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it's a use weight. of the floor you can use off the feet without a visible persuaded her that you have a whole body of it at the top of the. what i think is this is the found that is a constant. thank you. syria demands from the u.n. security council after accusing the u.s. led coalition of killing civilians in a bombing raid over the border with iraq. and the united states senate approves of
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bill to restrict access to public records relating to police operation after the media exposed law enforcement abuses. to u.s. aid to venezuela large demonstrations across the country. plus a decade of bullying and taunting women. french journalists korea. being behind a closed facebook group spreading online and. it's already turning into a busy wednesday for your worldwide news headlines here on r.t. international welcome to the program. syria is demanding action from the united nations security council damascus accuses the u.s. led coalition of killing sixteen civilians and injuring thousands in
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a bombing raid over the border with iraq video agency ruptly filmed the aftermath of what appears to have been a combination of air strikes and shelling our correspondent takes a closer to. syria again is accusing the united states of. the u.s. led coalition committed a new crime against innocent syrian civilians is. a civilian in the village of who's in the countryside of the governor it's. sixteen civilians including seven children were killed and seventy civilians most of them women and children were injured syria again calls on the un security council to stand up against these crimes and the turks and to shoulder its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security here's what happened near east syria is a small village which happens to be one of the last islamic state on claves in
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syria and it is in the firing line the u.s. led coalition its troops and allies on the ground are pressing it from all sides and the media's there to watching this isis village burton final push to defeat isis in the villages their last remaining stronghold in northeastern syria days away from victory days before they saw the end of the caliphate the problem and a serious one and that is that aside from the five six hundred isis fighters there are hundreds upon hundreds of civilians innocent whom the terror group was holding hostage using its human shields liquid you can lucian killed a lot of fun unless they killed a lot of fathomless a lot of children this time the u.s. led coalition hit a mosque and the coalition has a rule never to hit mosques they're protected except when it stops being a mosque because the pentagon says so this mosque lost its protected status when
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isis deliberately chose to use it as a command and control center lot of first time they hit the mosque which stopped being a mosque packed with people the incident near aleppo springs to mind yes the coalition takes all reports of civilian casualties seriously investigate for months or years writes an apology note when everyone's forgotten and moved on almost all. he's the terrorists fault yes the u.s. is fighting terrorists in syria but it was never invited to it invited itself then to be able to say good job boys we beat isis it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate . but i want to wait for the official word and i want to say too early we have one
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good study says we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of isis see a resurgent you know they're running out we'll come back if we have to we spoke with middle east expert i'm out of whack off who says washington has found a new way to explain away and uncomfortable truths. what we know for sure that the americans showed disregard for human life and for infrastructure what is happening this time around is that previously they would say you know we would go into an investigation whenever a toll of civilians and lives were lost nowadays they seem to have a pretty preset justification so for example yesterday they bombed a mosque in the same village. and they've issued a statement that we bombed a former mosque which stopped us because he was turned by dietitian to a command and control center so now they've come prepared. for whatever criticism
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they might face but we don't think that this acuity council will will take any steps which that the united states is not alone in this sort of illegal. presence in syria that. the u.s. state of north dakota is seeking to restrict access to public record holds related to police and government operations that's offer a number of law enforcement abuses were exposed. and now picks up a story you're a member the protests out in standing rock in response to the dakota access shale oil pipeline it seems like old news but two cases are actually pending in federal court still and at this point we've got many people who can remember how horrified they were when they saw the government's response to peaceful protesters.
