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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 14, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EST

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greetings and salutation. you can still hear it hawk watchers especially here in washington d.c. i know we've talked about it before right here on this very show you can hear it behind every politician's speech build lives every lobbyist gold plated e-mail and every new missile fresh off the assembly line it's that slow quiet sucking sound the united states of america's ever growing national debt and my fellow americans this week we hit a milestone yes this week we finally got our national debt up to the record breaking level of twenty two trillion dollars that's trillion with a t. my friends which i don't know about you but i think it's time to break out the cigars and because twenty two trillion deserves a toast that's an epic amount epic amount i mean seriously epic amount of economic negligence that deserves to be applauded it's insanity i mean according to reason
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dot com the twenty two trillion in national debt works out to about sixty six thousand dollars for every man woman and child in the country but that's that's only the beginning of the bad news because thanks to the war on terror spending in the democrat republican put it all on the credit card style of leadership that we've seen in the past few decades things are only going to get worse according to c.n.n. b c the most recent projections from the nonpartisan congressional budget office indicate that debt held by the public will rise to ninety three percent of gross domestic product in the next ten years the highest since just after the end of world war two. in fact by two thousand and fifty the debt is predicted to hit one hundred sixty percent of our gross domestic product that's that's well within most of our lifetimes my friends which means the great bubble of borrowed economic time we are. all living under is going to pop sooner than later so we'd better start
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watching for us. to. get the. real deal this would. be the plot of. the day like you that i got. this. week. welcome everyone to watching the hawks i rolled with her and then to have a. man. does some u.s. government does not know how to handle its finances no they do not i mean do you think tablets just the the number is so big you know when you look at the but the billboard up of a good time square whatever it is a lot of the other places where you can see the star you think is the big words like the number is so massive at this point that it's like wooden when you or i
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have that there are other people have the number get so big going. what can i do what can i say when we were when we were younger and the whole national debt when the fine went up on everybody or signed was a big deal about the debt you know we were all told it's like about twenty thousand dollars per person for a man under and and having lived in new york moving to new york in the ninety's and seeing that clock and walking past every day and just saying it constantly go up it becomes real to you and now once again we have another generation of people looking at. financial insecurity that they didn't put themselves in there oh no it's interesting because when you just look at recently you know the gas that's been added to the fire that is the u.s. national. you know the end of just the people of the national debt is kind of the total amount of annual budget deficits held by the u.s. and our government spending and things like that we're spending more than we actually put out or to give and so there's no way no no for yeah most of the most
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heroic or toll of months of them or isn't you make when we were we little small. amount. recently that has been on the rise due to the passing of the president trumps one point five trillion dollars tax cut in december twenty seventh seen em to simply congress's moves last year to increase spending on domestic and your favorite among military programs because again we're out spending what we have you know and it's interesting cause it's like all the republicans talk about oh we're going to do deficit spending we can do there's going to there's a lot of seems like in the last few years it's going to go. so and it's not going to stop just this isn't going to magically go away and i think there's this idea that you know one trumps out of office or somebody else is in office it's magically this trillions and trillions of dollars it's going to magically go away and that's not the truth actually the congressional budget office is predicting that this serious deficit will come in at around eight hundred ninety seven. billion
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a fifteen point one percent increase over twenty eight thousand seven hundred seventy nine billion which is about what our military budget is you know the c b o actually forecast that the deficit will keep rising and actually one trillion way freight annually every year. beginning in two thousand and twenty and it won't drop below one trillion and so probably after twenty twenty nine. if things you know if we don't magically find a lot of change in the carriage question we're going to be in trouble cutting needless spending. and spending is one that's a big long that. you know. it's the interest that truly gets you on something like this i mean this is with everything yeah because i mean just think about this the interest on our national debt right now is about three hundred ninety billion dollars annually imagine like you know we all have like your credit card debt or student loan debt imagine if like the interest on that you know it's just three
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hundred i mean this is the house is on fire and no one is doing anything about it no even talking about it they're never mentioned in the state of the union address recently the drug did nothing about it there brian riedl a senior fellow at the manhattan institute told reason dot com last year that the real danger of all this is that if the debt keeps growing at a certain point investors will stop lending you has money at reasonable interest rates they will be reasonably concerned that the debt is growing beyond our ability to finance it at a certain point the investors will demand that we get our fiscal house in order you know about starts with we've got to start that's when you start raising taxes and we all know in this economy in the cost of things we can't afford to raise taxes right now on the one calling on the middle class in this or not the rich good point good point just say. in two thousand and thirteen the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer classified out classified outdoor air pollution as a cancer causing agent more commonly known as
