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most people thing to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. question. news that u.s. president donald trump will likely declare a national emergency to try and secure funding for as a border war with mexico debate over the legality of such a move with some saying it would amount to an overreach of presidential power. fourteen children with hiv and aids or expelled from a school in indonesia at the insistence of outraged parents we speak to some of the
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expelled kids. a woman is suing twitter for allegedly violating her freedom of speech people saying men and women. friday morning here on the fifteenth in moscow welcome to your latest stories on our. president has just signed a border security bill today which will avert another government shutdown however he is than expected to declare a national emergency and bypass congress to access funds which will be directed towards the construction of his planned border wall at the announcement was met with mixed reactions using this constitutional and run to media campaign promise is
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a simply a terrible idea as you know i've been very clear on my concerns about the president as an emergency in ways that have been done before i mean it's amazing to me that we could have republican support for one requires an unconstitutional use your patient to legislative branches authority to spend the people's money with regards to border security this is a big step forward to helping secure our border at the same time to indicate. we're willing as republicans and democrats to work on a bipartisan basis the budget and border security bill that was passed by both house so let us congress. president trump you can sign it today even though it is a significant compromise on his campaign promise to build the wall you'll be getting four billion dollars less than he initially wanted for the announcement that he might shortly after declare a national emergency has sparked debate over the limits or president of this move
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will be questioned. now we're using our emergency powers for this wall that we've never had before it's a little over a ridiculous but guess what it's going to help the democrats get further in two thousand and twenty they started with one point three billion for the wall they ended at one point three billion but only after a thirty five day petulant president shutdown i saw is definitely a win for them and then on the next and i still don't think he's going to get the wall even through the emergency powers by the time he actually goes through the process the courts are going to shut him down so quickly so he's going to be in a lose lose situation his base is still going to be upset they might as well get ready for now a bipartisan compromise might have seen the border security bill passed on thursday but the republicans and democrats seem to be poles apart on a new economic program called the new green deal. and takes a look. republicans are trolling the green new deal being put forward by alexandria
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kazuo cortez in the emerging far left wing of the democratic party they want to put it to a senate vote so they can point out shortfalls no to great interest. and we're going to be voting on that in the senate to give everybody an opportunity to go on record. they feel about the green. new deal believe it or not environmentally you'll be protected better and will have. to change it. it is certainly ambitious it's got all kinds of proposals within it including transitioning to one hundred percent renewable energy housing health care and education guarantees for all now at this point all that's really being put forward is a non-binding congressional resolution and the language is a big shift leftward but that hasn't stopped the democratic party from giving it a thumbs up all the democratic presidential candidates seem to be lining up behind it. the hard truth is climate change has imperiled our planet it's going to take
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bold action now to save it including dramatic investment in green energy that will create the jobs of the future we can do this opens up on time talk to glace here big enough to fit to thoughts of manhattan scientists say if he waits collapses it could trigger a catastrophic crisis in global sea levels flooding coastal cities around the world the green new deal is a bold plan to shift our country to one hundred percent clean and renewable energy we do not fight this fight for our generation alone but for generations to come so why are moderate and even centrist democrats lining up behind a proposal that would have been described as preposterous a few years back well if you want to win a democratic primary you need to talk left socialism is catching like a wildfire are you certainly think it's true with regard to a big part of the democratic party there clearly now is a split between people like him bernie sanders or alexander ocasio quercus and
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others who say they want socialism and they're even used the s word as we call or we've got democrats swinging further to the left but now we see republicans slinging further to the right they have gone so far left we have to go a little bit further right and they sure have we're going to expose the underdog that allows some of the truly wealthy to avoid paying their about all across this great land how to think and maintaining and improving environmental quality we will also purse. soon an agenda of conservation protecting our beautiful natural resources for a future american jewish family your children and lots of other people and we're going to ensure clean air and clean water for all of our people. was the republican party is polarized as well but i wouldn't say it's necessarily to the right i would say this to a populist direction and i think it's quite clear from has had
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a. number of children with hiv and aids have been expelled from a school in indonesia where it's off to other people's parents i suppressed outrage that infected children were attending classes and we traveled to indonesia and spoke to some of the kids who were kicked out. the fellow for. the solo for.
