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tv   Sophie Co  RT  February 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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founder and director of conflict forms this time we will discuss the end of america's uniform. president putin says russia is ready to respond to threats with its new hypersonic missile system stressing that it's a purely defensive weapon. a swift reaction. to threaten to retaliate by targeting western capitals with his own new world where the confrontational step quite a confrontational speech to russia was not. done solely as a response to. also this hour a democrat controlled committee questions u.s. ties with saudi arabia after a new report reveals washington is ready to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to riyadh. and austria's chancellor publicly defies donald trump on the north stream two pipeline project with russia after heated talks in the white house. the
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latest on those stories head over to r.t. dot com coming up now the presidential candidate is the guest on sophie and co talking about the fight against. next hour. long welcome to sophie and constantly shevardnadze nigerians prepare to cast their votes in the presidential election as the country struggles against. poverty. will anything change for the oil rich nation while to talk about this i'm joined by a presidential candidate. africa's most populous oil rich country nigeria is. also said to be the continent's most corrupt beset by electoral
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crises and terrorist insurgency does nigeria have the resources to tackle it. will the coming bring the country together. and to build a nation. credible government. nigeria's presidential candidate laboratory a welcome to the show great to have you with us. so those in power in nigeria over the last decade have been promising to root out baka haraam yet the terrorists remain and they long ago pledged allegiance to state even establishing an isis province in the country's northeast what is your plan for defending them. well let me quickly start by saying that the reason why there has not been an effective degrading and dismantling of the book or her armed forces is really because nigeria has locked a right credible leadership. and the kind of leadership that is committed to
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actually getting the job done and for us i believe that that's exactly what they are lines from you niger my party office nigeria and if the the the strategy that we have to dismantling and defeating book or rum and coke around the three major pillars number one strengthening our institution especially our military to ensure that we have the best fighting military force that is highly motivated and excited and equipped to be able to do everything that they're meant to do so we're talking about making sure that we recruit the best people we train them and we quit them with and of course reward them in terms of just the remedy ration and all of that that makes sure that they're healthy strong and highly motivated fighting force the second most important that we have to focus on is intelligence you know it's very strange that many times the military have become like sitting ducks for bull who
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are running that you know they seem to know more about me than we know about about them they know when we're moving we don't know when they're moving so we need to invest more in intelligence i guess whoever wins the intelligence war actually wins the war and for us we have to make sure that we're integrating the old the different. forces so that we have you know air force military and all of that is integrated especially with the communities so that we can get the kind of information and intelligence that we need to know where they are so that we can have preemptive strikes the third and the most important one is focusing on what we call international collaboration there is a phenomenon that happens almost every. a single time whenever we put pressure on around the kind of like just run across the border and the question is why even though we have a joint to talk with neighboring countries why is there no. where there are no military forces on the other side to be able to send which them we've got to work
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on making sure that we have like i said the the right motivated forces intelligence and the level of international collaboration that helps to defeat boko haram so all of these reforms circle around those three pillars are great but they're going to take time and you will have to move forward as soon as you come to power before these reforms are actually implemented it would you consider i don't know hiring private armies and actually yes king other countries for help and what countries might they be. well again i think that nigerians army has proven to be when they when equipped when they are when motivated they've proven to be the best fighting force on the african continent and if you just look at the way that we've performed with the with the forces and operations outside nigeria we've always been ranked the highest on the best performing so i don't really think that it's going to take time to get. to be in top form we just need to to to release
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them to do so we need to motivate them to do so the actually do have the information but again as i speak to you the level of corruption in the military has its has deliberately degree did our own army over the many over the past few years and there seems to be something that has happened you know over time where almost every year two elections the government has to make a special vote of about a billion dollars towards towards fighting boko haram and we know from the previous government which was a p.d.p. led government peoples democratic party led government that money was actually used to finance elections rather than actually finance weaponry for the for the ministry of say the bulk of their because powerful people are benefiting from this war. but on the other hand with syria porous from the battlefield and we see nigerian army described as ill equipped outgunned by militia as missing strategic ideas so maybe
