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concerns grow in the u.k. that it won't be able to contract with saudi arabia as germany refuses to lift the ban on supplying certain component parts to the gulf kingdom also if you can the u.s. actor is accused of faking a hate crime against himself you see small it's claimed that he was assaulted by donald trump supporters had led to an outpouring of sympathy support and anger at the president for supposedly raising tensions and venezuela's opposition leader to defy a ban on u.s. aid that is he being stockpiled at the border. promising to get the deliberate into
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the country by saturday with clashes already breaking out over the ten. i welcome four pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now britain is concerned by a german ban on selling arms to saudi arabia u.k. and i fear is that its main arms manufacturer be i.e. systems may no longer be able to fulfill contracts with the saudis as it relies on components made in germany these contracts are worth a lot of money to britain is the second biggest arms seller to saudi arabia after the us over four billion dollars worth of weapons have been sold by the u.k. to riyadh since march of twenty fifteen. as more. the u.k. is not impressed with germany's decision to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia.
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i'm very concerned about the impact of the german government's decision on the british and european defense industry and the consequences for europe's ability to fulfill its need to commitments up until recently last november to be precise germany did sell weapons to saudi arabia but then this happened because shorty has been tortured beaten tortured killed and then dismembered was murdered in the saudi consulate it was looted to his death and this didn't help either. south africa markel did this fault firstly were outraged by this case i agree with all those who say that arms experts which are already limited must not take place
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in a current circumstances on it or in germany early provides about two percent of the total arms purchased by saudi arabia that's a drop in the ocean but crucially germany also makes components that are essential to other countries' arms exports for example british arms. it has a contract to provide riyadh with forty eight new fighter jets but germany's refusal to make cars that are destined for saudi arabia is affecting be a ability to deliver those planes to riyadh on time the issue of german licenses is a political issue and as such requires it to be resolved at a political level to that and we're working closely with the u.k. government. that could explain why the u.k. government has been trying to get in to change its mind that fast gone speed looks
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like your normal footsie one hundred multinational but you don't become the largest defense contractor in europe without a few friends in high places at one point this is how the former foreign secretary describe their relationship the chairman of be a appear to have the key to the golden door to number ten certainly i never knew number ten to come up with any decision we should be incommoded to be but that was ten years ago although some things never change philip may the husband of u.k. prime minister to resign works for a company that's the largest shareholder in be a systems we try and provide our people our government our allies with the very best weapons the very best sticks they can have to encourage peace sound familiar that strategic relationship that the u.k. has with saudi arabia is what allows us to have a huge influence in bringing about peace in yemen but so far talk of bombing peace
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into yemen isn't changing the germans minds behind to go to sleep you'll miss the position of the german government is that we're not currently delivering weapons to saudi arabia and future decisions on this will depend on developments in the yemen conflict one illustration of just how close it will be eight years to the government in this advertising place that in west means that you face and reminding the hundreds and i better leave your last day one from column a every single day of the fourth of the u.k. defense industry. i was party boy to reporting that well meanwhile riyadh has now said it is investigating the latest reports of civilian casualties during the conflict in yemen. trade activist some morton who spoke from the bitterly he thinks that the u.k. should be coming to the defense of yemen civilians not british arms companies. i think when it comes to germany hunt's column completely inappropriate he's meant to
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be a statesman and he's not meant to be using his position to lobby for british arms trade interests i mean really the belief systems have. power of the old amount of access to government clerk short she was a government minister under blair used to say that she felt that view systems are the key to the guardian good and number two how do you really have an earl unique level of your law being an access to ministers and that frankly undermines our democracy in the u.k. what we see time and time again at germany hans comments are just the latest example is the british government lobbying for the interests of the early systems not the interests of beer of the british people and not certainly not the interests of people in yemen who are suffering because of weapons being systems are making. us active charge with staging a hate crime against himself has been released on bail just
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a small lead had claimed that he was assaulted by two men with one of them shouting this is mag mag country mag of being the acronym for donald trump slogan make america great again with origins in chicago have charged with filing a false police report claiming his motive was to advance his own career police say the actor wrote a check for three and a half thousand dollars to two men to stage the attack is also said to have fabricated a hate letter to himself small it's legal teams calling the situation no an organized spectacle r.t. correspondent kelly has more on the story. just the small lead story seems to be falling to pieces and claimed he was the victim of a hate crime two men had grabbed him poured bleach on him put a noose around his neck called him anti gay and anti black slurs and told him this is maggot country mag being short for make america great again doll trumps slogan two men were later arrested by the police and then released and now small what is
