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thank. you. x. . when not in the literally but in michel the only moral sword in america you label a scene but it can kill. the counselors or. not but when you meet a day. now at a party but the counselor you're not important other i got an important lucille sinhala spectacular oh. i
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was it. was important the last bit when i sent it in. this she'd get standing in the policy but. i mean the rest you're gonna see when you apply go and study ideas on using a looter even already alluded to is still remember where they're also. in. the library or through those on to say that they can. but all. she will know is my reign y.-e. a millionaire yet a man of my i'm middle america. megastar said a muslim who speculate him to make all the now we. all know was. a. silly hint they met their wm me or the i'm
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a member of her controlling cause i gave up because of me is because he is a season when i look to the right. and i. thank. god her. i am. safe to say. that.
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even though me did was a good look you know. my husband. was the most cool kid in. him. but didn't have the. numbers. let's. go here because i will go i will if you like you. know that the music gives you. that and that you know no idea. that i would choke on and one day they've said they're. going to be your story and then you must deny.
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he. was oh this is it. i was i would hope. this is. all this. going to. be. well you see it down you. see working. in the polling here because now i decide we can use the each other down here in a month then you simply pass. the material to sassine home for the case you know when you know that you have a terrorist you win this i mean i was. going to get all been your leader you might get it and you need the only people to do them a little bit of is above my you. and i will for you to get it out of the you.
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please please. please. thank. thank you. so the matter is from there and it's. not just simply saying look what he. actually did what he told me because he was in my career in movies and this and i've discovered this thing for him all the way of your strength into what if they used less they made progress in going to law school yeah i was old enough that i was going to somehow i knew they were going to. win william because when you sit and views see why they think then they'd be a few. few pages he would love you and i believe them because to me really there's only a bit of
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a he can. only. get a little bit of i love because i want to be this closely. because of in business would give me a bollywood she was of course going. i want to see who i want to see i'm going to be the. i'll save all my beloved we must. play those that are see this year bill whose only then will you see the sea lady say in the region you say that to leverage the me and me in me is the vision he had moved last just because i really was a picture control for their own ornament actually coming she gave me a lot of it was. email. none of us a week. or so i was but you do know
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a. little piece of missing. their own nickel and these others i've had in his brush with me both all love for no war of it. the american by the way the rabbi. who does all the knee hoopla bottom line is if i me pre-marriage made up president a c. on. canal mascara. you not only. bought is a for me premier in the on the sequel more thought all gallion m.p.'s are consider this in no why force was able at a moment where b.m.
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poured gonzalo gold milby there that thought all of that and of the last guy either asking mariann insane jago they lost all that us can marry anything other than all of us thought ok maybe and i'm go. with bob milby there they come all go there very bad guy either thought pharaoh mysterious experience or there more to be an expert . no movie i will be that is if well the market more so than maybe that. only. you only. can really believe all you have or damn little. in the. ass to be. in most of them you will hear a song quite the scene. doesn't have almost been used in all
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those. lives equal what. can a poor let us unseen. seem clear still am is what. has happened i think to me didn't get even. he doesn't you know see similar stuff on porter for making also. gave i will stand there league and cia does this you get the legal system it is so even though they still says it's course us in thousands poker book all of us will see that they the. you know you know. that the.
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only people do you know who charlie. is if you default to mike to let him feel. safe with him her that guzzles a little because the media well. those you believe might now go. to ft curtis it is the arabs there who will screw me. to see this and i want to fight to you know want to foist. the.
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good of the end of any. event and end up with. the fact that he can assign the. people to. the letter of the land so one may the. people you are they ok got. it i mean if you want get noised to be the leader no. almost everybody i mean badly internet mutal in here soon will tell a terrible editor said accord this will not be seen oh not one of. it's a million of those evil. that it is no joke because i mean i was good to.
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see. i was. maybe so will i use a line well maybe the community to make the command open for whom are you to question the future but i mean this course in middle high don't produce. was. i. limit was that the that they had to make it is that will be in the book include because the cover was have it came out only the impulses daigle because it and then that will be cooking to see the ending because he opened a boyd closed and looked at the political map for you keep thinking.
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it. was in the. same way. it was at you in the jungle to take care of it was was. like shooting. was. if. you feel he. i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is a hedge fund and a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right this has flaws are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to that. totally
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destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for a while because with what. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mattered the u.s. has over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise was cheered some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a our industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember in one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom box.
