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the president.
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on its way to. the twenty second. headlines for you welcome to the program. warns it may no longer be able to fulfill. this was imposed after the killing of jamal khashoggi the government is reportedly . worth a lot of money. billion dollars worth of weapons have been sold by the. twenty fifth. is. picking up this story. the u.k.
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is not impressed with germany's decision to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia i'm very concerned about the impact of the german government's decision on the british and european defense industry and the consequences for europe's ability to fulfill its commitments up until recently last november to be precise germany did sell weapons to saudi arabia but then this happened because shorty has been tortured beaten tortured killed and then dismembered was murdered in the saudi consulate it was looted to his death and then this didn't help either.
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south africa markel did this firstly were outraged by this case i agree with all those who say that arms experts which are already limited must not take place in a current circumstances on its own germany really provides about two percent of the total arms purchased by saudi arabia that's a drop in the ocean but crucially germany also makes components that are essential to other countries arms exports for example british. it has a contract to provide riyadh with forty eight new fighter jets but germany's refusal to make cars that are destined for saudi arabia is affecting be a ability to deliver those planes to riyadh on time the issue of german licenses is a political issue and as such requires it to be resolved at a political level to that and we're working closely with. the u.k.
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government that could explain why the u.k. government has been trying to get in to change its mind at first glance be a looks like your normal footsie one hundred multinational but you don't become the largest defense contractor in europe without a few friends in high places take for example the former british ambassador to saudi arabia he's now a top exec at you guessed it b a and he's not the only example of the revolving door connecting downing street and be a headquarters at one point this is how the former foreign secretary described their relationship the chairman of being a appear to have the key to the golden door to number ten certainly i never knew number ten to come up with any decision we should be incommoded to be but that was ten years ago although some things never change philip may the husband of u.k. prime minister to resign works for a company that's the largest shareholder in be
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a systems. we try and provide our people our government our allies with the very best weapons the very best sticks they can have to encourage peace sound familiar that strategic relationship that the u.k. has with saudi arabia is what allows us to have a huge influence in bringing about peace in yemen but so far talk of bombing peace into yemen isn't changing that john men's minds behind when this week you'll miss the position of the german government is that we're not currently delivering weapons to saudi arabia and future decisions on this will depend on developments in the yemen conflict one in this race and have just no place to be aid to the government in this advertising space that in let me take you face and remind you this fund said to have that believe it was hostage from saddam that every single day of the fourth of the u.k.
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defense industry. when as we know when it comes to what's being colder the biggest manmade humanitarian catastrophe in recent history and yemen saudi arabia denies allegations of targeting civilians the riyadh says it's investigating the latest reports of civilian casualties earlier we spoke to a bill but the editor in chief of raju an arab news and opinion website here is how he sees the situation. i believe british government is putting money on these rules and business of mortality here i'm surprised that mr hunt said that foreign minister of britain putting this pressure in germany i would have when they get into big city talks we know that next month britain will leave european union completely and they shouldn't actually put pressure on them and count up part and all that to you know lift this embargo against that country as i
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said you know the launching a war against the forest country on the whole way. i believe germany actually is a city but it would be example cool european community who knows me to united see this so to the fullest why because saudi arabia is committing to open the two cities and they are going to use war there was supplying it with weapons and ammunition and all that to carry on this war. a us doctor has been released on bail after being arrested over claims that he staged a hate crime against him. just a small it has claimed he was assaulted by two men with one of them shouting this is my country marco being the acronym for donald trump slogan make america great again authorities in chicago have charged small it with filing a false police report claiming his motive was to advance his career police say the
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actor had agreed to pay two individuals thirty five hundred dollars to stage the attack a killer mop and has the latest on this story. just the small lead story seems to be falling to pieces and claimed he was the victim of a hate crime two men had grabbed him poured bleach on him put a noose around his neck called him anti gay and anti black slurs and told him this is maggot country mag being short for make america great again doll trumps slogan two men were later arrested by the police and then released and now small what is the one in handcuffs he was charged with for loneliness disorderly conduct for making a false police report in the immediate aftermath of the incident there was an outpouring of love and sympathy for a small way we have a media that's saying it's a debate whether or not what just happened in just the small it is a hate crime it's absurd. isn't it. the
