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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 16, 2019 2:30am-3:01am EST

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oh more negs clarified that she's not in apac the israeli lobbying group then half of congress and even donald trump himself responded to that they were horrified by this use of anti-semitic tropes let's focus on the fact that if you're a rational human it's easy to see omar was not being anti-semitic and i can be considered an expert on this because i'm jewish all right which is also why i can say jewish everyone else has to say f. ing jewish. full disclosure i'm jewish by birth but no longer religious by choice i stayed in it until i was thirteen for the bar mitzvah guess. which means it was all about the benjamins. but here's the thing recently revealed undercover recordings have proven omar correct apac and israel lobby have full control over congress people by wielding money aka benjamin's these recordings were captured for
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a documentary by al-jazeera called the israel lobby but then when they were pressured by a way for it the israeli lobby is they ultimately shelved the documentary they did not air it they were also threatened with being labeled foreign agents were already so. luckily the documentary leaked out of few months ago in this first clip you'll hear the voice of david pogue founder of of an organization that pays to send people to the apac conference. now that's a pro israel group admitting they manipulate congress with money but that's an anti-semitic trump. just because something is
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a troll doesn't mean it's always being talked about in that way as i don't like the hate crime like you like it may be an anti white people trope that white dude. but i doesn't mean you can't ever mention the word minutes without being racist. if i say john bolton is on how much of a. that's just factually accurate and later you know whether it's a trophy or not it's scientifically proven this guy is like this. they've done studies so it's quite clear that apac and other pro israel lobbying groups use massive amounts of money to influence congress in fact right now they're forcing through a bill that is designed to stop the b.d.s. movement you probably recall the b.d.s. movement is a push to get people to boycott products made in israel not because people have to
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do it but because of the way israel is treating palestinians the hundreds of unarmed palestinians they've killed in just the past few months we've covered it on this show it's it's horrific so it's not anti-semitic to support b.d.s. it's pro human beings also. cultural and i cannot stress this enough israeli policies and the druids are two very different bangs jews can be against israeli policies case in point. so when you act like criticism of israel is criticism of jews you're being an idiot of jerad question or proportions are right you're making steve bannon look like stephen hawking you're making axl rose look like carl sagan's so just stop it but despite that and despite the fact this country was founded on a revolution that started with
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a boycott of british tea last week the senate passed an anti b.d.s. bill and it will now go to the house of reps but the influence of apacs money doesn't stop there here's john mearsheimer co-author of the book the israel lobby if you wander off the reservation and you become critical of israel you not only will not get buddy apac will go to great lengths to find somebody to run against you and support that person very generously in the end result that you're likely to lose your seat in congress so it's the carrot and the stick if you do something wrong they hit you with a stick if you do something right they promise not to shove the carrot up you. think that's how that works anyway. chances are we will now see this with representative old mar very wealthy lobbying groups and donors will fund a primary opponent in her next election to shut her up and they'll continue to attack her in the media in till then there are examples of this happening in the
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past former virginia congressman jim moran voted against the invasion of iraq even though a pack heavily pressured congress to vote for it here he is detailing the result of standing up against a completely immoral and catastrophic war they have warned me that if i place my to use them surely lobbied by korea would be over and applied to would be done through the post and sure enough the washington post. was probably everybody. was. rising above fun fact most of the reporting is done via madlib of course there's really the israel lobby is not the only ones who do this the cartoonishly evil koch brothers have a similar lobbying arm that heavily pressures congress people and how does the morning joe treat the james bond villain koch brothers it's hard to find people in the new york liberals we were mothers before liberals or conservatives alike who
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have been touched by. your graciousness. brothers does that tell us all they have their fingers in all of us. but the point is representative omar was not wrong and she was not being anti-semitic she was absolutely correct announcing being mercilessly attacked for it because the d.n.c. does not want women of color or muslims in their big tent they want women of color and muslims who go along with every imperialist permanent war unfettered greed bleep that the ruling elite spew forth no new from washington d.c. the value of a bad. welcome
