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if you want to. thank. god. it wasn't. that. decision to quit the i.n.f. treaty takes the world a step closer to a nuclear holocaust that is the warning from the two thousand and twenty us presidential candidate jabbered has introduced a bill to torpedo the move. french air force jets that turned up the heat on rebel fighters in the central african country of chad using their firepower to help foil a coup or expelled from a school in indonesia at the insistence of outraged parents we speak to some of the
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kids who were forced out. for look. q. q if you look at. our broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our team international and john thomas glad to have you with us all right two thousand and twenty u.s. special u.s. presidential candidate gabbert has announced a bill that could stop president pullout from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty known as the i n f r c america correspondent. has more. democratic presidential candidate told c gabbert who now serves in congress as a representative from hawaii has announced a bill. could potentially stop the withdrawal of the u.s.
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from a historic nuclear treaty with russia let's. take a break right now. are our series to be right. pretty much ever since. the landmark treaty was signed in one nine hundred eighty seven by then leaders ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev and it's been one of the pillars of international security since it began nuclear capable missiles of intermediate range however thirty years later president trump facing constant accusations of collusion and not being tough enough on russia decided to withdraw from the treaty citing alleged violations by moscow with the two countries valley into quit the deal fears are growing over a new arms race and research by trump aren't helping to quash those concerns perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement it being china and others. or perhaps we care in which
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case we will spend and out innovate all. by far russia has denied any violations and said that it's been open to washington for any necessary checks but that didn't help and for now the treaty has been suspended by both sides paving way for a potential arms race if not worse and now to see gabbert is trying to impede trump's move and it's not the first time she's taking action against a foreign policy that she considers controversial back when obama was in office she proposed the stop arming terrorist sucked this prohibited funding or support for any militant group with links to i saw or al qaeda after it turned out that some of the weapons provided to the so-called moderate rebels in syria surfaced into terrorist hands but despite how different republican president donald trump and democrat presidential candidates will see gabbert are that one thing in common both
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have been accused of being candidates selected by russia shortly after she announced that she's running with an anti-war platform and b c news claims that russia's propaganda machine has been working in her favor citing a discredited source a company that was caught fabricating russian bots so we're now in the situation where to american politicians accused of being actually russian have drastically different views on a related issue that concerns the whole world. and cross live now to author and strategic analyst a good read cold police thanks for being with us here on r t international. who'll be with you so do you think that this bill could indeed stop america's withdrawal from the i.m.f. or is it more for show. it's more of a show it's really a joke i tell together and the co-sponsors of this bill with a more or less loony left part of the democratic party tells a guy was you know had moved away even from hillary clinton to support any sanders
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during the last presidential race she doesn't stand a chance in the twenty twenty race but this is a publisher the stunt in many respects she's certainly totally unaware of the strategic realities around the i.n.f. treaty and the wall and why both president trump and the russian government have really walked away from this treaty the present transfer remarks were not implement free not designed to increase and i'm afraid but rather the reverse what you have is a situation where the people's republic of china has as a non-signatory to the i.n.f. treaty being outside the realm of control and has built up in time forces in this in their in their region covered by the i.m.f. treaty yeah it's pretty been overtaken by fear political events by technology and the like both russia and the united states know full well that it is not serving anyone's interests other than china's so the reality is that this bill by phil
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together is going to go nowhere it's a publisher they stand she's not going to go anywhere with it with the presidential campaign and as for the allegations of trump being supported by russia or in the in the earlier election twenty sixteen elections even the senate democrats in the intelligence committee have agreed that there is no evidence of that whatsoever well you bring up the intelligence committee the senate intelligence committee linking donald trump to russia what about tulsa gabber and n.b.c. has linked her to russia because stories about her were carried in russian media outlets is that enough to be branded a russian agent now. well. in the united states certainly i don't believe there's a conscious russian government effort to support telzey gathered i mean i don't think that waste the time and money to even bother about that she's going nowhere
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with this he she doesn't have the. gravitas or the or or the idea that i'm sure of him her interests for her name to be linked with many can travesties to be put on the same level with donald trump in fact but it's a joke she's just looking for a publicist a and the n b c. the one thing she wants to hear because it makes her look like she's in the big league so back to the i never truly question her position on it is to oppose president trumps yet they are both branded russian agents by the u.s. media. kind of interesting how you have two different sides supposedly working for the kremlin. absolutely. but you you obviously see that today in washington politics and the us media which is all very left and very anti russia. that you don't have to make sense you don't have to have any rationale or
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credibility or over that matter any evidence to stop making these kind of allegations the media has traded very strongly on the fear. that it is of two u.s. elections and so if the more you put russia into the headlines the more attention you get and i think basically most of the united states and particularly the media haven't actually woken up to the fact that the russian government is not the soviet government and that things have changed somewhat and russia is not a communist threat to the united states or the west at this stage all right thank you for your thoughts arthur and strategic analyst gregory copely it's been interesting to watch this one play out we'll see how it goes from here forward. all right telsey gabbert is just one of a growing army of prominent political figures accused of being under the kremlin's
