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tv   News  RT  February 15, 2019 6:00am-6:30am EST

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partisan senate intelligence committee shocked liberal media when it needed there was no evidence of so-called collusion between the trunk world and russia so what the last two years been all about and what is the damage left behind when russia. from the. top stories on our say french air force jets ten of the hates one rebel fighters in the central african country of chad's using their firepower to help the oil and to . also this hour fourteen children with hiv aids are expelled from a school in indonesia at the insistence of outraged parents we speak to some of the kids who were kids house.
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full of. a woman is suing twitter for allegedly violating her freedom of speech. or tweets directed at transgender people saying men and women. and some experimental russian film tops the stalinist truman show spots controversy eradication supplies and some sat. there watching aussie international welcome to the program the top story paris has conducted as strikes in the central african country of chad and the bed two of that's
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a coup de tat there in that attack helps the child in army captured two hundred fifty five but it's france's support of the current leadership in chad to strong criticism as a way of petrenko explains. just to the south of the in between countries like nigeria and sudan there's a rare patch of relative stability called chad well it's just been bombed by france and you know what it's become even more stable after that because you've gone president deby asked us in writing to intervene to prevent a coup d'etat and protect his country. so they saved the government from the rebels the militants on dozens of pickup trucks had crossed over from libya thinking they could take the capital but chad's president deby is lucky enough to have such good friends. the french jets nipped the rebels' coup plan in the butt by the way guess how it three step became to power almost thirty years ago and it crew ever
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since then has been an ally for the west and dealing with all kinds of islamist thugs in the area so his government's legitimacy deserves to be protected so he took the fic with our intervention was totally in line with international law and the prime minister has informed the president of the senate and the national assembly a few more facts about mr dombey has just tweaked part of the constitution to be able to stay in power until twenty thirty three he's like victories have been questioned by international observers he's even been accused of war crimes and his country's doing very bad when it comes to the economy job is a very poor country and with or without petrol with or without the oil money it's going to remain a very big country and it needs it needs in many parts of the country it needs humanitarian help those very. mounted troops should basic help that the country
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needs and wants needed i think it's a really sustained slight against in particular against government which is becoming very widespread and very very serious problem in the country by president deby oh we have got french taxpayers' money is going in. to defend the shots current president that was going to productive of many human rights watch groups it's totally hypercritical on the behalf of not go how can you on one side support the rebels in venezuela and talk them into this there's no logic to shut this one. poorest countries in the world so why is france intervening to defend such a reach in. the chat rooms the people of chad was decide what what is their future and what political system they want to install if things stay the way they are don't mess with those in charge of chad for. what was it.
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another fourteen years. to discuss this further i'm joined live now by pm manual tom and jay a political analyst welcome to the program so why is france propping up the chaldean president. well in nervous new multi-polar world. each country defense's own zone of priority interest and zones of influence and of friends tradition money always had a strong influence in africa and the risk country is a very george strategy important position in the. french zone of influence so friends decided to intervene to protect your government as ve. always did in the past there were many interventions for from french army
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now free. since. times and of course. since the great power rivalry a global lever. the game east to protect you own zone of influence but old saw was supporting some regime changes in over countries and this is part of the new geopolitical games. he sees what is problematic his votes are. actually countries. enough for a car in new south a region on the suffer of silence back in some tougher go these countries all sure encounter or this double as in process because there were. bad strategic decisions made like the libya wall when there was an intervention in libya war to disturb allies who ruled the north africa region saw her
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a no islamist groups are poor in two of our countries and. which in strengthening. the instability and know of a friendship through to contain movies destabilization process to. to keep stubbornly to verizon move influence. over in the last in the america and venezuela if we look at the situation that this will say a humanitarian crisis and an opposition intent on taking control which is backed by france why does paris see the situation differently that. they speak oh so in suffolk maroko. b.c. we are less. french interest but enough for
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a car. and in venezuela the french government sees reese crises as an opportunity to show some. understanding of the united states you know about the transatlantic relations are in crisis as a way to read mr trump between new one mr trump the or with we don't always have. agreements on different to a magic. business to a large because you see no. or teammate your american interest is sort of in front so for united. say so it's always see it's. busy day you're the french decided to to side with the americans to show some solidarity be armorica to in a times of trials out of crises to to find a way of understanding the united states is more instrumental and also because
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there is an understanding of what vic or the defense of liberal democracy model but of course geopolitical interests are always. more important than the political ideologies and this is why you can find some different attitudes in different countries but watches are more mostly bolt on these which so different from the start you know africa this is french zone of influence so whatever regime we have to contain and he has started ization and keep french and friends strong when so farmer recovers through baldry night estates in v.a. or old approach to india all these old k. thanks to my guest emanuel tom until a political analyst thanking. the number of children with hiv and aids have been expelled from schools in indonesia other people's parents expressed
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outrage that infected children with tending classes we traveled to internation spoke to some of the kids who were kicked out. there and strongly objected to the fourteen. children sometimes because they are h.i.v. positive we tried to proceed but following their protest we took the children out of the school and now we're helping to find a new school for them if they think i thank the so i think i'm.