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these children have to face so many obstacles after entering school from kindergarten we are used to it and will stay strong. it's my fifth sixth. says france has conducted as strikes against rebels in the central african country of chad in a bid to avert
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a coup d'etat by the aerial attack help the charity an army captured. just to the south of libya and between countries like nigeria and sudan there's a rare patch of relative stability called chad it's become even more stable after that because he's gone president deby asked us in writing to intervene to prevent a coup d'etat and protect his country. so they save the government from the rebels the militants on dozens of pickup trucks had crossed over from libya thinking they could take the capital but chad's president deby is lucky enough to have such good friends. the french jets nipped the rebels' coup plan in the but by the way guess how it came to power almost thirty years ago and it crew ever since then has been an ally for the west and dealing with all kinds of islamist thugs in the area so his government's legitimacy deserves to be protected the former french colony is
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not a regime by any means to see to the fic with our intervention was of the senate and the national assembly. a few more facts about mr dombey has just tweaked part of the constitution to be able to stay in power until twenty thirty three he's like an victories have been questioned by international observers he's even been accused of war crimes and his countries do in very bad when it comes to the economy job is a very poor country and with or without petrol with or without the oil money it's going to remain a very poor country and it needs it needs in many parts of the country it needs humanitarian help this is very bad now new troops should basic help that the country needs and what's needed i think is a really sustained slight against in particular against government which is becoming very widespread and very very serious problem in the country in case you
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didn't know the french army however has a history of standing by president deby oh we have got french taxpayers' money he's going in. to defend chad's current president that was going to blacklist of thirty many human rights watch groups it's totally hypercritical on the behalf of michael how can you on one side support the rebels in venezuela and talk them into this there's no logic shot is one of the poorest countries in the world so why is france intervening to defend such a reaching. out into the people of chad was decide what what is their future and what political system they want to install. and things stay the way they are don't mess with those in charge of chad for what was it. another fourteen years. while some countries fight to protect other states from coups
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they're also making efforts to bring about revolutions elsewhere by organizing youth camps as we're going to call to different reports. four days one hundred fifty participants from former soviet bloc countries i'm talking about the camp camp seminar held in the armenian capital year yvonne back in november we want to camp cam to be an energetic and lively event where ideas are born opinions are changed obstacles are overcome and new opportunities discovered master classes brainstorming sessions lectures but dig a little deeper and it was not as innocent as it seemed our team managed to access inside the seminar and film what happened with a hidden camera we said just block and which will you choose how you do it and who you do it with that's all up to you. the more protest movements there are the better the idea tonight in ecstasy against putin is not always right people should
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unite only if they have some specific goal so basically can count was giving participants some kind of a rule book how to make a revolution step by step. protest must be found see use beautiful posters here is a dictator poster made exactly like obama's election campaign posters use fashionable ways to promote your agenda by posting colorful pictures via social media while you know protest is all about fashion you know not only made political activism trendy that's the key to success until you make something trendy until you are trending until your movement is trendy no one is going to follow you the youth realize that the opposition is not just some individuals but it can be really cool you can be on you tube on social media that's your community. apart from being found see the protests should be catching the material you make
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should draw new protestors to the flock one should learn from the guys in the middle east who were not exactly fans of their governments either. and then i saw emerged with an incredible trauma campaign that was able to attract so many people there were videos have strong training and indeed it attracted some weak minds that's how good design can serve evil. if you want to make a revolution your target audience should be young it's all about social media trends and design and you technologists as the youth who can make a revolution should let the little cubs build up year after year until they make the line leave but it's a long term plan but sometimes it works but here comes the problem. the first and the most important pushback for the youth turned out to be from guests
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who write their parents. there are cases of parents taking their kids out of their homes for taking part in protests and who's paying the bill for these pearls of wisdom can count as organized by the proxy. well society center finance partly from washington the u.s. treasury has authorized two hundred fifty million dollars for twenty eighteen twenty nine thousand specifically to counter russian influence and the count can organizers are on the list of those getting the money opportunities discovered indeed although don't expect all participants to be gets about revolution for some of those who already experienced it that revolution has lost its flair but. after the revolution power was not in the hands of the people we wanted to come to power do you accept that the situation cannot change following only one lucian and how many years need to go by before the situation changes in the way people want.
