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in shock. that russia is ready to respond to threats reduce new hypersonic missile systems stressing the purely defensive statement certainly prompted a reaction to threaten to retaliate by targeting western capitals with his own you were quite a confrontational step but a confrontational speech. as a response to the show there of a different sense that you're. also to come a democrat led kamisese questioning the night. after a new report reveals that washington is poised to transfer sense to nuclear technologies to riyadh. to rand's nuclear ambitions as
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a global threat understudy to florida based on a famous photograph of the sailor kissing a stranger on times square at the end of world war two was vandalised the need to hash tag we debate the issues. whether she was swept up in the moment or not we do not feel this is the activity to celebrate we're taking this on we're looking at this from a land of other perspective that we just don't understand it because we live now in such a divide my. fellow welcome you watching r.t. international this thursday afternoon where she's gone for clock here in the russian capital. has warned that moscow is ready to target perceived threats with this latest hypersonic missile the russian president did stress that the new weapon is meant solely for defensive purposes. threatened to retaliate by targeting
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western capitals with his own new weapons lattimer putin threatening to target the united states with its new generation of hypersonic missiles if the us bases intermediate range missiles in europe or quite a confrontational step quite a confrontational speech by the russian president or during his annual state of the nation address president putin announced cona new hypersonic cruise missile that can be deployed from both land and sea will undergo testing later this year with more details as he goes down. another day another excuse to panic for the mainstream media for them for the second year in a row of the flavor of lattimer putin's state of the nation address is faster are deadly are you sure. you another room vonzell product does work on which you don't go in and you'll certainly be completed on schedule namely i would like to talk about the comm hypersonic missile good as we're going to do and that's
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a big enough trigger to get everything from the tabloids to serious outlets it ing repeat the concerns are not entirely unreasonable though the zircon mess is set to become a force to reckon with it's a silent assassin covering three kilometers in one second means zircon travels nine times faster than the speed of sound the target literally won't hear it coming there's no hiding from it either it can hit both the ground and see targets within a range of a thousand kilometers it can be launched from either submarines or from military ships it is out of the books ready to use with the launch pads already in service yet the intimidating tech specs and to a bigger extent even the click bait headlines are obscuring the fundamental thing about the new weapon russia hopes it will rust away and fall. apart and not
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a single shot will be fired huge and the word you can you loan me would use a sure they call russia the biggest threat to the us around with but i can tell you that russia wants to have an equal and friendly relationship with the united states russia is not threatening anyone at all our actions in the security syria doesn't solely as a response and show there of a defense nature but i need to look at it moscow says it won't throw the first punch it only ever wants the missiles to be used as blanks during military drills but it's better safe than sorry. when we discuss what this new missile might mean for global security with a number of experts. i think it's a reasonable massy you know i have to tend to agree with the sentiments that putin has expressed because i saw no purpose that i think the initiation of acceleration of the animosity between the two countries came by us is cancer not of i and alfie out of the treaty and that opened up the door for this so i think it's
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reasonable for defensive purposes to do this i think we're a lot safer then the people in washington and the people who build our weapons claim we are because even if it's not for the fact of aggression and starting a war i think people when they make profits building weapons there are likely to promote problems actually in holland says the state stability of deterrence systems and the reason i say that is because deterrence currently relies upon missile systems or aircraft or different systems which are inherently detectable if america was to launch for example missile strikes which destroyed russia's ability to respond by for example talk to combine to control systems the submersible weapon systems would still be available to actually mounts are a target for a strike on the united states which means hopefully the other side would be
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deterred from using its weapons. now the u.s. house of representatives has released a report indicating the white house may be planning to transfer sensitive nuclear power technology to saudi arabia that is amid concerns in washington over iran's nuclear program but a democrat led committee has now launched an investigation into the matter is kind of reports. if there is one thing that congress gets touchy about it's when the president tries to swerve around them this point we've got the house oversight committee looking into whether donald trump was trying to rush nuclear technology to saudi arabia within the united states strong private commercial interests have been pressing aggressively for the transfer of highly sensitive nuclear technology to saudi arabia a potential risk to u.s. national security absent adequate safeguards these commercial entities stand to reap billions of dollars through contracts associated with constructively and
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operating nuclear facilities in saudi arabia the concern is that this could lead to saudi arabia developing nuclear weapons now from what we understand the saudis were refusing to agree to probations on processing plutonium and enriching uranium but other countries in the region have agreed to prop was apparently directly engaged in the efforts now the report cites a few whistleblowers who were in on the negotiations the whistle blowers who came forward have expressed significant concerns about the potential procedural and legal violations connected with rushing through a plan to transfer nuclear technology to saudi arabia i p three nuclear energy corporation that was part of the negotiations said that providing nuclear secrets was necessary because of russia and china it is a strategic imperative that the united states compete and win against russia and china in the nuclear power arena tom barrett who is on trans inaugural committee
