the period remember that when we arrived at the government with the president charice the oil price be. ten dollars per barrel then we recorded the unity inside their bank and they were quoted the press of oil but the most important is the challenge that we're able to recover the control of the oil industry the oil sake those are also the money that well formed the oil industry a good management of the oil industry then would be able to get all the revenues from the oil sector in favor of our economy we would the prison service we will spend and we enjoy more done ten years of the contrary they are growing in the
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economical sector also in the sources now you said in one recent interview that if charis were still alive and if he saw the state of the country today he would have probably mounted a coup d'etat against my do or what makes you believe that sure sure because i know the canonical and source your situation is even worse than when the president charice made. in ninety ninety two now it's worse the situation. really believe the charges will be very concerned about the current situation because i'm a dude who has to be conducting a work or two for the suster in the source an economic point of view but also he says been affecting the poor people who has been hitting the they hit the poor people this. our people know is trying to flying
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a little box with some fort worth people trying to escape the country. open the. door to the private companies international companies. to do the same reasons why i chose conduct in ninety ninety two now you clearly have strong connections within did in israel and military would you be willing to be part of such a coup d'etat against president durand do you think in general any sort of core orchestrated by military or somebody else would be in the interest of your country what will it mean let me tell you that i am very clear in my position against any foreign intervention my country gains of the sanctions because. we have to reject that but it sure would mother with them have any chance to
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recover the country both and neither with what though because. you go behind what door is this when you're in the country also with some support from the us then we believe that we need to farms find some ways so into mean away sunburns way to avoid the violence. intervention the right sector to be in the position to the constitution is what i understood your your position perfectly but let me rephrase my question again have you been in any contact with the venezuelan military recently to discuss possible ways of solving venezuelan crisis yes permanently permanently and have how do you discuss your own the role in that in the resolution. that crisis
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a great to hear my country has been a worsening from the four years ago how the situation is. a warning. about economical situation i prepared more than. eighteen documents warning about the situation but nobody wants to hear me warning that how to protect our own oil company which is the main factor in the economy then are you still in contact with my people. writing i just making interviews because they believe that we have the opportunity to her solve this problem with the violence you said in a recent interview that you would be even open to run for presidency in your country it seems that you're positioning yourself as a third i'll turn it of between the current president and the leader of the opposition of course yes because i believe that we need to study the constitution
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to open the political game i mean we have to us can people our people what do you want to do in the future for their recent i believe that i'm ready to do show for the people position. on the. principles but also open the live four hundred a new situation i'm sure you would agree that this kind of choice should be left up to the venezuelan people but you know that the international politics is always more complicated than that i know that you have good ties among when israel and international partners first of all russia and china but do you think that americans do you think the europeans are likely to see your candidate sure as a consensus what. the consensus of my people when. we have to explain for everybody all the contras the interests of my country in my country that we have to preserve the business we have. to preserve the functioning of the
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contrie we have to her star is the economy under the rule of law oh this is on the interests of everybody for that reason is very bad on your current situation for there is so i believe that we need to be making backing by the army now our socialism is extremely difficult system to pull off we the russians know that better than anyone else. regardless of who is in charge whether it is you mr go i don't know mr madeira do you think that is all i can continue or relying on a planned economy going forward will i believe that the plan for the. present to the current to in two thousand and twelve was a good one we call the plan for their homeland it is a star is the main issues daughter kori the stability of our core tree i believe that we need to base on this plan in goading to show for our people the possibility
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to get again the normality in the court i believe that i believe we need to restart all or were programmes in god into recovery the situation mr america we have to take a short break right now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. the swarms of them so moving. and good your local was before. much of those who heard the very few who use to see him will. we will.
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should cook door for the one who's do you do the. fathers' financial survival guide i don't buy i passed on a futures. faith ulcer thought it was the last of my actually future truck i watched kaiser. welcome back to the part because rafael premier is a close ally of president chavez and now a presidential hopeful in venezuela. mr ramirez just before the break we started talking about possible ways of recovering the venezuelan economy and you know just a few days ago president when doura gave an exclusive interview charting which he
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was asked the same question and he's answer was rather prefer lacson because he talked about markets majerus and fix prices in one breath something that would be an absolute oxymoron to most economists in purely economic terms what emergency stuff should we sell it take right now to move out of this predicament yes the most important. economic sense will. we know how to do because the oil is there we have. two hundred. industry look at the. industry then at the time to position. our company and then the producer.
