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before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. two people have reportedly been killed in venezuela. checkpoint near the border with brazil amid growing tensions over. germany refusing. components to the gulf. or is accused of faking a hate crime against himself. that he was assaulted by supporters. support.
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to force aid convoys into the country through the closed borders with brazil colombia a standoff is now developing there of soldiers are preventing trucks from entering the venezuelan the foreign minister spoke to the media after meeting with the u.n. secretary general. but we'll put them. on the system that has been forced into in this with those regards with the service or general is watching the situation closely and remains in constant communication with him for the twenty third of february in a few hours local time in venezuela the deadline for when humanitarian aid must be delivered to the country now at this point we're seeing rising tensions from what we understand there have been clashes at the border and now we're hearing that wedo himself is in colombia despite the fact that he was banned from actually leaving
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the country we've heard from the u.s. state department in response to a question from the russian news outlet ria novosti they have dismissed the concern that this is anything other than basic humanitarian aid the peaceful transfer of missions to ponder the request of the departments of state in close coordination with us and with the approval of the government of colombia and he claims that these shipments to something other than humanitarian aid simpler is to deliver weapons and escalate the crisis with some kind of intervention in venezuela speckle groups of the delivery of the weapons to venezuela is planned for the beginning of march of these here in several stages by the neighboring country using the cargo planes over international companies elliott abrams who is the u.s. special representative for venezuela was involved in the smuggling of weapons into another country nicaragua during the one nine hundred eighty s. under the pretext of humanitarian aid he does have a record of claiming that humanitarian aid is being delivered in fact weapons are being smuggled in to important to note that the deadline is set for the twenty
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third in just a few hours and we're seeing reports that there has been a great deal of unrest near venezuela's border with brazil that border has been closed down now we're hearing and wedo calling for it to be reopened we understand that there was a demonstration and for what's being reported we're seeing that the report is that the military opened fire into the crowd two people are reported to have been killed three more are in critical states in the hospital it's. also being reported that a local mayor is indicating that among the crowd were members of the military now it's also important to note at this point we're hearing john bolton blame all the violence and all the conditions in the country squarely on the shoulders of the president maduro yesterday columbia reiterated the lima groups to the venezuelan. humanitarian channels those who flew with the violence will be held accountable the russian ambassador to the united nations has spoken up and said that if the united
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states were doing gauging any provocations or try to pursue any actions in relation to this date set on the twenty third that there would be a group of countries in the u.n. that would be prepared to take action at the security council so people are waiting to see what happens next a very tense scene near the venezuelan and brazilian border ivan as well as a self-proclaimed leader. now in colombia where he's been meeting with officials he says the venezuela the military helped him get despite the armed forces proclaiming their loyalty to the government meanwhile and. that has been held on the colombia venezuela border venezuela live aids. was the. this is actually one of the most geo politically hot spots in the world right now behind me on my right you can see the t.n.t. just bridge crossing between colombia and venezuela i'm on the colombian side where this concert is happening it was organized by richard branson the british
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billionaire let's take a look at what he had to say and then some to. interview with one guido who was also playing for the for the world to help and i decided to pick up the phone and speak with him. and see what we could do to help and that was three weeks ago with with bruno on the phone as well and he said he felt a wonderful calling the wonderful frequency on the board to illustrate. through music the importance of letting letting relief into the country would put be wonderful for the bet as well and government is holding its own concert on the other side of the border and president nicolas maduro the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has said that he will actually use except in humanitarian aid it tells me rodriguez the vice president has accepted humanitarian aid through the european union through the united nations and to you know this looks like
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a very festive. atmosphere but there's been and some people are certainly here just having fun but there's also a very heavy political ideology here a political pretax we've heard a lot of cursing of the venezuelan president and this is one of the reasons that the red cross and many other major international humanitarian organizations have refused to participate in this saying it is in the words of the red cross has not been handed tarion aid historian kevin young believes the u.s. has no real intention to help the venezuelan people. what's very clear is that what washington is trying to do and what the opposition led by white go in venezuela is trying to do is to provoke the venezuelan government into violence into repression into extreme action trying to provoke it to do something which could be used as a justification for for us military action the stations against the
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economy. illegal under international law of course have cost venezuela six billion dollars so when you compare that him out to the amount of so-called humanitarian aid that's being pledged from the u.s. and from richard branson in this crass political spectacle it's very apparent that not only is that money a drop of a drop in the bucket comparatively speaking but the motives behind it are nothing but cynical it's you know if the united states or or richard branson or the venezuelan opposition had any interest in helping the people of venezuela in helping the cause of economic recovery in venezuela they would pressure for an end an immediate end to u.s. sanctions which are causing so much damage while the venezuelan opposition blames the government for severe food shortages one investigative journalist in caracas
