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many times russia has called on you buster coordinate their efforts to question the has to be answered is if both u.s. and russia remain in syria to fight the terrorists what are the obstacles preventing them joining forces and our experience within the country has shown that when we try to free time for the u.s. forces opened fire so the terrorists crew remain and there are still plenty thanks to the international desk now we're back in thirty minutes with the latest. we're witnessing something quite remarkable in the night twenty nine we're watching a country that's bad in the nineteenth century bubble really for. almost two hundred years they're going to crash into the twenty first century as if they're just being teleported into the twenty first.
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greetings and sell you. previously out of watching the hawks we discussed the rather mysterious shipment of radios that i phone that was confiscated by by those way on the borders allegedly the guns were being smuggled into the country via chartered cargo planes out of miami in order to arm u.s. backed opposition groups looking to unseat sitting president in the white house's latest supervillain nicolas maduro while now as they say is where the plot thickens because according to a recent mcclatchy news investigation into twenty one. the air or the us air cargo
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company at the center of this mysterious arms shipment two of their executives including majority owner and chairman will have either coincidentally or direct ties to gemini air cargo a company that amnesty international described in a two thousand and six report as being among more than thirty air charter services believed to have taken part in a cia program of rendition. yes the good old cia rendition program raises its ugly head again you remember that wonderful program don't you that was the whole plot where the cia contract didn't use private airlines to transport individuals they abducted who were suspected of being terrorists to secret black sites around the world where then they experienced that most lovely of us exports enhanced interrogations or torture for us laymen for its part both twenty one error on the company responsible for chartering the plane to venezuela g.p.s.
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or have denied any accusations of gun running to venezuela for the u.s. government says out of an s.s. and a manager at g.p.s. the squits said quote the cargo doesn't belong to twenty one air it doesn't belong to g.p.s. air quote naturally would be controversial elliott abrams of iran contra fame skulking around d.c. sitting at the forefront of current us foreign policy in operations in venezuela. this whole gun flights and all of that has raised many eyebrows in conservatives which is why we need to be watching the whole. you. want to. treat the thing like real that this would be the last to leave the bottom of. what they like you know that i got. with that we. would. be.
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so. welcome everyone the watching the harps i am tyrone been and i'm top of the allies and i have not shipped any guns to menace way lately but apparently it's not. that's not normal for every american but everyone i do realize i'm not everyone here in america can claim they have not sent our mr venezuela there that this is a fascinating story because it just kind of like it keeps getting more and more layers to it and kudos for mcclatchy and other outlets for kind of beginning of this and following you know you've been there just like you said there's no no one there's no direct ties and no one's said oh the cia is coretta him bringing guns into venezuela there's a lot of accusations and counter-accusations so we don't really know what's going on we just know that it's impossible to see how you were running guns i would assume that they wouldn't have any direct connection showing out and everything you know would hope i would hope you never did so what it was
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a lawyer for twenty one erin said friday that the company was never formally notified by the country venezuela or any of their people that. of any arms seizure but they make a point to say they had no knowledge of the cargo that was aboard the plane because it was chartered by g.p.s. their. g.p.s. error also denies ever putting guns on the plane so so who do you charge to be you who sent it right so miraculously at some point this plane that took off from miami members up and as well just magically got guns on board some great guns and self and i found it which i'm you know you could some that anywhere in the united states and they do not have the other interesting thing the other accusation flying out from those saying that there was no guns in this place was that it's completely a snow job like everyone is better sometimes making it up from the top down because more rain now has connections well that's what's interesting about all this he's in a very shady business is where well yeah it's interesting because it's like you
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know he's the chairman of twenty one error and set up at least fourteen other companies registered in florida for the past two decades of businessman twenty one air director at the twenty one i was director of quality control michael stanky was brought on back when the company was formed. fourteen both men according requests you appear to have either coincidental or direct ties to gemini air cargo that gemini air cargo was a business tied to the cia renditions moreno registered to businesses that an address in miami that was later used by a subsidiary of german air or cargo and spankie work for german or gemini air cargo from one thousand nine hundred six to one thousand nine hundred seven this was before the rendition program is said to have started which is probably why they were there once the iran contra south down and they had come into another business when they came into what bringing things an event as well as i mean was why people are so concerned that elliott abrams is this envoy the country arjen of the
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administration's. venezuela policy policy so those at home can remember this clearly a gentle soul that is elliott abrams. that he was in charge of he was very instrumental in delivering weapons to the nicaraguan contras during the iran contra affair and that he did he did that specifically he was charged with those of hiding those weapons and humanitarian aid shipments so abrams have south himself he can cry all he wants about how mean it is to remember people who remember this but he admitted to funneling weapons and testimony after the scandal broke no you know what there's too many connections i rather be safer than sorry. u.s. president donald trump recently declared a national emergency to secure the billions he needed to fund his great southern border wall the pentagon hundreds of billions of dollars thrown at them every year
