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there are a small russian airlines. french air force jets turned up the heat on rebel fighters in the central african country of chad using meth firepower to help people like you. all say this is how a fourteen children with h.i.v.'s mates are expelled from school in the news yet at the insistence of outraged parents we speak to some of the kids who were forced out
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. so please. go. to sleep playing. a woman is suing twits for allegedly violating her freedom of speech alfred cobbs her every tweets targeting transgender people and saying man and all women. and some experiments and russian cell types the stalinist truman show spots control the safe haven allegations of violence on sats. it's just ten four pm head and we'll scrape this is aussie and snatch. frances
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conducts it as strikes in the central african country of chad and if it to a vet. the aerial attack helps the caption two hundred fifty five. french support for the current leadership in charge in spring criticism is that if they're trying. just to the south of libya and between countries like nigeria and sudan there's a rare patch of relative stability called chad well it's just been bombed by france and you know what it's become even more stable after that because you don't president. in writing to intervene to prevent a coup d'etat and protect his country. so they save the government from the rebels the militants on dozens of pickup trucks had crossed over from libya thinking they could take the capital but chad's president deby is lucky enough to have such good friends. the french jets nipped the rebels' coup plan in the bud by the way
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guess how it came to power almost thirty years ago and it crew ever since then has been an ally for the west in dealing with all kinds of islamist thugs in the area so his government's legitimacy deserves to be protected the former french colony is not a regime by any means. our intervention was totally in line with international law and the prime minister has informed the president of the senate and the national assembly a few more facts about mr dombey has just tweaked part of the constitution to be able to stay in power till twenty thirty three he's election victories have been questioned by international observers he's even been accused of war crimes and his country's doing very bad when it comes to the economy job is a very poor country and with or without extra. with or without the oil money it's
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going to remain a very poor country and they need it needs in many parts of the country it needs humanitarian help this very bad now nutrition basic help the country needs and what's needed i think is a really sustained fight against in particular against government corruption which is becoming very widespread and very very serious problem in the country in case he didn't know the french army however has a history of standing by president deby oh we have that french taxpayers' money he's going in. to defend chad's current president that was to go on the black list of thirty many human rights watch groups it's totally hypercritical on the behalf of michael how can you on one side support the rebels in venezuela and attack them in chad there's no logic chad is one of the poorest countries in the world so why is france intervening to defend such a reach in. chad into the people of chad was decide what what is their future and
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what political system they want to install in no suffer america. we see less french interest but enough raquel and invent is you and the french government to seize these crises as an opportunity to show some understanding of the united states to side with the americans to show some solidarity armorica but of course geopolitical interests are always more important than the order to go to ideologies and this is why you can find some different altitudes to different countries and things stay the way they are don't mess with those in charge of chad for. what was it. another fourteen years. and number of children with a child in aids have been expelled from school in indonesia that's off to some of
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the parents of their classmates expressed outrage that in fact the children were attending classes well we had from some of the kids who were kicked out. and strongly objected to the fourteen children sometimes it's because they are h.i.v. poles if we tried to. follow in their protest with the children out of the school and now we're helping to find a new school for them. to. leave. the south.
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with. us. we also talked to the heads of an and geo help. children with hiv in indonesia. for almost a week these children have been staying home and not going to school they're very
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upset about it and really want to play with other kids again but big keep asking me when they'll be allowed to go back i think children should be treated equally they should all have the right to go to school children have faced so many obstacles since entering school after kindergarten it's become what we will stay strong but i think there is no need to hide by the creation of the next of these children. it will be easier to explain to them that their disease is in their body and will not easily spread through. a storm of controversy has erupted around a new russian film which looks at the life of a nobel prize winning soviet scientist was filmed over a period of two years and premiered in paris last month the film's in a mess of projects which is flaws thirty years of soviet history from nine hundred thirty eight to nine hundred sixty eight it was inspired by the soviet scientists leveland who won the nobel peace prize for physics in one nine hundred sixty eight
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with more than seven hundred hours of film it sparked heated debate among critics r.t. charlotte dubinsky picks up the story. unsettling secretive stalinist truman show just some of the ways it down is being described thousand and nine hundred people left their everyday lives to go back in time to the soviet union those who took part will cut off from the modern world living in their role twenty four seven no screenplay every aspect of their lives was filmed volunteer actors fought got drunk sexually assaulted one another the vollmer the violence all on the simulated it was george orwell's nineteen eighty-four big brother was always watching themselves in a familiar strange world. people became open to new discoveries. and scientific.
