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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 12, 2019 10:30am-11:00am EST

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the amount of voting age citizens who didn't vote in the two thousand and eighteen midterms which clocks in at roughly one hundred and thirty nine hundred forty million people that's more than fifty two percent of the electorate that's a terrible amount of nonvoters for a country that long since democracy like we do now there are many reasons for these bad numbers the terrible candidates not enough political parties terrible candidates gerrymandering terrible candidates the list goes on and on and on but for the good people of sandusky ohio they decided to knock one of the main ones off the list economic inability to get out and vote not enough time during the day how did they do this by declaring election day wait for it paid holiday and as an added cherry on top they did away with celebrating columbus day in the process to yes sandusky ohio the home of tommy boy just chose to celebrate elections over genocide and if they can do it why can't the rest of us now let's start watching the hawks.
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get the. real deal this would. be like you that i got. with that we. would. welcome everyone watching the hawks i am a robot and have a good first stand dusky as i did for that and leading the way act and good midwestern senate. i like santos and stepping up and saying like you know what it should be a holiday people should get the day off they should get a paid they ought to go out and vote. it's really not that difficult but i always use that it's go. right that they got away with columbus at the same time to sort
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of you know. one fell swoop facebook the city of sandusky and it was really great says sandusky is proud to recognize election day as a holiday what better way to celebrate the value of our employees and citizens than by removing barriers for them to participate in the greatest of american innovations our democracy it's true though i mean i think it's great this is the thing i would say it's you scott us started small town in those communities start making it. obvious choice get more people to vote why do you not want more voters that's what our stand mandery why don't less voters find out more more makes life better for you know it's interesting when you get in the lead you know why people are against making elections like a national have you're making the music zuma thing too as if you're notice if you go around the country like your local elections can be in late may and then like you know this other election can be in september and then finally there's some national ones on in november should always be in november simplify it it's the idea of the entire concept of the country. and when you comparison of the rest of the
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world we're not doing that well no it's. so like only fifty five point seven of us turn out turned out in two thousand and sixteen and that's you know people who are of age to vote eligible voters only fifty five percent in two thousand and sixteen presidential election year that's not that much. that puts the u.s. behind most of its peers in the organization for economic cooperation and development the o.e.c.d. in fact that place is twenty six how to thirty two countries or about of that group where we are with everything out there an economy out of our head of us was south korea germany the united kingdom canada and australia those are all ahead of us and we're supposedly the shining beacon of democracy in the world after more than half our people don't even go out and vote generally out there over there are literally dying and order to vote in other countries and we don't but as you said there's a million reasons why one of those is because the day comes and suddenly you can't
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get off from work if you have kids if you have school there's a million reasons so one of the pew research center had looked at is that when you looked at americans on both sides of the aisle would you really looked at that they everyone felt that making an election day a national holiday was a good idea seventy one percent of democrats and fifty nine percent of republicans though i've heard. people in congress think it's just a trick to get people to vote it is yes it is a trick to get people to vote it is totally it's a scam it's a it's a hack job senate majority leader your favorite and mine mitch mcconnell is wildly against the federal holiday for elections in fact as it came up a few times people proposed that mcconnell said quote just what america needs another paid holiday and a bunch of government workers big paid to go out and work for assume our colleagues
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on the other side and their campaigns just as that is exactly what america needs is another paid holiday. so low or maybe more actually if you are what was the blows my mind with this is that like sixty percent almost fifty nine percent like you said earlier almost sixty percent of all republicans are for a national holiday to vote because like another eleven percent more on the democratic side mcconnell well push this through you won't allow this to happen this is were big deal is absolutely ridiculous for a country that claims to be the bastion extraordinary thing a big place on the hill of democracy spreading it around the world by the barrel of a godless try so here. and yet another blow to the concept of world peace and stability the united states of america and russia have now both officially backed out of the intermediate range nuclear force this treaty the nine hundred eighty seven accord was one of the highlights to come out of the end of the cold war prohibiting the development testing or deployment of certain types of intermediate