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has no ignoring trends in a couple of people who thought this was the way to the men's room. cam now let's take the news from behind we start off with a large scale report showing that the church continues to do the lower the work if you consider a lord to work to be sexual assaults i don't know i do i know you all do but i don't you that's right and that's why you disgust me but you. a new sweeping investigation revealed twenty years of sexual abuse allegations within the southern baptist church with over seven hundred victims including many children seven hundred victims and those are just the ones that came forward and this comes a half a year after all port showing catholics priests abused a thousand children in pennsylvania alone and another report this past december
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saying that the catholic church in illinois withheld the names of at least five hundred priests accused of sexual abuse of minors five hundred priests in illinois it's horrific we are literally under assault and that is why i'm calling on the nation of venezuela to send some humanitarian aid you. know man ok all right and no one is sending us aid senders. send copies of the bible to you can hide masons i know you can make room for it by cutting out all of the references to helping the poor because we're not really using those anyway. tell some other country could paratroop in cable news anchors who have been especially trained to cover this story rather than ignore it sentimental parachutes why aren't you there for us find us well after all we've done for you. we've been sending humanitarian aid ever since we decided to
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topple your government. and by humanitarian aid i mean assault rifles smuggled into us back paramilitary forces. that's right as democracy now reported last week venezuelan authorities claimed they had uncovered nineteen assault weapons one hundred eighteen ammunition cartridge and ninety ninety military grade radio in tennis on board a u.s. own plane that had flown from miami into bilin c.-a and as well as third. just city but i'm sure those assault weapons were filled with cheese it's to feed to the people. i bet those radio antennas had baby formula and. we were helping the starving people and now the red cross of colombia has said the u.s. action of innisfail is not humanitarian aid how do you know day everything we the united states do is humanitarian
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a right remember remember what we did in iraq our planes dropped puppy dogs to those people which is why we called it shock and awe. but ok let's assume we did sue model arms in venezuela to help create an armed insurgency i would just like to point out how much better at it we've gotten since our military and cia no longer have to worry about where their funding comes from i mean the whole reason that iran contra snafu happened under reagan secretly selling arms to iran in order to fund the contras in nicaragua was because reagan's goods needed the cash nowadays the military and intelligence apparatus that were once for cash are you ok there's twenty one trillion other accounting for dollars of the pentagon was last time so what are the pentagon as money going to come from.
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that's like a super bowl halftime show asking where's. going to come from. where we're going to go. for more importantly as we spread military weaponry and devices around the world when has that ever had unintended consequences. just as the whales that have been marching right up onto the beach in order to tell everyone how much they love anti-submarine sonar. it. sure scientists call these mass stranding of vents but i think the real term is illegal immigration are i was. kind of papers do they have has anyone even checked a new study has found mass stranding events of the whales were extremely rare prior to the one nine hundred sixty s. but increased markedly after the development of naval mid frequency active sonar
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but you know other things started in the one nine hundred sixty s. that could also be the cause for example of our bees was founded in one nine hundred sixty four maybe whales are just dying to get at those giant under cooked wad of roast beef. morbidly depressed freeze dried cal carcass. and they don't sell it under the sea though. but speaking of showing up in the wrong place amazon has pulled out of its plans in new york city headquarters. as you know amazon heavily hyped if this isn't to create a second headquarters it did this of the cities would fall over themselves to give amazon everything and anything new york offered them billions in tax breaks virginia offered them tax breaks plus a hell of a pad for jeff bezos his personal use nashville offered them thirty five hundred out of work country singers. in los angeles promise them twenty two thousand tiny
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loud relationship destroying dogs. which is a drop those over iraq and at least then we americans could get some sleep. anyway amazon announced the winners were northern virginia and queens new york well new york activists fought back and won they won. for scrapping it amazon had tried to appease protesters with this statement whether it's building a pipeline. local jobs through workforce training or funding computer science classes for thousands of new york city students we are working hard to demonstrate what kind of neighbor we will be. i don't know of comparing yourself to a pipeline is really the best choice. although the analogy is apt here going through people's backyards when they don't want you there red you completely
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pollute the environment around the area so it works and then but maybe a better analogy is the church you're powerful you're rich some people are glad to have you in the neighborhood but the number of victims you leave in your wake is hard to fathom we have to go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in chicago. i was going to take the risk you talked to the a.d.l. ok. the swarms of them so moving. to build your local walls before. much of those who heard the preview are never seen him will. we will we'll.