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so you have to be fired you know isn't possible to not feel this way right now with yeah president and the vice president mike pence who like wishes i couldn't be merry if let's just be clear heartbroken and furious reading about the attack on just. i want trump and no mug of lunatics to burn in hell. homophobia existed before trump but there's no question that since he's injected his hatred into the american bloodstream we are less decent less human and less loving no intolerance no d.t. saying that even though the incident may have been staged it still started a conversation and that it's important i've been vocal about this situation and my love for just c. and his entire family i will continue to hope for the best for everyone involved as things continue to unfold what small that did was wrong but the big problem isn't the point two percent which are hoaxes it's the hate crimes which have risen twenty percent since trump took office trouble spoke up on twitter saying that millions of
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his supporters were needlessly slandered. just the smell that was about monica and the tens of millions of people you insulted with your racist and dangerous comments people are drawing parallels with a similar case we had a group of catholic high school boys who were shown in a video purportedly insulting and disrespecting an elderly native american veteran it is disturbing students mocking a native american man some of them harassing and jeering at a native american disturbing viral video however media revealed that there was actually quite a bit more to the story than this short snapshot and at this point the boy is suing the washington post saying that his reputation has been destroyed however the washington post says it's prepared to give a vigorous defense we are reviewing a copy of the last you'd and we plan to mount a vigorous defense may have introduced the term but it seems that fake news has never been more real kaleb oppen r.t.
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new york. the eagle and i mean list line of things stories like this reveal a worrying trend. this is the most amazing case as you can tell by my excitement and effervescence aside from being one of the most hilarious cases of idiocy and sadness it's a wonderful kind of a story line on the mainstream media how they don't let the facts get in the way of a story our mainstream media will create something whether you have done something or not if you do something in your lie we overlook it if you don't do anything they all lie and create a situation even though you've done nothing we don't have the facts. we make them up like the mainstream media news do as well it's a bot a narrative the facts and the truth have nothing to do with it get with it what you
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want take somebody who is an obvious defend it turn him into a hero make of the statement about homophobia even though the group of amun of the case is based upon falsity fiction synthetic truth what a country. us president on all trump has praised five g. and even nonexistence six g. wireless technology in a tweet and called for it to be rolled out in america it comes off the months of u.s. pressure on chinese communications from way over alleged spying capabilities. i want five g. and even six g. technology in the united states as soon as possible is for more powerful more stone and smarter than the current standard. i want the united states to win through competition not by block you know it's currently more advanced technologies first of all i would like to thank them because they are great figures five g.
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was not known by common people but now these great figures are all talking about five g. and we're becoming more influential in getting more contracts in a presidential memorandum from october twenty eighth seen it stated that it is imperative that the u.s. become the global leader in five g. technologies and just a couple of months later the u.s. started piling the pressure on huawei the chinese tech giant rejects u.s. claims that its products are used by beijing for spying in december while wage chief financial officer was arrested in canada on washington's request the white house is also urging international allies to ban while away from their five g. networks under u.s. pressure australia new zealand and japan have already brought in restrictions against the but a growing chorus of countries including france and the u.k. are challenging the u.s. on this point jeffrey tucker from the american institute for economic research says
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chum's tweet could be a good sign for us china trade talks. up to now the u.s. is just panicked about the technological advancements of china i mean what's really been happening over the last ten years is the u.s. has in fact fallen behind many parts of the rest of the world technologically and the attack on the way is just evidence of a kind of a panic there think it's interesting this comes at the same time as a little bit of reduced pressure on the u.s. trying to trade talks it's very possible we're going to we're going to see an agreement. tensions are high in venezuela with the standoff over u.s. aid of the country's security forces clashed briefly with an opposition cornered. heading to the border with colombia on its way to collect u.s. supplies locals help the opposition buses to past with scuffles breaking out in north or he's firing tear gas us back to opposition leader one of. the today
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deadline for a delivery exactly a month since he proclaimed himself the country's leader but meantime elected venezuelan president nicolas maduro has banned u.s. aid brining it up cloyd to force him out of power though he announced that all aid from the e.u. is most welcome to. the venezuelan government except. the european the united nations system. neither having insulin one of my daughter has issued what he calls his first presidential decree authorizing humanitarian aid deliveries to venezuela plans to get into the country with the help of caravans of citizens of the opposition leader says nothing will stop him from delivering the aid. promised to listen to many terrenate into nothing. opposition leaders say they plan to bring aid and define as well from colombia and
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brazil that prompted my daughter to consider a closure of the country's border with colombia he already stopped traffic with brazil and three dots islands in the northern caribbean and in february caracas barricaded a never open border bridge with colombia meanwhile the venezuelan opposition's envoy to washington d.c. said that all eight venezuelan consular officers in the u.s. on no longer functional giving a speech are called last for cio was confronted in washington by two antiwar activists. i want to say these people are frauds they don't represent them as well in people they are representing the u.s. orchestrated who this is a very dangerous situation they want to create a crisis at the border that would be a justification for u.s. intervention think it's a dangerous game that the opposition is playing they really are trying to create a confrontation if it was about humanitarian aid they could use the u.n.