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well critical legal information about what actually happened during those protests may soon be unavailable to the public a billion animists lee pass by the north dakota state senate would forbid the publishing of information and records related to quote critical infrastructure that term might sound vague but pipelines are actually included and now they say that this new law is necessary because of cyber security but it's going to be
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a big relief to police and other law enforcement agencies that actually complained about the release of such information in a document that was made public via records request however they were far more critical and e-mails that were leaked one non credentialed media group involved in high profile actions would request publicly available records to a done a fine law enforcement agencies and persons involved i'm still doing some checking on the legality of everything and what i'm forced to release. is there a preemptive way to prevent the city of bismarck from disclosing any law enforcement product produced by bureau of indian affairs personnel leaked documents also show that a private security firm noticed tiger swan was heavily involved in the crackdown on the protesters documents show them referring to the protesters as jihad us and insurgents since the movement generally followed the jihad this insurgency model while active we can expect the individuals who fought for and supported to follow
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a post insurgency model after its collapse but despite all the bad press and protests the dakota access oil pipeline is moving forward trying to sign that on his fourth day in office to kota excess price. again subject terms and conditions to be negotiated by the us. and if the new north dakota law sealing records actually goes forward we may never know the full story of what happened when protesters got in the way of powerful oil companies. r.t. new york. there have been major protests across venezuela off of the opposition of colditz supporters onto the streets over the standoff regarding u.s. aid one who proclaimed himself interim leader of such a ten day deadline to get blocked aid deliveries into the country president nicolas maduro meanwhile doesn't believe the convoys have anything to do with delivering
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so-called humanitarian aid but both men have been seen addressing big crowds of supporters. say to keep inviting soldiers of the country to join us who keep inviting the humanitarian aid to enter. because it will answer in venezuela no matter what because usurper will have to leave when us will no matter what i mean i want to unite venezuela around one goal of peace i want peace with venezuela we all want peace with venezuela and the. drums of war go away with the threats of military intervention and let venezuelans say in one chorus with a single voice we want peace but as we suffered food and medicine shortages hyper inflation none seen more than two million people flee the country on monday quite zero took to twitter to say that the first delivery of aid had already been made including medicine for pregnant mothers and malnourished children however it's not
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clear how he can actually be in a position to say this because madonna has blocked u.s. aid delivery so fearing that washington may actually be using them to assist in a type of coup one of the key delivery routes will be a bridge between colombia and venezuela however my daughter ordered tankers to be placed across the road with the military also guarding it in fact it's worth noting this bridge was built in twenty sixteen it's never been opened it's never been used for the meantime venezuelans are split on whether to support the u.s. delivers it that long why there is calling for a fatal war because it is a war against all the people of wind as well and not only against the president of the republic it is against all the people of venezuela and interference from other countries cannot happen over the heads of the venezuelan people we chose nicolas maduro not just there's no reason crisis that's no secret and we need the humanitarian aid and yes it would be
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a blessing from have been for this humanitarian aid to inter-country because we need it now everyone but those who are in hospital for example there are suffering a lot of world think of solace a professor of latin american studies says any pretense of this crisis being a democratic process is nonsense. unfortunately i think that washington will continue on its current course of action this is become an ideological issue for them when you have amassed marco rubio you have mike pompei all you have mr john bolton and now elliott abrams directing foreign policy in washington sensually taking over the function of the state department we are essentially an embarked on a course of regime change the us has embarked on this course previously since which of us was elected in one nine hundred ninety eight the us assad regime change across three different governments bush obama and now and will continue to see an
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escalation of conflict in the context of venezuela versus the u.s. . a number of prominent french journalists have been suspended after demotion they belong to a group that speed mocking and taunting women online for almost a decade shot to. remember to movement how could you know i think most after all one of the biggest stories to rock two thousand and eighteen well here in france it was better known as. essentially that means to call someone out as acting like a pig and remove grab the media's attention all great except fast forward a few months later and we find out what's really been going on. behind us in law or leave. us all a time when the moral brigade were flying the panel to
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a number of senior journalists in france who reportedly engaged in. online harassment mainly a female writers and feminist activists the l.o.l. . online boys club consisted of a run for members back in two thousand and nine. blissett appears to victims on social media arm doctored photos to him in the just suffered from attacks on twitter when you tweet something and you have thirty people who can call you completely stupid. i lived in fear there is always this tension of when will it happen and in what form it's very humiliating and humiliation davos and she's now online and public and accessible to all of you had a morbid fear that this can turn into real violence it was not for allegedly lying but in my head it actually transfers a cult so how did this hugely embarrassing scandal come to light well it was