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range land based missiles joining us today to bring us the latest on the end of the i.n.f. treaty and what the future of nuclear buildup holds for the united states and russia is r.t. america correspondent sara montecito i thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me sara this is interesting and quite fascinating the what like always the western media seem to be very quick to blame one side in this i.m.f. treaty kind of. they're blaming russia left and right is there any your actual proof to the idea that this is all roses for the us is this an innocent bystander in point of history well that's what many critics and experts and analysts are saying that there is no proof now there is actually an interesting new york times op ed headline that was released today and it said the i.m.f. treaty dies blame russia if the i.n.f. treaty dies blame russia but it was changed by mid-afternoon to a different headline that said how russia undermined over thirty years of nuclear
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arms control this happened to soften it up a little bit now what they're specifically talking about is the russian missile nine m. seven twenty nine but russia says that it's in full compliance with an eye on that and russian ambassador had this to say about it. united states has introduced concern sort of good in the russian. i would like to see the minister of defense has decided. to present unprecedented missions of transparency we invited me. to minister of defense we offered them to look. we provide that a lot of texaco explanations would be easy so russia invited the united states to take a look at the missile for them to explain what it was that it was indeed not in violation of the i.n.f. treaty but the united states declined that invitation reports claim that both
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countries are actually working on building up now these land based missiles and then that within the next few years the u.s. actually has increased military spending this year and actually expanded one of its air satellite bases in tucson arizona and russia revealed some of its newest missiles last year all of them claim to be within the i.n.f. treaty rules but after trump's withdrawal russia is really saying that. they're going to follow us footsteps and working on their own missiles. so here's the thing about this story i'm old enough to remember when it happened and what a big deal i mean that was the end of the cold war something that our parents had lived through that we had lived through and here we were sort of seeing the end of it it meant the establishment of global stability and of all of this sort of you know finding our way into a new world what's the world's reaction to the united states decision to withdraw well perhaps some of these global powers are forgetting that the reason behind this
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was to end the cold war and it was mainly as a security blanket if you will for europe some close u.s. allies including germany have come out and spoken how concerned they are that this will lead to a new global arms race e.u. foreign policy chief for that he said what we definitely don't want to see is our continent going back to being a battlefield or a place where other superpower superpowers confront themselves there's also a bill that's supposed to be coming out ten u.s. senators where they want the u.s. to remain in this treaty so. you know it's interesting because. basically i mean they've all come out and said that we're not in the treaty anymore and we're we're pulling out of it but like i you know on paper technically it's still another six months to go you know pretty much both sides of pretty much stuff this is over but being that there's still the technical aspect that led maybe there
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is there a glimmer of hope in there like the u.s. could kind of somehow reach some level of open dialogue and fix this problem before we end up in another new nuclear arms race like you said i mean it still thinks months but and russian ambassador actually said he's leaving his doors open for russia and this is something he said today. we are open to find solution with the united states skeptical when i see. and diplomats senior diplomats go in and long around the country in the world in the europe trying to blame just on the russian not to try to find a new possibilities to deal with this issue. well china said he wanted china also involved in other countries in this treaty so if there is hope we're still not sure if trump and the trump and mr ation is willing to have some dialogue with russia. well. coming on well you know we've been known as months before there's always
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somebody comes along and gets everyone to the table and hopefully pieces on the horizon and you know calmer minds prevail thank you so much and that things are modest oh thank you. i was going to record watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter it's your poll shows that are to use dot com coming up our own tablet a wall of some covers some rather curious inconsistency in the recent news out of by the way well that's being used to justify u.s. intervention in the political fairs in that country so stay tuned for watching the hawks your midst.
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the swarms of them so moving. to build your local was before. much of those who heard it's a preview of a sneer move north we will go. move. move. move show didn't look beautiful the. glitter a good. move slow most of those goals were good you found her good good good. good your dish also looked i do the same you want me to show you stories to the issue go. to startups to. get to meet until it was the middle of the mist they'd say look it is it's. your stash now understands just moved out there mashed old truck to stop the president and please introduce more of them to.
