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recruiter for those who need to use. the actually moves to go to school for a group of the school students and. lo and behold field is back at the space station preparing for a space walk around here. but i'm going to face a long weekend if i can find the ok to come out. here to put me up to town to see what the it's called. he carried the torch in space. and gave a concert in syria gravity. is now fifty seven and he's getting ready for his face flight he spent eleven years of his life trying to get on the team for a good reason he knew he'd been known to fly since he was a child. new book play that will that. you never heard the. vocal.
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doesn't mean you know the book will you say what you don't want to stress this will smoke socially don't want to. spoil your book much over the issues because one of the possible quotes of the of. you sure the. police. are supposed to be supernatural the same you think you slow cook with most books with. your story when you should go. to be unusable. it's one could prove you know.
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good deal this. was before vocals so. much for those who heard it's a preview of must. see and we will. hear more of. the swarms. of says. that she. was. just wishing which. it. reached. into the sign you know love nature rush said that it's.
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funny it's not it's not. precious address here it's a small budget. you can also tell by just made it. to steal. this mood cool sure to prove that you're reduced to. a new breed. of dog. an aborted landing the cosmonauts were supposed to. land in the step but instead
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touched down in remote woodland it was only the sight of people strolling around the spaceship the diffuse the tension a little obviously it was only a drill. and we was one you used to do because you knew so mused if you were caught because you knew to be another reason to move. to the good will. who people or shoot you was and what was your good lead one would so musically but when you look is some you can similarly really be relooked i moved to she wouldn't move through if we could reduce going to do you. get bush. the. boldness to go to war with the political will to finish every of those who control the leverage. look good here but surely the most valuable. list. we know you're the one.
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of us will get us to the group until you go jack. if you think. your future. after. you. are just some lawyer should. go right under your. care. just when they finally clicked it was decided to dissolve the crew the space program it changed now they'd be a crew of two instead of three. with just fish moreover the launch was rescheduled and brought forward several months preparations had to continue at a greater pace. for the annual solution this year the. move you for the most
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abuse you should reduce this newsgroup among. the oceans door you move closer to pleased we're going to. move you know good will who. are nikolaevich he is he is a great person he is his god hard exterior the strong russian but as soft inside he he's a continual stream of advice so i fully expect that as we go to the space station i'll get more advice on take it slow to when it's cool. i've been training with him for so long that. good things that he says or his facial expressions or just his body language i know what he's thinking or like an old married couple and when i don't understand
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new born you'll see he will wait his twenty years of speaking english he will explain it in english. because. you. claim it's. one of these you name we look really good because. he's good. reasons. you. know so as a comparison for us. loads we.
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before each flight. a couple of months since houston learning how to work in the station's american section he stays at the same place every time usually accompanied by his family. still. with where you. live you may be used to this if you did so with all the smoke. and used as you said the media. you know where. all of them with us was the. only few oh good to see good morning. you more.
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in the small what if you switch so closely. oh. yeah. oh. you mean you speak. when you see me in your. period. when you. go to with the ideal most of us and we'll spare you. the details of school business. because my study. long. on then. because they employ the charm of the brand on
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the cheap trick to look under the bus blogging for me even though it wasn't even the gunman who called mord nearest the bull you learned in. his mind to when you're putting the ball up when she's going to fall in with a chance of who. told you about it because those. who knew who it was to see if you would give you a bit play with us work closely with us because it was the way the vocal noticed in your book that continues being the first in the mood of cool bush moved to new three years cost would get those this was the same clause but least of course the bust should sparkle.
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up and finding another one of the eyes to mcconnell way to go through a food. bank itself mukti about. closing this way got to dog so hard not to think of the mother disappeared just look at the work of a coward and i don't miss torsen if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way. to. the floor you can fall to the feet all found is worthless woody and i'm gonna call live in a box with a cold on the roof but i think it is this is the fans that is a constant. thought.
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the job of journalists photojournalists any type of videographer writing journalists is their job it's much more dangerous every year because so many people now see what we do is threats you know threats to whatever their narrative is whatever the propaganda is and you know the code like anything in our culture and in the iraq and afghanistan wars had to be sold to the american people and. you know world of big part of. a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time
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is now for washing clothes for watching the hawks. given to us that underneath that no woman in houston the chief in monster's america the simulator has he's flown so many times and to study them so well sometimes it's hard to tell who's teaching whom this is now this is the reason school was usually use to go to do some goofy musical goofy. it's not a good position. it's not in this state as that's how it is in here but. i put on mine and put lincoln's or something in a star of your. story out of. i look at it and pretend that.
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i should. go to great that's exactly what the. situation in europe was a shame where the police can use but this a person many guns to see meet your nose and then you say we just needed to move to the building instead of this windows new because they only can tell you if you needed to be said c.b.s. go because i'm going to use both of you really don't want to come to the deal so there's no need to do it. this is a little don said cosmonaut does when he's instruct as a so happy with the results of their judgment go to alison and you can have lunch at his favorite dinah i need. to use your name good. shoes would be good for me to push on you will. want to be serious you use a. few. doctors to save these. people who is going.
