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tv   News  RT  February 11, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EST

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because the politicians of.
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the united states calls on the. us. with. the situation on the ground. water shortage. we have. here. with environmental.
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well a very good morning to you from all of us here at the international in moscow it's just after eight am on monday. the venezuelan opposition leader. who proclaimed himself the country's interim leader during a rally in january has blamed the country's ongoing crisis on the vanity of the mud daughter government a mystical spoke exclusively to r.t. here's a short clip. it let me tell him today madeira is cornett because the politicians are mired in controversy they wasted all the political capital from the last twenty years and unfortunately it's the people who have to pay for it or have you been to the us i've been to san paolo berlin the us lima santiago and everywhere i look for support and help for our people the political what support does the u.s. give it provides us with humanitarian aid so does canada giving us fifty three million dollars germany which gave a six million dollars but there are statements from the white house that sound like
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it's more than that these are white house statements so i'm asking you about the support that they give it was quite significant and necessary for the people of when israel or and so it was the support of canada chile which provided us with a plane full of supplies so was the support of germany everyone is concerned about the situation in the country three hundred thousand venezuelans could lose their lives if there is no humanitarian aid me and other innocent millions of people in venezuela continue to believe in nicolas maduro how can you make them believe in your project. we want to hear a stay here on this planet restore the country total to hear about the future little together we met with us in the representatives of the shabbat administrational a few days ago i hope the people here our message as mr quite presses the military to back him venezuela's president nicolas maduro on sunday launched what he called the country's most important largest scale military drills my daughter fears washington is leading a coup against him and that aggressive calls for regime change may lead to
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a military intervention of course our u.s. president ronald trump has said all options are on the table and the venezuelan military continues to support president my daughter while fifty countries around the world about why don't we do it or says he is preparing to defend himself against washington. all four of us if you think we are a peaceful country but do not mess with us do not threaten us donald trump get. out of ten as well stop the threats and get out we must prepare to defend our sovereignty to rhetorical integrity and independence humanitarian aid is in the focus and in the midst of a standoff between quite oh. dozens of doctors protesters near a blocked a bridge on the colombian border calling for food and medicine to be from america to be allowed through. to the military refusing humanitarian aid as a crime against humanity or venezuela has suffered food and medicine shortages hyper inflation and has seen more than two million people flee the country
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a president i don't know has refused to let the aid in denying that there is a humanitarian crisis and citing the threat of a u.s. led intervention by the president of the international federation of the red cross on red crescent societies things for monetary aid should not be politicized. it's really easy lee challenging fortunately he had a. top priorities for us as organization and on these of course we are we are trying to. gather with a witness right on red cross. i do moment this is the big challenge that the human. being not. dividing the political debate that we should shouldn't be. the international community can do
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more in not giving to the you money. you money. to support the most vulnerable communities here in venice right now or elsewhere. the peaceful dialogue can prevail we hope that. the option no one beyond the next day and they will find a way to sort out from this because here again. the. you money to in challenges in that case the political process and venezuela was also having an effect in the u.s. state of florida is now being politicized for the twenty twenty white house run for the presidency and the up a tranq over explains how the crisis is poised to shape which way florida is going to vote next year. here's a quiz for you it's up to these guys with venezuelan flags to decide which of the following who the next leader in as well is going to be what's going to be done
