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what six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade first second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember in one one does this show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom bust. they supposed to save face in venezuela with pro-government on the opposition rallies held across the country. thousands. to step down but there's been no reaction from washington
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unlike with similar unrest in venezuela just across the caribbean. also syria demands action from the u.n. security council after accusing the u.s. led coalition of killing sixteen civilians in a bombing attack on the border with. the u.s. ambassador and says germany should use its leverage to keep the kremlin in line there's a new poll finds most germans are skeptical about relations with russia. and the world has become more tense due to traumas policies it's the politics of complication we've lost some of the respect we have it's the politics of provocation we've lost some of the respect we had for the u.s. due to its foreign policy. it's one am here in the russian capital thanks for joining us this is
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a. major protests are underway across from this weather after the opposition called it supporters to the streets followers of president nicolas maduro are also rallying to show vers support for space journalist notice i've got reports from the venezuelan company. where from caracas from check out specifically one of the most of the magic points of concentration for the opposition supporters there were around thousands even i guess i would dare say a million people gathering here to listen to what one wedo had to say one way to set up very very strong words calling upon the armed forces to join the venezuelans to same by the constitution and to please allowed a humanitarian aid to come into the country of course we've heard very strong words as well from nicolas maduro denying that there is a crisis in the country and saying that the humanitarian aid is just an excuse to intervene into the country's affair all. also the government supporters and it was
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my daughter had a march today on the other side of the sewing and they were celebrating as well that youth day and they were also are supporting the armed forces now one of the in the pendant estimates in most important bullied equal estimates from the country russian foreign minister sergey lavrov for a phone conversation with u.s. secretary of state mike pompei on tuesday warning the u.s. against a near term meddling in venezuela we have professed of latin american studies. where the u.s. policymakers are likely to consider moscow's position. because the u.s. draft resolution on venezuela is aimed at concealing a planned provocation as humanitarian aid and would destabilize the country it might even provide a pretext for military intervention the un security council will never accept this kind of resolution. unfortunately i think that washington will continue on its current course of action this is become an ideological issue for them when you have
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amassed marco rubio you have my home pay all you have mr john bolton and now elliott abrams directing foreign policy in washington sensually taking over the function of the state department we are essentially an embarked on a course of regime change the us has embarked on this course previously since which of us was elected in one nine hundred ninety eight the us assad regime change across three different governments bush obama and now trump and unfortunately i don't think that the. minister will listen to love or office comments and will continue to see an escalation of conflict in the context of venezuela vs the us. one as well as been making headlines for weeks now have a sense of position need to declared himself to be interim president wants to cross the cow they say thousands that have protested in the haitian capital because the
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economic hardship on embezzle meant to give demonstrators are demanding the president of the on the nation step down arrows beam violence looting and clashes with police over the last five days resulting in four deaths. i. really don't know. if. the protests in haiti that have received a very different kind of reaction from washington compared to the ones in venezuela and for trying to explain its. protests are turning deadly. crowd wants to president to get the hell out of his office. they lowered his government for corruption for all kinds of cheating at the
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election. i do want to do a bit of the but enough that i thought the nation is not just poor it's starving. rich people in the country. don't. earn everything and yet the messed up place to. conquer a new city like a bit of polling trivia from the poorest country in the caribbean the last presidential election had to be rerun after claims of fraud but the follow up which put president maureen's in power wasn't exactly a model of democracy the turnout was only a fifth every tenth ballot sheet was never counted for different reasons and some cases that would be more than enough to set off what i call the legitimacy radar alarm and washington not this time trump sent his people to congratulate the new
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leader his diplomat said they were proud of haiti the haitian people deserve to have democratically elected leaders today's inauguration of a democratically elected president and allows haiti to return to democratic and constitutional rule so what do you do with that kind of rapprochement show that you're a big fan of the man in charge there president trump and i own troops and old and entrepreneur ones is results and therefore i hope to put everything in place to make sure we deliver from peoples but could such words of warmth ever end up turning into something like this how. venice. not true. the drum government is not going to side with the haitian people because they need the haitian government for its project of overthrowing the venezuelan government so back to news from haiti several days of protests put the capital on the brink of chaos a furious haitians are on the edge
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a group of you when powers including america came up with the communique i.e. condemnation of the escalating violence they want the president to speed up reforms well the only thing that came out of the state department in four days was this travel security alert security alert the security situation remains very unstable if you hear gunfire or protest groups seek shelter inside your house immediately and stay away from the windows and no one's yet picking a substitute for the elected leader but of course this relative silence isn't simply about someone saying nice things about donald trump but this is the nature of we can say american power in the world today it is filled with hypocrisy in haiti it is the vast majority of the population which is turning out to demand a job no mo uses a departure and yet not a word from my parents not