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those who have petitions to go to summer to snoop or come up with new of those are those the girls who are too serious to produce to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for the one who's doing business. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confront dacian let it be an arms race is all off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of guy time to sit down and talk. in twenty fourteen up. the revolution. demonstrations going from being relatively
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peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent. revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer here to put it but i mean you know let's put video dream in the new bill is that i mean let me go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. games which are. using this shit over dollars billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other it will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. when de beyond us will the ident us also known in english as the. d.m. to international bridge became very famous in recent weeks but for all the wrong reasons and mainstream media hell it's quite frankly make it worse if you read the
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news you probably believe that as a voice of america stayed out on february seventh at venice where the military barricades keyboard across a glock and humanitarian aid or as the navy times put it the venezuelan military is barricaded a bridge between the two nations with a tiger and two cargo trailers in an apparent attempt to block the aid everyone from the new york times to joe biden tweeted this image claiming that it is not only a key border crossing but that. purposely blocked the bridge to keep humanitarian aid out of an us way law there is one big massive problem with this story the bridge in these pictures that everyone's been waving about. it's never ever been opened construction began on the thirty two million dollar project in january of twenty forties with the cost being split between colombia and venezuela it was finished in twenty sixteen the bridge has never been opened to traffic due to border disputes between the two countries and those barriers that you saw well
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according to a twenty six team peace and love to me own out of koku to columbia the bridges quote sheltered by an old rusty gate guard which can be seen on google street view that the entrance to the t.n.c. the international bridge that's supposedly being blockaded the fencing and concrete dividers you see blocking the road those as you can see from this google image from twenty seventeen those have been there since twenty seventeen and they're on the colombian side yes they've been up for over a year. and when the venezuelan military did put the tankers on their side and have officers guarding the venezuelan side you can see here there are little facts to back that up that the ten dead ended as international bridge is being used by venezuelan officials to block movement or aid in fact according to local reports the on the open the bridge had become a nighttime crossing for criminals with colombian officials telling loud opinion
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just one month ago that quote the neighbors asked for the intervention of colombian security agencies so that this information can be verified stating that the mega structure we're talking about the bridge would be at the service of smugglers mafia it's however. there is another bridge a mere ten kilometers from the t.n.c. the samyn international bridge the one you've seen blockaded that is open and allows close to thirty thousand venezuelans to cross into plum b.s. and back into venezuela each day the simone bowl of our international bridge a bridge that has been widely photographed and covered by mainstream media journalists for a number of years so why are so-called reputable news outlets politicians and pundits refusing to simply toe the facts as they are without addressing the set for the viewers at home tech writer justin emery who discovered the discrepancies and self wrote he quote sells despair today as as i have realized how deceptive this
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coverage of candy to spread has then look in the news things happen fast especially in t.v. news emotions run hot and the desire to be truth tellers can often blind us to the facts however over the last twelve months we've seen again and again media outlets using deceptive images and blatantly false information to shape merited that are often debunked within a week but never truly corrected so hot water is the mainstream media just too busy to do basic fact checking these days are they selling us a bridge to nowhere. good question and quite honestly i i wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt on this one but i mean when you see those pictures as you put them up there this is this is just blatant anybody with two cents in there had to do a little bit of basic fact check a newspaper what i think in
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a really high school newspaper. the minute i saw the article i thought it can't be that simple and then you literally go to a wikipedia page and then you literally go to stories written by the same reporters . new york times outlet after outlets there are supposed to be these legacy outlets that are so amazing and they're all just keep saying this thing about they. you know what bridge these are reporters that were there and these are the things that start wars this is how we end up with we will not the united states will be going to wider war with. and then you end up. as exactly like w.-m. . or. the tubes in africa. maybe. uranium to the right. things that were ordered to be true by the media that turned out to be just complete player complete and this is one of them clearly
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i mean there's no context of the story what's interesting is i'm alexandra being the i.c.r.c. delegation had the united states and canada she actually told p.b.s. news hour that the red cross has told u.s. officials that quote they have to help the people of venezuela it has to be shielded from this political conversation it is obviously a very difficult conversation to have with the u.s. we are there also to make clear the risks of the path being taken the limits of our ability to operate in such an environment she's obviously referring to the fact they're kind of doing this thing where they're turning the aid and the acquisition of a into a political chess piece and if i understand like the red cross. you know we talked about the red cross they're not perfect but the red cross is down there independently supplying and essentially running i think five or six hospitals within venice wave so when you have to listen to the people who are actually there feeding people getting the medicine and when they try to sort of make it part of
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this well will give this to you but you have to do this you have to do these things it becomes a very unsettling place politically and as a citizen and this is how you end up with migration problems because you could end up having care of ads and people end up in colombia just to get away from what they think is going to be you know a fight some sort of military intervention if it is and that's why a u.n. spokesman stephane jarek had told the new york times that what is important is that humanitarian aid be politicized and the needs of the people should lead in terms of when and how humanitarian aid is used it shouldn't be this thing of. you get. when you have when you decide on the right president. that's not that's not know how it's supposed that's not how democracy works but we were taught and i don't think our generation is going to that's not our democracy and the one of the real interesting elements to come out of this is how quickly you mentioned joe biden earlier quickly all of these democrats who told us over and over again resist from
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. the resistance they just jumped right on board with us that are vention in venezuela imposed upon by a war criminal just being run by we were it was pardoned by bush so i don't you know it's not a great honor. to me that you see these people judge when all they tell us over and we don't trust anything trump and so what are good. and hard over here you know. it really it is one of those things to you but i think the reason the mean you are passionate about it is and it's because i don't want to see. another iraq i don't know see another i don't want another contra i don't want to see any more of these i we grew up watching fights we grew up watching movies that depicted russians or cubans or south americans or nicaraguans us terrible people were coming to get us it's done like it's twenty nineteen london tried of the whole thing.