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happened and another one to. sway or both the food. bank itself moving to. plus we've got to do so hard not to think i know how to dissipate this move at the waca plant that i want and i don't please tell us then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way to. the floor lucan the feet out of his will to support it and run home leave it at the top of the. what i think is this is the fund that is a constant.
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it. should. say that he also you know what is it that yes and i would tell you there was . it was. easy. for the. i c c. c is the. super zeal for
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example they didn't used to see who was a as he just sees no mas i simply will not be that note of mine. who is a check of the who lives in his. own seat the moment simply isn't made that the man is letting the money into. an elitist image that this. is the man that. he was i put it up but the. second the poem of me that i looked up fatal i believe that self was seen said probably see that as a lesser has to lose because but i just still days it was at least six goals. to me that it can all i'm playing over it it is meal thing while not that which i leave it smells basically is that the family is glad i was in the.
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going neighbors have bases they is on the you're looking to see even a couple of minutes because they're going on naivety they see. and you get that look there's a little to. do. make on which i leave it. yeah i. was making the comment. see it as if it was totally just. she was. she welcomes or maybe. it's. but if
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it's a lot of money there's another to go. see them all the staff i don't know what the have all of. those fifty undeclared. people don't get it yet let me share. it grows here but it. will. get out. there. that's coming up next. was there anything i know that it was worth. saying you'll see money in the form that provides you know see it was. this my inseam acquire the lateral this is the no see the second look. and this up but this is me it's against all those into the low court all the local nursing home or all. dress it up by tick tick.
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this is a reality. also while. back in. the us is a c.b. almost by last us. but i am a comes out of the clinton. years as in this they make unsellable. the way i willy . boy eagerly hung up with. who to read i'm into the. course you with us are they look at you then who know you got that. badly on them the courses. clinton presidency and. gov now hands at what it does. and. no such as a name. which i will domingo see loesch
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where this. i mean it in the sense of million. then on my ass. but i mean ours was. a law. all caps our first battle these are cannot give us that pattern is really that says i mean yeah. and. yeah ok regular quest for knowledge your compiler will say. here i will just. you know to thin and will try. to see me so you know the order. that all of them into. my.
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movie. did we get. to. keep us honest. continue to school hadn't missed those days of anything but. this is. so sinister you. know you can see her. leaving. to go show. we know look see her. just. as well these. is when i read that they knew. the. other so i. think.
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it does my readers because they're not. your secular way along. this is. the boy prophecy but. that. the. we're a. night at the end of. the day.
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and yes you will see the middle. simply the or ski in or no militia only this is the evilest. eastin though isn't it obvious bullis every man oh. man we know now. he sees solomon tim and proceed no he. is no nickel count. us was i was. that was what was most an insignia.
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that. law said we had asked the most. in the tribal next easter and dunces as he was some of us are there most that look us up indeed the suicide of most that read the where that get in is it does a see the ceiling then look at that beautiful that angle could be got little see them at the end it get big that it was made in a cafe that they got. the it. was . was. enough to think you have a look at that was was. it
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really i was yeah you seem nervous enough picking your course i had us in a. tunnel so better get on deck in the. let me that all the way these creamy now add no i e's or you or they all even alaric maybe i don't know what it is as you know i used to yank a lot in the army horde. thanks. a lot as well as give me like who else really there so really a world record job i'm. a mom or. like. cool. like the constant they meant they were good but.
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a lot of the more you. don't want your love where it. doesn't get it will give israel diffuser they get like. yeah really did the other fellow muslims with. me and james.
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thank. the swarm see the blue of them so much. good news hoover local was before. much of those who heard the preview or most few other movies to see him we will. we will we'll. move folk move but it. will show you this new video of the live look i mean it's a good looker a good. movie muslim also has the also a good view films for a good pool for. the british also look but look you're simu belonging to show the story of the i should go. to start ups to. get to new details of it
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with the little missed dates to look it is it's. just testing understand just need a mash told trek to stop the president from please please turn this project until. the three of producers proposed this word to sleep with a little new look because that is the cousin with you see his supporters to your machine station machines for you should cook door for one whose job is the request to. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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because defense secretary says that he will counter russia and china militarily post brags if he delivers a plan to boost the british army's global presence. through rebuild the war torn iraqi city of mosul under way the situation on the ground that still is locals have told us that the city is a ghost town.


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