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what came out was thirteen films ten years in the making from the mind of a monster or creative genius audiences and critics are devalued it now the idea how much to buy russian artists ilya corrosion of skee has been met with criticism for its disturbing and violent scenes down may have set out to condemn solve utilitarianism but part of me worries that the scheme may have become a desperate himself and overseen behavior that cross the line from fictional abuse to the real thing the project has also taken its toll on those involved in this giant stanford like experiment some participants still suffering from post-traumatic stress one visitor who managed to get a visa to down said it was like entering into another world you know when you can crane and found lots of details which resembled the apartment of my grandparents
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there was exactly the same ashtray that was my grandfather's house the same table lamps the same figurines to same things on the already had. the feeling of finding something that had once existed for me. in one of the most discussed scenes and ex prison guard playing a k.g.b. agent rapes a female prisoner with a bottle but plainest said she was ready for the violence spiraling out of control . part of the experience i imagine as for the heating how bad it was a who was hit was it the actors were the really hurt the lines of the screen between past present and future but regardless of what people think of doubt whether it's think it's taking a surreal off failed revolution vision what it's sheaves is to shock and she says in equal measure. ati cards.
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a canadian women have a right to free speech is being denied by twitter that's off to make a mess he found herself in an online spats with a transgender activist tweeted things like men and women it prompted the social network to block this all happened in november a few months later she decided to sue murphy says twitter failed to give her thirty days warning this pirate's terms the case has gone that support from people using the platform some of them have even offered to help cover his course on the topic of gender identity. i'm challenging gender identity ideology in legislation that most people in the world agree with what i'm saying and people are scared to speak out because of all the horrible bullying and threats that go on when we do say these things and i'm a great example of this i mean i said earlier that i received tons and tons of violent threats and people have tried very hard to silence me and now twitter is
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attempting to silence me. twitter updated its policy against hateful conduct last year and to stop uses from mis gendering and naming the practice of addressing transgender people by that beth name there she said i don't think we can be this neutral passive platform anymore i'm not sure what was behind that but i certainly don't believe it was that one tweet. one of the lawyers representing their face says she receives messages on almost a daily basis from people claiming to be suing twitter wanting to know if he believes online censorship as a very serious issue i think that it's really important that we members of the public in general fight back against this incredible power that social media companies have over our speech and the kind of information we have access to and the kind of conversations were able to engage in more news after this short break.