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a core senator and then in twenty eight team the e.p.a. is national center for environmental assessment published a study showing that when it comes to air pollution blacks specifically had one point five four times higher burden the end of the overall population and this week the union of concerned scientists released a report regarding. in equitable exposure to air pollution from vehicles in california they found that african-american latino and asian californians are exposed to particulate matter pollution forty three thirty nine and twenty one percent higher respectively than white californians and that people living in los angeles county are exposed to sixty percent more vehicle pollution than the state average and two hundred fifty percent more than the san francisco bay area know what this means is that poor people of color are at higher risk for slowed long function growth development of asthma heart and lung disease heart attacks a regular herpes some blood clots just to name a few and also means that the concept of environmental justice has missed the
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injustices happening to people of color why well as robert bowler the father of environmental justice wrote in his book confronting environmental racism voices from the grassroots at the heart of the problem is the fact that the united states is a racially divided nation where extreme racial inequities continue to persist so hawk watchers why is there so little protection for those of certain complection it's. that's a really great point and that's one of those that's one of those things where you see that you know you see these studies and things like this and it really drives home the point that you know you know this country's institutional racism and things of that nature actually take a physical toll you know it's not just a mental thing it's not just oh someone's calling someone and word or you know that the police if something's like that this is telling visibly killing them because of the way our institutions set up specifically with pollution yeah and one of the
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exit to understand about this what they did is they took this levels of particulates you know in these small particulates in the air and they went around like using census data figure out where people live. and that's kind of a came out one of the things if you understand about urban areas when it comes to race as a people kind of get locked into neighborhoods or locked into areas because they have to because it's near work and they have to because it's the only affordable housing and so cars were specifically to be clear cars were the specifically use for this. subset of pollution sources so on road vehicles and that's it but it doesn't factor in pollution from agriculture or the general environment stationary sources so that would be like a refinery a factory so when you add on to that even more and more and you go into like the poorer you are you're probably going to live the closest to refineries factories agriculture and you're going to be exposed to that it's interesting you bring up
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cars and what's what's also fascinating about this study in california is that people who don't use cars let's say can't afford to don't have a car whatever they actually face exposure to pollution levels nineteen percent higher above the state average mean one quarter of the population in los angeles county experiences pollution levels that are bigger than double the speed average drive and that's that thing about being you know people say ok it's great that you're using public transportation unfortunately what that means is that people. we're taking buses and walking are literally exposing themselves because they're around in the us where people in their cars i mean you look at cars like test floods great if you can afford one and it cleans all the air down even you know dirty bombs but most people can't afford a tesla with fancy air filters or anything else and one of the things is sort of how to fix it and we know we know we're looking at the green new deal which we've heard about for years it's been around. we're looking at this and trying to sort of fix the problem. when answers are there we're just not doing it clean public
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transportation that would allow those living in the in these poor neighborhoods or these isolated neighborhoods to be able to not be so living in such congested traffic they wouldn't need as many cars on the road and one of those was the light rail systems or bullet trains and that was one of things so sadly this week california is brand new super progressive governor. mr newsome gabbin announced his week that california's high speed rail project that former governors brown and schwarzenegger spearheaded is now one hold because as new some put it quote let's be real the current project as planned would cost too much and take too long that must be nice for someone living in sacramento. who has the money to stay in his nice clean car and not have to deal with that he doesn't have to worry about his children going out and breathing this stuff and having asthma for the rest of their lives he doesn't have to worry about that but i think it's
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gross that while you know you have the few democrats and a few progressives on the hill right now and even nancy pelosi of all people out there pushing this ok we really do have to do this now we need to do this green new deal and here is gavin newsome like yeah but it serves a bunch of us so right or wrong motives. show grows because of the end of a these are the people that get hurt yeah yeah failing infrastructure it's usually the people that are economically disadvantaged the best without that's where that hurts worst and then it works its way up the chain. as we go to break off watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics to cover the facebook twitter and you tube see our poll shows that our team dot com coming up we're talking everything from the recent protests in haiti to the controversy over the cover of esquire magazine with the author and speaker walked him so stay tuned to watch of the whole.