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sick of classics. well so talks to the hands of an engineer happening children with hiv into nice. for almost a week these children have been staying home and not going to school they're very
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upset about it and really want to play with other kids again but big keep asking me when they'll be allowed to go back i think children should be treated equally they should all have the right to go to school children have faced so many obstacles since entering school after kindergarten it's become the norm but we will stay strong i think there is no need to hide the location of the next school for these children if we are open it will be easier to explain to the public that their disease is in their body and will not easily spread to other. russian film dealing with the lies of the nobel prize winning soviet scientist has course control to see one of the most ambitious cinematic projects in europe in film history was filmed over a period of two years and was released in paris in january the dow is in the mess of project which explores thirty years of soviet history from nine hundred thirty eight to nine hundred sixty eight it was inspired by and named after the soviet
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scientists. who won the nobel peace prize for physics in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight with over seven hundred hours of film that has sparked heated debates among critics charlotte benson picks up the story. settling secretive stalinist truman show just some of the ways it down is being described thousand and nine hundred people left their everyday lives to go back in time to the soviet union those who took part will cut off from the molten world living in their role twenty four seven no screenplay every aspect of their lives was filmed volunteer actors fought got drunk sexually assaulted one another the vollmer the violence all on the simulated it was george orwell's nineteen eighty-four big brother was always watching themselves in a familiar strange world. people became open to new discoveries. and scientific.
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what came out was thirteen fell ten years in the making from the mind of a multiplier or creative genius audience is and critics are devalued it now the idea how much to buy russian artists. has been met with criticism for its disturbing and violent scenes down they have set out to condemn solve utilitarianism but part of me worries that the scheme may have become a desperate himself and overseen behavior that cross the line from fictional abuse to the real thing the project has also taken its toll on those involved in this giant stanford like experiment some participants still suffering from post-traumatic stress one visitor who managed to get a visa to down said it was like entering into another world you know one u.k.
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crane and found lots of details which resembled the apartment of my grandparents there was exactly the same ashtray that was my grandfather's home the same table lamps the same figurines to same things on the already had the few. finding something that had once existed for me. in one of the most discussed scenes and acts pristine god playing a k.g.b. agent rapes a female prisoner with a bottle planus she was ready for the violence spiraling out of control. she did express it out of the experience i imagine as for the eating how bad it was a who was hit was it the actors were the really hurt the lines of the screen between past present and future but regardless of what people think of a downer whether it's think it's breathtakingly surreal off failed revolution vision what it's sheaves is to shock an audience is in equal measure.
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ati cards. a canadian woman's has her right to free speech is being denied by twitter meghan murphy had got into an online spats with a transgender activist and tweeted things like men and not women prompting the social network to block her. that happened back in november a few months later she decided to sue murphy says twitter failed to give her thirty days warning terms her case is gone the support from people using the platform some of them have even offered to help cover her legal bills if you told us hey there's now a climate of fear surrounding public discourse on the topic of gender identity. i'm challenging gender identity ideology and legislation most people in the world agree with what i'm saying and people are scared to speak out because of all the horrible
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bullying and threats that go on when we do say these things and i'm a great example of this i mean i said earlier that i received tons and tons of violent threats and people have tried very hard to silence me and now twitter is attempting to silence me. twitter updated its policy against hateful conduct last year the new version aims to stop uses from mis gendering and naming the practice of addressing transgender people by the beth name he says she opposes the new policy twist to see commented on the. project that we can be this neutral passive platform i'm not sure what was behind that but i certainly don't believe it was that one tweet. one of the lawyers representing i.f.a. says she receives messages almost daily from people claiming also to be suing twitter or wanting to see says that online censorship is a very serious issue. i think that it's really important that we members of the
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public in general fight back against this incredible power that social media companies have over our speech and the kind of information we have access to and the kind of conversations were able to engage in. still to come on ot say a chinese tech giant says the u.s. is waging cheered calexico war against terrorism we'll see what that sort abouts in the man's. country has gone into a nihilistic fever i think i'm gonna hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius of the south american hero this is it we've come a point around which alan is done so we always are on the more i just want the gun
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culture is really part of our oh. we're starting last with this is what we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't do any more ground on that we may be completely different and it is just. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back the u.s.