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in the late twentieth century you we used to buzz busters or radar detectors to help us motorists beat police speed traps set up on the highways and byways across the nation but now my friends we're living in the twenty first century and the radar detectors of yesterday are now the g.p.s. crowd sourced apps of today would be mostly popular ways and just like the buzz busters of yesteryear the police yeah there once again crying follow our to america's tradition of a report. the ways traffic application is under fire by law enforcement for sharing police locations now the n.y.p.d. is calling on the application to stop sharing sensitive information like this saying that it could be considered criminal misconduct acquired back in two thousand and thirteen by google the opposite especially popular because it alerts drivers about obstacles accidents speed traps and road closures and while this
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could be a great way to help drivers save time during their daily commute it often thwarts the law's ability to catch speeders or as the n.y.p.d. says drunk drivers the department demanding a cease and desist letter that google disable to crowdsource apps function that allows motorists to pinpoint police whereabouts jim and joe are arriving in six minutes if i get stuck in traffic and the letter reads individuals who post a location of d.w.i. checkpoints may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and or impair the administration of the d.w.i. laws and other relevant criminal and traffic laws the letter also reads that the posting of such information for public concern. ssion is irresponsible since it only serves to aid impaired and intoxicated drivers to a v. checkpoints and encourage reckless driving revealing the location of checkpoints puts those drivers their passengers and the general public at risk the department calling on google to immediately remove the function from the app and that google
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take every necessary precaution to ensure that g.p.s. data of the n.y.p.d. d.w.i. checkpoints or any other substantially similar data is not uploaded or posted at any future time on the ways mobile application google dot com google maps or any other associated internet websites or web portals now will google has yet to address this specific app beacher a spokesperson told me that they believe in informing their users of the traps because it could help them keep safe and make better decisions on the road reporting in new york turn it into others r.t. . while us earthlings have been struggling to stay warm against the dreaded polar vortex that temperatures across america down into the negative double digits mapped to has a ten thousand kilometer wide storm mass on the space telescope science institute are dubbing a quote mysterious dark vortex the storms have been spotted before by voyager two in one nine hundred eighty nine and hubble in one nine hundred ninety. that has
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recorded at least three other dark vortex tempests on up to what the size and perspective it would be like a storm front stretching the entire length of the continent of africa and scientists also say that they have no clue how these cryptic vortexes are formed or what the wind chill feels like on me for this planet from the sun they do estimate though about the vortex on that could swallow twenty percent of the earth's surface . if it was here with seasons that last for years the vortex storms of neptune will be there for a while so we'll have plenty of time to chase some and figure out what this space mystery is all about wow the. entire continent about yeah. yeah. some serious storms serious and of course things in perspective we can survive the polar caps we're not good enough to weather do you think i would never
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you could and i mean you know we are now it's a president and mad. that i'm after them out and then i'll be empress but how does how does over the day remember everyone in this world we are no we're not told we're above that number so i tell you i love you i am on top of keep on watching all those hawks out there about the great day and night everybody. she will be a. student have been miles from absolute. depends on the we need to do that to. own up but if we were meeting they. would wish to sit on my lemon who speculate that me or the
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jamie has a home court the only. now at the five. for that matter. see let him make the one you have me or the i'm email. gave up because of me it's because he sees when i leave. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mater us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you won't see the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise once year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per
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second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember in one one business you know do you know for two minutes the one and only boom folks. when you're talking about socialism like cortez out of new york that congresswoman sang say i'll say that you know socialism is bag and we need higher taxes we need redistribution of wealth that's actually not the solution to some of the shortcomings of capitalism the solution is accessed to give people access to capital because fifty percent of the stocks in america are all by one percent of the population now that's an incredibly lopsided concentration of the greatest growth engine in the world by a very small community. police
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. and. i. know. a good writer. thousands protest in the haitian capital against economic hardship calling on the president to step down but says be.


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