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says everything is that it seems a maximum of all visited a supermarket this is what he found. i feel lost in the supermarket coming here in. the caesars there's a lot of cheeses and meats here fish heads fish heads roly-poly fish heads ok we've got congealed meat we've got like so much meat there's a lot of meat here this is the fruit section and we've got a lot of mangoes oh that will go that will match with my toilet paper that. my shampoo and conditioner took me like a while to do that because there are so many varieties. my video was a response to us media which is embedded with that that it's way that opposition and with the usa i d right now on the colombian border and and doing this humanitarian intervention propaganda show where they're actually claiming that there is no there are no basic goods in venezuela at all and i was showing that in
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a fairly upscale neighborhood in caracas the supermarket looks just like the supermarkets in my hometown of washington d.c. i can also tell you that i was out today in some of the poorer areas of caracas and i actually encountered the vice president of venezuela del cielo rodriguez and the mayor of caracas erica faria at open air food markets around the city where food is being distributed basically for free to the poor and working class communities the problem here is with speculation and there are high prices on food and random situation that has to do with actually the kind of capitalist class here that supports the opposition and u.s. sanctions are actually allowing them to hoard goods and to make maximum profit and those so that's the irony here is that many of the supporters of the opposition and the big business forces behind the opposition are actually cashing in on the
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economic crisis. britain's main arms manufacturer systems has warned it may not be able to fulfill contracts with saudi arabia it with german selling arms to the gulf kingdom these contracts are worth a lot of money britain is the second biggest saudi arabia after the united states over the four billion dollars worth of weapons have been sold by the u.k. to riyadh since march twenty fifth dean. picks up the story. the u.k. is not impressed with germany's decision to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia i'm very concerned about the impact of the german government's decision on the british and european defense industry and the consequences for europe's ability to fulfill its need to commitments up until recently last november to be precise germany did sell weapons to saudi arabia but then this happened because shorty has
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been tortured beaten tortured killed and then dismembered because shogi was murdered in the saudi consulate it was looted to his death and this didn't help either. akhil amar did this for switch or are already limited must not take place in a current circumstances on its own germany really provides about two percent of the total arms purchased by saudi arabia that's a drop in the ocean but crucially germany also makes components that are essential to other countries' arms exports for example british. fighter jets
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but germany's a few. to make parts that are destined for saudi arabia is affecting be ability to deliver those planes to riyadh on time the issue of german licenses is a political issue and as such requires it to be resolved at a political level to that end we're working closely with the u.k. government. that could explain why the u.k. government has been trying to get biden to change its mind that fast gone speed looks like your normal footsie one hundred multinational but you don't become the largest defense contractor in europe without a few friends in high places at one point this is how the former foreign secretary describe their relationship the chairman of be a appeared to have the key to the golden door to number ten certainly i never knew number ten to come up with any decision we should be incommoded to be but that was
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ten years ago although some things never change philip may the husband of u.k. prime minister to resign works for a company that's the largest shareholder in be eighty systems we try and provide our people our government our allies with the very best weapons the very best sticks they can have to encourage peace sound familiar that strategic relationship that the u.k. has with saudi arabia is what allows us to have a huge influence in bringing about peace in yemen but so far talk of bombing peace into yemen isn't changing the germans minds behind to go ballistic you'll miss the position of the german government is that we're not currently delivering weapons to saudi arabia and future decisions on this will depend on developments in the yemen conflict one illustration of just how the place to be a new to the government in this advertising space that in the west means taking the
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station reminding them hundreds and i better leave your last day one from column that every single day of the fourth of the u.k. defense industry. i mean while riyadh now says it's investigating the latest reports of civilian casualties during the conflict in yemen. dr with some alternate thinks the u.k. should be coming to the defense of your many civilians not british arms company. i think when it comes to germany hunt's column completely inappropriate he's meant to be a statesman and he's not meant to be using his position to law be for british arms trade interests i mean really they believe systems have. paralleled amount of access to government clare short when she was a government minister under blair used to say that she felt that systems have the key to the guardian good number town they really haven't heard unique level of your law being an access to ministers and that frankly undermines our democracy in the
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u.k. what we see time and time again germany hans comments are just the latest example is the british government lobbying for the interests of the systems not the interests of beer of the british people and not certainly not the interests of people in yemen who are suffering because of weapons being a systems are making. us has been dropped from a hit t.v. show off to being accused of staging a hate crime against himself just use mallette to start an empire earlier claimed he'd been assaulted by two men with one of them shouting this is a modern country altho it is in chicago have not charged the actor with filing a false police report they claim his motive was to advance his own career police say the actor wrote a check for three and a half thousand dollars to two men to stage the attack is also said to fabricate a hate letter to himself after the story first broke celebrities were quick to