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accident discovered when one newspaper left. carried out a fact checking exercise exposing it to its own journalists as not being only members but one of them actually founded the cyber bullying group several journalists have been suspended who range of outlets and some have even offered apologies although not everyone has held on to the feeling of guilt for very long to those jumping for joy in their vengeful by saying few of these idiots now we're going to clean up our own dirty laundry. for ten years these bullies have been operating like a pack getting high on power on the pain they could inflict in reality they've been experienced as what they really are the league of largely in the news is on the left the liberal media in front has been left with egg all over it space. auti paris journalist elizabeth says she's shocked to learn it was fellow
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journalists behind this. there are certain times of young journalists the good with the good with social media. they have the sort of boys gang mentality and they think it's very funny these are people who are now in positions to commission people and whom these poor women then would have to do an awful story to off to have a new horror you harassed by by this group so this was fresh and present i would have thought to find a less educated will do but do journalists will be they the recruitment of journalists is a cross-section of the population. a controversial case in the state of new york where a man accused of fatally stabbing his pregnant girlfriend has had a felony abortion charge against him dropped prosecutors cited recent changes to the law the victim was fourteen weeks pregnant several days later the suspect
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handed himself into police and was charged with second degree murder but an additional abortion charge has now been dropped in light of a new law which extends the time pregnancy terminations are allowed the district attorney's office says the pros and cons of this law are still being assessed hobson's abortion charge was repealed by the legislature and this is the law as it exists today prosecutors are continuing to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case and evaluates an exists in law the reproduction health as it's known that permits late term abortions if health is endangered it moves abortions from state law to health statutes it also means suspects the suspects no longer face a so-called fetal homicide charge when an attack results in a miscarriage now the act was hailed by liberals as a groundbreaking promotion of women's rights and we got a reaction on the streets of new york to how the laws lead to abortion charges
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being dropped. i think the and the thing probably use second third trimester should be considered for the laws that previously were considered murder or otherwise well that's a very intense and extreme situation i don't think it was the intent of the law and probably should be the requested are adjusted tough tough topic very controversial i would say i'm very like pro-choice on the matter and that's kind of where i personally stand by that's a very tricky conversations think creates hysterics and both sides i think it's not quite what the conservatives they're advertising words let's kill all babies and. nor is that usually for medical or other reasons for that not just for convenience we spoke to ingrid to run from the pro-life organization national right to life she told us the stopping case is a wake up call for the entire stay. i think that this was also
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a wake up call to the public to say look at how extreme the new york law went look at how extreme the virginia legislation could have gone luckily in virginia it died in committee. but in other states i know that maryland will also be considering a constitutional amendment trying to make abortion as a fundamental right and i think what's important now is that people are waking up and they're seeing that what the national right to life has said all along these extreme abortion on demand policies what would happen what it allows how it removes protections how all of these things are coming true so i think that will motivate. the public to act and to also counter the extreme abortion laws by introducing a pro-life protective laws that would protect both mother and unborn child are
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still to come here when are to international what is initially looking like a huge prison break in the haitian capital with nearly one hundred detainees out on the streets. join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you that. i think is going to be. i think. traveling across. what makes america the charlotte the g.'s place the south
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american hero this is a point. we always are just a. culture. we're starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more. we may be completely different in this. few. eleven twenty here in moscow for. germany parties youth wing have been attacked off to being invited to a boat in film festival to see a film about the holocaust they were attacked with glass bottles as they arrived at the cinema we spoke to vadim ducks and one of the victims about what exactly
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happened. ok. you will find the political. will to be god just until. all of the sudden some guys rushed out of the dark i think there were about five to seven persons young men they had some batteries in their hands they just rushed into our group he. started punching us the f.t. says the masked attackers belong to the anti for movement two people required medical attention at the scene one of them was hospitalized a police we understand have launched an investigation now the attack comes a month after the parties but i am an chairman frank magnates was beaten up he was attacked by three people in mosques and sustained severe head injuries
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a few days later a message purporting to be from claim responsibility for the assault but was then deleted here is inviting duction again on why the finger continues to be pointed at that group. and this was very planned the jumped out of for the bushes they attacked us right away called us nazis this was something this was not something. continuously happening from my so. if the people the get attacked on a regular basis. and you can definitely see some pattern there. in these attacks. nearly eighty detainees have escaped from a local prison during violent clashes in the haitian capital one person was reportedly shot dead and several protesters were badly injured.