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with their country's oil reserves what that as well as constitution is going to be like or how american politics are going to shape out surprise surprise d.d. may well be correct here's why. this crowd gathered in florida novenas well they've been encouraged by the donald trump administration's full on support of the opposition and now some in the democratic camp are truly worried worried for what the crisis will do to the people wrong it's all about the vote tallies republicans are very smart about working the margins they know that a state like florida is usually decided by one percent over last so all they need are enough of the venezuelans enough of the colombians enough of the proto reconned indeed florida is a famous swing state plus it's got the highest concentration of venezuelans in america oh my forget all those republican geo political appetites the whole regime
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change up is all a bit to hold on to an extra few thousand latin american voters that's not my idea and guess what donald trump and his team aren't the only ones to be blamed by the dems here some capitol hill democrats have really screwed over their fellow party members by saying things like the united states needs to stay out of nice well. let the genius well own people determine their future we don't want other countries to choose their leaders so we have to stop trying to choose the years well if we're actually living in a world that spinning round the never ending donkey elephant tussle this kind of comment is a big mistake for any democrat the resentment has already been reported on so that certainly about next election going to be so it goes up for them and museum card to play and it is disturbing to think that here we are in the middle of
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a crisis while this is developing to have it turned into well the democrats benefit will the republicans benefit yeah it seems like every single issue that the country is involved in right now no matter how minuscule an important something this huge and important has turned into a democrat republican game it only makes you wonder what the very same protesters would say if someone explained them the real way their vote counts. as the efforts to rebuild the war torn iraq the city of mosul continue the situation on the ground remains grim experts claim but despite the flow of funding to rebuild the city much of the money is just being pocketed by local authorities and therefore it is deny a lot of patients locals continue to complain about widespread corruption and we have received a video from mosul where a journalist talked to some of those who were for a time and offer us an operation to claim that what used to be a vibrant city is now a ghost town my dad has the picks up the story. coming home should always be
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a joy safety security but it isn't always so not when you're coming back to mosul there are no basic services in the city no jobs it's terrible. we return to our homes a year and a half after the liberation if there is no life here there are no decent streets we suffer from power and water shortage it feels so pathetic. we are here battling all the hardships we now regret that we ever came back. it was one of the biggest deadliest battles in the world in decades in the name of freedom they turned west mosul into this. a city of millions reduced to ash and rubble in an act they called
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liberation i was there two years ago i saw tasted and smelled the city being freed that's an iraqi helicopter this is what the aftermath of a classic airstrike in mosul look like it doesn't matter way you do it looks virtually the same crumbled buildings bre airstrike craters two years and now things changed west mosul is still a wreck city of the dead going to zero by one can even imagine how difficult it is one hospital no schools no teachers we are like the living dead we have a cemetery over there but here it's a cemetery for the living. their spirit children orphans a clearing rubble in the absence of builders and construction crews they are what you call rescue crews the first to stumble on and dive from booby traps unexploded
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u.s. coalition bombs they are the first to reach the corpses under the rubble now estimated to be in the tens of thousands bodies left rotting for two years because the have all of those holes are everywhere there are still corpses everywhere and if anyone brings humanitarian aid into the local officials to steal it they are all corrupt. corruption has its tentacles everywhere millions of dollars intended for reconstruction apparently siphoned off stolen the u.s. led coalition which spent billions bombing mosul doesn't seem to have the cash or will to rebuild it the only thing that's being rebuilt the locals the bank accounts of crooked officials there is no reconstruction here all their reconstruction efforts are just. holes everywhere streets filled with rubble and rubbish it's
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misery here i swear to god there are new clean officials here what's worse than this concoction of misery corruption desperation hopelessness in this vile mixture terror isis breed and thrive all the old tried to come back they'll try to get at those poor kids clearing the rubble they'll reach the neglected locals or try to turn misery into hate who closeness into aggression and if they succeed banish the thought the black flag could yet again rise over move. the yellow vest movement shows no sign of relenting pressure on the french government with a thirteenth weekend of violent protests across the country and one activist in paris had most of his hand blown off by a crowd control grenade. rapley video agency record of the aftermath