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you know world's big partners do things. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes and project themselves. in the final merry go round
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be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. welcome back a prominent figure in the end of us movements is facing a suspended sentence and the five hundred euro fine for failing to the organizing of the protests however eric drache denies that he is an organizer of the rallies the l a vest have been demonstrating since november against rising fuel prices and the cost of living there since last week the movement has stopped announcing the location of protests to stop forces cause excessive police violence against
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demonstrators. it was decided that we will no longer now and so i respond to. be complicit in government violence. where we cross live now to political commentator sean brickman shown welcome to the program now is the case well it's a clean motivated as dres lawyer says. well obviously it's politically motivated to see a mess here larry that there had question is very intense i just a video of a young women twenty of or student infielders a few perfectly peaceful with us tonight for the rest of her life because of the repression of course that's not the encouraging to see where you're going to demonstrate it's quite obvious that the police have been shooting at perfectly peaceful demonstrators with feel bullets in the probability whatever you call them but in the wound in the ever tens of people wounded for life and he kept etc so of curse people are not tempted to say when they're going to demonstrate and i
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don't know about the specific use of the where that's up for the court and the lawyers to discuss but on the general picture is that the government whether the government do first of all this land of the movement this most it when they say me accusation of anti-semitism because of a few incidents of which there is no proof that the yellow vests responsible for that they're responsible as a movement i mean there certainly are not that they're you know sticking up you still hear about anti-semitism in order to discredit the movement the other thing they are doing is trying to ignore them and that we didn't stop and the thirteen we are going to do risky question and in they've just given a year of you know the whole jail to the books of with been boxing policeman of course that's not exactly peaceful demonstration but of course you have to see in the context of france that that's a relatively heavy sentence so. one can this is you know i mean it's obvious that
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the government's trying to repress and they're going to try to attack leaders one of the leaders already lost an eye and is the winner and he's taken to court and they're also trying to create then sheikh movement who are going to present elect a holy lease to the r.p. the election which is a way to divide the opposition. my car maybe allowed the movement in my car to window up in elections after all so everything is used to destroy this movement there were as was to be expected because there's nothing they can do i mean they can't you know satisfy their demands and satisfying the other man would mean does it appear in the asian of the economy and that's of course not in the town i mean even if they wanted to or they had been in union would prevent them from doing so what do you think it was that's anybody's guess i mean they're certainly going to try to repress but you see the problem is that the more the he pressed the more they make themselves unpopular so i don't know i mean i always expected that the
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movement as it is namely with demonstration that we need on saturday will eventually win the slowdown and maybe stop and then you can't have these demonstrations for ever with other government doing anything and there's no sign of the government capitulating anyway because they have too much power as behind them but the movement can organize itself in different ways you see they can only manage themselves and try to educate the rest of the population and eventually create the movement of opposition that may be deeper than the system a station or the list of the european elections could have your thoughts on the topic my gas political commentator commentator sean bricmont thank you. thank you very much. now the u.s. is waging a war against chinese tech giant that's according to the fence deputy chief he believes washington cyber security worries our rigs and vangelis ships us has the
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details it seems that the chinese or chinese come to look i'm called a company officials of actually furious and tired of this whole and your rhetoric the u.s. government is undertaking a well coordinated jew political campaign against whoever way it's essentially using a national machine against a small company so we have been wondering is the recent fixation on who our way truly about cyber security could there be other motivations but this is not the first time that officials have been calling out to united states just last week the use words aside such as gras ungrounded insensible is and how would they were shocked the news of how the united states government has been lobbying european governments against the chinese for him now few statements come after us secretary of state mike on pill media tour in eastern europe and has been warning its allies that if they use any of the chinese teleconference equipment in any of their major infrastructure projects they will face consequences when dealing with the united
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states attorney's infrastructure. delivered the away you mentioned huawei in china we done here in poland what we've done all across the world their task is to make them aware of the concerns of risks and show them the data we've made known the risks that are associated with that we share with them the things we know about the risks of the waterways presence it seems that all this negative talk at the end it's not actually only talk it's been paying off orange carrier french which has been using cooperate quite a lot lately and it's been its top supplier of equipment actually had now that is going to be launching its next generation network will be using sound sing. instead and the pressure does not stop there just last month the u.s. has filed criminal cases against the chinese telecom from which have been accusing the company of stealing chait trade secrets and has been accusing them also of
