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two people have reportedly been killed in venezuela in a standoff at a checkpoint near the border with brazil and growing tensions over international aid deliveries. contracts were signed here a viewer thrown into down to germany refuses to lift a ban on supplying certain components to the gulf kingdom. and the us actor is accused of faking a hate crime against himself just the smile that claimed that he was assaulted by the supporters that led to an outpouring of sympathy and support.
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great to have your company this hour thanks for joining us this is art. the u.n. has called on all sides in venezuela to prevent bloodshed after two people were reportedly killed and more than a dozen others injured in clashes between the military and protesters near the border with brazil demonstrators have been demanding the border be opened to allow aid through at the same time extra security forces have been dispatched to the area the military reportedly opened fire on the demonstrators three of those injured are said to be in critical condition a local man also confirmed twenty seven military servicemen were captured by protesters after the clashes broke out comes after confusion around the border crossing as president maduro close the front to brazil amid a rabbi over humanitarian aid but then the self-proclaimed president ordered it reopened the position leaders spoken about today's bloodshed urging the military to choose sides. twelve people have been injured and one killed is results of this
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crime our thoughts are with them this will not go unpunished decide on which side you're on to all the military between today and tomorrow you will define the way in which you want to be remembered we already know you're on the side of the people you've made that very clear tomorrow you'll be able to prove that. eleven israeli security forces clashed with an opposition in convoy heading to the border with colombia on its way to collect stockpile the u.s. supplies u.s. backed opposition to the why don't set a saturday deadline for that aid to be delivered exactly a month since e claimed himself the country's leader president maduro has banned u.s. aid and claims it would be used to smuggle in the weaponry but he said that all aid from the e.u. is well. thought of the venezuelan government except as the author of humanitarian technical assistance from the european union to the united nations system to venezuela welcome point of the u.s.
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aid is a stop being given to the government it's given to their hand-picked. guard though. so it's totally a proper everybody knows it's a propaganda and it's just to incite violence so that they have a pretext to. door to support third party troops it certainly is the result that the united states government but also a lot of opposition why they want violence on the border as a pretext to overthrow the. elected government of nicolas maduro meanwhile an anti madeira concert on the colombia venezuela border venezuela live aid has been organized by british billionaire dan cohen reports from the same. if you see this concert taking place behind me it's thrown by the british billionaire
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richard branson who is using it to pressure nicolas much duros the venezuelan president to open the border to what the u.s. government says is humanitarian aid now the organizers say that they're expecting three hundred thousand people to feed here but so far i estimate there's about five thousand venezuelan government has thrown its own its own concert on its side in the name of under the banner of hands off venezuela denouncing what it says is an intervention by the united states and its allies it also offered it also said it would send its own humanitarian aid to colombia to the impoverished residents of kook but colombian president has rejected this and refused to let that aid in while there's certainly the possibility of things that has go lading as they have done on the brazilian venezuelan border for now there's no sign of any kind of violence but
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there are there is the presence of some extremist figures on this side of putting laurent saleh was actually. found guilty of plotting terror attacks inside venezuela and this is the figure was actually taken money from the american government there at the national endowment for democracy but we're certainly hoping that everything will pass peacefully and. will live on as well and oppositions envoy to washington says all this while in consular offices in the u.s. and no longer functional or giving the speech colas fake it was confronted by antiwar activists. i want to say these people are frauds they don't represent the men's well in people they are representing the u.s. orchestrated crew this is a very dangerous situation and they want to create a crisis at the border that would be a justification for u.s. intervention lou and you saw in the video was made to benjamin from the code pink
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and the war movement who says the opposition is knowingly stoking tensions at the border. i think it's a dangerous game that the opposition is playing they really are trying to create a confrontation if it was about humanitarian aid they could use the un agencies and certainly there are lots of other ways to get humanitarian aid into venezuela they are doing this purposely on the borders because they want to see a confrontation they want the. government to respond with violence so they can show the whole world and use that as a pretext to start the next phase of this which would be a military one so i think it really is the opposition that is playing this very dangerous game and using the aid as a prop in their playbook. meanwhile the russian foreign minister has commented on the current situation in the country my colleague under former discuss moscow's
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reaction with auntie's you can start off. the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry maria harbor has said that the situation in venezuela is already critical she has pointed out that america is already amassing weapons on the border with the country md also everything is being done. for example president want to be why do i he is adding fuel to the flames saying that the deadline for humanitarian aid to enter the country is a saturday so this is the deadline that he has said so everything feeding into this narrative and donald trump from washington he's basically trying to talk the country's military into treason mr suspicious and that the u.s. is deliberately making the situation worse by making out there we are beyond the point of no return the u.s. presidents direct appeal to the venezuelan army to ignore the orders of diligent head of state is the height of cynicism imagine addressing the u.s. army with an appeal for example not to be the commander in chief and at the same