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a warning you may find the following images disturbing. to me at the national assembly and people were trying to force their way in the police arrived and threw grenades one hit the guy's leg who tried to push it away with his hands as a reflex reaction and the grenade went off our sister channel r.t. francis spoke with the father of the protester who lost his home. we stayed in the hospital into late night to find out what's going to happen with him he's lost everything from the wrist down then we met the ophthalmologist to talk about his. he's only wasn't affected too much there's some superficial wounding but his hand
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is gone we'll file a complaint and then see what happens. yesterday sebastian basically lost his hand in front of the national assembly he's crippled and he's a plumber he needs his hand to deal with basic daily stuff he's lost and because i don't know if you understand how symbolic it is but sebastian lost his head in front of the national assembly the house of the people and the government hasn't said a word they are concerned about the fact that the house of mr feraud the president of the national assembly was burned but it's just material resources while in front of the second residency of mr farrar and the president of the national assembly a person who has lost his hand well as he was saying and britain knew there was an attack on the home of the head of the national assembly though it's not been established whether beside anything to do with the yellow vest protest. or several cars set on fire of course the. last november as a protest against fuel high eggs and quickly morphed into
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a broader anti government revolt for his estimate that could be well now more than fifty thousand people who rallied across the nation on saturday four thousand of them at least in paris. to south africa now where violent attacks on farmers are on the rise increasing by fifteen percent over two years according to new information official figures indicate that over seventy percent of those murdered on farms are white and we spoke with some of the farmers who have been subjected to attacks. i think when you see for me to make any difference to you i'm still looking skinnier and a little do i think if you can see that this is the light in it would be a slippery slope i thin the tall and have a scratch my back i could use all my make and how to come to me.
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this. way as i went down the going to be gone the heat produced with the stick. eyes are straight up to the shore you do you. do you even when you think is what. you want to see you are you doing just the whole time they held a shotgun to life one of the squadron leader you keep saying your name starts night and starts. in school. ok let me. play recently published a report by the a for a former such santa also reveals that electric drills blowtorches on bleach have been used as assault weapons against the us well that despite many efforts and years of to redistribute the land and to the black majority and white farmers still are in almost three quarters of south africa's line and for the past two years the
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number of attacks has grown so high that it has attracted international attention however the violence has been happening for decades and while most of the victims are white some say the attacks are less to do with racism a multitude with white house social problems concerning the law and order in south africa. you're on record as as dismissing the the what the white genocide narrative if it doesn't exist is fence that being said. you do get into it into issues of what what motivates these crimes and an argument could be made that in certain instances. rictus racial rhetoric they may be a contributing factor once again these are expressed as possibilities commercial foremans. that tend to be disproportionately watch what. you think it's it's it's very important you know. you solutions you know to become trapped in that
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racial prism we are aware of instances where we. reflect people being attacked and also i think it must be pointed out that that part of the whole form. can fall mood for a moment and vulnerability of workers to pretend to be interviewed by and they've been instances with. people who risk their lives to protect. to protect. people under attack and vice versa as the case. we. have a plan to my stories coming your way on this program fast becoming a base you want to take and we also spoke exclusively to the russian ambassador to the united states this interview coming up we discussed issues of the i.n.f. treaty syria venezuela among others. just.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. dramatic. only. will be very critical. to see. in.