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twenty thousand prisoners took advantage while police were distracted by a demonstration anti-government protesters are demanding the president of the island nation step down at the last six days have seen violence looting and clashes with police including a number of fatalities. claims that popular dating apps like tinder and grind are leading to the sexual abuse of children has prompted the u.k. government to take action i will be writing to these companies asking what measures they have in place to keep children safe from home including very age the increased scrutiny follows an investigation by british newspaper the sunday times it found that children are easily able to dodge age restrictions and end up being matched with adults resulting in sexual offenses being committed since twenty fifteen more than thirty cases of child rape are following online matches have been reported to
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british police sixty other instances of sexual assault on minors are also under investigation they include grooming kidnapping and violent sexual assault victims were able to evade the match making apps age checks which are currently set of eighteen and over a grind says it's made significant efforts towards enforcing age restrictions. grindr is committed to creating a safe and secure environment to help a community connect and thrive and any account of sexual abuse or other illegal behavior is troubling to us as well as a clear violation of our terms of service we are consistently evaluating and refining our processes to prevent under-age access and will always work with law enforcement where possible to protect our users as well we don't want minors on tender period we discuss the issue with social media lawyer you know to cohen and steven morris of the english democrats northwest. the parents and the children his
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victims here they have been abandoned for such a long time think it is about time that the government intervene and create some laws and regulations and also so media companies do as much responsibly parents have full responsibility to make sure that their child complying with the education issues all that they are properly monitored count levy used to be you can bypass it you can get fake id these are always ways around it if they're going to break the law of the name of the regulators they in fact it is the states that we have got to blame here think the state have left the internet exposed the state has left it for social media companies to go and regulate themselves and police themselves what you're talking about is a complete police state where you can't do anything without the control of the state. the government school together in money to save many many lives of children great breakthrough creating laws and let's welcome bench and be completely wrong
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because what you're doing you completely isolate that child from the reality of us what you've got to do educate the people to live very very computers they think that the rules of the years really apply to all the planet if you don't apply to her like the shops have responsibility therefore on line companies and internet companies should have a same sort of responsibility to both young people as tropical night passengers on three don't have to look after their own responsibility they are responsible for their own actions i thank for sharing some of your wednesday with us here at r.t. international in moscow your program does return at the top of the hour to see you then.
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puff and the full entire steam account way to go through a food. bank itself mukti about. two hours in this way got two dollars so hard not to think of the mother disappeared just look at the look of it i was and i don't mean to start then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights in his room waiting. on. the floor and you can feel the fee on this bill frist would have been called believe it at the top of the day. but i think it is this is the fans that is
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a constant. with the goal make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. but the claim is clear we go round the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room the real news room.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance to the impact on all of us i am bart chilton in washington and we are so glad you've chosen to spend some time was a thanks for being with us is going to be a great show coming up today the e.u. seems to have china in their crosshairs over hacking but will they pull the trigger on sanctions tillery for which the c.e.o. of strong market r.t. correspondent caleb often joins us to discuss plus we take a long look at the recent spate of crypto criminals and how regulators have been cracking down during the wall of chattanooga and rosamond joins us and later in these volatile times what's an average investor to do john grace of investors advantage corporation has some helpful advice all that directly has but first let's have some headlines let's go. to a deal to avoid a u.s. government shutdown later this week has bipartisan agreement in congress and markets seem to be.


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