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also thought that possibly arming might be a good idea mr barracks in gage meant an investment in business development throughout the middle east for the purpose of better aligned middle east and u.s. objectives and well known as are his more than four decades of respected relationships throughout the region the issue of nuclear power for saudi arabia has been discussed before but that refusal to agree to not enrich or reprocess has been a big stumbling block. they wouldn't commit and it was a sticking point you might be noticing a little bit of a double standard here not only does the united states oppose the peaceful nuclear energy program of the islamic republic of iran it's actually imposed sanctions on the country for decades and this isn't the first time that the twenty treatment of the two countries has left us officials red faced in twenty seventeen a reporter asked about the usa criticizing iran's elections when saudi arabia is completely devoid of democracy here's how it went to
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a study reviews commitment to democracy and does the administration believe that democracy is a barrier against extremism. we so used. it dissipating we were able to make significant progress prompt has been very upfront about the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia he says that weapons sales make lots of money for american military corporations so america first told me it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars and orders and let russia china and everybody else have a drawl about for me very simple it's america first when it comes to the middle east u.s. officials have long been known for
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a kind of double speak and contradictory policy but you can understand why some people might get a little on nerves when nukes are involved they will blow up and r.t. new york but in response to runs foreign minister immediately condemned the leaks new school in the u.s. move hypocrisy political commentator new rockwell suspects that the white house has iran in its sights if it really is funneling nuclear technology to the society. they radiate it becomes clearer to the world what was always clear to us neither human rights nor a nuclear program have been the real concern of the us first a dismembered journalist now illicit sale of nuclear technology to saudi arabia fully exposed us he procrustes the idea that they would arm mohammad and solomon with nuclear weapons just strikes me as something out of a science fiction movie it's like dr strangelove it's very alarming it's a terrible thing to spread this kind of technology and this is all part of the.
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trump plan to destroy iran and it's this is really a horrendous thing and i'm so glad that whistleblowers in the white house get this information because. now the first state visit in thirteen years by an austrian chancellor to the us has taken place but at the white house about donald trump and away seeing eye to eye piece all of us has more to tell us. the austrian chancellor has given his continued backing for the nord stream to gas pipeline project despite clear objections from the united states sebastian kurtz was speaking after meeting with donald trump at the white house president trump has clearly said that the united states is against this project buying gas from the united states would not be a problem for us but as long as russia's price is beth of matter the united states can understand that we have different interests here the united states pretty much
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hates the north stream to gas line project and doesn't care who knows it in fact they've got as far as to put pressure on e.u. nations and on companies belonging to european countries saying that there could be potential sanctions put on them if they continue to associate with the pipeline the u.s. argument is that north stream to leaves the e.u. energy infrastructure overly reliant on russian gas and that that could potentially be used as a political tool by moscow well that prompted the u.s. ambassador here in germany richard grinnell to send out letters at the beginning of the year to german companies involved in the project saying that there was a significant risk of sanctions should they continue their involvement a month later the ambassador was again talking about nord stream to this time he said that germany should use the project to leverage against moscow a sentiment that was well picked upon and repeated by the u.s. vice president mike pence in munich just last weekend and the united states
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commands all our european partners who have taken a strong stand against north stream to. and we commend others to do the same and the austrian chancellor went on to say that from his meeting with trump it was clear to him that the united states is particularly unhappy with germany over this issue however but has shown absolutely no sign of being willing to tear up and damage its relationship with russia over the pipeline the flag of a. i think you know one of wanted to be unilaterally dependent on russia to not receive russian gas not only the d.d.r. where i live but also in west germany during the cold and they don't see why the times today should be so much verse that we can no longer see russia remains apart now whatever the feelings of the united states the gas is stet to start flowing later this year when north stream too is fully operational it will be sending an extra fifty five billion cubic meters of russian gas every single year under the
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baltic sea directly into germany paid for all of our reporting there when he had a man who runs a german language newsletter on economics does believe the us wants to reduce europe's options when it comes to the gas trade. the project is already so it is only beneficial for europe and not only for germany and everybody understand this and it doesn't mean that we do not buy american energy yes it's just me we have more possibilities this is exactly what once through the world to get rid of europe there is no other possibility then buying gas from the us concerns over just who is watching seemingly innocent videos and you tube has seen big advertisers turn their backs on the service will have a look at that in more detail just after the break.