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thumb in case you missed it is artie's point blank. get is you misstate russian stooge is the only call you want to break claims there are none for ages and then tell us how not all at once. russia. is making want to take the easy fin twenty sixty politicians no longer need compelling arguments or persuasive policies to all that if you're up against a tough opponent the kind that popular with votes is just cool of the russians these stooges are just human versions of those russians but we've heard so much about they don't actually have to be real to walk sure having your own stooge in a position of power would have its advantages but even better is being able to accuse your enemies of being won a career in russians through jury is one of the most diverse and democratic presidential hopeful tells seek out god who suggested that by american hindu female socialist following in the prestigious footsteps of but he saw md as an old white
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american male socialist and jeremy corbin an old white british male socialist and don't trump an old orange american male republican opportunist so literally anybody can be a russian stooge and those are just the anti hillary and anti war ones and here are the pro-war pro hillary clinton ones. so how do you even become a russian stooge. herath the russians stooge recruitment academy we have positions available from entry level all the way up to executive level don't worry about applying for the job mainstream media analysts and establishment want to titian's will allow or did to you whether you want to or not the majority of our most successful employees simply
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. fell into the job without noticing experience or knowledge of russia or russians is not essential the only qualification required is that you question the status quo publicly at least one if you are successful in your application we will inform you via. global security is widely viewed as a complex issue however during the opening day of the annual munich security conference the u.k.'s defense secretary made it clear where he thinks the world's evil is centered on his part peter over as more. well the speech by governor williamson was a well certainly something that drew attention on a day that didn't really have its flaming moments but what we heard from the british defense secretary was how he saw the world at the moment and how we saw the better protection of the world he wants to see but as a nation who holds dear the values of democracy tolerance and justice we
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must not be cowed or intimidated. that's why our military continues asserting its legitimate freedom of access in action across the globe it does sound a little bit like what we've heard before from the in one thousand states basically do what we say or we're going to send in our troops williamson is being talked about sometimes in the voices as a potential future leader of his party potentially a few chip prime minister of great britain the former fireplace salesman though has made himself somewhat notorious when it comes to statements that he's made he has said in the past where he wants to see britain become a global brand you want to see great britain go global he address that by announcing that he would be sending a aircraft carrier with
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a full fighter bomber contingent to the south china sea it does come back to russia when it comes to govern williamson and we certainly heard from him when he spoke today in munich russia's breach russian adventurism remains a threat russia's illegal activity russian recklessness russian governmental subversion we heard russia quite a bit their government williamson went russia very much in focus when it came to the british defense secretary speech we need to bring all pressure to bear to bring them back into line when you look at the speech in its entirety what he's doing again and again is your. and tonight the relevance of nato because of course britain is leaving the e.u. and britain having leaving in leaving the e.u. if indeed it does do so because it's still not clear only weeks away of course that gives the green light to france germany and others to form new appear in alliances . of people transatlantic. they threaten nato as the predominant military
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force of the west so again and again he was keen to suggest that russians the enemies that is the gates of europe and europe is desperately in need of support of america and nato that's what it came back to to diminish the importance of the e.u. and increase the importance of nato it was these call message. france has conducted air strikes in the central african country of chad in a bid to avert a coup. but french support for the current leadership in chad is drawing criticism . it's. just to the south of libya and between countries like nigeria and sudan there's a rare patch of relative stability called chad well it's just been bombed by president deby asked us in writing to intervene to prevent a coup d'etat and protect his country. so they saved the government from the rebels the militants on dozens of pickup trucks had crossed over from libya thinking they
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could take the capital but chad's president deby is lucky enough to have such good friends. the french jets nipped the rebels' coup plan in the but by the way guess how it came to power almost thirty years ago and it crew ever since then has been an ally for the west and dealing with all kinds of islamist thugs in the area so his government's legitimacy deserves to be protected the former french colony is not a regime by any means. our intervention was totally in line with international law and the prime minister has informed the president of the senate and the national assembly. a few more facts about mr dombey has just tweaked part of the constitution to be able to stay in power until twenty thirty three he's like in victories have been questioned by international observers he's even been accused of war crimes and his countries do when very bad when it comes to the economy job is
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a very poor country and with or without petrol with or without the oil money it's going to remain a very poor country and it needs it needs in many parts of the country it needs humanitarian help this is very bad now nutrition the basic help that the country needs and what's needed i think is a really sustained fight against in particular against government which is becoming very widespread and very very serious problem in the country in case you didn't know the french army however has a history of standing by president deby oh we have got french taxpayers' money he's going in. to defend chad's current president that was to go on the black list of thirty many human rights watch groups it's totally hypercritical on the behalf of michael how can you on one side support the rebels in venezuela and attack them in chad there's no logic chat is one of the poorest countries in the world so why is
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france intervening to defend such a reach in. chad into the people of chad was decide what what is their future and what political system they want to install in suffolk america. we see less french interest but enough raquel and invidious who and the french government sees these crises as an opportunity to show some understanding of the united states and to side with the americans to show some solidarity armorica but of course joe put it to go to interest always more important than the order to kind of ideologies on this. why you find so different to choose different countries if things stay the way they are don't mess with those in charge of chad for. another fourteen years. at least twenty palestinians were hurt in clashes between
