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of that issue between to do two countries is very unfortunate kin iraqi forces maintain security on their own if i died shows america the door. well iraq is given up of sacrifices to fight dies should the people who fought on the ground are all iraqis yes we receive support to suffer from our allies from international coalition and from the rest of our friends in terms of just take in terms of training and in terms of providing some air cover to support our forces but in actual fact the only forces war fighting on the ground are iraqis yes we can sustain this bio or no on but i think this is not trite toes and is an international phenomenon is an international terrorist organization or not only have faith in the iraq but the flood threat in the region of the whole world so it is right for the countries to cooperate to face this in an me and to question them and i think we have to work together so yes we have to work with
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others in order to get rid of the stairs organization altogether so they had of a shia militia groups out that the iraq has capital letters to expel u.s. troops if needed are the iraqi militias fired up enough to actually come to blows with the u.s. forces in the country. well according to the iraqi constitution there's no place for militias in the country by militias i mean groups who are outside the control of the state this is against the state i guess they are lucky people should not be allowed we didn't i would not i would if they give him a swat out acting outside this did they would be they name is off they should not be allowed inside aczel post to the other on the groups who are within the state we have the me we have the police we have the public mobilization force who have been now organized by the law which is just great by parliament which is applicable now to the public will but as dition force within the framework of the iraqi
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security update this. they are answerable to the commander in chief and to the rest of the screwed up i just if you ask me do we give them and all of them is to outside the control of the state to act in iraq no we shouldn't this is outside the iraqis against their acquisition against the will of the people is not out in iraq so the calls for the u.s. withdrawal were also sparked by the fact that during his surprise visit in late december president trunk didn't bother to meet any iraqi officials as this insult something that could have long term repercussions for u.s. or rocky ties well i guess. it is i mean if according to mr trump is this is his will he wanted to visit his troops during christmas. this is his own decision on the other side they rocky government gave permission to
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mr trump to visit his troops. and said in weston that. in my opinion this was not properly i think from day one it should be and it had been organized in a way for of fish. iraqi government officials to meet the president of the us when he comes to iraq the meeting could have been done in baghdad but i think. it may be mismanagement which has yet to this this was necessary at all it has poisoned the relationship slightly but i hope we should move forward and forget about it so at the same time during the crucial stages of the war against isis united states air power came to iraq's aid and they helped iraq retake muscle juicing that it's a bit ungrateful from the iraqi politicians to be blaming the americans now and bragging about iraqi independence i mean what everyone was so happy to receive in
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its time of crisis nobody wanted them out back then. i mean this is a habit of politicians in every country i mean they look at the day to day running of the country. of course they were trying to support from their constituents i think of the time it is true that. they stood with us to fight that. doesn't mean that you'll give a blank a blank check to who. has helped us yes we have to be grateful for those who stood with us but of the same time iraqis over this very important. to the war the war is over is there is no need for the troops to stay in iraq then there's no need but if there is a need we should think of all we should discuss in our parliament with the government and with our political blocs decide what is the best for iraq.
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what we're going to apply is what is the best for iraq we don't have any hostility to those who helped us to get it. turkey has bases in northern iraq set up during the fight against isis from which it fights to kurds now we hear iraqi politicians protesting america's presence loud and clear but they're not so vocal about the turkish bases worst outcry from the shia militias about that i mean is to iraqi restaurant condemning americans just an attempt to look tough and anti us for voters maybe well i think it's has become like a war of proxies you know there is hostility between the u.s. . it is a matter of proxies here in iraq where every side is using their proxies as if i think is which other yes i agree there are a few turkish military bases that they did so some of them they did back to that time or the days of saddam hussein when he was in power in the eighty's during the
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iran iraq war and later on. of course we should not accept any military the existence of foreign forces without the consent of the iraqi government i think in my opinion i agree with you we must be partial on this issue to be double standards . after all we are part of this region. disagreement between states oh it's especially between iran and the states it has its impact on us my call on my colleagues and oppose the full establishment here in iraq is we should confine our a lot of interests in that for the answer for the people of sort of iraq we should not be part of any proxy towards this or that so back in two thousand and seventeen you announced to make syria over isis in iraq but i says attacks still happen every day in the country and the group still holds
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a chunk of desert in the northwest was your optimism a little premature how long is it before isis is rooted out completely if that's ever possible. yes if you go back to says us of you know i was very careful i said we crushed that militarily we liberated or however. that doesn't hold any targets at his side the iraq and they don't while they're holding that holding some territory in the east in the north east in syria which is bordering iraq which is very dangerous because if given the chance they can go back to terrorism at the moment the extreme of the danger of that is that they're trying to wait. some. terrorist attacks against the civilians inside the x. you haven't succeeded yet with question that we say from our intelligence of the time. there is if you have to. go on another of a campaign of terrorist attacks against civilians and i hope our military and our
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security and intelligence are up to it if they were up to it and if they should carry on with dismantling this very dangerous to discipline as it should this is not only against iraq is against the holy jihad against the world if given a chance so should stay focus until we eliminate this terrorist or give a shit to go. down and states has a relationship with iraq and neighboring iran has a ration relationship with iraq but united states and iran are rivals can iraq maneuver between these two centers of power and. its own independent tact or will it have to choose sooner or later. well i have a single choice is clear we have to have the longest border with iran the u.s. doesn't happen to have a border with with a.o.l. and i'm sure if they had they were with were they would have thought differently
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how to deal with iran when you are a neighbor state you have to look at your interests the common interest between the two nations we cannot move away from what they felt were away from us so they. trade. a lot of. interest between our two nations and two states we have to safeguard our own interests we shouldn't be party to this. disagreement. with us to be honest with you this is a nuclear agreement between the five plus one members of the world community. us decided to walk outof it. we why should we be put through this and we should be for our interest i would assure with your eyes very important for us. with us it's very important for us if we can achieve a common interest between the two we should be very much focused on this norm not
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to allow any party to drug us along the wrong direction all right thank you very much we'll take a short break right now we'll be back with the former prime minister of iraq discussing the past present and future of the country and its fragile relations with the united states stay with us. outside force regime change going in venezuela a few snags a few bumps in the road and can we believe some u.s.