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despite some of the worst accounting practices this side of the charts the mob and have surprisingly with all this money being thrown around we're rapidly running out of money for the victims of nine eleven yes the nine eleven victim compensation fund is a few. really running out of money and is now forced to cut back the amount it can give out in compensation in new york city r.t. america's trade travis has story. officials are saying they may be cutting up to seventy percent of future payments now this fund pays victims who are sick or dying from toxic exposure potentially linked to the september eleventh attacks so during this time thousands of construction workers first responders and others spend long periods of time working in the area when the world trade center came crashing down . the collapse released more than two tons of hazardous dust into the air therefore all those in the area work supposed to a multitude of toxic chemicals and over seventeen years later many are still
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feeling the damaging effects on their health i spoke to some of the first responders from that fateful day and they shared some of their heartbreaking health conditions that you see on my wrist here this is part of my list was taken out in a new tongue was rebuilt and then on to the old gram nor to be removed from my left foot my wrist to my elbow implanted the orderly into my neck to resupply the neutrons and then to make sure the cancer didn't spread i had a second action to remove the. node you see if the cancer spread i realized that when i got the brain in my eyes and i knew something wasn't right and you know when i was escorting the remains of it because one of the firefighters out of the pile. i was in the patrol car and i said this is not healthy i had my eyes were you know it was cheering up and they were they were red and i was feeling like discomfort and i said this is not right this is this is not right something's not right it is this could be a long term help but you know i knew
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a couple days later you smell that you smell them in there you smell death and yeah and they are just a few of the victims who i spoke to one of the thousands of people who continue to suffer to this day nearly forty thousand people have applied to the federal fund with illness potentially related to the world trade site but according to reports today. only about two billion dollars of the seven point eight billion dollar fund remains about five billion dollars has been paid out to roughly twenty one thousand claimants but there are still over nine hundred thousand unpaid claims there for future payments will have to be cut up to seventy percent officials say this was the fairest way they could come up with a program officials said in this statement i am painfully aware of the inequity of the situation i also deeply regret that i could not honor my intention to spare any claim submitted prior to this announcement from any reductions made due to determination of funding insufficiency but the stark reality of the data leaves me no choice if there had been a different option available to me i assure you i would have taken it meanwhile
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members of congress responded to the announcement by valley to re also rise the compensation fund democratic reps jerry nadler carolyn maloney and republican peter king said in a statement this is devastating news to the thousands of sick and injured nine eleven responders and survivors who were promised and have been counting on the fully compensated for the losses they have suffered they also said they would introduce legislation to make the compensation fund permanent and to compensate all legitimate claim it's democrat senator chuck schumer also weighing in saying that the chance that the fund may not have enough resources to take care of our heroes is simply unacceptable reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . yeah i mean we've. heard that we have to have this conversation. and you have to wonder where did that money go where did all of where where is the hope for these people it's not as if
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these things magically go away and the truth is japan is still paying out to people who were victims of the bombings of hiroshima and. nagasaki and and the war is there imperialist words of are involved and there are people there who still take care of it. that's the hard part so the seven point three billion fund has already paid us about five billion to twenty one thousand claimants now the number of claims one of the things is that it's jumped and those are people who have to because a number of people have passed away in the last few years because of illnesses he was talking numbers of cancers and. lymphoma etc etc that were linked to the nine eleven attacks so in two thousand and fifty in december twenty fifteen there was a two hundred thirty five percent increase in claims so you're trying by people who have lived through almost twenty years probably developed cancer has developed these things and now it's there's no reason don't don't tell people to be heroes and tell them come work for us you know keep everybody safe and then treat
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them and their family is like this at the end it's not right it isn't right it isn't right at all it isn't right and they knew it wasn't safe no they didn't they didn't believe they knew it wasn't safe but all this all falls on the backs and i don't care what people want to twisted or politics or the world it all falls on the backs of the george bush administration in particular christine todd whitman who was the head of the e.p.a. . quote a week after the attack she said quote i'm glad to reassure the people of new york that there are safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink she said three days after the attack she said that a week up to the attacked the tragedy of it is a lawsuit brought by new york residents against whitman was brought that year. federal appeals court ruled that women could not be held liable for the health problems caused by the air or ground zero yes but you know what you're you can be held liable in the court of public opinion you said those people in there to work and breathe the air you were in the bush administration that's where the blame