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palestinian demonstrators and israeli soldiers in the gaza strip close to the border one of them is reportedly it fifteen year old child with life threatening injuries the great march of return protests are now in their forty seventh consecutive week and i saluted gaza and demonstrators were seen throwing objects at israeli military vehicles amid tear gas and live fire used by israeli defense forces several palestinians were carried away on stretchers by paramedics the i.d.f. said its soldiers were there to protect israeli families. back after a short break with more news international. there's incontrovertibly evidence that we're being visited and frankly everyone in very high ranking classified projects knows this the public hasn't been told because they've been wanting to keep the secret for reasons of technology and the
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macroeconomic have her dollar system. the bipartisan senate intelligence committee shocked the liberal media when it needed there was no evidence of so-called collusion between the trump world and russia so what have the last two years been all about and what is the damage left behind when russia gate fades from the new site. at the thought that the why bad j f c global financial crisis part is gone in a heartbeat look like phantasmagoria right here on planet. crazy. and
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welcome back this is our t.v. international now shooting has taken place at an industrial park in aurora in the state of illinois rara police say the scene is secure in the suspect has been neutralized a worker at the warehouse where the incident took place reportedly saw a man holding a pistol with a laser scope and recognized him as a colleague i witness is say there was approximately thirty people inside the building when the shooting started at least one person is reportedly killed with multitude a multiple people injured including four police officers city officials say the injured officers are in a stable condition the exact number of victims is still unknown the wounded have already been taken to local hospitals. donald trump has announced a national emergency in order to bypass congress and get funding for a wall on the border with mexico. we would make up for the clearest president she.
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did you have a drug problem no no no i said why death penalty if you're going to have drugs pouring across the border then. very hard to make america great again well folks will recall that we just had the longest government shutdown federal government shutdown in the history of the united states as congress and the president could not agree on the issue of funding for the border wall that trump has been talking about building ever since his campaign for president so as there was a deal reached recent signing of an agreement for funding that did not include the border wall we now see donald trump coming out and announcing a national emergency and this national emergency will enable him to build is border wall and secure funding for it without the approval of congress is invoking the national emergency act of one nine hundred seventy six now there is a huge amount of outrage coming from the democratic party they argue that this is
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creating a constitutional crisis and we've now seen nancy pelosi the speaker of the house a democratic party leader in congress talking about the possibility that perhaps a democratic president could take similar moves in the future let's take a review of what nancy pelosi said we want to talk about a national emergency let's talk about today the one year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in america that's a national emergency why don't you declare that emergency mr president i wish you would but a democratic president can do that and what kind of commit president can declare emergencies as well now it's important to know that sense one nine hundred seventy six when the law was created enabling the president to declare a national emergency is that this law has been invoked fifty eight times fifty eight different national emergencies have been declared and thirty one of them are still in place the longest national emergency it was ever declared was when jimmy
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carter declared a national emerge. see in response to iran's islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine now let's review barack obama for example he had ten national emergencies that he declared one on ukraine one on somalia george w. bush declared eleven national emergencies one on bell roosts one on zimbabwe and then one after the nine eleven attacks bill clinton declared six including one on sudan not on trees it gives the us president the ability to declare sanctions against countries that they deem to be violating the law are somehow somehow in conflict with the united states however this is donald trump declaring a national emergency in response he is arguing that the op activities of human traffickers and drug gangs have made a necessity that is border wall which he has been talking about ever since he campaigned for president be constructed he's arguing that it is a national emergency on the us mexico border and that that gives him the authority to declare a national emergency and begin building his wall so trump is invoking the one nine
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hundred seventy six law he expects it as he declared in his statement today he expects that this will be challenged in court he expects to not only have this this challenge in court but to have to appeal it all the way to the u.s. supreme court so we're waiting to see what will happen next but at the moment we have donald trump declaring a national emergency so that he can then proceed to build his border wall. you number of children with hiv and aids have been expelled from school in indonesia that is after some of the parents of their classmates expressed outrage that in fact the children were attending classes we heard from some of the kids who were content.
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parents strongly objected to the fourteen children to tandems because they are h.i.v. positive we tried to. follow in their protests we took the children out of the school and now we are helping to find a new school for them could if i think i think i think i could. think of some you.
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know that as a for me i'll be back with more news in thirty three minutes stay with us. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the hope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective and i'm used to surprising people by salt or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can sink i was going to go
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. by the way ways and such like here. the united states does that all the time it always tries to influence elections when people who are running who are friendly to the united states are running against people who are unfriendly we certainly did at all through central america and south america for many many years we know that these efforts are made repeatedly there not criminal every intelligence agency in the world she's a spark of it's function to make sure that elections turn out favorably to the country. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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and the longer you know nor. the fish if. one of the. one hundred fishy. will have a not so for the moment on the fourth on a response and i'm going to have the time and it's a bit good to. see that the product which i think. this is the only thing that we do is music and we believe that it was the music because everybody wants a use. and by
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i mean i was going to die is the mcconnell way you're both successful. small victory at odd. hours it was way down to it all so hard not to think the number displayed the same moment the work.
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