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said he with what obama personally i think he has not done enough i think in syria for example in two thousand and thirteen when there was a threat and we knew that the vision was about to use chemical weapons on a wide scale like he has done in. the obama administration should have responded with force and eliminate the capacity of the cd and a shame to use helicopters and other if forced. to put themselves on the line big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to be rich. if you're going to be close this is what
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before reasonable people are. interested in the law. there should be. again not a corporate giants including coca-cola nestlé. putting the ads from you tube after the discovery paid to have been exploiting the video sharing site to tell us more than about the story we're joined by r.t.c. to trenchard's in the studio with this. series scandal this what exactly are we looking at. well you know we're more than just used to all these free world these are all those somewhat annoying videos we always want to skip before watching the actual video that we want to watch but it's a great way to advertise well we. right now some of the biggest companies on the
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planet are saying no to this kind of advertising because these ads may come along with videos that are watched and commented by those who sound like paedophiles in large numbers very large numbers. own nestlé companies in the us have post advertising on you tube with paws still pretty role advertising through our advertising agency we have reached out to google and you tube to determine actions they'll take to eliminate this type of content from their service . ok well what sort of videos though we talking about here mean what makes them attracted to paedophiles because these in essence on explicit videos many people are pretty innocent you know some kids get their first smartphones you mean like it or not but this happens before they go to school when they're four or five and they learn how to shoot videos and how to post just like that so as you've said technically there may be nothing wrong about the videos they're posting it may be
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videos of little girls playing twister or just playing on the pole doing gymnastics eating ice lollies but when you realize what kind of comments you may find under these videos this is when it gets really disturbing but for obvious reasons we won't show you these videos or these comments and certainly people become suspicious to him they were authorities have done because of the number of you some of these videos i guess and some of these videos are getting very popular in some cases they score millions of views and that's just for some absolutely ordinary things random little kids do at home and you know what's making it worse you tube algorithms because the paedophiles or alleged paedophiles can really get carried away with the recommendations that you give them of similar videos then there's also the autocomplete feature if you start typing in your girl the autocomplete
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will give you things like you know extra words like hot or young if you and ter twister girls it may suggest things like young girls playing twister and skirts things like that and these kind of videos do come along when they get more popular with all kinds of ads from all kinds of companies from let's say italian car manufacturers to beauty giants like l'oreal or maybe except for the rule is simple the more views they score the more expensive all these ads get. and obviously it's becoming of great concern what's to say about it you chew says that they do not tolerate any of the offensive especially child related content and they claim that they take the right measures immediately in all cases any content including comments that endangers mine is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting
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this on you tube we took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling violet's of comments indeed youtube suggests banning anything that's being part posted sorry be it videos or commons again if you look at the rules it's all there but the trends that i've told you about show that there's still a lot of work to be done and there's a lot of shady areas skeletons in the closet and they might have to rethink the way they deal with these kind of issues and difficult isn't it today with. now start shooting the u.s. based on a landmark photograph commemorating the end of world war two seems to fall in filed of the me too movement against sexual harassment the scope to rinse out of florida is titled unconditional surrender and depicts the moment in one thousand nine hundred five when a soldier kissed a stranger on the day japan capitulated to the u.s. well it was a spray painted with the me to hash tag one day after the man depicted in the work
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war veteran george died at the age of ninety five unit is considered to be a symbol of the euphoria that gripped the nation after the end of the war the woman in the photograph said the sailor drunkenly on times square and kissed her some of suggested that this amounts to sexual assault while the iconic kiss was first published in life magazine and cemented a place in popular culture the moment has been recreated too in films and works of art as well as on a victory over japan day anniversary the mitsu movement has a track record of reappraising historical issues but critics do say the movement sometimes does go too far for example by condemning everything from disney fairytales and popular songs to television shows women's rights. and international law expert jennifer breeden who divided over the latest me to tell it. absolutely through the court they need to move it in saying this statue does not have right to
