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is america ready for a real anti-war candidate clearly the political establishment and media aren't criticism of presidential candidates and anyone else who questions foreign policy or that our peace is swift and unrelenting fighting for peace has never been so difficult. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we hear. the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty forty. of those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. place
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. how do you hard this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us i'm bart chilton thank you for being on board we are glad to have you coming up this time we take a look at the business of television media and how it's changed and what to expect for the future we have with us the host of news with rick sanchez the awesome and enviable rick sanchez this is going to be a riot plus we spend some time playing with toys well not actually playing i guess but we'll talk to lawyers and i promise it will be fun steve balls small bird and alex behala bitch will both join us and later
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a party correspondent trinity charges is back and she'll tell us about something worth more than gold not love or affection but a product that will i betcha be a surprise all that directly ahead but first let's get some headlines let's go. u.s. china trade leads our global report as meetings continue between the two parties this time in washington d.c. u.s. trade representative robert light hisor said of last week's negotiations quote we feel that we have to present g jim ping who met for some time with negotiators said for this week he hopes to quote continue to work hard to broaden moti mutually beneficial and win win agreement the shuttle go she should have gone back and forth between washington and beijing for the past two weeks with a march first deadline coming up for when more u.s. tariffs placed a point chinese imports could be imposed although u.s. president donald trump has said if they go shaders are making headway that it could be pushed back. and one company being negatively impacted by those trade
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negotiations is moline illinois based john deere which is opposed to their fourth quarter earnings the company reported earnings per share at one dollar fifty four cents when expectations were for twenty two cents more than that although deere did beat revenue expectations of six point eight billion dollars c.e.o. said the increased price of raw materials and uncertainty over tariffs. and trade policies of hurt the company because farmers have been more cautious about making large purchases such as tractors he said quote we believe cost pressures should abate as the year progresses and are hopeful we will soon have more clarity around trade issues. we spoke in the past about how the news business is morphing with regard to print and digital even spoke our radio a little bit and today we take
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a look at how television news has changed the last full year figures confirm t.v. news is still big business and here to help us understand t.v. news and how it's been changing is about the best person on the planet to do so he says it's time to do news again and he is the host of the news with rick sanchez my colleague rick sanchez welcome rick thank you so much more that that's not haven't we got to show david and after you look at these numbers are pretty incredible rick your old haunts c.n.n. made one point five nine billion bucks last year n.b.c. south of that two hundred eighty two million and then fireworks or fox news the big kahuna over three billion dollars in revenue but it used to be when i was a kid that news was sort of a loss leader is for a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. but it doesn't seem like it's that way anymore what's changed is that good or bad but it's no different than some of the things that you talk about when something like wal-mart or home depot comes into
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a major area i mean speaking before we get into you know content and editorial decisions when the economics of the business are such that it's monopolized by just a few owners well obviously you're going to get a situation where people are going to be fighting to get that big story because there are interests involved and there's not enough competition exact see can i tell you something. the news with rick sanchez this little thing we do here on r.t. america every night go ahead yeah we've done three point four million viewers in the last week and a half are right now i will share something with you those are higher numbers than i had when i was at c.n.n. and you are number one at c.n.n. per year exactly so there's a paradigm shift going on in the business people who are watching our show are looking for us because they're younger hipper viewers or not folks and old folks homes falling asleep on rocking chairs but you know i think one of the most interesting thing that's going on and this is an important phenomenon that we
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should talk about right the people bart who are looking for us are people who are looking for us because they have been disappointed with the offering that they're getting from the company you just mentioned c.n.n. a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. fox all these other stations right because they are doing a controlled product now their content has been has been shrunk which allows guys like you and i to come in and tell stories that they don't tell anymore or get to issues that they don't get to i mean there's one network and i happen to pretty much be there sort of politically but i mean it's all bashing all the time over and over and over again and i'm like there's a lot bigger world out there which is why i'm so pleased to have the opportunity to do this on this show and you know what you know what you said that's brilliant is the fact that because they're doing that and because they've decided to just go after trump and there's legitimate reasons to go after him there's a good memories to go after any president by the way but they're doing it at the