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the one in handcuffs he is charged with loneliness disorderly conduct for making a false police report why would anyone especially an african-american man use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations in the immediate aftermath of the incident there was an outpouring of love and sympathy for small lead we have a media that's saying it's a debate whether or not what just happened in just the small it is a hate crime it's absurd. isn't it mike really tired. this is how you have to be five bills and possible to not feel this way right now president and the vice president mike pence who like wishes i couldn't be merry if let's just be clear heartbroken and furious reading about the attack on just the small it's our wont trump and. sticks to burning homophobia existed before trump but there's no question that since he's injected his hatred into the american
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bloodstream we are less decent less human and less loving no intolerance no d.t. saying that even though the incident may have been staged it still started a conversation and that it's important i've been vocal about the situation and my love for just c. and his entire family i will continue to hope for the best for everyone involved as things continue to unfold. what's miller did was wrong but the big problem isn't the point two percent which are hoaxes is the hate crimes which have risen to twenty percent since trump took office trump spoke up on twitter saying that millions of his supporters were needlessly slandered. just the small minutes what's about my good and tens of millions of people you insults it was you were racist and dangerous comments people are drawing parallels with a similar case we had a group of catholic high school boys who were shown in a video purportedly insulting and disrespecting an elderly native american veteran it is disturbing students mocking native american man and some of them harassing
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and jeering at a native american disturbing viral video however media revealed that there was actually quite a bit more to the story than this short snapshot and at this point the boy is suing the washington post saying that his reputation has been destroyed however the washington post says it's prepared to give a vigorous defense we are reviewing a copy of the last huge and we plan to mount a vigorous defense may have introduced the term but it seems that fake news has never been more real kaleb oppen r.t. new york legal and media analyst lionel to think the stories like this one do reveal a disturbing trend. this is the most amazing case as you can tell by my excitement and effervescence aside from being one of the most hilarious cases of idiocy and sadness it's a wonderful kind of a story line on the mainstream media how they don't let the facts get in the way of
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a story our mainstream media will create something whether you have done something or not if you do something and you lie we overlook it if you don't do anything. i am create a situation even though you've done nothing we don't have the facts we make them up like the mainstream media news do as well it's about a narrative the facts and the truth have nothing to do with it get with it what you want take somebody who is an obvious defendant turn him into a hero make of the statement about homophobia even though the group of amun of the case is based upon falsity. section synthetic truth what a country. now the u.s. president has praised five g. and even nonexistent sixteen wireless technology in a tweet and call for it to be developed in america it does come after months of
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white house pressure on chinese communications firm weiwei over alleged spying capabilities i want five june even six g. technology in the united states as soon as possible it's far more powerful firestone and smarter than the current standard i want the united states to win through competition not by block you know it's currently more advanced technologies a presidential memorandum dating back to october did say that it is imperative that the u.s. becomes the global leader in five g. technologies just a couple months later the u.s. then started piling the pressure on our way saying it posed a threat to national security the chinese tech giant rejects u.s. claims that its products are used by beijing for spying in december chief financial officer was arrested in canada on washington's request the white house is also urging international allies to ban while away from their five g. networks under pressure strayer new zealand and japan have all already brought in
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restrictions against the firm but a growing chorus of countries including france and the u.k. are challenging the u.s. on this very point of its founder meanwhile says that he's actually grateful to washington for helping to make people more aware of its products. first of all i would like to thank them because they are great figures in five g. was not known by common people but now these great figures are all talking about five g. will be coming more influential what's been getting more kantrowitz. the u.s. and just panicked about. china i mean what's really been happening over the last ten years is the u.s. for. many parts of the rest of the world. technologically and the attack on one way is just evidence of a kind of a panic there figure it's interesting that this comes at the same time as
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a little bit of reduced pressure on the tram no trade talks it's very possible we're going to we're going to see an agreement. meanwhile donald trump has branded bernie sanders crazy after the seventy seven year old announced his bid for the twenty twenty presidential race trump also words his supporters to make sure they dig deeper into their wallets than fans of sanders crazy bernie has just entered the race i wish him well what's crazy is that we have a president who is a racist a sexist xenophobe and a fraud socialist bernie sanders raced six million in twenty four hours now i'm calling on you to crush that number he's scared and he should be help us send trump a message in a language he's sure to understand make a ten dollar donation to our campaign today or trump has made a point of taking
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a swipe at station is now though some do say his policies do resemble exactly what he's attacking. america will never be a socialist country. action will help americans stretch from welfare to gainful employment this is becoming more and more like a soviet side of the condo me here is deciding who is going to be granted wave is coming in the administration figuring out how they going to sprinkle around. this will be a big week for infrastructure i have to say stupidly spending seven trillion in the middle east it is now time to start investing in our country.