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time washington is also encouraging protesters in venice. they are keeping them hopeful according to maria's the hire of the they have information that the united states could try and arms civilians in venezuela with party weapons have a list their stock will grow as of these the delivery of the weapons to venezuela is planned for the beginning of march of this year in several stages by the neighboring country using the cargo planes of international companies unfortunately this is not surprising to see ukrainian traces in this story specifically they're going to use the state owned and turn up company and really this scenario of aid him in that area aid convoys turning out to be really just trojan horses filled with munitions and arms and this scenario is not really ungrounded because the man the united states appointed to be there a special envoy in venezuela now is our brooms and he has experience in doing
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exactly that thing for example in one thousand nine hundred six in nicaragua he filled aid convoys with weapons and that's how he smuggled arms into another country now marie is a horrible also pointed out to the world russia views as hypocrisy on behalf of the united states and their foreign policy because for example she pointed out that while the united states are calling for peaceful protests in haiti they are saying that the opposition in haiti shouldn't be going beyond peacefully protesting and calling for a political solution in the country the situation in venezuela somehow proves different. britain's main arms manufacturer be a system says want to may not be able to fulfill its contracts with saudi arabia due to a german ban on selling arms to the gulf kingdom now these contracts are worth lots of money but the second biggest arms seller to the saudis after the us over four billion dollars worth of weapons have been sold by the u.k.
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to riyadh since march two thousand and fifteen with more on the story has already said polly. the u.k. is not impressed with germany's decision to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia i'm very concerned about the impact of the german government's decision on the british and european defense industry and the consequences for europe's ability to fulfill its need to commitments up until recently last november to be precise germany did sell weapons to saudi arabia but then this happened because shorty has been tortured beaten tortured killed and then dismembered was murdered in the saudi consulate it was looted to his death and then just didn't help either.
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south africa markel did this firstly we're outraged by this case i agree with all those who say that arms expertise which are already limited must not take place in a current circumstances on its own germany really provides about two percent of the total arms purchased by saudi arabia that's a drop in the ocean but crucially germany also makes components that are essential to other countries' arms exports for example british arms. it has a contract to provide riyadh with forty eight new fighter jets but germany's refusal to make cars that are destined for saudi arabia is affecting be a ability to deliver those planes to riyadh on time the issue of german licenses is a political issue and as such requires it to be resolved at
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a political level to that and we're working closely with the u.k. government. that could explain why the u.k. government has been trying to get in to change its mind that fast glance be a looks like your normal footsie one hundred multinational but you don't become the largest defense contractor in europe without a few friends in high places at one point this is how the former foreign secretary describe their relationship the chairman of be a appeared to have the key to the golden door to number ten certainly i never knew number ten to come up with any decision we should be incommoded to be but that was ten years ago although some things never change philip may the husband of u.k. prime minister to resign works for a company that's the largest shareholder in be a systems we try and provide our people our government our allies with the very best weapons the very best sticks they can have to encourage peace sound familiar
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that strategic relationship that the u.k. has with saudi arabia is what allows us to have a huge influence and bring about peace in yemen but so far talk of bombing peace into yemen isn't changing the germans minds the height of the border to secure the position of the german government is that we're not currently delivering weapons to saudi arabia and future decisions on this will depend on developments in the yemen conflict one illustration of just how close it would be aid to the government in this advertising space that in a way means that you will from parliament every single day of the fourth of the u.k. defense industry. meanwhile riyadh now says it's investigating the latest reports of civilian casualties during the conflict in yemen straight out to someone else and thinks the u.k. should be coming to the defense of yemeni civilians not british companies. i think
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when it comes to germany hunt's common completely inappropriate he's meant to be a statesman and he's not meant to be using his position to lobby for british arms trade interests i mean really they be a systems have and paralleled amount of access to government clare short when she was a government minister under blair used to say that she felt that big systems have the key to the garden gate and number ten they really have an urge unique level of your law being an access to ministers and that frankly undermines our democracy in the u.k. what we see time and time again germany hans comments are just the latest example is the british government lobbying for the interests of systems not the interests of beer of the british people and not certainly not the interests of people in yemen who are suffering because of weapons being a systems are making more news feed after the break.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand since it's just the right questions to the right answer.