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expense of covering the stories they need to cover so for example and this is one of the most ironic and blatant examples you've got somebody like rachel maddow who's a rhodes scholar very smart person right who's always been. someone who has been choosy about the stories that affect the american people you would think but suddenly she's out there promoting wars promoting. next to her on her show and saying i've got this great cat steer who is going to join me now to talk about what happened what does your dislike of trump have to do with the b.s. you're now giving to the american people and that's a legitimate question if you going to talk about content wise what's going on in our business so what is this you know you say what studios again what do you think today given that there are profit motives for some companies out there what is the secret sauce to having engaged viewers with lots of content that important for them at the same time it works out there i think the future of our business is going to
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be based from an economic standpoint and from a business standpoint on what people like federal express realized a long time ago that if you can figure out the delivery system you can figure out where you're going to have results right so federal express came in and they decide you know the answer to the future is figuring out how we can own our own planes get products from here to there and maybe even control the inventories by having warehouses in certain places and we'll put them all over the country what's happening now in the news business is that the old model of these networks that control the product and they own these affiliates and they decide what stories are going to be told that's going away do you know somebody under thirty are you an old farts like us don't count but guys like you and i know like my kids and your kids right do they watch network news you know have you ever do they know who wolf blitzer is they don't know who these people are you know why because they don't live in that world so where is the future going the future is going to
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a delivery system where people are going to be looking for information content on their mobile devices or they're going to be looking forward on specific devices like their macs or their computers or whatever else are going to looking at places not to mention a specific one but things like pluto t.v. things that aren't the regular package of the old legacy networks because it's. by the way i mean you know but they don't want to go back to the old legacy a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. and you know what even from a more rudimentary standpoint some of these guys that can afford it a lot of the young people who are so-called millennial is today you talk to him you know guys like you and i we're used to having cable t.v. and direct t.v. and you know whatever else our cable provider is they're turning it off they're not going to the cable provider and by the way they don't need the content given to them in the form that it used to be given to them by walter cronkite that they would rather choose for themselves oh bart chilton did this really interesting
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interview yesterday with this guy who talked about this new technology that's going to allow me to see my doctor over the phone boom press a button and now i get to watch the let me ask it raises one one more question before we go rick and that is sometimes they don't even care if they're a newscaster they're looking at their news or rather their information from celebrities from the hip hop artists they're following tweets from people that you know i can't pronounce their names i don't know i'm going to like this or not because i'm a little ambivalent about it but the number one resource for news in america today are late night comedians yeah i think about what i just said you and i grew up with walter cronkite and harry reasoner and you know whoever all these guys were right today when people want news they turn on the late night dude's some of whom are smart guys but they're not necessarily giving you information that has actually been prepared by an organization that is supposed to show fairness and transparency
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and fact checked so you know you're kind of you know taken a shot at dark year you know what and maybe it was you know jon stewart the daily show when you started seeing a lot of that shift or similar efforts but that was it seemed to be a big one but it seemed that time than it was better than nothing it was better to . yet some content even if it wasn't fact checked and everything i'm not saying it wasn't but that some people if that's the only way they were informed that's not the best way but if the alternative is nothing so be at least they're getting the information what we're looking like could be a glass half full guy ok so let's be glass half full guys you and i and think that in the future there will be enough independent minded people who are honest and principled and transparent who will go after stories that need to be told and they will tell them using delivery systems that won't be compromised by giant
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corporations because if we can achieve that we will create a better world in terms of journalism and communication super place to live it by a could be more excited to have you on the program the host of news with rick the aforementioned rick sanchez i think you my friend always a pleasure. time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return we talked the fabled toys r us which shut down stores in the states last year well it's being resurrected steve malzberg an alice behala bitch will join us plus our t. correspondent trinity charges as beck and she'll tell us about something worth more than gold i bet it will surprise you will be back in a flash. from
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the busted nice to us people but it's no good to the salon do you force me to do the postal service to do so these days to put you on the above. you see in the prisons those most would move it into. the womb. you know much. more you. are not going to change who you don't then. no one. would hold his hands to do something that. you put themselves on the line to get
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accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some people want to. get you to go on to be for us this is like the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the ones in the house. west sydney. you know. we're here.