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troops will leave the middle east and much much more on this edition of crossfire. because the swarms of them so moving. good us who was before. much of those who heard the preview or. seen him with the north we go we're going to. move. move. move show you this look beautiful i mean it's those who look there are good. muslim also whose goals were good you have gone for good good good for. the british also look i do the same you belong here to show your story to the you should go. to start ups to. get to meet until it was
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a little the most they'd say look it is it's. your stash not a chance to just meet their mashed old truck to stop the president and please control this project until. those who have petitions to go to swear to snoop to come up with you a because that is the cousin with you for your supporters to your shoe station shouldn't be you should cook door for one who's devoted to the request to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show. when i was speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see that.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise one year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. but don't have the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one the show you know forty two minutes one and only boom but.
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we're back with hi there former prime minister of iraq talking about the current situation in iraq so the militias fought. help advisors military equipment all that and the americans keep saying that this is all iran's influence tools and the country is that so. we didn't have any i have to be c.e.o. of this we didn't have any fighting force iranian fighting force on iraq it's. all we have we dealt with so the countries we just. we've got to advise us and train us to our forces we need to do that because if you remember two thousand and fourteen into iraq which led to then gaining control over the large coach over here are some of our army are suited additions has collapsed so we have to seek support we have to seek training other logistical support from other
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countries and we did this this doesn't give influence to this country or about and we hope it doesn't we have to be careful he did in iraq we don't want to lose ourselves. by fighting daschle defied we want to get back i was seventy and we have to state that this is for the best interests. and for the best interests of our neighbors and the survey international community we are very focused on this now if the u.s. sees this as an iranian influence i disagree with them this is none of us there are any unfortunately look at the u.s. presence in iraq again this is u.s. interests i'm trying to drag iraq into the other direction of being against iran we shouldn't be against iran one i guess they were as we are against interfering into our own affairs and we're out of pro iraqi interests or mutual interest between iraq and the rest of the world so the rise of isis was largely fueled by
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the currents of this city population against a government could the current empowerment largely shia armed force one that's difficult to control results in more sunni outrage. well we should revert back to sick to his him which was a disease. which has led to being able to run over the last two or three for one country i think we have succeeded to reestablish our security forces and armed forces as a national force which are now trusted by our population of gulch. the population in their liberty to the area where happy with this and we should continue on on the along this now i need deviation from this is very dangerous this. kind of faith in our own national unity and counter lead to another upheaval. we have been very careful in during my term as
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a prime minister done in chief to make sure that the screws the forces the armed forces are serving for population protecting the population are they belong to the population there is no sectarianism or ethnicity in our armed forces they belong to the country the protector of the country they are going to show here as we liberate the. should stay as they are i deal with you if they are militias are said to state on trying to act outside the state this is very dangerous because this will give rise to another of those organizations to we should old united be united against it . recently united kingdom pledged to forty million dollars in the assistance package to iraq to bolster its economy and reduce its reliance on iran and that's how the u.k.'s middle east minister put it but trade between iraq and iran runs into the tens of billions of dollars can forty million make a difference as are true to that i mean how dependent is iraq on iran in terms of
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its economy. well it is no dependence i think. today of other countries that is an order benefit and that benefit drive trade between the two countries and we cannot stop the straight the majority of this trade is by private sector of our i don't think is the job of the government to stop the private sector from being active this is a benefit to our own citizens for own private sector of the benefit to the again to the population of iran this is a mutual interest we should encourage it through the payment of course as i said in my press conference when i was prime minister of we can all deal in dollars because the thought of it is a us currency and the us federal is controlling that currencies sony is a us nor they opinions can use that currency between us we can use other currencies european has but we develop some tools which can we can utilize to avoid the sanctions against iran i think well abiding by our own interests of the interest of
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the rest of the states we don't want to sanction to be upright against iraq because this would be very helpful we have to pay for our interest on this but at the same time we're not acting proxies for this country to apply sanctions i guess and other countries were not party to this and we shouldn't why are iraq iran in economic ties such a concern for. the united states why do they care so much. well i think they have a problem with iran iranian of evolution from day one. although this. thing. forty years ago though there's a problem that a finger they have a problem with the on they want to curtail the iran they want to contain iran they think and have an issue with iran is it's harmful to them but of course every country is right to look at this on its as they're looking at their own interests we should look at our own interests as well so i think it countries compete towards