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that is the reason their war is dragging on and not just powerful compare conspiracy. you are right but they are they're linked that's a powerful corrupt leadership and even leadership outside the forces itself that led to ill equipped. forces so it's the what you're seeing in terms of just the poor quality of. of a mission and weaponry is as a result of the corruption that has been in there and i'm like you said you know what if you give a highly motivated force that knows that the leadership of the armed forces is committed to its best well being if you give them you know even medium quality weapons they will outperform anything else than even you if you would if you they knew that the leadership was actually just stealing still in the money from the
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from that that is meant for their weaponry so the most important thing that i'm saying is very simple we would directly be be seeking to motivate and equip and train forces to ensure that they have you know not only that level of training but they also have the level of the best level of intelligence that it is that they can get and i believe that with the level of international collaboration we can get we will be able to defeat the nigeria remains one of the most corrupt countries in the world can the new or next generation of leaders like yourself really break the system that has been there for so many decades oh absolutely and i'll tell you why we can break the system of corruption the system of corruption that you find in government is actually an inherited system from the political system that is corrupt and that political system itself is is what produces the people in the government that political system is one that that hinges its capacity to be able to
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win elections on buying votes and making sure that they mobilize from the hands of a few rich people who have benefited from the corruption in government to making sure that they give a little pittance to voters inducing them to be able to vote for them so it's actually a very simple system where they use money to buy votes and they use votes to get into power and then use the power to get more money but the most important thing is that. to be able to ensure that they keep the cost over elections low the most deliberately impoverished the people so poverty is a part of that system they must make sure that they also make the people ignorant so that they so killing education is also a part of that system so the three things that are part of all existing political system is corruption it can't go away because the they need to get their money back that means they're going to have to find ways to inflate contracts but then the
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second thing is that they're going to have to make sure that the people remain poor so that the able to give them a little bit of money to be able to buy the votes on the third is that they must make sure that they are educated these three sisters. does not hold that political system actually on their way out and there's a simple reason own political party has not sought to incentivize or even get money from what you call the godfathers or sometimes we call them the. not so to have anymore it's been funded by is from the people so it's so we don't have enough of the international international you don't have what i really want to talk about because that's another big issue one topic for africa for your country africa as a whole is the world's most corrupt region and you can invite lavish foreign investment but it won't make any difference to the economies of nations if they largely end up in the coffers of corrupt local elites i mean i know that aid projects and loans from exactly come with strings attached to prevent you know
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wasting of money do those conditions work exactly. exactly look at i mean they're one of the reasons why people like myself who have thrived very much in the private sector and you know now saying look we cannot continue to stay outside and leave the business of government to people who we will not even hire in the business is that we are running one of the reasons why we are stepping out of our comfort zone in the private sector in business and saying we've got to solve the business of government is because of exactly what you're saying that it's the niger is not working because of the corrupt system what we're doing is to create a completely different political structure and our own new niger my party has three major values that we call everything and it's not just the way that we run our party it's exactly the culture we're going to bring into government and that is transparency integrity and excellence these three values are in line with our
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personal values and more importantly the values that will become the culture of our government so so what i'm saying to you is that the same political system that has run in nigeria for the last fifty eight years is being one that is based on corruption on. you know nepotism and on what you would think of you know killing the the capacities of the people so that you can incentivize them that system is about to go away a new order is about to come into nigeria so talking about new order. are the least corrupt countries in africa it's going to transparency international what are this estate's doing right and why can't others follow suit it's as simple as that getting the right credible leadership you get the leadership right to the culture changes it's really that simple you've got to get you know the leadership to become competent people culpable people people with the right values and
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character people with the right level of vision that inspires the nation to want to be able to to do great things that is once you sort out. the leadership the culture of the government to the culture of the society changes what we've had is for the last fifty years they ate a group of people who have held nigeria bottled and b. have been the same kind of leaders they've moved from one political party and to another they've been but it's the same people they've been in the military and now they and democrats see but it's the same people so what nigeria needs is a change in leadership and every time we see the right competent culpable leadership we will get the right results in africa are we going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to nigeria's presidential candidates out there are talking about the challenges his country and their rest of the continent are facing.