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a word from pump aoe the secretary of state not a word from donald trump so this double standard this hypocrisy is typical we can say u.s. foreign policy and venezuela neighbors on the map but it looks like they're nowhere near each other in the minds of those gurus of real democracy. syria is demanding action from the u.n. security council after accusing the u.s. led coalition of killing sixteen civilians and injuring schools more in a bombing attack on the border with iraq these are the pictures of the f. the. after that incident as filmed by our video agency ruptly can see the smoke on the horizon apparently the result of the air strike damascus has demanded an investigation. on living fabric twenty nineteen the u.s. led coalition committed a new crime against innocent syrian civilians is warplane targeted a civilian camp in the village of who's in the countryside of the governorates of
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there is or sixteen civilians including seven children were killed and seventy civilians most of them women and children were injured syria again calls on the un security council to stand up against these crimes and attacks and to shoulder its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security. they attacked was launched on the last ice a locket by deng play for an eastern syria india resort province u.s. led coalition is supporting a terms by the rebel syrian democratic forces to seize the area there are reports despite the fact hundreds of civilians have fled the territory that many are still trapped inside. the quite as you see of the coalition killed a lot of fun unless they killed a lot of fathomless a lot of children. but progress is slow and methodical as the enemy is fully entrenched and i still fight is continue to conduct counter attacks we're aware of
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opensource reports of alleged civilian casualties we take all allegations of civilian casualties seriously. for me you can bust it to syria and bahrain peter ford thinks in this case the perpetrators will never be held to account. with the government life in chief in leading arab countries. against their being found good example if it were an atrocity like this every time we get rid of the court which in all we see an open source report we don't know anything about the course they know everything about it you don't want to admit you know the media very indulgent they never follow up the perpetrators are never held to account but they were enormous now they have to be in the pool and roc-a need never get mentioned in the west
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media if i put them with a double standard. the us ambassador to germany has called for nato to be strengthened because the sea puts it russia is on the doorstep it's not as peter all of a report says comments and recent threats of sanctions against europe haven't gone down well. washington's man in berlin and boss of the richard grinnell is being hung out advice left and right to chancellor angela merkel over which direction she should stay in her country in the latest polls of wisdom that she should spend more money on weapons and that germany should use its energy connections with russia to put pressure on moscow the germans have the leverage with russia imagine if chancellor merkel stood up and said because of the russian behavior because of the malign activity and the increased offense we cannot give you more influence by
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buying your energy nolde stream to his top of the u.s. hit list when it comes to joint german russian projects that the u.s. isn't keen on with washington saying it doesn't want to become too dependent on moscow bus of the goodell also expressed disappointment with germany's military spending saying that commitments made to nato needed to be all that the u.s. is simply reminding its great german allies that now is not the time to undercut or weaken nato with the russians at the doorstep it should be clear to everyone that nato needs strengthening this isn't the first time though that the us ambassador has handed out some quite of diplomatic advice. in german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately never tell the host country what to do.
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we're not a banana republic. they're. a mix of one side tightening turn. the german people have taken a dim view of u.s. policy in these areas the latest polling shows eighty five percent of germans view the transatlantic relationship in a negative or even a very negative light with the majority saying they want to germany to give the u.s. a wider berth if we look at where german saw potential threats coming from less than two percent said russia right wing populism and protectionism was named as the biggest concern for germans i asked people in berlin why this view on u.s. german relations she listened
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a moment the ration ship is difficult right now because the world has become more tense due to trust policies it's the politics of provocation we've lost some of the respect we have to us due to its foreign policy it's the people themselves to get along well but the politicians sometimes fail to reflect this they're having problems of american precedent i think washington's hardline approach to it. doesn't seem to be going down too well with the german people peter all of. us congresswoman has found herself in building controversy and she took to twitter to complain about the influence of the pro israel lobby in the united states don't call it a has a story in american politics multi-million dollar lobbies reign supreme and there's almost always a good reason to criticize them big pharma is a usual target i don't think americans have the same big warm fuzzy feeling for big pharma pharma pharma has a lot of lobbies a lot a lot of years so
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a lot of power sometimes it's the gun lobby the national rifle association the n.r.a. the n.r.a. they do have great power i agree with that they have great power over your people. they have lost power over and of course plenty of others but there's one rule everyone apparently needs to follow don't criticize israel ilhan all maher learned the hard way with a five letter tweet it's all about the benjamins baby benjamins as in hundred. dollar bills it's pretty clear she was referencing the israel lobby but almost everyone took it as a secret sematic insult from republicans to fellow democrats all more wasn't danger of joining the black book of anti semites and so i assume it's a troops have no place in the halls of congress it is dangerous for democratic leadership to stay silent on these recalls language nancy pelosi please speak we can't be silent on a mom remove anti-semitism from house foreign affairs committee remove flieger until still a t.