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you're still twenty. three months after the control of the industry will gain the production to trim. all. the first step will be to industry because they ninety percent of our income came from the oil revenue when they leave the company into those who fourteen they begin to fourteen the pollution was three million. then no one. knows the mission management of the oil industry including our partner from the. from china from. anybody no. they don't have any knowledge about well you round up company for more than a day kate you certainly have the experience but how exactly you would recover the
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oil industry given the pressure that is put on the news alibi the united states and assuming we i.c.m. that the western partners the european partners would also fall over the sanctions yeah but that sanctions. knows is it's not necessary. to affect him in that the strong way a work or tree is somebody with the knowledge man that will be able to manage the industry will be able to defeat the sanctions it's not the first time in two thousand day in the us in both sunshine and spirits or they will look at any technological assistant any funds of financial assistance but at the time we are ready to respond we have been ready to respond the problem is that current direction they don't. they don't be ready to do nothing nothing then there is one problem but it's not the only one of only a step to do the secular step in when we need to take some action to restore is
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some kind of monetary policy we need to liberate the rate of change and we need to to open the to receive more investment in more. dollars and differing currency the same thirty step is that we need to. restore is the internet produce producing now nobody producing nothing inside the courtroom now in this industrial sector no for producing food nobody had them that happen because also in the economical sic to do you need some good and more for a song confidence in the leadership of the country i know that you've also been very vocal about the need to overcome the so-called oil rant ism or the dutch disease and arguably the best time to do that was during the boom years when you
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were presiding over the industry what prevented the even is alan leadership at that time from pursuing that because it's not too easy we spend the whole three years with some more. both for the national companies during all. three twenty then it's not easy the prison term is suspended a lot of time first of all to sterilize a new political secondly to create a new legal framework then of the parole in the huge source your parole and we facing at that time and then just then the oil industry when prison terms proposed a plan for the home a. homeland in my contrary that's including hope to develop the. economical sectors. not all sectors in the core to our
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work we need to move but no you have to work or. you have to recovery the company because you will need to do whatever you want to do you need to record the oil sector now there americans are very open about dar intention to put their hands on the bin a sale an oil they never had before but i think now they are more open about that than ever but what's interesting is that the trumpet ministry in addition to oil has introduced another factor and they are now framing venezuela as a threat to the american national security i'm sure you you saw our secretary of state mike compare. alleging that even his elem government has ties with iran and hizbollah what do you make of that you know that they will declare that they will take the control of oil up in the lead it's not a secret plan for devery some i believe we have to defend our constitution because
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in our constitution the current constitution. has claimed the property of the also the property for our national oil company in fact. the opposition. starting with the pre with decision of. the. women to fly we need to. also. program. control of the oil industry now i ask you a lot of questions about the present material let me also follow up with a few questions about the self appointed and interim president who i'm go i don't know the speed with which the americans they trumpet ministration through their support behind him do you think it and up how ping or hurting his standing in the eyes of the venezuelan people. to face. behind this threat i mean. when party.
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people too used to be very of law against the president then they are using tool. to try to capitalize this us to go in go than to pose for the first time in our history son is three million wing government in the courtroom this is a done for the country because nobody will be able to impose a new mall. over the border of the us the chinese more existing a block we are a huge quantity of the courtroom then we need to find something of agreement to run the country in the future but that the reason i'm asking is this question is because one russian observer called what's happening in india in venezuela a fight between economic logic and national pride as much as the people may be
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frustrated with the mentor is economic policies don't you think the american endorsement of quite all makes it far more difficult for the people to reject my do or because that would be seen as surrendering to the americans of course yes i believe that the my your duty of the people especially when military people they don't will any. mean there any invasion the inherent in our issues. we have on our various trauma history. and if he remembered where the sun from the. then that is in the beam of the conscience of our people we are not going to a low and mean if mother or a surplus suster it is a disaster we're going to her solve by our with our people know with any intervention. now from what i understand for you personally the choice between my
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door and go i don't know is really a choice or for worse evil who do you think is more damaging for the country in the long run no everything is war. so we need to do we need to to find another way for that reason i believe that the my your duty of the people. to have some opinion to both were still participate we need to restore. democracy in the country and go then to assume their way and the proposal of christian churches who are trying to do is call for does for my role there from the army sect or asking for the society in god in that we are not going we need to stop to go in for any confrontation in the future it's not good for the going to look at these sorry meaning the security concerns with. the power
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a lot of how the international police is conducting i don't. like to my country like syria to my country like iraq to my counter in that case if they try to intervene in the for our country and to produce. their will spread to colombia spread to work where though because we're together in the same territory at the same court at the same people will be a disaster for people now you mentioned the international meddling and i also covered a lot of regime change operations and i think one thing that is different this time around is the lack of unity among the europeans you know that italy just if you days ago disrupted the year european consensus on calling for early elections and i know that. you personally are in favor of fire of an early elections and yet you
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also strongly oppose foreign interference into the affairs of your country are you more disappointed or excited about the talent position right now no i support the issue of interleaved mexico or. they're conducting a meeting just for the moment they we they'll. really good in danger in goading. there's something of the elegant. way you can go then to find some agreement when we need to do that but us in the meat work before us so free for the scheme in the poor mother in go then to create some tangle by a tree out. in gold and do we solve the source or problem of my people in this. election we are now ready to go for election now we have four meaning of when this
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will outside the country we have one that he'll show you money tyrion prices the huge crowds who would need to a star lies they're going to release one you know when the half year to start some condition to go for the election mr ramirez we have to leave it there but i really appreciate your joining us today thank you very much thank you thank you thank you so much i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going on our social media pages and hope the series get on the same place same time here on worlds apart.
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was. our. yellow vests protester loses his pounding clashes with police is beyond the government's movement take to the streets for thirteen consecutive weekends. plus the week's top stories we speak exclusively with president nicolas maduro and don't position leader one why don't you get both sides on the crisis in venezuela.


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