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question. welcome back as we return to our top story this hour the venezuelan opposition is demanding the government allow humanitarian aid into the country under set a deadline of saturday the opposition claims that many thousands of people could starve if the supplies don't get in but one investigative journalist in caracas says they're not everything is quite as it seems. when to a supermarket this is what he found. i feel lost in the supermarket
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coming here and. this is jesus there's a lot of cheeses and meats here fish heads fish heads me there's a lot of meat here this is the fruit section. where we've got a lot of mangoes. that will match with my toilet paper they're all over. my shampoo and conditioner took me like a while to do that because there are so many varieties. and i'm pleased to speak to the man we just saw another video that max blumenthal investigative journalist joins me great to have you on my side it's very interesting to see that video i mean the many things said about a very bad situation in venezuela that we've read on numerous channels and publications one of the strands to the story is that there just isn't the food in the shops for people to buy if they wanted didn't like it what can you tell us about your experience. yeah i mean i'm certainly not denying that there is an
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economic crisis here because there is and outside of caracas the situation is worse but my video was a response to u.s. media which is embedded with that that it's whalen opposition and with the usa i d right now on the colombian border and and doing this humanitarian intervention propaganda show where they're actually claiming that there is no there are no basic goods in venezuela at all and i was showing that in a fairly upscale neighborhood in caracas the supermarket looks just like the supermarkets in my hometown of washington d.c. i can also tell you that i was out today in some of the poorer areas of caracas and i actually encountered the vice president of venezuela del see what rodriguez and the mayor of caracas erica faria asked at open air food markets around the city where food is being distributed basically for free to the poor and working class communities and all kinds of food is available throughout the city so this is
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actual humanitarian aid with venezuelan produced goods delivered by local communities and the reason they're doing this is to demonstrate that they don't need this usaid so it's interesting that you're saying you know there is food it's not as bad as it's being portrayed in the west what about the people who can actually afford it didn't seem to be too many people in that particular supermarket you were in can many people actually afford to go the. well yeah i mean the lines were full there that the checkout aisles were full and the problem here is with speculation that food costs thirty dollars olive oil a bottle of olive oil or twenty five dollars and fruit was pretty cheap so that has to do with actually the kind of capitalist class here that supports the opposition some of the owners of the largest food companies are making a killing off of this economy and u.s.
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sanctions are actually allowing them to hoard goods and to make maximum profit and those saw that's the irony here is that many of the supporters of the opposition and the big business forces behind the opposition are actually cashing in on the economic crisis so we hear about these offers of humanitarian aid from the richard branson trying to drum up money to buy more aid what help do you think venezuelans really need. well the irony is rich also with richard branson's concert where acts are being paid two to four million dollars to perform which so the amount of fees that will be pay to kind of like colombian trash rock acts is going to exceed the amount of aid that the u.s. is bringing in the entire thing is a giant propaganda show venice with its having billions of dollars of assets seized or prevented from entering its economy by the u.s. the u.s.