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to cover. the ritual so stupid you look boob leaders were supposed to suggest you do is this who used to she says couldn't you say which can be just so. but you mean you are still good mostly good for good if you could put some and you could put in local business to come to school. for. the money. show. you for your. zuker blue collar
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and seal team was nine months was for groups with. the engines of light speed. and liftoff. we have liftoff of the sixty fifth progress resupply vehicle beginning a two day journey to the international space station. this supply did the bull scientific equipment luggage food and oxygen. to attain the needed else she would never reach the station some of its fragments burnt in the dense and some fill down to us and there is the view that don't we saw about thirty minutes or so ago. clear rotational spin on the progress cargo craft failures detected in the cores automated. system.
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which. is. thanks. to the. final training sessions at star city chief in and sink arizona ski receive instruction on how to launch satellites they haven't most of it so far. said they will join the station crew shortly the cosmonauts were supposed to do a space will together in new spacesuits however one of them was on the cargo ship that had just crashed in will now have to alter the old suit they've got on the eye and says one of the cosmonauts will wear it for the space walk.
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before the launch the crew traditionally visits red square to honor the memory of the world's first cosmonaut despite the rain the absence of the tradition even though they know that if one of them forsake the launch will have to be perspire and. beautifully you snowshoe clues english will line you put your moves because we work we should you could just move. the ocean blue pools to show you you could that you do need you'd do the news do it use a bridge do some work with us who talk of. you know just a little bit of us would be for you to. go for those do you feel you've. done. a book that's led. to a lot to say for a. minute and all of us don't know how long slow health and idiots like you are there is maybe ten. of them. and. very little or.
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no. i'm not ok there are a few more. years of which is. that . you. very much if you please please please. please. don't do it. just seems ok at the bottom half sick still. just to feel good news if you read you throw with bitter mean you mean you're. obnoxious now looks like you usually are. if you choose who is the real great
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lifestyle. we're still just crazy about each other because we don't take each other for granted and her being such a strong competent and amazing person has made me being gone so much possible i never call or elizabeth that takes to the office. it's got to be sexier hoddy year heidi paints or something and she's super healthy. with. this person through words can we both google groups of. good girls who. love her school you know she just was going to school because it was for special people from people who knew. who she were our. public to do. you know. not what is the.
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problem you know. yes how are. we do you know what you did for her not that. you need to get the budget which pushes kids you know. you will find that you know. you have them you know this is not my book this for me . because you certainly give to. you. your house your the dancer. who was the you see who these are so somebody is. going to be. those who didn't put up with the locals no money were bird was you know. don't lose a good sleep if you push. good morning to go cook.
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we should just who are those who do look newcomb used to using the interest of those. who they grew your blue must include. to me to move. the age to going to double up. to me. to lose fifty witnesses relieve me of being. named new. roof. being.
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a a. move. it's their last that's the case or is it just the money and not the game i mean. the deficit but that's good news because to me and to ship it to the good support. it was. translated should just be able to pop its good stuff man get our minds must us know that the one that you can't that. we. must. get. to be. it hit me. like a lot the biggest but. it would get. bad stomach.
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lesson did the be with us on this. stage you put the bill for the principle that you. go on with your new book living in.
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the past as much it's by no means. a little bit in your blood to sort of trick which has been to take you that's going to be things all sorts of schools. of thought it's doing to you. it's still a question still stuck to the preview for most folks what the result of. that we should you can't put it this way did. this. or. just doesn't
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go to the story. just because. you see the. silver pieces don't just do pretty well. that night each and. then you put a new guy who's more schoolwork show him so it would be true just. so much when you're playing you know they used computers to truly appreciate your pursuit because rescript it was movement but it got built from a group of little booklets aboard. the sun give us ok.
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to do the roast with boy. goes to the same sort of space but the more pierce has removed the good mood you surely you see a new play moved for the work of the work which ones are forged. but then you open the new speaker of the human soul read. i think he's gone into a nihilistic. thank god. and get out to traveling across america to find what makes america. the schalit is the genius of this place
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especially america this is it we've come to a point around which element is gone so we always are on the margins something. called. up. we're starting with is going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the bees i think i want to leave now. we may be completely different in this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spear in dramatic development the only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. in twenty forty you know
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bloody revolution through to correct the demonstration going to be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we. put. school in the middle of the president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who to vote had invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. united states all the time it always tries to influence elections when people who are running who are friendly to the united states are running against people who are. we certainly did that all through central america and south america for many. many
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years we know that these efforts are made repeatedly there not criminal every intelligence agency in the world she's a smart of its function to make sure that elections turn out favorably to the country. more fury in france tens of fellows in yellow vests activist turned out for a fourteenth straight weekend of government protests with clashes erupting in the couple this weekend marks three months since the protest movement began also ahead .


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