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and payless shoes are officially payless shoe source incorporated is closing its doors on the twenty one hundred u.s. locations with eighteen thousand employees two years ago the company shuttered five hundred locators and delegations in the u.s. but that does not save them from the brink of bankruptcy all the locations will be closed in may but they've already begun liquidation sales in the u.s. and puerto rico international payless locations will not be impacted including those in canada south america india and asia. and good news on the environment from the united kingdom as the environment secretary unveils a plan that would make manufacturers of plastic packaging responsible for managing that waste and a statement on the move the minister michael gove's said quote we will introduce a world leading tax to boost recycled content in plastic packaging make producers
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foot the bill for handling their packaging waste and the confusion over household recycling the system for managing plastic packaging is called the extended producer responsibility or the p.r. system and the tax mr go referred to will be imposed on package producers who do not use a set threshold of recycled content. ok this is going to be fun guys because we get to play with toys well sort of of all the toy companies in the world which ones are the biggest businesses are here the top four bandai namco holdings which makes those power ranger toys they topped the list followed by anybody guess lego lego is huge and then there's hasbro and mattel those four really separated the rest of the from the rest of the pack out there in toy land around the world and two of those u.s.
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based toy makers have been in the news recently as has been reported a thirteen percent decline in sales from the holiday season richard resulted in a drop in stock prices and hasbro stock high price was one hundred fifteen dollars per share back in july of twenty seventeen and has been trading this year about eighty to ninety dollars and make least in that range and likewise the big u.s. competitor mattel also reported a five percent fall in sales for the last quarter of the year for twenty eight the stock i was back in december of two thousand and thirteen at nearly forty dollars per share but trading for the last year has been less than half of that down to around fifteen dollars per share and speaking of toys fabled toy retailer toys r us may be resurrected in the united states after it closed the doors to all seven hundred stores last spring outside of the u.s. there remains more than nine hundred stores to take a longer look we're pleased to be joined by r.t. correspondent alex my haleb it you joins us from toronto and conservative commentator steve malls were from our new york studios welcome gentlemen hey alex i
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want to start with you i mean how is it that the stores outside of the u.s. have sort of survived when the u.s. stores all went down. i don't know maybe it's in the styles i remember being a kid and wanted to go down to florida that was my highlight was seeing a toys r us because there weren't any back in the day and canada now it's the other way around i'm sure kids coming up in the states to hear their badgering their parents as my kids do they go to toys r us the brand is still strong here it's people i mean you go to any mall there's going to be a toys r us it's much like what it was in the states for many years so i mean what is the strength here in canada well you know that it was a beast be a rejigging of how things were done they wanted to keep the company here in canada the fairfax group bought it and toys r us here in canada is what they're calling a purely canadian company now so i don't know how that's going to play in this in this whole switchover that's happening in the states but if you look around the world it's not only canada here's a great map it's
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a treat just how far toys are us that the reach is like countries like japan and of course france spain sweden denmark finland egypt china saudi arabia india numb maybe out philippines it's as well as many other countries and as you say there's a you know there's hundreds of stores out there so there's something going on there's something going on in this world other the in the united states toys r us the brand is strong it's known and they're continuing a continuing business as usual basically and say that hasn't been hit here the way it has been in the states and steve the new c.e.o. richard berry he says quote we have significant interest about how to bring the brand back to the u.s. me what do we know about him and if the company wasn't making any dough before why do people think they're going to able to now. well if anybody would be a perfect person to know what went wrong with toys r us and to try to fix it it's this guy because he worked there his first job was when he was eighteen in one
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thousand nine hundred five he got hired at toys r us he worked as a cashier he worked pushing around the product and he worked his way up to becoming a big merchandising executive for the company so he has seen it all and he believes in his heart that yes tours are us has a place in the united states it was miss terribly during holiday season at holiday time and with three billion dollars in worldwide sales he believes a lot of that is still up for grabs here so what he envisions is no more forty thousand square foot stores make them ten thousand square feet make it more intimate no more toys hanging off the shelves and piled up make it more friendly for families and especially for kids who could play and play areas and chest out some of the toys and then want to take them all naturally so that's what he envisions and he's very big on the fact that this this this brand and by the way he owns a company called true kids which now own the assets and the trademark of toys r us so that's how it's all possible and they're operating out of new jersey which is
