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firebrands alexandria ocasio cortez the plan foresees are radical restructuring of the american economy and how people will live but the plan does not address is how much it cost how much will we have to go into the bread become greece. will show you look. for instance. with the. jetsons to. do most in-store some good. reasons but mostly it's. more to sell most of the stalls. to shoot your good clothes in your clothes or to solicit you but also proveable some clothes to put some stupid was moved in small. groups low post presence alone posters to most of the listeners from. the closer to
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the start. of. the field or your chicken took his first flight at the age of forty three eleven days at the space station was preceded by four years of preparation for the give. away. he didn't even get his own cabin and had to sleep in a sleeping bag but or else. it would wail when they missed the good door the second flight lost in six months he accompanied charles. many a space tourist it was
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a tricky mission the cosmonauts were almost evacuated back to earth the computers in the russian sector crashed after coming back to earth your chief in was sure it would be his last flight. for those who need the. two world of the school students and. lo and behold fielders back at the space station preparing for a space walk around. him to feel like if i do you could come out. here all of you to put me up to the other side of what it's called. he carried the olympic torch in space. and gave a concert in syria gravity. is now fifty seven and he's getting ready for his face flight he spent eleven years of his life trying to get on the
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team for a good reason he knew he'd been born to fly since he was a child. vocal coach. mean you know. you seem to do ministry justice will smoke socially. much over the. years to complete the same you. go. eat.
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good you. though can. mature those who heard it's a preview of most moving soon will. emerge whole from all over the. us the swarms of them some. folks. on. that ship the crisco being a bit wrong they should not blame the loss will judge wishing the passage.
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if by can. reach stadiums in tucson yes that's not love nature rush said that it's. funny that it's not you it's not my precious aggression it's placement but let's see if you can also tell you why the us made a. dog in europe to steal. this move cuckoo sure to prove that your move is to. start a new breed. to . those who should be encouraged to go to the.
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an aborted landing the cosmonauts were supposed to land in the step but instead touched down in remote woodland it was only the sight of people strolling around the spaceship the defuse the tension a little obviously it was only a drill. and we was one you used to do because you can use music to do work because you knew to be. real to move on. to the good will. he was in what was your group would say musically but when you look is suddenly consummately really really moved to she wouldn't move through it we will. reduce to you. know she would get bush. he would. go to war with the three people who to finish. assuring the
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most would be able to. know you. know us over this to the group and to. you going to. make. you feel. better. would you. like me are just on my. go right under your. heart. just when they finally clicked it was decided to dissolve the crew the space program it changed now they'd be a crew of two instead of three go with just fish moreover the launch was we should children. brought forward several months preparations had to continue at
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a greater pace. into a solution this journey you move you are the most abuse you should read the good news there's no go among. us though she's door you move closer to pleased. you can move you know good will who. are nicolaides he is he is a great person he is his god hard exterior the strong russian but as soft inside he is he's a continual stream of advice so i fully expect that as we go to the space station i'll get more advice take it slow to when it's cool. i've been training with him for so long that. the things that he says or his facial expressions or just his body language i know what he's
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thinking or like an old married couple and when i don't understand new born you'll see he will with his twenty years of speaking english he will explain it in english. you. think later. on these you name we hope it was good news. for. reasons that. you. most of us are going to present for you. we said.
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before each flight. a couple of months since houston learning how to work in the station's american section he stays at the same place every time usually accompanied by his family. still. with where you. live you may be used with this if you do so with all the smoke. and used as you said they're going to need it you know where. oh i'm with you as was the fear wouldn't you oh good to see good morning. you more
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. in the hall with his use of so would a misquote oh. yeah. oh. you mean yes that. is when you see me in your. period. when you. go to with the ideal most. so maybe i'll spare you. the details it's because it. was my study. long. do you mean post on the net i'm we will quote them please charm from
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the future to look into this blog and believe in the listeners and even the gunman who called more with national political news logon and listening in news lengths and if we have a significant moment to whinge when it's in the form in which it will. go just look at the little guy who knew it was going to see if he blew it give you a bit with us will quote see you in the risk of losing the little fluids in your book that can see it is legal for them to move to forgo push with a new three year old's cough that would get those loves the same clothes but at least the forced to look less pollution awful. no competition the stock price discovery so you end up a fake prices in fake prices beget fake news that's what comes out of fake prices fake news you want to get rid of fake news restore competition in the marketplace
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to get real prices and then you'll get real news. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people by salt or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways and such like here. in the western world in a similar light and all we witnessing the final octave. the cold war and if so what
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comes next. you can put your foot underneath that field. in houston your chief in masters american simulators he's flown so many times in a study them so well sometimes it's hard to tell who's teaching whom this is now this is the business school was usually use to go to do some dorothy music hall booth on the smoke could position. down the steak that's how it is in here but. i put on mine put like i asked for something and a star of their. charge out of it and learned that.