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a russian film dealing with the life of a nobel prize winning soviet scientists course cause controversy i dubbed it one of the most ambitious of cinematic projects in european film history doll was filmed over a period of two years and was released in paris in january of dollars an immersive interactor project which explores thirty years of soviet history from nine hundred thirty eight to nine hundred sixty eight it was inspired by and named after the soviet scientists love lundahl who won the nobel peace prize for physics and one hundred sixty eight there with over seven hundred hours of film that has sparked heated debate as aussies charlotte duplicity takes a look. unsettling secretive stalinist truman show just some of the ways it down is being described thousand and nine hundred people left their everyday lives to go back in time to the soviet union those who took part will cut
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off from the modern world living in their role twenty four seven no screenplay every aspect of their lives was filmed volunteer actors fought got drunk sexually assaulted one another the vollmer the violence all on the simulated what came out was thirteen films ten years in the making from the mind of a multi or creative genius audiences and critics are devalued it now the idea how much to buy russian artists ilya corrosion of skee has been met with criticism for its disturbing and violent scenes down may have set out to condemn solve utilitarianism but part of me worries that the scheme may have become a desperate himself and overseen behavior that cross the line from fictional abuse to the real thing the project has also taken its toll on those involved in this
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giant stanford like experiment some participants still suffering from post-traumatic stress one visitor who managed to get a visa to down said it was like entering into another world no one u.k. crane and found lots of details which resembled the apartment of my grandparents there was exactly the same ashtray that was my grandfather's home the same table the same figurines the same things on the already had the feeling of finding something that had once existed for me. in one of the most discussed scenes and ex prison guard playing a k.g.b. agent rapes a female prisoner with a bottle but plaintiff said she was ready. the violence spiraling out of control. part of the experience i imagine as for the heating how bad was it and who was here was it the activists were they really hurt it's blurred the lines of the screen
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between past present and future but regardless of what people think of doubt whether it's think it's taking a surreal off failed revolution vision what it's sheaves is to shock and. in equal measure show that you can ski. paris. a muslim kindergarten in germany long suspected used of distributing extremist literature something it denies all details with. the license of the first and so far only muslim kindergarten has been withdrawn in the southwestern german state of right mind pilapil eight the daycare center is closing its doors due to allegations promoting extremism in the organization represents the ideology of the muslim brotherhood as well as salafist and with such content that is not compatible with the german constitution the operation of the satiation should be halted by no later than thirty first of march and says no child was ever at risk since the end
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of august our community is under constant attack namely that we have connections to the muslim brotherhood and salafi movement we have rejected this from the beginning and we do not belong to this or that movement the first questions were raised after the arrival of a controversial preacher at events organized by the mosque between twenty twelve to thirteen a couple of years later material deemed dangerous to minors was distributed called . for ten years we have suggested the mosque association that finances the kindergarten was in tangled with salafist they have contact with hate preaches they have educational material that targets children for we have to realize that islamists and salafist want to enter the education field they're trying to spread their ideology to the next generation it is not too late as one should ask why there has been no reaction for ten years so this isn't a one off here in this mosque it's
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a turkish school and religious center i've been on the radar of german authorities for the last four years over claims it's the go to place for extremist preachers in the german capital claims denied by the mosque but as the salafist movement grows in germany authorities are starting to take more interest peter all of. the right to free speech is again at the center of debate this time a canadian feminist megan murphy is suing twitter for. from the platform last year who would have a tweet about a transgender people for her opponent suspension she posted tweets like men not women and what is the difference between men and trans women she was asked by twitter to delete those posts later when she referred to a transgender activist using the incorrect pronoun her account was suspended while murphy told r.t. she considers online censorship a serious issue i think that it's really important that we as members of the public