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where toys r us operated that a lot of old toys r us executives there are in on it so he feels he has it all in place to make a go of it and make it work and alex us steve mentioned the trademark i mean that name toys r us you know boom bust r us all the shoot off that's a big deal i mean what about that name how important is it and will they be able to carry that every place they go that's interesting because you have the babies are a facet of it as well and if you're pure you can it's a safe thing that it was in the states was basically one in the same store one part for babies the other two are for big toys for bigger kids. is it true kids as i was looking at is going to be a rebranding because that name is strong internationally toys r us is a strong name in. as i mentioned here in canada it was the name was bought out so we have toys r us canada ltd here employs four thousand canadians in this country is owned by fairfax financial holdings ltd which is
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a different company so if they still have this guy still owns the name you still has the logo and everything that goes with it if this is that this is a big one it's a big thing in his hand especially when you look internationally and don't forget that in the states it's not just in the states it's beyond canada as well different companies own toys r us for example germany austria switzerland it's owned by an irish tour group called smyth's toys so there are smiths toys and that's toys r us in those countries so it's going to be interesting to see how this is shuffled now what they're going to do with what they have with the existing brand because the brand is big in a lot of places and as steve was saying the smaller stores what we've already seen them in asia the toys are in stores are smaller than malls seems to work there so why wouldn't work in the states hey real quickly steve i spoke about mattel and hasbro earlier well toys r us coming back to the u.s. help them get back on track towards could be stopped on the toys or our shelves but mattel has a lot of plans going forward they have already closing the new york offices they
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plan movies in the next couple of years a hot wheels movie a barbie movie and as far as hasbro goes they're going to partner with disney continue to partner and put out toys for some of disney's new movies as well as get into on line gaming and e sports so watch for that to happen with hasbro like i said guys fun talking about toys and a vanilla is there steve malzberg an alpha male of age thanks guys and you. we're pleased to have back on the broadcast our to correspondent trinity charges she comes to us from block of dollars center or on the blog at least in the heart of new york city and told us a tale of something more valuable than gold. if you or your kids loved lego's well you're going to love this because research reports suggest that the popular
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children's toy is a better investment than gold. and may look like a popular children's toy but investors were able to secure a better return from lego sets over the past fifteen years them from the stock market gold or bank accounts yet lego the plastic toys made of interlocking bricks that become cars castles robots and spaceships the novelty is so popular there are even lego movies. an analysis by the telegraph found that since the year two thousand the average lego set has increased in value about twelve percent with each passing year even the sets from last year are up thirty six percent and the lego's that yield the biggest return are the specialty sets that are in highest demand like star wars the taj mahal or the volkswagen beetle we found this star wars destroyer that was about two hundred fifty bucks back in two thousand and two being sold today for a whopping two grand and this star wars death star that was valued at three hundred
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seventy two dollars back in two thousand and five is worth over twenty six hundred dollars today and the prices also jump that the model has been discontinued industry experts say that that kind of increase is incredible during that same time period the s. and p. five hundred has returned about four point two percent annually gold is about nine point six percent and the u.k.'s f.t.'s c one hundred is about the same as it was at the two. turn of the millennium. so the next time you're thinking about getting rid of your kids' old lego sets you may want to think twice. the russians higher school of economics found that in the last thirty years lego sets beat out gold bars or turns on investments by eleven percent a year so if you have like those out home be careful what you don't wear when you donate because one day it might be worth more than you think reporting in new york trinity each of us r.t. .
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and that's it for this time thanks for being with us we are glad to have you folks can always catch boom bust on you tube dot com slash boom bust r t so long for now c index time. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge
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and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football narvi or else because think i was going to go. by the way what is the punch line here. they were just on. my side i said. and. so there was a building also up. into him a ride on a mission and how then i. looked. on the hood of the duck and i.
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don't want the money i don't want to know about. something you didn't really. want to our mystery need just. thrown in the dust with. a shuttle stem and we're going to. go in the world and you'll get a little warmth and you know what. shall i do you saw to this i will. join me everything on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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if. you. look at. the tape. that says annual state of the nation address president putin reveals russia has successfully tested a new nuclear powered underwater drone will bring you unique video of the test also in the president's speech. which will be well all u.s. partners have to be our mission straight forward with russia does not pose a threat to anyone or any actions we take are a charly a tree that is to say in defense. clouds and ten stresses that russia doesn't pose
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a threat they can defend itself if necessary he also reiterated that washington must be honest with moscow and not use quote trumped up accusations.


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