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sanctions have prevented venezuela from accessing lines of credit colombia and the u.s. is actually set up an intelligence group to prevent the importation of medicine and food in tibet its way what venezuela needs is the end of the sanctions so it can actually start purchasing more food and reviving its economy and that is really all people in the streets when i go into the working class areas the places where there is the most need that's all people ask me to tell my fellow americans from from the people have a chance to speak to you how would you gauge public opinion what is the support like for the opposition and why and also for the incumbent president. i'm speaking to you from a affluent neighborhood in the east of caracas which is an opposition stronghold and people here. do it oh this is a wealthy area people here can afford food some people are actually doing very well
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in this economy. and that's the irony these are the people that need the humanitarian aid the least and then when i go into poor areas i was in a very poor neighborhood on the outskirts of caracas today and people are coming up to me spontaneously to tell me how much they oppose the idea of u.s. intervention and how much they support their president and this government and the whole idea of showpiece which gives inclusion in a society where they were executed for a hundred years so that society is completely polarized and what i think the u.s. and people outside underestimate is the resiliency of venezuelans and the will to resist among the very large base of this population that supports not just nicolas maduro but the idea of this whale as a sovereign state that can decide its own economic future you know it's really interesting to get the benefit of your experiences i think that might give a lot of all views a new perspective on events in the country appreciate its on investing
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psychologists my guess my spin thank you. now the u.s. has announced plans to maintain a peacekeeping group of two hundred troops on syrian soil billman the planned withdrawal of pentagon troops from the country this spring the statements came after a recent phone call between trumpets to his counterpart president on the latest discussed security in the region there are currently some two thousand u.s. troops in syria and december term to announce that with drool of american forces but the pullout now seems somewhat less than certain it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have. one hundred percent of the caliphate. but i want to wait for the official word now i want to say too early we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten them badly now we've won time to give our brave warriors in syria
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a warm welcome home you could in that vacuum see a restart and suffice to see a resurgent you know or one thing out we'll come back if we have to get international affairs commentator jonathan steele and journalist my brother i think internal divisions in the us are preventing a full withdrawal. trungpa said that they've defeated by us and they have done militarily in the sense that they have almost no territory left and what is two hundred forty two hundred person force it's going to stay he's going to do for the next few weeks is not entirely clear sort of deep state the pentagon the state department even parts of the cia would like to continue there and to the national security advisor john bolton has said the reason why the troops could remain would be to do with your so-called threat from iran or the changing the goalposts all the time. finding new reasons for remaining i think it's just typical trumpy it is sort
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of this my playground. at the pentagon didn't agree with him so he sees no need for it to be safe i explore your site it is a contingent of them in the country obviously and i was on t.v. was no this is a legal occupation or ability occupation of syria it's there is no u.n. security council resolution could be in their presence and they would not employed people are you eligible to don't serve. one term peace theory exactly but on a slightly less scale at least reduce or so he says that's hard to say goodbye not from a unfinished been a pleasure to stick around town hall concert bring it to date in often. we will not be judged by what it is. and make sure that we fix them for the sake of
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the future let's stop looking behind us and believe in the cuckoo no rule is gone out we must have a new generation of people who will fix our countries for the rest of the future and that's what it is the real thing in nature it. one on one with legal expert alan dershowitz he's calling donald trump's emergency declaration of mistake we'll find out why on this edition. of politicking on larry king alan dershowitz is no stranger to controversy lately he's taken much flak from his colleagues in the legal profession for nearly everyone who doesn't call themselves a conservative for his opinions on the russian probe adverse latest book the case against him teaching trump but he's now holding donald trump's decision to declare
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a national emergency to fund his border wall along the u.s. southern border a mistake let's find out why a spill thresher dershowitz joins us from his police. alan is a constitutional scholar harvard law professor emeritus for we get to the emergency declaration allan multiple news outlets are now reporting that robert malone will likely wrap up his investigation as early as next week what do you expect. well i expect it will be a very very critical. the report put together a circumstantial case i don't think will be any smoking guns though you never know and i hope because i think this would be the only fair way that it be presented to the attorney general the attorney general then give it over to trump's legal team give them a week or ten days to file a reply and then release both the report and the reply at the same time so that the
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american public can read them both and judge for themselves which is more credible and which is more persuasive now can mull and cannot indict himself can he can he can indict some grand jurors will indict a ham sandwich they're just you know twenty five chairs that are moved around by prosecutors prosecutors decide who the grand jury should indict moller is a prosecutor's a mole or can indict i don't think he can indict the president because i think the constitution precludes a sitting president from being indicted while in office he can be indicted after he leaves office or if he's impeached and what will the public in your opinion get this report. yes i think that attorney general barr who is a really really good person and determined to do the right thing will eventually send the report to the public and to the congress perhaps with some redactions i
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hope very few i think the american public is entitled to see as much as possible consistent with natural national security concerns if you were donald trump would you be very worried. i would be worried politically i don't think i'd be worried legally though you never know you should always be worried being worried is a good thing it's prudent if you're a defense lawyer you're always worried if you're a defendant you should be worried i don't think he's in legal jeopardy but i do think the report will be politically very critical and that won't be the right thing to do you know prosecutors are not supposed to express political opinions nor are they supposed to express opinions on the goodness or badness of a defendant that was coming to a mistake when he went after hillary clinton after declaring that she had committed no crime he then said that in his opinion she had engaged in and then he described her conduct in very negative ways i don't think that a report should contain anything other then allegations either of criminal conduct
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or no criminal conduct i think that a pining on the virtue advice of a person is beyond the scope of a prosecutor specially since the prosecutor only hears one side of the story you have said that president trumps decision to declare a national emergency to build a wall and a mistake.


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