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in general fight back against this incredible power that social media companies have over our speech and the kind of information we have access to in the kind of conversations were able to engage in twitter updated its policy against hateful conduct last year or the new version aims to stop users from mis gendering and dead naming that's the practice of addressing transgender people by their jack dorsey commented on the. i don't think we can be this neutral passive platform anymore i'm not sure what was behind that but i certainly don't believe it was that one tweet or negative for use as a climate of fear now surrounds public discourse on the topic of gender identity. i'm challenging gender identity ideology and legislation most people in the world agree with what i'm saying and people are scared to speak out because of all the horrible bullying and threats that go on when we do say these things and i'm
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a great example of this i mean i said earlier that i received tons and tons of violent threats and people have tried very hard to silence me and now twitter is attempting to silence me. well many people are fascinated by the idea that we may not be alone in the universe no one more so than the center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence who's currently trying to get classified u.f.o. files released he talks about that possible visitations in the latest so if. there's incontrovertibly evidence that we're being visited and frankly everyone in very high ranking classified projects knows this the public hasn't been told because they've been wanting to keep the secret for reasons of technology and the macroeconomic petrodollar system the secrecy has really nothing to do with quote unquote as usual we're going to get to see a political power and why we're covering up the aliens because of that but still i
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mean one should expect an event costs make magnitude to be pretty much impossible to cover up. it hasn't been me that one of the interesting things a least in the united states and most countries more than half the people believe we're being visited sixty five percent of the public believes that there is intelligent life out there in fact forty three percent of americans believe that we are currently being visited actively by non-human events civilizations so you people use the word cover up but in reality it's hidden in plain sight you need to make a distinction between official acknowledgement of something and what the public already knows. that is the program only for this hour here on our to international the many more
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of your friday world headlines still to come we are back at the top of the. incontrovertibly evidence that we're being visited in frankly everyone in very high ranking classified projects know this the public hasn't been told because they've been wanting to keep the head for a dollar system. hello
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and welcome to worlds apart history if we are to believe mark twain doesn't repeat itself it primes thirty years after the collapse of the soviet system and the global changes it then it's hard not to see the transformations in the western
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world in the same light put we now will be witnessing the defiant act of the cold war three decades after everybody thought it was over to discuss that i'm now enjoying by cindy could have done the dean of the school well the economy and it does look like you very much for granting us some time. with you now no historical parallels is perfect but to my russian i simply too many similarities between nineteen eighty nine and two thousand and nineteen because the reagan man i'm now back in power in the united states we're hearing a lot of talk about the systemic crisis and institutional paralysis of the of the now the union european union you of all people must be having a feeling of deja vu all. that is of course a repeat of the cold war and historian of the cold war i could i could endlessly book about the parallels by the way the people who are now. the helm of the u.s.
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administrations are the old cool cold worriers of the reagan era and they repeat the recipes of the reagan. one line by when lane was using to me funny. and one more it finished back in the in the night for the so who cold war was a period in history. would have called the cold war as the shisha and in the in the twenty's and thirty's that whole war has finished now but then it was not finished because it was not finished by treaty and by general understanding and it. between the form our competitors. once i decided that it had one or the other side on their wheels russia and if we're back in the meantime because the. other side to be believed that one and forever. they believe that china would eventually become like well like
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them and june the west which was an absolute after arabia now. it may seem like a very stupid comparison but i sometimes think that there is some things are common between donald trump and mikhail gorbachev and the way they call bluff and our own systems for example gorbachev called it glasnost.
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