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protectionism government persian supplanting the voluntary transactions of markets and the allocation of wealth and opportunity is socialism for the well connected. well the us ready how someone can believe that trumps anti social standstill surmounting political posturing. dollars opposite is a hypocrite i mean he is i mean he is a devout travel those. of the worst kind we see right now he's playing in the war drums to go into predominately socialist country venezuela you know no doubt you sir they are mineral resources primarily the oil reserves they have more people and it's a good thing more people start to become more educated for a long time the word socialism that the term was was tantamount to saying people you know saw socialism as the devil itself you know so he's speaking to
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constituents that he believes are dumbed down that he's hoping our dumbed down. there is hope and continue to be dumbed down. speaking to them drawing out these threats phrases. now still to come for you this ask our friends in venezuela has an opposition convoy has tried to collect banned u.s. aid waiting at the border we'll have a look at that in a bit of detail just after the break.
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we will not be judged by what it is that we inherited we will be judged by what we give to our children we must accept responsibility to fix our nations and make sure that we fix them for the sake of the future let's stop looking behind us and believe in the clueless gone. we must have a new generation of people who will fix our countries for the rest of the future and that's what it is that we are offering major it. again welcome back tensions still remain high in venezuela at the moment over the standoff regarding u.s.
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aid which is stuck on the border with colombia and is why the self-proclaimed leader promises though to get it into the country by saturday despite president nicolas maduro banning it over fears the aid convoys could be used to smuggle weapons to the opposition russia's foreign minister has ministry stories actually echoed those concerns let's get more on this now from our correspondents down afterwards in the studio. what exactly then has the russian foreign ministry said or the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry maria harbor has said that the situation in venezuela is already critical she has pointed out that america is. amassing weapons on the border with the country and also everything is being done to sort of feed the narrative of gin see to kind of spike it up. for example president want to be why he is adding fuel to the flames saying that the deadline for humanitarian aid to enter the country is saturday so this is the deadline that he has said so everything feeding into this narrative and donald
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trump from washington he's basically trying to talk the country's military into treason. mr suspicious and that the u.s. is deliberately making the situation worse by making out there we are beyond the point of no return the us presidents direct appeal to the venezuelan army to ignore the orders of the legitimate head of state is the height of cynicism imagine addressing the u.s. army with an appeal for example not to be the commander in chief and at the same time washington is also encouraging protesters in venezuela they keeping them hopeful the according to maria's the heart of the they have information about well the united states could try and civilians in venezuela with party weapons have a listen watch how she put it. this doco grows of the delivery of the weapons to venezuela is planned for the beginning of march of this year in several stages by
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the neighboring country using the cargo planes over international companies unfortunately this is not surprising to see ukrainian traces in this story specifically they're going to use the state owned and tone of company. and really those scenario of aid him in that area aid convoys turning out to be really just trojan horses filled with munitions and arms and this scenario is not really ungrounded because the man the united states appointed to be there a special envoy in venezuela now is our brooms and he has experience in doing exactly that thing for example in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine in the qur'an go that's what he did he filled the field aid convoys with weapons and that's how he smuggled arms into another country now marie is a horrible also pointed out of users who see on behalf of the united states and their foreign policy because for example she pointed out that while the united states are calling for peaceful protests in haiti they are saying that the
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opposition in haiti shouldn't be going beyond peacefully protesting and calling for a political solution in the country the situation in venezuela somehow proves different ok thanks. to an affair with the latest. now meanwhile venezuelan security forces to clash with an opposition convoy heading to the border with colombia on its way to collect stockpiled he west supplies however locals help the opposition buses to pass. has issued to what he calls his first presidential decree authorizing humanitarian aid deliveries to venezuela he plans to get it into the country with the help of citizen caravans the opposition leader says nothing will stop him from completing his mission. we do not rule out anything when it comes to letting humanitarian aid into the country. opposition leaders say they do plan to bring in aid from colombia and brazil that's prompted though nicolas maduro to consider closing one of the country's borders he's already stopped traffic with