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achieving their interests and we should compete with others to achieve our interests. but when you look at it on the other hand do you think iraq actually benefits from this tensions between iran and the west from a situation where everyone is interested in buying influence i mean those subsidies will come in handy at some point one day who is well i'm not sure about this i know competition is good but conflicts are bads conflicts will lead to the loss of your own resources look at what country it was at each it was developed look what the previous regime has done has involved us into wars into regional conflicts and we lost a lot of that our wealth was close enough to try to our own wealth was a story our own country we don't believe in conflicts we we believe in competition competition is healthy and good if is that done according to the right. to buy that
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sort of issue ship and to respect the sovereignty we don't mind competition as fact without welcome it but we're out against i guess conflicts conflicts causes war causes loss of of resources and we don't want to be in that camp we're not party to this so iraq is still considered one of the most corrupt countries in the world and former iraqi national security advisor. told me that corruption taints all levels of government all areas of politics. right now the current prime minister i did he has the supreme anti-corruption council what are the guarantees that this body. and corruption itself. well i think this is very important this council which i believe it was established during my term i had the last meeting in two thousand and eighteen and i think if the prime minister carried on with it with somewhat difficult history which i think is very good is important to have some operators
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which would oversee how we should compact corruption corruption is you have to combat it by making people away by indictment by education by interacting in euros by bringing all resources to fight corruption i think the most dangerous corruption is both well corruption where pulls the folk parties they take part in that corruption they use their position in the state to advance their own interests against the people this is very dangerous we have to i think we have to make sure that we commence a war on acts as a politician in iraq and we should do that to stop this corruption corruption is a culture if you don't stop this culture you cannot fight corruption you have to put the right procedures to fight corruption it shouldn't be used used against political enemies this will lead to the wrong thing and in actual fact if it did
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lead to more corruption i think we should very partial those who are paolo they should be very profitable in fact of corruption they have to fight the essence of corruption we have start to disperse each other it did take time till it shows as a result i hope the kind of government will be successful in fighting corruption the core of corruption of the results will appear later. so it was during your two newer one kurdistan voted to become independent from iraq in two thousand and seventeen you called the referendum results void and imposed a slight ban over the region back then and so that declaration kind of just fizzled out if the independence talk makes a comeback in arab real will iraq commit to military action to bring the kurds back into line well is i think we are a part does in this country. are we when you take decision as of those you have to consult the other party is not right. that you take it at selection we're living in
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the same country where i was living in the same region we have many ties my my. my answer to our. partners in this country is that we should wait to get. if you want to achieve positions and get power and get benefits so that you would work towards independence it doesn't work because this will not establish trust between the kids region and the rest are we have to establish trust you have to decide you are part of this nation are told this country you have to take that final decision and then in the forward then we are part of those in everything but kurdistan's prime minister natura bonn barzani told me that baghdad neglects the needs of the kurds and that it doesn't treat them fairly in the federal state should the kurds expect any change in baghdad's attitude towards them now. well i
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think this is the solution as i said i think is there is no way other than coming back to back that for our kids citizens i think they have been very eager to build the issue with it or neighborhood countries but you know the neighbors they don't stop issuing after just state because they don't allow independent or even seen the scimitar to most attend almost so they could just share a region in their own country so but in iraq where our affairs are part of our country they have the time on the stage and we're working with them within the framework of for the state the federal state has both this its own authority and the regions they have their own authority we should and we can the federal authority on that count over the region and we should know we can the region with a count of the federal state and that's how we're put out how we work out and i think we have been very successful at the end of two thousand and thirteen and two
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thousand they'd seen we as the established a relationship we opened the airports of the region of kurdistan we opened the trade again and i think we have to build on these guys going back to the referendum on trying again it will backfire i can tell you. all right thank you very much for the send site we were talking too high there are a lot about a former prime minister of iraq discussing the fragile balance of powers in the country that's it for this edition of show fan call see you next time.
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seemed wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to become educated and gain from an equal speech trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and i mean i'm of the school entire system i found a way to go through a suit because ballack itself movie theater i. was in this way got sued out so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this woman the look of a coward and i'm going to start then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way.
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through our lives and the fifty thousand this monstrous woody allen you have called the ability to put the payment on the. what i think is this is the funds that is a constant. thought. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development that only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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with efforts to rebuild the war to an iraqi city of mosul under way the situation on the ground remains grim locals have told as the city is a ghost town there's no reconstruction here all the reconstruction efforts are just like the living dead we have a symmetry.


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