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agencies and certainly there are lots of other ways to get humanitarian aid into venezuela they are doing this purposely on the borders because they want to see a confrontation they want the. government to respond with violence so they can show the whole world and use that as a pretext to start the next phase of this which would be a military one so i think it really is the opposition that is playing this very dangerous game and using the aid as props in the air playbook are still to come here on the program on this hour you tube loses ads from big brands after reports of the video sharing site has been exploited by paedophiles details on that just a moment.
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most people thing to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions. we will not be judged by what it is that we inherited we will be judged by what we give to our children we must accept responsibility to fix our nations and make sure that we fix them for the sake of the future that stop looking behind us and believing that the clue no rule is gone we have we must have a new generation of people who will fix our countries for the rest of the future
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and that's what it is that we all think nigeria. stores are not the international corporate giants including coca-cola nestle and walt disney pulling their ads from you tube it's off the discovery of the peta files have been exploiting the video sharing site my colleague discuss the issue with. we are all more than just used to these pretty well ads it's all these someone annoy me as you always want to skip before actually watching the video you want to watch but it is a great way to advertise but right now a number of big companies are saying no to this type of advertising after it's been
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noticed that some of these ads may come along with the videos that are watched or commented by those who sound like real paedophiles in large numbers own nestlé companies in the u.s. have post advertising on you tube we have paws still pretty role advertising through our advertising agency we have reached out to google and you tube to determine actions still take to eliminate this type of content from their service nowadays the reality is that kids get there for smartphones before they go to school and they learn to shoot. or post just like that and in that case technically there might not even be anything wrong with these videos but when you realize what kind of comments you may find under these clips this is when things get really disturbing some of them do sound like they were written by paedophiles and for obvious reasons we won't show you any of these videos or any of these comments and
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another thing that makes authorities suspicious to me is just hypo peter some of these to seemingly innocuous new move very basic video you seem to be getting the very popular on they just give us an indication of how many people do watch them in some cases these kind of videos have been viewed by millions of people and as you've said these are just ordinary things absolutely random kids little kids do at home but the way it works is the more views the video scores the more expensive the ads get so all kinds of companies from italian car manufacturers to beauty johns like l'oreal or maybelline find their ads glued to these controversial videos and other huge of algorithms are really making things worse because paedophiles can easily get carried away with scores of were commendations from you tube of similar video so there's something like a snowball effect with this so if you actually type in your girl it may give you
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additional words like little or hot and so on. is obviously a growing problem now isn't it they said they're actually saying that they do not tolerate any offensive especially child related content and they claim that they always take the necessary measures any content including comments that endangers mine is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on you tube we took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling. violet's of comments indeed you tube official rules suggest that they will ban anything that guests gets posted that endangers minors and that includes comments but the trends that i have told you about show that there's a lot of work to be done there are still plenty of shady areas that have not been covered so you may have to rethink the ways they actually deal with this.