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and we're back when nigeria's presidential candidate for a lot of doire discussing nigeria's problems and ways to solve them so this is africa receives about fifty billion dollars of international assistance annually and yet about six hundred million people leave below the poverty line many experts argue that lavish foreign aid has developed into some kind of dependency in africa is foreign aid actually aiding the continent what's your take on it. well. i would say that no sustainable growth can be achieved through foreign aid i believe that
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the first most and most important thing that will take africa and i mean nigeria and all the other conflicts and countries out of poverty is the capacity for us to to make sure that our people become productive and they are able to start businesses to solve problems that build our societies and most importantly that enable people to find jobs so that they can prosper now whenever it is that we are able to find a way to use natural resources mineral resources and our human resources to solve problems we would become productive and we would be able to build our economies so the problem that we've been seen is that much of africa has been led africa's development has been government led what we have seen is that that is like putting the cart before the horse ideally the horse that should drive social development economic development national development the private sector and so for us and i
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being a manager in consultant understanding how to start businesses and grow businesses this is what i'm with brigade it's it's a business friendly go games but they don't tell us in which i can maximize our resources and the point there for the what the question is do you believe that we're going to i'm going to be including your very same day and then being on eight . has it become and i'm saying to you that the that the reason why africa has been a dependent is because the government. in being able to grow the business the economy from within that's why they're not they're not growing the economy and then they're having to rely on aid and much of that aid is actually with strings attached and of course it's it's embezzled so what we're seeing here is this the way out for africa and to be able to go beyond from a trade lead relationship with the rest of the world east to make sure that people
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are productive and we're using the natural resources which africa has in abundance when we do that we will not meet the world's aid we will become those who give aid to the world as it should be blessed continent like africa so apart from resource extraction the former colonial powers remain present on the continent via other means for instance france keeps up a network of its former possession stays involved in politics arrangements or interventions etc like in some cases for instance coming into mali to actually stop this lamas advance it could be seen as a positive thing what do you think that way. well i think that to a large extent you know africa when a frequent countries are not have not been well led we really tend to lose our sovereignty and so i'm i believe very strongly that the reason why we have so much interference involvement depending on whether it was an invited or not the reason
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why we have such foreign involvement is because of the failure of leadership most much across the african continent i believe that when africa and especially nigeria when we become better lit and we begin to fulfill the purpose of all of our governments which means creating a prosperous peaceful and progressive nation all across africa you will not see the kind of interventions that are currently the bane that we have in africa today but do you think the former colonial powers have a responsibility to stay involved in african affairs since they mess the continent up so badly or should african nations just be left alone finally. well i think that african nation should be left alone to do what it is that they need to do. i've always said that the reason why we don't have one eye in the in front of our head and another at the back of it is because we're not really supposed to dwell so much on the past colonial rule is a part of our past and whilst many people would say that the foundation of our
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nations was structured by the colonial rule is sometimes to the detriment of the nation itself the that the challenge i have always thrown at the leaders is to say you know what no matter what happened in the factory in the past we will not be judged by what it is that we inherited we will be judged by what we give to our children we must accept responsibility to fix our nations and make sure that we fix them for the sake of the future let's stop looking behind us and blaming the good clue no rule is gone we have a new we must have a new generation of people who will fix our countries for the rest of the future and that's basically what it is that we are offering in nigeria we're offering the young youth food future forward thinking leadership you know different from the seven to six seventy two year old leadership that is parochial is backward thinking that's the one that we've been seeing over the last few years we are offering that and that's why people are very excited in nigeria about the communal actions tomorrow and they're going to be saying well this is not between two political
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parties it's between the past on the future we need to take away the blending of the on the past and we need to focus on the future of nigeria and africa that is the leadership will do i want to talk to you about this new type of investment which construct china because it's also directly linked to your countries and the chinese investment in africa is huge and unlike the west's or their former colonial powers usually comes with no demands of political change of on to corruption measures or anything like that do you see the chinese ways the right way to go about it. well i think that any i mean the spent in you know in infrastructure that can help the nation grow is useful especially if it's used by by the leaders in power the challenge that you have with the kind of noose almost no strings attached that you have with the chinese type of investment is that it also comes with a lot of loose ends for for corruption or embezzlement so much of the investment