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to jews and israel and then i will vote on house resolution seventy two to condemn israel and anti semitic hate infiltrating u.s. politics college campuses and halls of congress democratic leaders have condemned to hell more for use of anti semitic troops and prejudicial accusations about israel's supporters a couple of jewish democratic congressmen even wrote a letter to the party's leadership asking them to join in on the outreach and benjamin's were no doubt involved there one of the letter signers received over one hundred thirty thousand dollars from the israel lobby in twenty eighteen in total apac spent three and a half million lobbying politicians last year and in the end all maher had to apologize but she's not alone in washington pro israel democrats are having none of it some are forming a faction within the party for those with seemingly undying loyalty to israel twenty twenty is only a year away and parties are already preparing for the electoral battle there are
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sure to be plenty of topics to debate but like every other presidential election it's likely that the criticism of israel will be out of the question donald corridor r.t. . previously the al-jazeera news channel for the documentary investigating the israel lobby from the inside of the lobby series was bound for it was released amid claims of anti-semitism it was recently leaked online and those who are experts discussed it in our. show you can see the full version on a website for now though here's a preview. in their their interview and i can't remember who it is. an israeli lobby official who talks about how she has a direct line to college that college presidents always pick up the foam and none of these divestment movements on college campuses have worked in terms of getting universities to divest but where they have work which right which is what frightens israel is they have created an awareness of what israel is doing and
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quite dramatically changed the public perception of israel and that's exactly right and they they recognize that this ultimately is not about whether this university divest from caterpillar motorola or all boeing it's really about public opinion opinion poll after opinion poll shows that you know pretty much every demographic. group or constituency in this country support for israel is plummeting except among older white christian america who know the words the pro israel base looks more and more like the base of the republican party or donald trump and so as the demographics and politics of this country change israel goes from being a consensus issue to becoming a conservative issue and that's why we see so much effort to try to
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bring. israel back to progressive communities. ok speak now daniel he's an israeli american middle east analyst. there are many israeli jews of course who live in the united states. many christians also support the interests of israel how strong would you say the pro israel lobby is. well i'm not sure how many israeli jews are in america you know really. having an influence any influence whatsoever but i know that down in d.c. on k. street you've got a few competing lobby groups against a pac that are like j. street you know jews for palestine or whatever that are really splitting the two percent of jews in america you know the fractions that have an opinion on this so. i'm not really sure that there's you know any kind of. dominating i don't know if you're talking about so you know we'll see reaction to the congresswoman being
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forced to apologize have to say that the process where they lobby was it's a powerful thing that was appropriate well it's mostly you know also taste and coming from her i mean democrats a bad week you know with a black face handles and kind of things so it's easy to to to understand you know where the criticism criticism is coming from i personally went against a path back in two thousand and fifteen with the softening terrorism on capitol hill i helped introduce that bill which would limit aid to the palestinian authority if it was if the administration was and able to sort of five that the money was you know not going to terrorists and a pact was the biggest lobby and champion of aid to the palestinians to egypt and what not when members of congress like senator rand paul the republican party justin amash in the house who by the way is the first ever palestinian congressman . and. excuse me and so it's just been interesting to see
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where you know we can have the truth of it we can disagree with israel we can disagree with aids and i you know i'm happy to be part of that debate but. the fact that you know you can go and say oh the goldman sachs lobby or that the jewish money this kind of thing you know that's like going back to the nineteen thirties. do you think it was an anti semitic comment as i understand she was criticizing a lobbying group can you connected directly to to the racial issue is it is it an semitic to criticize a lobbying group that just happens to be israeli or do you think it went beyond that i think it's certainly beyond that it's just unacceptable to try to place in those terms like this so you have libertarians and republicans and democrats and people who are really skeptical of american you know status for foreign policy foreign aid and do have these debates without having to go into saying oh well it's the jewish money it's this jewish organization and you know. we haven't we haven't
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had this problem until someone speaks in these terms so. what about this we said you know all old will awaken the people of the evil deeds of israel and. her twitter if you go look at what she's saying i mean it's like i thought like hamas is like managing her or her feet or something it's pretty extreme but what do you make of this documentary that was filmed by al-jazeera about the power of the pro israel lobby investigation into its power an assessment over the didn't even make it to. white why do you think it didn't make it to where and how was it prevented from going to where do you think well i think al-jazeera on our air a couple years back because the ratings were so low they had like twenty thousand viewers a day or something like that some not quite sure but what would stop them from playing something on their own channel a fair points many thanks for joining us my guest is that daniel israeli american