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that didn't. own up at a meeting they. were sort of my lemon who speculated that me or the jamie has a hunk on the move. now at the height of the. hill i got money but that never. seemed like him to make me forget me or the only measure how comforting closer he got because of me. when i would think. there's incontrovertibly evidence that we're being visited and frankly everyone in very high ranking classified projects knows this the public hasn't been told because they've been wanting to keep the secret for reasons of technology and the
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macroeconomic have her dollar system. we've only reached the halfway point of the week and watch out world. as the great bob dylan once crooned the times they are a change and especially for the good folks at esquire who discovered this week that putting a random white trump supporting teenager from wisconsin on their cover during black history month might be great for controversy but bad for the image meanwhile what should be making headlines and getting featured articles and magazines is the yellow best style citizen uprising currently taking place in haiti government forces there have already killed five protesters inside of a week as hundreds of haitians have taken to the streets in revolt against rising costs economic stagnation and government corruption and speaking of neoliberal
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policies gonna ride democratic presidential candidate from all harris was back in the headlines this week as the longtime california attorney general admitted to smoking a little reefer while listening to park and new dog back in her college days which is odd because as you hip hop fans know it's rather impossible for harris to have been getting stoned to snoop and packed given that she graduated from howard university in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and the university of california hastings in one thousand nine hundred nine while super pac didn't have the same until the early one nine hundred ninety s. joining us today to sort out these discrepancies and sensitivity is an historic uprising is the author of the new book we speak for ourselves a word from forgotten black america the one the only do what it says. to you it's always great having you on and this is an interesting week issues that you kind of sprung up. looking at let's start with the squire to put out the word first just glad to see i was going to hear that makes sense there's
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a lot of i can do my. everybody but that's kind of what. it's like. and what are the squatter do wrong and all of the sludge good early labor so i don't want to call it is. his is this look on the front of it cover everybody gets annoyed with white america it's a sort of. i think they were trying to you know ruffle some feathers. just going to let's just try to play devil's advocate let's just let's try to be nice. you hear a lot about masculinity oppressive culture a lot of things that have been happening to a lot of teenagers in groups in this country and i guess there is a regular kid what is this country like in a problem is saying that you acknowledge and all of these people who are being gunned down these people who are being thrown in jail because it colored as these people who are just being. forced to deal with this dirty system every day regular
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kids you don't get to be regular kids that you get to be a regular kid this kid you know some of the calls of his are a mess i don't want to pick on a kid was somewhat of an article with some of the most like ridiculous things i've ever heard in my life and let's be real. evidence not pick on him because her he's from wisconsin my. home and well. i don't because this fall that's the thing he's he is what everyone is worried about everyone you know certain politicians but what you said i don't know that his but that's history forever and that's literally only half your it's the american boy what do we do and it's not this idea that we shouldn't help the american boy but there is a point where it's like if you're having this conversation what happens and one of the interesting things i thought was that. it was about moderates but ask where are you can say they're right. and you know just it is black history month
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so when you look at there is they have an academy award winning black actor right there on the on the cover for black history and now they're coming out and said that the u.s. cover is part of a bigger series of stories you know it's we're going to get to everybody else later you know what is black history month you're going to double down on what it is you know that you know like i said the crazy thing about it is you know just speaking from the perspective of a person who had to deal with some of these systems we still do with you know i never got a chance to be an american but african-american. boy. the gives you a whole different experience than just you know i would love to see a regular kid from a block full of extraordinary people you know who could have weighed cooler quote says i'm interested in places not just you know. a little bit of room get the cover away don't you know they sort of separate everyone even as our kids are separating it's like one day will do we're going to do you know why don't you girls men are
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going to do that do you think that's part of the problem is that they all need to talk to each other like there is a communication problem i think they were very intentional with this and i think they want to tension about doing it in february and i could be wrong even if you notice and took my valuable time i took my valuable time and i've read the article and i'm like oh my god. you know. you know and. you know magazine covers and these things are your cultural issues you also have what's happening down in haiti the not a lot of people are talking about you're not seeing the same amount of attention put on them as very under-reported i mean you've got protesters there are demanding the current haitian president step down and what's interesting about the haiti situation is how much do you think the united states kind of shares in the responsibility for the creation of all the problems or yes they've had the hurricanes and things like that but we're talking about a long colonial history that the u.s. has been there it's been it's been going on for demonstrating a long time and we owe a lot even the way haiti is even
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a way haiti is free to introduce to us as citizens is just wrong think about it in school they teach you about the american revolution and it is a republic which is not true democracy it teach about the french revolution that ended as a dictatorship not true democracy the haitian revolution was democracy and america was so scared of what happened with that that they decided to start cloud over haiti of a sense everyone somebody trying to sell the stories of us giving some to of our country give us some type of aid or support but at the same time this would be given a little bit. i did take it back because i like three of whatever they give so you know i think i think this should be on the front cover of esquire magazine the horror and what these people are going through this should be the story you know it's interesting because. it's like the tricky thing with a is a lot of times the age you give is like one time only right like you can you can send a bunch of you know clothes and food down to a place but that that's not seeds you know that's not things that actually create
