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i think he should really get along with terrorism a series of my dog happy v.-day can't wait for you to pay for it all he says. but most of all the number one day for yourself us. little. thanks for watching neil harvey will join you at the top of the hour. it's thirty years since the soviet system collapsed and it's hard not to see developments in the western world in a similar light always witnessing the final act of the cold war and if so what comes next.
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and the full entire history my fellow psuedo from the food. bank itself movie theater i. was in this way got to dog so hard not to think i don't have the discipline to see the work that i want and i don't miss the mark and i think. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way to. the floor looking at the film without his will persuade you that you have given a thought at the time of. what i think is this is the found that is what comes.
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when the makers manufacture consent instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the primary go round lifts only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. in the real news is. the way. of.
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politicians they should push a little don't you bomb them yeah but it's. all because most of them will be yellowish the social thing took place with him you're still me i'm a chick they still took on some of them though you should keep your chin little. you're just remove them all to mislay leonor what's in the mulch is similar with i'm just going to put forth also my welcome to the first appeal in the data sheet that probably i'm one of the most discussed the local know what the store should needs his next move has been missed both of. you your music your dish. or the. focus and since the. newer supermoon for. book winds
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coming from see the. still. lots to. talk of think this is just in front of me feel like it's still. a little one wished they'd seen it is easy to.
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pull boys through no idea who it is for those of me as those who are less real so i usually use me when you're used to your good good good or do good to your was you it on the board of the rulers who are the borders of mature the.
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suppose for. sure. of course just. push themselves. are you the loser who puts it is that you should prevent you. from. trying. but if the she will kick the can still.
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and now crossing the threshold to your cheek and making his fifth flight into space also now on board the international space to. a matter of the idea of a back on the back. very far from here for the purpose. of her her her. her. her her her her. her. her.
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here everything is very different than back on they have to float rather than and it's not that easy to get used to they have to sleep standing up in a sleeping bag making sure to zip up so that their arms don't flail about in syria gravity that's a station you have to learn how to get along anyways there are too many threats here to waste time quarrelling. this is new. video. i love the fact that on the international space station we are just.
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depend on each other every day with our lives and it's such a great example for everyone politicians and just everyone all over the world of how we can work together to achieve great things everything that's important to us it's really important to us is pretty much the same. if you know i started saying something that he doesn't agree with or he says something that i don't agree with then we'll start chuckling and say all their stuff strong russian bear what are you doing jack we can joke about it and understand that topic we're talking about isn't as important as our friendship and the values that we share so it's not that it's not that big of a deal one of the cool things that's in the russian segment is the russian cosmonauts like our commander in the russian segment we have tons of great windows
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these are really high quality windows so we can take pictures we also have. a lot of systems that keep the station going and we have another vehicle at the very into the station and the last thing i want to show you is my favorite space picture because of what it represents. because space is a peaceful exploration where we work together if you notice i got a russian shirt i got american socks international that's what this place is about working together as one team that speech and this week have a good day. because it was to. this news. you should you should. we. look for you to do it it's. good that you beauty which. is good. because the good will come with me for sure.
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is a. stall . you know the crew change. return to. the station. in the russian segment you'll have to carry out dozens of experiments and maintain the station he's got so much to do that it doesn't even have time to make his american colleagues helping out the north peggy whitson stay here was extended so no she'll be working together with jack.
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good good good news it was this good to see a stooge chosen. bush and bush said to be your lordship. this experiment is the most delicious one the lettuce was grown at zero gravity and then of course eaten they carry out biological and physics experiments study the performance of stem cells and develop medicines to cure cancer this experiment is the most important one for jack fisher as his daughter had cancer. but spaceman also guinea pigs mission control constantly monitors their health and watches closely to see if they exercise enough. we have a special treadmill first off we can find it's on the wall how could we have to
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work out physical exercise. to do two and a half hours a day because if you don't have good exercise your muscles and your bones just just go away and you come back as a ninety year old man and then you your wife won't like you any more. please let her sleep.
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through some crude for all schools. those who know the city keeping them honest with the reporting of the. rich assume the premier of this change to both of you is what you were getting used. to the more we do to where you can study because there was a wound to the produce to stoop a boom this was sure i think. there's
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incontrovertibly evidence that we're being visited and frankly everyone in very high ranking classified projects knows this the public hasn't been told because they've been wanting to keep the secret for reasons of technology and the macroeconomic petrodollar system. in twenty forty no bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it still or hiccough what if i mean your list with video would put him in the new bill is that idea spilling needle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took. invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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see. this last bit. about him when it all slow. down to the civil suits but it's his he put in the. order comes the public to soften him obama up no balls and. touching. the. parts a little more to. probable cause. to hear snippets from the elder to want to kill.
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the kids it's hard to know. what it's all gets. pushed to the political. spectrum like some call it. good. q. so. you can get closer. to the national religious. something. that. is if it.
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is the public. this. feels good when the good lord option for you to get is of the issues listed below the surface and there was no. clue that was the one who the poster who spoke with him slowed down to. read a. book. i mean . a little bit. longer. not. just to get. hammered out. again. to go to.
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church. it's not to use the curse of humor it's a sin. to do missionary position should go for the jugular the sins just the forms of the school stuff mostly. in the earth in this new. zones used. as means. to be sure the billions to the sims. to some news to use or. to use.
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i don't. want your partner in your car i am.
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going to bring a lot older. than zero. zero. zero. zero. zero zero. dollars down hello. it was supposed to not. be but it was. a small businesses.
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this was just. you know they. just used the most million with almost no use like the i don't mean because why are they mashed on. the start of the digital age when you want them to this is. the worst. irreversible were four years of her and we confirm separation and we see that the message of a pair or darkie an internal transfer system would have been completed him in syria and you have the first.
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player. play . a little bit but it's a pleasure to go. somewhere completely fictitious because obviously the birds i'm sure i'm looking at because that is the cousin with you so you see the option
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the station. which means you can buy studio vehicles most people spoke to you should go through for a woman who's doing believe. that it looks like a little. bit of a mistake at. the heart of you know if you accept this like your body is going to persuade you to perfect technique go with it it's a good lawyer and the minority of william. get. the best. of both. live.
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question thank you for a quick. look what. was the issue this palooka. for your sublime wisdom we should we need you still to do spielberg's book on this nobody who compares this to move to the future when you
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pull a chance. she loved to. go your post recently which still don't work a good job which of course. the smoke the course is cause for store protest across. the pool from. my firm and it's taken that it's why i must play to the spirits. i am like when call say in the us a they were. close i ask the court. and the low down so meet me yet about this.
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simply. set up have been miles from absolute independent both with meters but that didn't. mean they. were still sort of my love and respect they let him get me or the now with jamie as a hunk on the road. now at the height of the. hill i got money but that never. see let him to make the forty m. it would be in the middle have got to grab me as.
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you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. competition the stock price discovery say and a fake crisis and fake crisis begets fake news that's what comes out of fake prices
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fake news the. restore competition in the marketplace to get real prices and then we'll get real. budging to protect the territorial integrity of syria the leaders of russia iran and turkey meet in the latest bid to achieve a peace plan in the country. b.b.c. syria producer challenges the mainstream narrative by claiming a video purportedly showing the aftermath of an alleged.


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