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middle east analyst thank you. tom tom's once again promote the wrath of iran after slamming the country's islamic revolution as a failure and in a tweet in english in farsi the president ramped up his criticism of tehran for. forty years of corruption forty years of repression forty years of terror the regime in iran has produced only forty years of failure the long suffering iranian people deserve a much brighter future ron is marking forty years since his revolution which saw the overthrow of the u.s. backed shot by hamad pallavi ever since relations between the two countries have been fraught last november the trump of ministration impose the harsh sanctions the date on tehran targeting the country's energy shipping and financial sectors we asked iranians what they made of the u.s. president's latest quip. but i do not agree with trump's words about the forty year corruption and suppression this is not about the rome corruption can be found
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everywhere he posted in farsi so that everyone can understand and he wanted to show that he doesn't agree with those who are running our country but i personally do not like it trying to interfere from outside you know that's. all really don't take those words very seriously his remarks are like t.v. adverts he says different things every day. if his intention was to really help the people in show how friendly he is bay writing or mother tongue then he should read there are sanctions like those are medication which happened a strain on our people that which show good well. hundreds of taken to the streets of barcelona in support of catalonia independence bid it comes to spain supreme court opened the high profile trial of twelve catalan leaders accused of rebellion and sedition the group was arrested with catalonia failed independence referendum of twenty seventeen which resulted in hundreds of people injured and led
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madrid to impose direct rule over the semi autonomous region the former president of catalonia colors put the man who sought exile in belgium has labelled the proceedings a political show trial earlier on tuesday secessionists called on catalan to briefly stop working at midday in protest if found guilty those on trial could face up to twenty five years in prison. this is like race issues are never far from the headlines these days that's also true at yale university in the u.s. after a student there published a column in the campus newspaper in it she suggests keeping a record of racist and sexist behavior by white males for possible use later on. everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions one day i'll turn on the television and i'll see him sitting down for his senate confirmation hearing i'll recall a message where he likened a woman's body to particularly large animal i'll kick myself for forgetting to
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screenshot the evidence i can let things slip by i am watching you white boy and this time i am taking this screen shot what kind of a hate has yale become this is not progressive it's juvenile and malicious pernicious yale paper prints racist guide on how to destroy a white boy lives like cavanagh this article proves two things first it is the left in the democratic party and its members that are racist and second if you go to yale you will leave more stupid than when you entered she just put into words what a lot of women are doing and have already done this is just trying times up out in multiple sentences and guys should be warned that whatever they type and post is being screenshot it she's probably doing them a service as you say the article spot control the lives of accusing the author of hate speech i sustain this marks author of evil is banal is
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a senior at jonathan edwards college where she studies philosophy and writes a regular column for yale daily news debates over political correctness yale university are considered frequent earlier on r t international we debated the call for surveillance of young white males. i think that the hate of white people right now is being so normalized on on educational campuses and where the media and it's become so much the point where if someone did this the opposite way if it was white vice versa if a white wrote this about some other people then he would get the insane amount of backlash and it would be much worse than if this person this woman wrote this about white men and i have to say that it isn't the surveillance that is scary it's the fact that it's intimidating they're creating a system that intimidates white men and pushes them down and makes them look over their shoulders and makes them worry and that is the tactic of a totalitarian state and they seem to not be able to wait until they can inflict on
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the bonnet and the mainstream media has has put this this label on white men and even white people in general on college campuses i'm in jobs even at restaurants i'm clearly college student right now and i see this as this this whole i guess clay coming to everyone's minds thinking that white people are bad white people should be going for their ancestors problems you know that shouldn't be happening and i'm not sure whether this marks an occasion of desperation for leftism or opportunities a sense of blooming opportunity or maybe both but you're not really on the left unless you're a victim and in order to be a victim you have to have an oppressor and they appeared to have settled all the different causes all the different angles or less doesn't appear to have settled on white males for racism sexism bigotry and homophobia and that is the great evil of america and we are going to be made to pay for that one way or another even if we're innocent and of course most of us are staying with. the international my
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colleague anita coach you know bringing of dates and often are. after a rather bumpy rollout the new green deal is upon this co-sponsored by democratic firebrand alexandria ocasio what does the plan foresees a radical restructuring of the american economy and how people will live but the plan does not address is how much it cost how much will we have to go into the red become green. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm
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show business i'll see you then.


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