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infrastructure you know the things we know that even you know after the hurricane in haiti a lot of very large. share of the groups didn't exactly do what they said and that's the problem is some of that stuff is tied also to seems that in nonwhite countries correct me if i'm wrong it seems like there are aid is always tied to something you have to change as part of your government you have to change this border you have to allow this you have to do this. not accountable you know you could do using these people minute stories to collect all of this money in the united been doing the right thing with the money and as you know a nest that's american that's very american in this country this country is for of people who would use the stories of the you will press and the effort to elevate themselves and when you challenge them or when you talk to them about it you've been a bully or you know you're not seeing the whole story when it just is what it is
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you know being a thief is being the thing of doesn't matter if your child is white or if there's blue or if it's a hoodie or the is the thief isn't the first google i get well speaking of things that are very american i think everyone at this table has had in their heart and we know that let's talk about kemal heirs let's talk about this moment do you think this whole i smoked weed i inhaled and i listen to. is her you know i have hot sauce in my bag moment that moment where she tries to sound like she is with it and. with the kids say it really and he's lookin just like a real politician right now she has a problem the people around her or her and her team whoever is in her ear is telling her that she's not black enough so she's make of all the bs attempts to try to play to one of a stereotype is going to make her look blacker than you need to be black and out of office because you used to be
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a prosecutor i don't know if that's because she was for the three strikes law or i don't know if it's because she was against the legalization of marijuana it till it became popular to became popular i don't know if this because who she is married to but somebody is telling her this she's not black enough she needs to step it up and do more black things if she wants if she was which is problematic with them is so. you know you've got a time traveler and you can listen to music before it comes out like who was. very upset i think she tried to appropriate the ninety's you know that with our decade it's not like they don't get it. it's such like it's such a classic you know politician professional politician and i'll tell you something else that i think what it is. while i don't agree with manning up. politics and i do believe she's a cop at the end of the day and that makes me hard for the idea of her running
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everything at this time but one thing i do say is that while cory booker gets to go out and be mr i'm a vietnam everything's great he's not running out like hang in baltimore wearing a hoodie with a camera and that's the thing it's at some point is it because she's a woman she's got to be likable she's got to be black enough is there a link there is always more pressure she has to be likable she has to do these things and do you think that's like now where you thing literally sexism and her race just sort of i think she wants some tough josh or as a woman she has won some tough people. as a woman you come in a senator is impossible like we have in the media let the blacks it is in history maybe like to point it maybe maybe like four or five elected like it's impossible so is that being a woman absolutely you know is that but at the same time she's she's she's overcame a lot of us and i think we need to get away from this idea of who's the black as it was black america because it's ridiculous like what some policy is just going to
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insist to make poverty come with some policies that's going to bring real prison reform not that three strikes stuff he was pushing california not the. california coastal route policies that's going to drill really really bring the boat real change is going to help people not the b.s. most. people do is it just because we don't care how good you are going to thank you so much for coming out of the great great time i was over there thank you love . modern genetics owes its self to the work of the oft overlooked british female chemist rosalind franklin was treated like a lowly lab assistant fire piers piers who will go on to essentially steal her notes and claim credit for one of her great discoveries you see franklin was the x. ray scientist as well as the secretary science as well as one who took this image later stolen by her male peers that was the very first proof of the double helix structure of d.n.a. sadly she was not recognized for work until long after her death well that changes
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which is why the european space agency is giving roslin franklin the credit she deserves so long ago and announced this week they've named their new x.l. mars rover rosalyn the rover set to launch in two thousand and twenty in the new rover will be equipped with an automated laboratory that will be looking for life in the very fibers of the dust of mars so some sixty years after her passing rosalind franklin has finally been put in her place among the stardust of the very good very good well little gentlemen that is our show for you today remembering. everyone in this world we are told that we are loved and up so i tell you all i love you i am tired old winter and i have a lot of people in watching those talks not a great day and night others. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the
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world of politics sport business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the slogan see the blue of them so million. viewers who was before. much of those who heard it's a preview of. c.m. we will. we will. move. move. move show you this new video of the liberal media glitter and with a. more muslim also this is also a good few films for good girls. to go to shows look but to appear to simu belonging to show the story should go. to startups to.
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get to meet until it was the little one wished they'd say look it is it's. your stash them understand just move it's a mash tow truck stop the president and he's been trying to. as we have petitions to post this for two snippets a little knew it because that was the cause of it to sway your supporters to your machine station shouldn't be for you should cook door for the one who's job does the ripples through. this.
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earth. and. the leaders of russia are techie and have run a set to meet and sought cheaper crunch talks on syria. the b.b.c. syria producer challenges the mainstream narrative by claiming a video pepper tiddly showing the aftermath of an alleged chemical attack in duma was in fact staged. the u.s. senate's plans to slap moscow with fresh sanctions citing and.


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