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move. move. move show you this new video of the liberal media collector who the. more muslim also his dulcet review films for good girls. go to shows a look but open to simu belonging to show the story rhetorical should go. to startups to. get to meet until it was a little missed they'd say look it is it's. just ashton understand just move on it's there mashed on track to stop the president and please control this project until. those we have producers to produce for to snoop on little knew of because that is the cousin with you sir your supporters to your machine station shooting star you
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should cook door for one who's devoted to the war. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mattered the us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich pay for it six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade first record per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollar. china's building two point one billion dollars a dust. but don't let the numbers over with. the only number you need to remember is what one does this show you know for two minutes one and only room for.
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the job of journalists photojournalists any type of videographers writing journalists is their job it's much more dangerous every year because so many people now see what we do is threat so you know threats to whatever their narrative is whatever the propaganda is and you know the like anything in our culture and in the iraq and afghanistan wars had to be sold to the american people and. you know world of big partisan mock ups and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now
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for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back welcome back over a dozen states have either approved or will soon approve work requirements for americans on medicaid and medicaid isn't the only social safety net program saddled with unnecessary restrictions but while politicians claim this move will root. of fraud and waste they seem to leave out who really benefits from this for more we go to our senior work horse whisperer now and again. me me so there are lots wrong with states trying to make people self-sufficient seeing someone that's been on government assistance for years is like seeing
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a five year old kid that still breastfeeding. we both know the resources to sustain them have been sagging for years. these are shown repeatedly that these people already work this is an unnecessary bureaucratic nightmare zero sense that states would create more work just to screw the poor of course it's more work that's why they pay private companies to do it for them i mean it would be un-american if we didn't outsource the work to someone else and for decades the federal government and states have outsourced that kind of work to a private company called maximus which since one nine hundred seventy five has operated under its mission of helping government serve the people jesus christ they trademarked that. was a company that sounds like a comic book villain to help government serve the people are i'm glad you last see maximus multimillion dollar contracts with states to manage the qualification
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process the paperwork as a matter of fact and wait twenty seventeen maxima signed a thirty six million dollar contract to run indiana's work programs for snap and cash assistance which maximus sees ninety three thousand clients and earns nine million dollars a year and fewer than two hundred people a year will keep jobs for at least six months. six million dollars fewer than two hundred people cube steady work keeping a job for six months isn't stable than. it is if you work in the trumpet ministration. already have any scary movie was gone before his health insurance even kicked in. i mean the only one bucket. that trend is sima vermine who heads the centers for medicare and medicaid services her old job was outsourcing this kind of work to private companies and i doubt she is going anywhere since during her confirmation hearings her consulting firm still held a ten thousand dollar contract with maximus it is definitely a conflict of interest people won't lose benefits because they're lazy it's because
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the their state created a labyrinth of requirements that's harder to follow than a plot to twin peaks i mean politicians think the poorest americans don't deserve help unless it's something in it for there's something in it for the employer an employer who won't pay them they're worth because you know a c.e.o. pay you now is three hundred sixty one times that of an average worker ok ok i'm sorry since when did you not have to work to get a handout or the bare minimum you have to say trick or treat before a neighbor gives you free candy. so you smile and you take what you get even if it's for my weird neighbor who hands out pennies instead. of it yesterday was valentine's day now. if i say will you be my valentine and you want this candy what do you have to say. to your valentine but only because i want the. only these are pennies all right look i've got to get where i got to get rid of my
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where neighbors are right now. or either like the candy corn of us courts no no no . it was rejected correspondent naomi caravan he was certainly out of work this rig she went down to the us mexico border to see why exactly journalists are being treated like criminals she filed this report. here i am the mexican border on a story of international cooperation security officials on both sides have been coordinating harassment of journalists lawyers and activists it's the first time these two countries came together to say we don't like to have our picture taken and especially at this angle we do have footage my agency some of you
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are aiding and abetting these people to enter the united states illegally if you come to the united states we could conceivably get arrest warrant for you we have always doing that some may be shocked by this but if you're not being threatened with false arrest can you really call yourself a journalist that agent was remembered him on a job well done later the border patrol reported that petard refers encourage migrants to cross illegally in what appeared to be a staged event i knew these images were staged. ok can you hold the baby closer. more desperation. you know i'm just not getting the sense that you're struggling to. take two. i need more or jennifer lawrence less lindsey lowe. more desperation. ok that's too much. oh look at how this u.s.