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brazil and three dutch islands in the northern caribbean and earlier this month caracas barricaded never opened bridge with colombia and the duros band the usa to did announce that all aid from the e.u. is welcome. the venezuelan government accepts the offer of humanitarian technical assistance from the european union nations system to venezuela welcome meanwhile the venezuelan opposition envoy to washington d.c. said that all aid and as well as consular offices in the u.s. are no longer functional and giving the speech carlos vecchio was confronted. with this i want to say these people are fried they don't represent the millions well and people they are representing the u.s. orchestrated who this is a very dangerous situation they want to create a crisis at the border that would be a justification for u.s.
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intervention or the woman in that video is medea benjamin she is from the code pink movement and she says to the opposition is knowingly stoking tensions at the border . i think it's a dangerous game that the opposition is playing they really are trying to create a confrontation if it was about humanitarian aid they could have used the un agencies and certainly there are lots of other ways to get humanitarian aid into venezuela they are doing this purposely on the borders because they want to see a confrontation they want the. government to respond with violence so they can show the whole world and use that as a pretext to start the next phase of this which would be a military one so i think it really is the opposition that is playing this very dangerous game and using the as a prop in their playbook. and that brings up to us how the news is looking so far
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today here not saying we're back again in thirty five. countries gone into a nihilistic fever just want to thank and hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america take the charlatans the genius of this question especially american hero this is it we've come to a point about how much on what is going inside we always are on the margins something. called the culture is moving forward because. we're starting last with is moving in a heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gondo than this it may be completely different by the end of this. join me every thursday
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on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i have the honors to still again interview alastair cook he is a former e.u. diploma and founder and director of conflict forums this time we will discuss the end of america's beautiful moment. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know or here i mean you are liz put video of. spilling into the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took part in this to do over five billion dollars to us. in these and other goals it will ensure
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a secure and prosperous and democratic. delegates on. my side as that is it will not and. so they're going to build it up. in the end and they him a ride on a mission from god i lay nine. o'clock on the foot of the duck i. don't want the money i don't want to worry about. something that really. mr needs. a phone call. on to
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a full stomach we have been down. in the world and we'll get a little warmth and you know we'll see. oh. my god. this idol of the. us needs people why is ok you could keep the slimes you force me to do the focus of us if you still. want to get what. you see in the draft because it's the most with nobody and. you'll never know. what.
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greetings and salutations you may have seen earlier this week that we here i'm watching the hawks discuss just how truly global the united states war on terror has become after it was revealed to many that now it's being fought in eighty countries around the world but hawk watchers its tentacles are not just confined to faraway countries most u.s. politicians couldn't find the map nunu the pain and terror of the u.s.
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war on terror sits here right here at home and one of the many ways it manifests itself on the home front is through the terrorist screening database or as it's colloquially known the terror watch list yes the terror watch list is the fischel highly secretive tool of the u.s. government in its plethora of alphabet security agencies to keep track of and screen for any and all known or potential terrorists within trying to get into the united states and naturally like most things the u.s. war on terror touches it's a magnet for controversy and abuse of individual rights especially against muslim americans of middle eastern descent like the time someone put a baby yes a baby on the terrorist watch lists. so dangerous incidents like this and the difficulties faced by those unjustly placed on the list to travel perform financial transactions in.


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