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falls and this is a topic that hopefully we won't have to cover good because they'll get their money and these people can get paid. as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics with a couple of facebook and twitter shelves at our t.v. dot com coming up we celebrate black history month with an all star panel discuss. on the meaning of the mug and what a celebration of what history salute is stay true to what you. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to get a little the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home field where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else i just think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here. shows seem wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. harriet tubman wrote every great dream begins with a dream are always remember you have with the news the string the patience the passion the reach for the stars to change the world so we sat down with three dreamers changing the world to discuss the power and purpose of black history month here is part one of our black history month panel with nafta free men writer and activist from black alliance for peace lady dame figaro e.t. black trans writer artist max of us and author and curator kelsey clarke we began by asking them who they thought had been marginalized in history and why it's important to expand the inclusiveness of this history. i started by saying i
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would love to see so many people including history in a variety of different ways i think that from my perspective i would love to see people who don't maybe have certain coasts and certain things on their resume who do whatever work they do whether it's tied to profit or not i think would be an important thing to see about go deeper and i think that is one of the things missing from history in terms of how it's how it's generally toward our people and organizations that have formed resistance to this new president that we face and i think those are very instructive histories and usually even when we talk about the general ones that you know the maybe stereotypical ones like frederick douglass or whatever most of the time we're not really understanding what these people stood for what are the organizational accomplishments of the world and the they formed. in terms of again their insights in terms of the struggles that they dealt with this very superficial surface depictions and i think things that have to do the
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resistance can actually help us do with the. times right now but if you don't you're going to everybody you're part. organizations if you leave should be zero as i mean i'm a black chance woman so it's like every black turns woman every history i'm lucy anderson i want to be john. brown. and you know i grew up in the very back to lax museum in baltimore so like i literally was a little child and i. around him you see and i saw monuments to blackness that transcended that that was before we were brought here isn't slave to africa. to back then you know i'm a child of the eighty's. and they continue to statues and helped to shape my life and hope to. make me really love my blackness and the way that took.
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a little longer because we live in a system that particularly targets the. black and brown people's history that is not a mistake that is intentional and so the reason why it's so super important for us to really expand the ways in which we teach history within our education system it's because it will help the hearts the minds the souls of black babies period. and as a woman i mean that's the thing about being a woman is that we kind of and learning that from two separate you know it's like women's history month so we've got a whole month yea and then you have to put a lot of being a black woman there's so much more to face and i feel like as as a white woman i think we need to work better at finding a better way to sort of bridge that and really be more supportive of that as we meet him black history month for women i think as white feminists we have to go hey i need to learn more about this and i need to understand my sisters in that
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struggle of sisterhood better and then understand their specific struggle absolutely there wouldn't be any white women as them unless a black woman first chose to stand up and fight again. it's the patriarchy i mean black women black and brown women were the first to do it and then why women were like oh ok i guess we're tired of being open to fire a man. i very much regret and i wonder if we're yes or no why very good. accuracy although there it is and there were others later. this year it's a little things that can make such a difference that way that you know for those of us you know that were white america needs to understand from black history month. enough i want to ask you in two thousand and six you wrote an article on black history month and one of the points that you made how the month has was how the month has been commercialized and made into what you said a means to advertise commodity is i want to ask you and then the panel does does
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the month still seem to be commercialized does it still seem to have a negative impact on the celebration of what it says yes then it's not just black history month anything we create that challenges the status quo if they can't stomp it out altogether they're going to find a way to make some money off this just and so it still does and i think you can always you can still see commercials and things like that talk about black history month is really just a means to sell something and so it's always going to be a challenge and it's not just about black history month it's just the nature of capitalist system a system dominated by profit motive and all those kind of things and so yeah let's try to answer. these and i think the virtue signaling is always just is going to be the bottom line for companies anything public facing they want to make sure that they're making the right impression on the right people personally i would love to
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see if it was possible for a situation to emerge where we're able to lift up you know companies that actually are evolving. unities with these groups of people who they try to speak to you know in more tangible ways so it looks like in the news these commercials super bowl whatever big show is happening what it looks like in terms of follow up you know you say you stand for these things you have these types of folks and you commercials but what actually happens after is there any involvement or you actually helping these people tangibly with the money you make from us in different ways. and that's yeah that's always the thing right it's not like being consumers and you wanting us to consume your product is not the same as you caring about our lives and we can see that in the n.f.l. o'brien that want us to watch their games they want us to go to their games they want to have our black men play for that and get entered for them but they also