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condemn the supposed hate crime some people are refusing to change their minds even after finding out the whole thing was apparently staged. and media that's saying it's a debate whether or not what just happened and just the smile it is a hate crime it's absurd. isn't it. this is how you have to be fired yells and passive and i feel this way i. yeah president and the vice president might cancel like wishes i couldn't be merry if let's just be clear heartbroken and furious reading about the attack on just the smallest i want trump and michael lunatics to burn in hell homophobia existed before trump but there's no question that since he's injected his hatred into the american bloodstream we are less decent less human and less loving no intolerance no d.t. i've been vocal about the situation and my love for just c. and his entire family i will continue to hope for the best for everyone involved
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and things continue to unfold what's miller did was wrong but the big problem isn't the point two percent which are hoaxes is the hate crimes which have risen to twenty percent since trump took office and legal and media analyst lynell thinks stories such as this host amazing cases you can tell by my excitement and effervescence aside from being one of the most hilarious cases of idiocy and sadness it's a wonderful kind of us of story line on the mainstream media how they don't let the facts get in the way of a story our mainstream media will create something where they have done something or not if you do something in your lie we overlook it if you don't do anything they all lie and create a situation even though you've done nothing we don't have the facts we make them up
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like the mainstream media news do as well it's about a narrative the facts and the truth have nothing to do with it get with it what you want take somebody who is an obvious defendant turn him into a hero make of the statement about homophobia even though the group of amun of the case is based upon falsity. thanks in synthetic throat what a country. trump has branded bernie sanders crazy after the seventy seven year old and outs his bid for the twenty twenty eight presidential race trump also urged his supporters to make sure they dig deeper into their wallets the fires of solvers. crazy bernie has just entered the race i wish him well what's crazy is that we have a president who is a racist a sexist as xenophobe and a fraud socialist bernie sanders raised six million in twenty four hours now
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i'm calling on you to crush that number he's scared and he should be help us send trump a message in a language he's sure to understand make a ten dollar donation to our campaign to. trump has made a point of taking swipes at socialism some of his policies though according to people resemble exactly what he's attacking. america will never be a socialist country. action will help americans tradition from welfare to gainful employment this is becoming more and more like a soviet side of the condo me here common sense deciding who's going to be granted wave is the most songs in the administration figuring out how they're going to
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sprinkle around. this will be a big week for infrastructure i have to say stupidly spending seven trillion in the middle east it is now time to start investing in our country. protectionist government persian supplanting the voluntary transactions of markets and the allocation of wealth and opportunity is socialism for the well connected. or us radio sort of one coming shouting believe trumps anti social a stunt some out of political posturing. dark summers it is a hypocrite i mean he is i mean he is a devout travelers capitals of the of the worst kind you see right now he's bringing in the war drums to go into predominantly socialist country venezuela you
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know no doubt you sort of there are mineral resources primarily the oil reserves they have more people and it's a good thing more people are starting to become more educated for a long time the word socialism that the term was was to get to know how to deceive people you know saw socialism as the devil itself you know so he's speaking to constituents did it he believes are dumbed down that he's hoping our dumbed down. there's hope and continue to be dumbed down and he's speaking to them and throwing out these catch phrases. the u.s. has announced plans to maintain a peacekeeping group of two hundred troops on syrian soil beyond the planned withdrawal of pentagon troops from the country this spring the statement came off the recent phone call between presidents trump on his turkish counterpart recipe for one of the leaders discussed security in the region there are currently some two thousand american troops in syria in december trump what else the withdrawal of u.s. forces in the country pullout though now seems less than certain it should be formally
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announced some time probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate. but i want to wait for the official word no want to say too early we have one against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won time to give our brave warriors in syria. a warm welcome home you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of ice and see a resurgence you know you're going to come back if we have to. international affairs commentator jonathan steele and journalist mike rather you think that internal divisions in the u.s. are preventing a full military withdrawal. trump a center left on what two hundred forty two hundred person force and sort of the pentagon and the state department even parts of the cia would like to continue
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they're going to have the national security adviser john bolton was so sure of the change in the goalposts all the time to find a new reasons for remaining i think it's just typical trumpy it is sort of this is my playground. the parents don't agree with him so he sees no need to resave. side is two hundred but calling them peacekeeping troops keeps the. contingent of them in the country and obviously majority viewers know this is a legal occupation or ability occupation of syria the recent incident syrups one trump is doing exactly but on a slightly less scale at least reduce or so. president trump is due to meet the chinese vice premier for trade talks according to the white house though they won't be discussing plans to drop criminal charges against the chinese technology firm hallway this comes after months of u.s. pressure on the company over spying allegations. i want five g. and even six g.