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stand because we have a making knowledge we have from the woman and i believe there's actually an acknowledgement from the man as well that he was drunk and didn't know her and so if that's the case then anything that does not reflect who we are trying to become as a country as a people it can stand even if we have statements from the woman that was in the picture we don't have a lot of the intent we don't have when we don't have the context of the time that it occurred in and so that's that's the point is that we're taking this we're looking at this from a lens of a person. active that we just don't understand it because we live now in such a divisive time whether she was swept up in the moment or not we do not see this as a bidding activity to celebrate in those moments such as the confederate flags or the confederate statues that are being taken down by protesters in those moments it's ok for us to look at history and say this is not who we choose to be i mean
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there are times even in the one nine hundred sixty s. if you look at martin luther king jr and some of these civil rights protests even the protests for women i mean never never would would vandalism have been ok especially for dr king is criminal acts were peaceful they weren't meant to vandalize to harm they were meant to prove a point but i do think it is important that we look at the times now and let the not or less not try to find what is not in that let's not do that when you have to stand up and disobey and something that's sometimes an up people sometimes violence sometimes things that we don't like will be required and don't want to make sure that everyone's placated and comfortable with what we're doing and that it's also politically correct because change sees nothing without a demand if there has to be some discomfort momentarily so that justice can be carried out then by all means that's what must be done and it's true that the discomfort is going to happen what i bring up with dr king is that that he talked about his his purpose being to change the laws to change the laws for the better
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for just laws and because the laws were unjust we have laws in america today that protect against sexual assault that protect against unwanted advances advances that are not consented to so we have laws today for that even if we didn't back in one thousand nine hundred five and so i do think it's relevant to bring this up in that context when civil disobedience goes against the law because it's an unjust law there is no law here that is unjust it's a behavior of men that we're seeing in society and in this instance it was men from sixty years ago. finally from us in brussels all being told. to watch what they say when public a recent e.u. report does warn there are hundreds of russian and chinese secret agents snooping in the city's cafes and also restaurants shopping to be investigated for my next assignment i'm going undercover to see if we can expose a nest of spies in brussels it's a city best known for its food and being at the heart of european politics. but
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now the two tangled up in new scandal the european capital brussels is apparently full of spies hundreds of russian and chinese agents are installed there even security services have reportedly suggested that diplomats should avoid a popular steakhouse and a care fate near the european commission's hate queue. it mentions no names but it doesn't take a super spook to realize this is the only steak house nearby where the food is apparently being served up with the site upsets information. this is the think house in the area so i. see. this is you know. it's amusing to think about this and i don't think it's true. you. know i
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would love to get calls like james bond. but. i'm not convinced i'm sure he knows more what's he hiding. i was never questioned by the security service but i can imagine they did background checks on us they probably did. know more after the interview i'm not going to speak to mr such is the concern about spies stalking the streets of brussels but the e.u. has diplomatic and foreign wing the e.p.a.'s has warned member states embassies that hundred saw the loose so if they know. where all they. been told that this city is full of spies have you seen any yet yet. and
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i'm respond favorably hold who stole from the rich and give to the poor and we need to do that in brussels with all those europe have you seen any yes we have you have people that you don't know about that are the most important spies they know the most so not russian not chinese. overrated yes we did the right direction. i have been told that you too. might be spies oh yeah i am definitely a spy on the. internet comment to least also from the m.s.m. . executed spy. russian spy ring. all of them must leave or well after much searching here in the heart of brussels it seems that they've been taking me on a bit of a wild goose chase and no were actually spice. back in the
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restaurant owner tells me that even if they were filling up the seats they probably went over here to see us. it's very difficult to spy when there's lots of noise and you can choose where to sit so you can just arrive here and say there is the commission i want to send a former head of belgium state security service once described brussels as being like a kindergarten for spies he said they usually pretend to be diplomats and o.b.'s to war shock horror journalists so with a trail getting colder and colder it looks like i'm the closest thing to a russian spy now what was that restaurant. r.t. brussels. now brings up so i don't forget plenty of stories for you too at a website you can find.
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in twenty four you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful protests to be recently violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just always. schooling me to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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later. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm bart chilton we're glad you're on board coming up today trade talks continue between the u.s. and china but how internationally intertwined is the chinese economy professor richard wolfe is standing by to discuss plus yearning for youth is a dream of many but could it soon be a reality of mali burrows joins us to figure out who is funding the new fountain of youth and later hackers try to plunder the land down under but who's behind the breach australia may have an idea cyber security.


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