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the monday program welcome to african islamist group al shabaab has been quote degraded by the u.s. and the federal government of somalia that's according to a u.s. africa command statement it comes after a number of airstrikes conducted by the u.s. against the al qaeda linked organization over the last week of fifteen militants were killed the u.s. military says with no civilians being hurt the head all of us africa command told congress earlier that airstrikes alone won't defeat al shabaab in a row top report of the senate us several reasons for its continued presence in africa among them the fight against terror a conflict resolution one of course started also countering a growing chinese and russian influence other reasons though perhaps a bit more surprising as explains. but recently heard from
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a top pentagon general thomas walt hauser he was testifying before the senate armed services committee and when asked about the reasons for africa one of the top things he listed as a reason for u.s. military presence in africa was to protect against what he called environmental degradation africa's future depends on urgent action to combat the effects of environmental change u.s. africa command and our partners are investing to build the capability and capacity of governments infrastructure and defense institutions so african governments can mitigate the effects of environmental degradation so we decided to talk to some new yorkers see how they feel about the large u.s. military presence on the african continent the reason officially given is that they were there to protect the environment do you buy that. now absolutely they don't do it in this country we're going to do it given the current state of the u.s. and the position of the current government two words the environment i don't buy it
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they say they're there to protect the environment do you believe that no no oh believe you don't think it's really about the environment no no it's about the money all about. money that's it now the pentagon maybe many things but it seems like not many people buy the idea that it's another environmental protection agency it would mop up r.t. new york. russia's ambassador to the united states i sat down with ought to speak about the stumbling blocks existing between the two countries as well as areas where their interests do allow for close cooperation has a sample. and if treaty is needed with the security of european countries and the russian federation and the physical bit with the security of the united states for me it's clear if united states decides to deploy. in europe it will be a crisis of security for european countries. we. we highly appreciated all
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efforts were made by united states in these regard and we already took operate together to find a solution how to from one side to dismantle nuclear program of north korea and at the same time to east and to ease sanctions against government of north korea. i don't understand why russian from so why i join when your western countries have to be punished for these economic project it's not position of the russian federation but it is position of other western the european countries who can see that this project is way useful. there is nothing policy in this. project. amazon's boss has protested the invasion of his privacy after the us tabloid the national
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enquirer allegedly tried to blackmail him by threatening to leak nude photos the same time though jeff bezos his company is reportedly helping to develop state level surveillance systems it's on corporate tax and. it's blackmail for amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos who has threatened to have his nudes made public by the national enquirer but he chose to own up to it and publish the threat leaving his sympathizers to believe the whole thing was political somehow someone was trying to hit job government entity might have gotten hold of his text messages people who speculated that trump kind of aspect or to do this this was at least partially politically motivated how could government organizations steal someone's private information you ask well perhaps with the technology jeff bezos helped the cia create back in two thousand and thirteen amazon signed a six hundred million dollar contract with the cia to create a secret cloud server under amazon web services it was intended to pull classified
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data of seventeen intelligence agencies into one location and one web service has become an especially invasive surveillance technology the amazon videotape young is powered by learning based models providing video analysis of an object in scene detection face attention activity detection and safe content face recognition post and tracking amazon recognition was launched back in twenty seventeen claiming to recognize tens of millions of faces base so says the tech can't be used to criminally violate people's privacy however this strides towards a surveillance state has sparked serious protest amazon cannot simply escape responsibility by saying this cannot be used illegally it's you and i don't know i don't think you could believe that we are under surveillance we can't even
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challenge that surveillance civil rights groups even found that amazon wanted to use doorbell cameras as a surveillance tool for police and immigration officials the american civil liberties union slammed to the whole system as all for a tarion. amazon is building the tools for authoritarian surveillance that advocates activists community leaders politicians and experts have repeatedly warned against even amazon's shareholders are now calling for an end to law enforcement's use of recognition perhaps space also was just trying to make an easy buck but the writing is on the wall and many think that amazon c.e.o. is finally getting a taste of his own medicine unless dave lindorff believes amazon is closely connected to the u.s. national security agency and helps develop its surveillance system. there's a real irony in this that he's been caught sort of host on his own petard as we say be as a in his organization have
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a very tight link with the n.s.a. the national security agency and it has been helping them with their surveillance techniques so they're intimately connected with the whole surveillance state that the u.s. has been developing when you see something like this happening to one of the world's most powerful men and it should say to you wow if they can do that to him they certainly could be doing that to me and i wouldn't even know about it there are just some of the top stories for this hour here on out international we are back at the top of the al with many more of your monday well that. country has gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i think they've got it hit the road and get out there traveling across america to find out what makes america take them to charlotte and
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is the genius of their approach the second american hero this is it we've come a point around which ultimate has gotten so we always are on the courageous and what they call the culture party. where starting last winter is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now it doesn't get any more gondo than that it may be completely different but the end of this year. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter the u.s. is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen from day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long. so the ultra rich a fleet six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades first second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two
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point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know ford from the one and only boom box. which asks. everyone know in the low to leave.


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