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is waging to piss cold war against chinese tech giant hallway that's according to the same step pretty chief he says washington's professed cyber security worries are routes where we can cross live now tell. us who's in beijing for us quite. an agreed statement and from the chinese side that how did he back up that claim. well it seems that the chinese or the chinese come to look i'm called a company officials of actually furious and tired of this whole and your rhetoric in a press conference in the southern chinese the change in one of the retail rotating chairman of the company erik you has been accusing washington of quote carrying out a coordinating tactical geo political campaign against the chinese telecom firm. the us government is undertaking a well coordinated jew political campaign against whoever way it's essentially using a national machine against
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a small company so we have been wondering is the recent fixation on who our way truly about cyber security could there be other motivations. but this is not the first time that officials have been calling out to united states just last week the use words aside such as ungrounded insensitiveness and how would they were shocked the news of how the united states government has been lobbying european governments against the chinese for him now who statements come after us secretary of state mike pump ill media tour in eastern europe and has been warning its allies that if they use any of the chinese teleconference equipment in any of their major infrastructure projects they will face consequences when dealing with the united states. chinese infrastructure is delivered via one way to make sure one way china we've done here in poland what we've done all across the world test is to make them aware of the concert risks show them the data we've made
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known the risks that are associated with that we share with them things we know about the risks of the. presence. it seems that all this negative talk at the end it's not actually only talk it's been paying off the french the orange carrier french which has been using cooperate quite a lot lately and it's been its top supplier of equipment actually had now that is going to be launching its five gen next generation network were we using sound singh instead and the pressure does not stop there just last month the u.s. has filed criminal cases against the chinese telecom from which have been accusing the company of stealing chain trade secrets and has been accusing them also of conspiracy and fraud and how they've been using and trying to go around sanctions on iran now which has been bad only lately with a lot of this accusations was with the u.s. and its western allies have been calling it
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a spy tool for the chinese government and of course they've become otoh to make a statement against that but they're not the only ones the chinese state that the same. so now children without any solid evidence the u.s. keeps inventing crimes and china out different strata theories it's using state power to suppress the legitimate development of the rights and interests of chinese and prizes but is using political means to intervene in the economy we believe that this is hypocritical unfair under moral. while there has been more and more pressure against the chinese telecom for the future of the two cultures the u.s. and china is uncertain but on all not only for them for the international trade as well arty's evangelise it's us reporting live from beijing thank you. it's a message that the u.s. state department funded youth workshops in a mania last year on the topic of how to conduct
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a coup some one hundred fifty young people from eastern european countries attended medina caution of picks up the story. four days one hundred fifty participants from former soviet bloc countries i'm talking about the camp camps seminar held in the armenian capital year yvonne back in november we want camp cam to be an energetic and lively event where ideas are born opinions are changed obstacles are overcome and new opportunities discovered master classes brainstorming sessions lectures but they go a little deeper and it was not as innocent as it seemed our team managed to access inside the seminar and film what happened with a hidden camera we said just blocking roads which will you choose how you do it and who you do it with that's all up to you. the more protest movements there are the better the idea to unite in ecstasy against putin is not always right people should
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unite only if they have some specific goal so basically cam cound was giving participants some kind of a rule book how to make a revolution step by step. protest must be found say use bill action can paint posters use fashionable ways to promote your agenda by posting colorful pictures via social media well you know protest is all about fashion you know we've all made political activism trendy that's the key to success until you make something trendy until you're trending until your movement is trendy no one is going to follow you the youth realize that the opposition is not just some individuals but it can be really cool you can be on you tube on social media that's your community. apart from being found see the protest should be catching the material you make
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should draw new protestors to the flock one should learn from the guys in the middle east who were not exactly fans of their governments either. and then i still emerged with an incredible pramod campaign that was able to attract so many people there were videos of strong habits training and indeed attracted some weak minds that's how good design can serve evil. if you want to make a rabs illusion your target audience should be young it's all about social media trends and design and you technologists as the youth who can make a revolution you should let the little cubs on the build up year after year until they make the line leave but it's a long time plan but sometimes it wants but here comes a problem. the first and the most important pushback for the use turned out to be from guests who write their parents. there are cases of parents taking their kids
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out of their homes for taking part in protests and who's paying the bill for these pearls of wisdom can count as organized by the proxy of all society center finance partly from washington the u.s. treasury has authorized two hundred fifty a million dollars for a twenty eighteen twenty nineteen specifically to counter russian influence and the count can organizers are on the list of those getting the money opportunities discovered indeed although don't expect all participants to be gets about revolution for some of those who already experienced it that revolution has lost its flare. after the revolution in ukraine was not placed in the hands of the people we wanted it to be don't you agree that one revolution isn't enough to change things but how many years need to this our programs continue when i see him just a few moments. story
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or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest rate. to stand this is you just need as the right questions and the right answers. question. because the slogan see the mood of them so moving. to build your school local was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are few other movies to see him with the north we will go. move. move really.
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show you just look beautiful i mean it's going to look for a good. more muslim also these girls will review films for good girls. don't go to school so look why do you do seem you belong in. the story to actually go. to starbucks to. get to meet until it was the littlest just you it's the mash told. to stop the president and please be introduced to students. as we have petitions to toast listening to snippets on little knew it because that is the cousin with you sir your supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook door for the one who's the old days when we.
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go on you know norm. and i'm with the torah and i'm sure. you know that no free shipping them and what i heard of that not one hundred fishy for sale on.


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