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conspiracy and fraud and how they've been using in trying to go around sanctions on iran now which has been bad in the lately with a lot of this accusation she was with the u.s. and its western allies have been calling it a spy tool for the chinese government and of course they've become otoh to make a statement against that but they're not the only ones the chinese state that the same phone send now to children much without any solid evidence the u.s. keeps inventing crimes and china out different strata firies it's using state power to suppress the legitimate development of the rights and interests of chinese and prizes that it is using political means to intervene in the economy we believe that this is hypocritical and unfair and immoral. while there has been more and more pressure against the chinese telecom for the future of the two countries the u.s. and china is uncertain not only for them for the international trade as well. now donald trump has fired off an angry tweets have revelations there was high
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level talk to have him removed from office and if he quotes the views of harvard law professor emeritus alan dershowitz who happens to be the latest guest on artie's will to part show the host of which oksana boy joins me live now in the studio a funny good to see you now apparently this talk to have trump removed focus on the twenty fifth amendment did issue its comments on the legality of this yes absolutely we talked a lot about it this whole discussion was triggered by the latest revelations by former f.b.i. deputy chief and my cape who on record admitted the justice department officials indeed considered back in two thousand and seventeen invoking the twenty fifth amendment to remove donald trump from office now that amendment provides for a process of discharging a sitting president if he is mentally or physically incapacitated but according to
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alan dershowitz this by no means applies to trump because he's physically fit you're may disagree with his policies and a lot of people do but that is not the grounds for invoking this amendment according to some people in the trump side of was as close as the united states has ever come to an administrative who when a group of security officials get together and discuss removing democratically elected president from office which is which was according to dershowitz an abuse of power well let's listen to what he had to say. terrible abuse of the constitution the constitution provides for impeachment that's a political legal remedy but the twenty fifth amendment was designed for people who had a stroke or a president reagan when he was shot when you're incapacitated when you're unconscious when you're unable to be the president it provides
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a mechanism for replacing the president with the vice president it was never intended to be used to rid the country of a president who people don't agree with think may have committed obstruction of justice or collaboration with russia. well we know trump faces more pressure in the form of the ongoing miller investigation into alleged russian collusion so what did issue it say about this he was very critical of the way the miller investigation is being carried out because remember almost two years into this probe we still don't have a single and dogman that relates to the original crime that it was supposed to investigate which is the collusion that's been the trump campaign and the russians may have a number of indictments based on the so-called process crimes when you arrest the person when you interrogate him when you summed or her when he essentially set up a moral trap to see if he would lie to the prosecutors and i did a couple of people did but none of them was or has been charged with.
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being directly involved with the russians and one one interesting point that dershowitz made it makes is that even if administration officials had some contacts with the russians having a contact in and of itself is not enough to support the collusion charge. well first of all even if there were. between the trim campaign and some russians that would not be a crime it's not a crime to. it would be a crime only if members of the trump campaign or any campaign urge people in another country to commit a crime like hacking the emails of their opponents the democratic national committee but there's no evidence of that at all. and i suspect in the end what they'll find is there was some people in the campaign who had contact with some people in russian intelligence perhaps some contact with wiki leaks and contact with others but they're not going to be able to make
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a case for the government of russia. being illegally with the. presidential candidate donald trump. we are running this interview in full this coming sunday and i think it raises a number of very interesting points about the lengths to which some americans are willing to go to remove from office what they're willing to sacrifice in the process of doing that which according to dershowitz is the constitution and the rule of law we look forward to seeing the interview this sunday on worlds apart on the boy i thank you for joining. the global news continues at the top of the hour to see that.
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she will be. filled up have been mugged for most. of the day. we will meet a day. or the. now at the. morning for that matter. see like him to make what you have made or hear me meryl have been floating closer here got bigger of me as.
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the book took up the book the book the book the book why bad. global financial crisis part gets underway. at the white multi-trillions of dot. letters gone in a heartbeat look at life pass on korea by the planet it's. crazy. readings and sally you taishan us these days it seems that the only thing rare are in washington d.c. than honesty is accountability like catching a unicorn eating pancakes on the glenn this week saw both honesty and accountability in a very unique moment on capitol hill the freshman congresswoman out of minnesota representative ill and omar rolled up her sleeves and delivered a one two punch combination of honesty and accountability to long time foreign
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policy insider and president donald trump special envoy to venezuela one elliott abrams you remember our good buddy elliott abrams he was one of the ronald reagan era types who found himself in hot water when he was convicted of lying to congress over the iran contra affair he was later pardoned by george w. bush which is how the game is played here in washington but mr abrams duties in the reagan administration didn't end with just secretly selling arms to iran to fund contras and a note he also focused on supporting brutal human rights violating armed anti-communist groups which was us latin american policy at the time it was this record of our boys a broom that representative omar felt needed to be acknowledged today when with a house foreign affairs committee hearing on the current situ.


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