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i should. ok great that's exactly what the. bush situation who knew it was a shame were the police crews but this a person may mean you're going to see me your nose on the news you would just reduced me to two minutes before this with those new custodian the complete with you needed to do good research to be nice code because i'm going to use both to build or to compete with you also this learned to do with. this is a little dance a cosmonaut does when he's instructors is so happy with the results of they let him go two hours a day and you can have lunch at his favorite dinah i mean. you should move good. shoes would be good to get to push your feet will. be much easier to search. through. time. time to save these.
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who is going. to go. to school the roof bluebeard and we're supposed to be doing this to christmas to she's going to. do so. through good roast good for good as you put some new her. blue coat and see if she has new moons for goodness with. engines of light speed. and
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liftoff. we have liftoff of the sixty fifth progress resupply vehicle beginning a two day journey to the international space station. this supply did kill should double its scientific equipment luggage food and oxygen into the isis for the cosmonauts to attain the needed altitude and never reach the station some of its fragments burnt in the dense the sphere and some fell down to earth and there is the view that we saw about thirty minutes or so ago a clear rotational spin on the progress cargo craft failures detected in the cores automated. system.
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to get. final training sessions at star city tell your chief in and sink arizona ski receive instruction on how to launch satellites they haven't mastered it so far. sanjay will join the station crew shortly because i'm an old swiss supposed to do a space walk together in new spacesuits however one of them was on the cargo ship that had just crashed and will now have to alter the old suit they've got on the i assess one of the cosmonauts will wear it for the space walk. before the launch the crew traditionally visits to honor the memory of the world's first cosmonaut despite the rain the absence of the tradition even though they know
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that if one of them falls six the launch will have to be postponed. beautifully you. will pools to show you that you do need you do the news do it use a bridge do some work. you know just the reverse would be for you for. the record your yoshiyuki. the slow. pace because. maybe it's a. little of that. and. very little or. no. that i'm not here anymore five. years of.
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that. you. very much if you please please do. not do. this you. have to get to me because i have six don't do this work to do this because it feels good to be a good review for all of them for better mean you mean you. are not happy looks to you to be sure you are going to do for the group very much. we're still just crazy about each other because we don't take each other for granted and her being such a strong competent and amazing person has made me being gone so much possible i never call or elizabeth that takes too long to say. it's got to be sexier hoddy
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year i payments or something and she supernal. with. the stuff she says through words can remember google group of. girls who. was who you are she just was always going to school because for you for those who come from people who. she were our. public to do you wish you could. not force them. to. look at you. yes how are you trying to get rid. of me because i didn't. used to be the digital age at which. just. move on because i did.
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this for. years could you simply get the work. you call. your pastor of the lancet. who was the museum with the amenities of. those who didn't but were also locals one on one bird with your. blue cooks they could push. a really good the other nobody would go cook. with who are those who do look newcomb used to using looks. as though they grew your bloom of increase who.
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came. up. to. fifty. didn't. really mean anything to. me. play a game. and i must say that's the case. the minute the crimean.
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letters are but that's good news because to get you to ship it to the principle. it was. translated should use the other deposits that means get our minds passes us no other thought that you can get that are going to be given a bit. but of. the people must feel and i think if you get. people to believe. in it honey you. have an alibi that. i want but i'll buy you a lot the biggest a bit about. it we get back at the daily. bad stomach they're going to do the sunday for the people's most and there's no. such thing you put the figure of the principle out of the you. know in the good feeling in your book in that.
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that's what it's about. but in your book it's
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a. huge. thank you that's going to be. hard to do if you. still wish to study for you for most of what you read to join. you at this way you. write it. just doesn't go to the story you're. just looking at that's just. what you see.
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this is. you know this huge nobody was. that my d.h. and i. know you've been duped by it was my school work shame so it was but you're used to. it almost when you point out they used computers to trade can you do your research because rescript as well as movement but with regard to what you know good let's look at the body flaws don't they admit the bush get all of us and give us a path to do the most with you why of. course you've got the same sort of laws. but the my pace is removed in a good mood new surely you see a new play more for the work of the what which is or which to you but then you open the us think of the human soul regifting.
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laugh and cry and you know the full entire history month on the way or both to suit . bandicoots old movie theater i. was in this way got to dog it so hard not to think of the mother dismayed to see the work of a coward and an optimist all right then if. this is the only thing that we do is
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music because everybody fights his way to. the floor you can feel the fee. but i think it is this is the fans that is the constant. and along the way to cool decision a french former boxing champion has been sentenced to three years in prison for striking a police officer at a yellow protest in january. italy's prime minister's branded the puppets of the
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heated debate in the e.u. parliament passed the blog for being out of touch with its people. europe.


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