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technology in the united states as soon as possible it's far more powerful far stone and smarter than the current standard i want the united states to win through competition not by block ielts currently more advanced technologies a presidential memorandum dating back to october says it's imperative that the u.s. becomes the global leader in five g. technologies just a couple of months later the u.s. started piling the pressure on her way saying it posed a threat to national security the chinese tech giant rejects u.s. claims that its products are used by beijing for spying in december hallways chief financial officer was arrested in canada on washington's request the white house is also urging international allies to ban who are way from their five g. networks. well under pressure australia new zealand and japan have already brought in restrictions against the growing chorus of countries including france and the u.k. are challenging the u.s. on this point always found meanwhile says he's actually grateful to washington for
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helping to make more people aware of its products. first of all i would like to thank them because they are great figures five g. was not known by common people but now these great figures are all talking about five g. and we're becoming more influential in getting more contracts up to now the u.s. is just panicked about the technological advancements of china i mean what's really been happening over the last ten years is the u.s. has in fact fallen behind many parts of the rest of the world technologically and the attack on our way has just been evidence of a kind of a panic and i think it's interesting that this comes at the same time as a little bit of reduced pressure on the u.s. trying to trade talks it's very possible we're going to we're going to see an agreement just coming up to five thirty am here in moscow join us again at six am
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for the latest global news headlines stay tuned if you're not international. twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer here to put it but i mean you know i live with to do it through me in the new bill is that i'm spoiling you to the full the ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty forty. two to ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. led
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. worth way way way way welcome sure exactly the night this is a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. i bring you tonight more on the largest corruption fluffy headed mainstream media outlets however weirdly enough you will hear about it from our own government accountability office that's right we have a division in our federal government called the office of inspector general that is supposedly tasked with preventing illegal and inefficient activity each office includes inspector general and employees charged with investigating for all of the ways to buz embezzlement and mismanagement of any kind now that quote is from wikipedia which also states that i'm
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a founding member of the mexican band los needs most. like. you laugh a little too hard to. when i say i was i was awkward i wish i was in that band but their quote about the office of inspector general would be actually has that right so you would think that this office might have something to say about the twenty one trillion dollars of unaccounted for spending at the pentagon like you would big one employee might go on board and be like. i just saw a guy. who works in his name is randy but is not of course on board he he i just saw him walk out with like a trillion dollars. in his pants. and sends a stack of one trillion one dollar bills would be this is true sixty seven thousand eight hundred miles high those would be some crazy plans. is that a trillion dollars of unaccounted for spending in your budget you just have this
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image. well here's the thing whistleblowers have come forward and not just a few over a thousand of them in three years when i go to bed bugs at a motel six they are everywhere all right so i wonder how the inspector general handled this here's directly from the government accountability office it's the majority of civilian and contractor and sub contractor complaints closed by d.o.d. inspector general in two thousand and thirteen through two thousand and fifteen one thousand and ninety four of one thousand one hundred ninety seven or about ninety one percent were closed without investigation overall thousand cases of room cries all against whistleblowers weren't even investigated and that's just from twenty thirteen through twenty fifteen and that's just the employees who had the nerve to stand up and say something about the wrongdoing or corruption at the pentagon to raise their.
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