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agent is trying his hand at amateur photography but these pictures are then utilized to id the journalists on the other side of the border mexican authorities systematically take pictures of the journalist passports then generously share them with americans those far of the seven journalists to have their passports photographed mexico denied entry to at least two and this comes at a time when almost all of these journalists are working freelance so unfortunately they don't have a news organization to protect them and appeal their case but on the other hand no one is asking them to do this they are doing this out of pure passion for documenting the truth and let's face it that's not a real draw up. who was banned from entry is a serious freelance threat to american security she's been published in the new york times national geographic and has not one good to ted talks look at how she
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shares her insights on how she got the courage to pursue her are disgusting what if she inspires others before she was put on a plane back to the u.s. on a claims as do many other reporters that she was detained with no food or water in mexico for thirteen hours but having had their phones confiscated how can we take her word that there's no law if there are no pictures didn't happen humanitarian volunteers like jeff ballons well a song from tara also claimed he was detained but the officials said he was not being arrested they only. shackled and cold to a bench for four hours obviously they were not arresting him but just his ankle he was reaching go but they held onto his ankle for screening others claim they were identifying instigators of the caravan which might be
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a frightening thing for press freedom but for freelancers that's a job offer to snitch for the border patrol one journalist described as experience getting searched entering the united states they're going through my bags they're going through my camera i'm used to that if i'm trying to enter nicaragua not trying to enter the united states so the good news is you don't have to travel so far to document oppression and cruelty you can get it right here in the u.s. that's one way to save on airfare when you're freelancing. maybe the babies to apprise more. ok let's take this again reporting sure this is really a pair of running jacket. that
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was trying to do. true weeks. from clarifies that he a staunch his staunch support of israel has earned him the right to be anti-semitic on twitter. and tomorrow you'll learn. robert muller staying up late to brush pubic hairs often for the so-called. good rams right thing to do that's always show but if you want more grab my standup comedy special only at least can comedy special dot com or get our podcast free on i tunes spotify and stitcher it's called moment of clarity until next time goodnight and keep trying. she will be. good to have ten months from now to the independent.
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of the day to. day. what was the set of my life who speculations that me or the now with jamie has a hunk of the room. now at the back of the. hill i don't know what that never. see let him make the point i meet with me on the metro how comforting closer he got because of me it's because he sees when i leave. the united states does that all the time always tries to influence elections when people who are running who are friendly to the united states are running against
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people who are unfriendly we certainly did that all through central america and south america for many many years we know that these efforts are made repeatedly there not criminal every intelligence agency in the world she's a smart. function to make sure that elections turn out favorably to the contrary. must lead. the slime to you or smear the focus on you so he's the one. you see in the prison for the most good moment you know.
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you know my. boy. not at all sitting there. with no one to. washington it's the venezuelan government with a raft of new sanctions but also pledging humanitarian support to the struggling country. called tribes decision to pull out of a key arms control treaty with russia has left the world on the brink for a nuclear catastrophe that is the warning for twenty twenty u.s. presidential candidate who's attempting to walk in the. french possibile looking for schools to use the words parent one and parent two instead of
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mother and father on official forms.


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