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don't want to actually stand up for black kids and so capitalism actually was never designed to save black people at all any of us really know somebody just. told there's nothing left that's pretty much a cowboy with. tragically it's interesting when i was growing up. there and you know minnesota and there's always that weird criticism especially like the white community of what it will why isn't there a white history month you know that ridiculous kind of like idea which you know even at a young child was going to that's a great moment when you want to go you know. but others would you know another say you know kind of having black history month is just kind of like it relegates it's kind of like crumbs being kind of thrown out like hey you know here's this month it's the shortest day of you know shortest month of the year you know like back up and. what i think is really fascinating you know is that is that is
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having it just be this one out of the year is that a problem ultimately the we are kind of like it's kind of putting a band-aid or kind of putting a cute picture you know hey here's a month to now go be quiet. you know it's kind of what we're here and why men think we've got to everything has a history even black history month itself and so when people ask the question why you know why are there no whatever it's almost like it's a presumption that it was something given to us and that's something that emerged out of the struggle of african people that we created it and fought for it and there's also intersects with a whole lot of other things so no it's not crumbs and we actually if you look at it there's a trajectory to it was actually negro history week when it began in one nine hundred twenty six by carter g. woodson and now is a black history month expanded to where we identify we're struggling with identification and struggle with i did benefit teaching here in this country one because the history even card you would soon with not really necessarily i guess meaning to do it he he identified with being an american being american but we
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can't just start our history at the middle you know the middle passage in the transatlantic slave three we've that's that's a historical byzantine can help us understand the situation we're in or know what's in common or not in common with other people of african descent so will it so now we actually have had if we did study it there's a pan-african movement where people have cooperated and built transcontinental projects and programs and different things have happened decolonization and all those kind of stuff and so. so it's not a problem that it's only a month it's up to us to expand it to something else and give us an opportunity to draw in the month to do something else it doesn't preclude us doing something else the rest of the year it gives opportunity to actually talk about some of the things we don't talk about and to examine it from a historical point of view where emerged from where it itself emerged from one of the other things that have emerged that we need to understand so that's. going to be about like i think it can be we can have black history month because we. people
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got very very angry guy has a birthday right there if i we're going to have black history month and also our schools and. to do better our schools need to understand that black history is american history right and beyond. because we were here before. and just to echo what you said. you don't you don't think we were black and we really. don't know but i agree with that apart just a black history is american history that's confines it would be more accurate to me to say that american history has components or has met with african or black history because we're all over the world black people you know and so and i think that's actually deliberate attempts to disconnect us from the rest of the world it combines our struggle and it is going to do with it because i'm the child of an immigrant. you know what i mean so i guess that like because of. global that i also
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when i say black i understand blackness in its global. context my dad is nigerian and my mother is cuban an indigenous which is a black woman she identifies black i am black i am all of those things and so yes i am a child of niger i am a child of here i am a child of where my ancestors come from so i guess for me when i say black history is american history i mean there is no america without black people period. of all the things that humans will need to take with them to mars from oxygen to snacks humor is probably the most critical at least according to anthropologist jeffrey johnson of the university of florida is working with nasa to study the best ways to keep morale booster during those necessary but ridiculously long space flights turns out research is showing that having a prankster or an adjuster on the team going to mars could keep everyone a little have happier and a little healthier johnson and his team are starting how isolation has affected an arctic explorers and scientist alaskan fisherman going back as far back to looking
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at diaries from one thousand and describing jolly cooks brought along to chair the team so when that eight month long one hundred forty million mile long. up to the red planet launches a surprise if there's a kick me sign or what they question involved first you tell they're going right if they've ever been to the practical jokes. oh no i'm here for you all right everybody about us are sober today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are not so i tell you walt i love you i am tyrrel ventura i'm town hall keep on watching those hawks never great day and night everybody. the. country's gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i thank. them and get out the traveling across
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america to find what makes america the charlatan is the genius of this explicitly american hero this is it we've come a point from which element is gone so we always are on the margins something what this. culture is really important. we're starting west with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now it doesn't get any more gondo than that we may be completely different in this general. election. but. one can. get. out of that they are going to be the liberal.
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elite. we are to link to online media company course often a facebook crackdown moffitt media agreed to update its information on the plant old and is now waiting for the social media giant to lift its suspension facebook's decision to suspend the account has been lambasted as an act of censorship by the head of the international federation of journalists. last fueling discourse the german chancellor of course is outraged by suggesting outside influences behind a wave of student molecules protesting climate change. and bernie's twenty twenty vision the veteran u.s. senator who shook up america's left wing in the last election makes another bid for the white house.


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