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that china is making in major area. because they're looking the other way so china is saying this and as long as we we're making what it is you know and we're putting the money in and we know how we're going to get the money back from you we don't care what you guys do we need to have another look going to lay any blame on anybody that is going to it's not their responsibility to make sure that you invest the monies that they're giving you that's the responsibility of the leaders of your country so i'm not going to leave any blame with china and china is good is ready to give us no low cost funding that's fine but i think that it's the leadership of africa and niger in particular that most use that that investment judiciously for long term development of africa and nigeria to ensure that that we make the best use of what we have so for me i think that it's not it's not about china it is about the leadership and i still want to get the leadership right everything will
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be for sure but like i still want to look at it from the outside you know figure out what is it that china would want to exactly from africa nigeria in this case kind of jury has signed a two point five billion dollar curses swap agreement with china and it's supposed to boost transactions and china is also a major development partners for nigeria africa as a whole on this kind of how never comes for free. let's be realistic what do you think nigeria can give china in return. well nigeria is currently already opening the doors to china in ways that is is you know is it's hard to measure you know we know that there is a lot of illegal mining that is going on on the nigerian government itself you know turning the blind eye true to what it is that many illegal miners from china are doing you know so there is there is a lot of illegal trade and illicit trade that we are seeing that the nigerian government is in a sense turning a blind eye to and i think that to
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a large extent that that comes as part of the deal is to say listen to us we give you what you might look at what you know somebody that you can use to build one rail line we would we have all the interests in go in mining gold and mining precious metals and precious stones and you just take your eyes away and we will be fine i think that again it's a failure of leadership from from africa i still want to sort of. relationship with china because one of the most frequent concerns regarding china's loans to african countries is the debt trap beijing's eagerness to grant loans allegedly goats to receive goats or recipients to continue spending at their risk of collateral while a payback clock keeps ticking nigeria's debt to china currently stands at eight point three billion dollars do you see this is a problem will the country be able to pay it back anytime soon. oh well if we have if the people of nigeria say to themselves that we want the future of niger that is
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better than the one that we have in the past and the vote alliance from you nigeria tomorrow and we win that election we will be able to grow our economy in double digits enough to be able to pay back china and make sure that all we are able to pay but not just china but any other obligation and when do you the most important thing is getting the right kind of leadership that will be able to run the government in a way that cuts down way stage the takes up corruption and is able to release economic resources all resources so that he has economic value and social benefit to all people once we are able to do that i tell you nigeria can and will grow in double digits for at least the next ten years under the right kind of leadership and we would have no problem with being able to pay back most of the countries that china is giving loans to right now are poorly led and they don't have any capacity to be able to pay back that's why it seems like a bit of a death trap and really a death trap you know. all right thank you very much for this interview for us
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inside good luck for the elections. and you very much and i you know i look forward to speaking with you as president of nigeria next that hopefully we'll make that happen good luck with everything gloria talking to nigeria's presidential candidate thank you and i do our toy in discussing the critical issues nigeria and the whole africa are facing and that's it for this edition of sophie and cost you next time.
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but you. see these. i have the honor still again interview alister croaky is a former diplomat and founder and director of conflict forms this time we will discuss the americas. one on one with legal expert alan dershowitz he's calling donald trump's emergency declaration on the stake we'll find out why on this edition.
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of politicking on larry king alan dershowitz is no stranger to controversy lately he's taken much flak from his colleagues in the legal profession for nearly everyone who doesn't call themselves a conservative for his opinions on the russian probe and first latest book the case against him teaching trump. but he's now calling donald trump's decision to declare a national emergency to fund his border wall along the u.s. southern border on the stake let's find out why as for fresh edition was joins us from his mission to. alan is a constitutional scholar harvard law professor emeritus for we get to the emergency declaration on multiple news outlets are now reporting that robert malone will likely wrap book his investigation as early as next week what do you expect
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well i expect it will be a very very critical report put together a circumstantial case i don't think will be any smoking guns though you never know and i hope because i think this would be the only fair way that it be presented to the attorney general the attorney general then give it over to trump's legal team give them a week or ten days to file a reply and then release both the report and the reply at the same time so that the american public can read them both and judge for themselves which is more credible and which is more persuasive now can mullin cannot indict himself can he can he can indict some well can i mean technically the grand the grand jury technically indicts but grand juries will indict a ham sandwich they're just you know twenty five chairs that are moved around.


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