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relations between india and pakistan are heating up indian state media warning about pakistani military deployments to the two states border pakistan says it was done in response to possible aggression or misadventure by india the terror attack that caused the latest flare ups and tensions took place last thursday a pakistani suicide bomber attacked a bus killing more than forty indian power a military policeman of the pakistan based terrorist group dr mohammad says it was behind the attack that atrocity was then followed by a gunfight on monday which left nine people. of a terror attack was strongly condemned by western leaders referring to india and pakistan tweeted it would be a wonderful if they got along that seems unlikely at the moment and india has a track record of well somewhat recently ignoring washington's wishes as honey so i think explains. trump's always ready to embrace india be its politically or
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traditionally headcase even thrown its a volley bash at the white house in the past the relationship between our two countries can act as a bulwark for freedom prosperity and peace we did just release that has never been stronger has never been better maybe stronger than ever but is this love reciprocated if you love is in the form of trades india isn't in any hurry to let any deal slip away to appease the superpower take them this way where the u.s. has to close the current government illegitimates since the us blocked him ports of venezuela's oil india step tend to take up some of the slack with his own imports aging by sixty six percent. we are selling more than three hundred thousand barrels per day to india and by is we want to double that amount that's in spite of the harsh rhetoric from the us foreign policy adviser who warns those who supports
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venezuela's resource says will not be forgotten but there is something india certainly hasn't forgotten about that says he west waiver from iran sanctions allowing the country to continue importing iranian oil against the us attempts to pressure to iran's biggest source of income and india doesn't want it to stop we are talking to the us an energy related aspects including the waiver from sanctions is a continuous process that also ten our attention to another target russian missiles time and time again indian authorities refuse to back down from multi-billion dollar deal for ass four hundred ad offense myself ignoring ways of warning from donald trump that india will find. your seat sooner than you think while thought more trouble may have been the one to declare the america first policy if he isn't the only one putting the nation's interests ahead of us the us is behaving extremely sense interested in self centered instead of selfish. interest to get
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a more sense for us india first is more important we don't care for america first if there is a convergence between these two good and pretty lives and i would. stick to india for why should be so america first i think there are a lot of our insecurities all the liberal. internationalist america is not due to support our allies and to give them concessions and do all our favorably so this is me trying to be showing that you know everybody has to pay money to you were so everybody has to buy only u.s. products and all the demands making the unilateral. as well as on sanctions and other issues i think is what we really need more countries in the us you. we need the word on the basis of these clinicians and alliances but for now our trump is no longer interested in uploading them it's completely unique. applicable story still to come on this friday here announcing international your program returns and
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twenty five minutes. country's gone into a nihilistic fever. thank. the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the showed the genius of the south american hero this is it we've come a point from which element is done since we always are on the margins something. called gun culture is really important. we're starting west with this is what we're going to head east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't do any more ground zero of them it may be completely different and in this.
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i have the or nurse to still again interview alister croaky is a former e.u. diploma and founder and director of complex forms this time we discussed the end of the americas beautiful moment. the welcome to worlds apart there are so many damn mansions to the one cigarette may be worth while to see it as not just one but many conflicts at once it won't always read not to be dynamics of the original cold war beating russia against the united states but also fueled what some regional experts referred to as the cold
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war and the draft on the relenting rivalry between iran and saudi arabia is serious to the balance of power in the region well to discuss that i'm now joined by rand. a director at the middle is the in-situ of that implements good to talk to thank you very much for talent to be with you thank you now one of the most common words you use to describe the current american policy in the middle east is a profound it is that i can't even quote an area if asked and answered show and before we discuss what drives your criticism of the trumpet ministration i wonder what worth would you use to describe the policies of his predecessor look when it comes to the middle east in a obama try to do this kind of balancing and try to establish in the middle east this kind of coexistence between saudi arabia and iran on the assumption that the major divide in the middle east with which they and they deal with that assumption
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is this conflict this divide between saudi arabia and iran and so with with the with the conclusion of the nuclear between the united states you know the p five plus one and you know on the idea was that if we take nuclear weapons if we take the field of nuclear weapons out of the equation in the relationship between the states and the west and iran then we can start talking about these other. these other obstacles or challenges in the relationship which is very much iran behavior in the region so it's their war that. put all the aspects of the. policy under i think it's kind of balancing policy it's a kind of a distorting some kind of equilibrium policy and and. let's put it this way it's a d. is collision policy now you mentioned the work that the obama administration tried to do on iran but there are also many other aspects of his policy and.


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