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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 23, 2019 9:30am-10:00am EST

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syria. propaganda when i asked birmingham university about awareness of u.k. defamation law professor lucas tweeted sorry i can't chat i'm with some folks from off gone right now they say hello to you and your buddies has that russia has propaganda hash tag syria so far we've not heard from the u.k. media regulator ofcom about wednesday's program but scrutiny of a different kind was levelled at british t.v. interviews this week of a so-called isis bride trapped in arguably rented stay close by to resume home secretary such a java joining me now is one of the world's greatest human rights lawyers geoffrey robinson q.c. geoffrey welcome back to going underground just before we get on to other things what you make of the child abuse summit it's the top and the pope is the top and boy does he have a problem because there's now so much evidence out there that child abuse was in demick tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of children have been abused by catholic priests and even catholic bishops and so i think the first thing the
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church has to do if it really wants to be serious about this epidemic is to end the idea of brainwashing children at age seven into confession and communion the other religions of the jewish faith wait to thirteen or fourteen to inculpate young people so i think the basic reform if it's not to win celibacy and bring women into the church that would be too radical but the basic group who used to spare the brainwashing indoctrination of communion and confession until the young person is old enough and maybe confident enough to resist and to appeal if they are subject to rape. well we'll obviously get comment from the vatican on that kind of
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suggested reform let's move to a story that is because at the top of the headlines all week we actually spoke to president assad's advisor who said that. it would be good if the syrian government was to try the so-called isis bride. and stand trial in syria raids ring her up or do something very nasty to her if you don't agree she should be tried in this i think it's cruel and inhumane first of all he forgot about a child the child is british born before nationality was taken away. the child can come back to britain and action on the child's behalf can be taken to bring them out the back but i think the courts are sure to return to him secretary's decision so why did he do it measured to her state i should just say that his revocation of citizenship according to the job of the secretary of the
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child could be separated from the mother maybe that's a policy that's another act of cruelty you know i think the he did he tied her own wrong legal advice or because he wanted to appear tough he's a candidate for the tory leadership once mrs may disappears down the black hole of brigs it and that makes him with the. right we know the conservative party say the so-called mainstream media in this country is now quoting polling results i'm sure they would write about it so you don't really favor a medieval justice but they keep telling us about polling vast majority of the population want citizenship revoked and indeed the media is seems to be without yes we're doing this all pose a question of whether we should see should be a matter of the judge after hearing all sides and hearing. of circumstances not for
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a newspaper editor or for even for public opinion otherwise we would have had the death sentence so i think the important thing if we believe in the rule of law is to bring her back into view prosecute well for joining a prescribed terrorist organization that carries up to ten years in prison and to leave the judge to decide what sentence to pass. up to hearing the mitigation which undoubtedly would be that she made a mistake at the age of fifteen as a child if the secretary says this is nothing to do with any leadership plans and becoming prime minister of this country this raises the public good that he's mentioned could this teenager threaten league systems and united kingdom is nonsense it's quite interesting there were a couple of very unfair interviews unfair and not ethical because they were done
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immediately after she'd given birth no one is in the state to to give an interview and of course she got things wrong but there was one good fair interview a few days before by the time and she made it very clear she said she was glad that isis was being destroyed because of its corruption and oppression that she herself had witnessed so if that's her state of mind of the it was. then i don't think she's likely to be any danger and that's a matter to be assessed after she's sent well an enemy of isis president assad you believe that he should be tried at the international criminal court yes i think the evidence is wife by the way does
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a british citizen as well an extraordinarily his wife who's an accomplice gangstas mall. accomplice of a man who's committed we could crimes against humanity retains the british nationality mr java doesn't suggest the she should lose it and this pathetic teenager is has it taken away. because you favor quite a few people being taken to the criminal court. what are we going to do about the for the isis fighters i mean they're guilty of aiding and abetting genocide had to be use e.d.s. and the christians they go to your crimes against humanity killing civilians. and so forth barricades what's going to happen to the eight hundred or so. isis
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fighters in turkey. doesn't want them the kurds who have the main custody to welcome donald trump is claiming they should be sent back to europe and . changes right in that sense that they should be tried in some way they've got to be punished how do we punish them we can't execute them because international or an european law doesn't have the death penalty the answer may be to try them as a drug blocked in the hague in the international criminal court so that we get a new room. judgment at the end telling us just. isis started just how it committed these hideous crimes over a period of four or five years. favor prosecuting all these developing nations people living today they'll be as. they're all from europe the eight hundred from
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europe but fighting in the developing world yet fighting in the middle east for a barbaric would you know your macro should be tried in thousands of being injured they're using these. grenades the l b d forty is on civilian populations. has been used nine thousand to three thousand injured as he said t.n.t. against civilians why don't you want micro only european in the hague but i don't think he's given the order. to injure anyone obviously under french or if any policeman injured is another demonstrator without due cause they should be prosecuted no i don't see a problem that it's not a persistent brutal crackdown on protests on drug to kill seven well if there was an order to shoot to kill or to even to be top demonstrators who were not violent then obviously there is a crime under french law ok well venezuela. we had professor present as
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a human rights expert on saying that britain who is acting and the european union and the united states has been acting illegally under. the un general assembly resolutions recognizing one venezuela yes. that he's right in principle about but recognition has always been regarded as a political decision not a legal decision so that even though in international rule. remains head of state he won the election made partly because the opposition decided not to stand because they feared it would be rigged. at that may be the case but that. the legal head of state. european countries which america refused to recognize him doing
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that as a political act not as a legal leg even though ignoring international law let me just quickly get to your client lula in brazil is in prison what did you make of of him getting another thirteen years in prison i think it is. there is a mentality in the judges. why determent no matter what to keep him in prison sort of the bold. has a clear run would have beaten both. last year in september before the election he was leading him almost double the vote but the judges against the over the united nations the united nations human rights
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committee said good. campaign and he must until his conviction by these biased judges is considered by the supreme court you must be able to stand as pres and brazil a new to simply ignore that jeffery rhodes and thank you after the break should more m.p.'s be excommunicated from the labor board judge. chris williamson and the head of tomorrow's apparent central visitors like to raise a major. piece. of going on. sixteen.
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isis fighters. boarding a philippine naval ship. still don't know what's waiting for them. there she will. be here to tell you what she has. just. can't make it out. of the mind. as night follows day all paper money becomes worthless and that's the history of
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the last three hundred years and gold has survived and now that client is synthetic gold or new gold or gold to point out except that it is has properties that exceed those of gold well see that now starting to gobble up as this enormous black hole in the currency space all free up money will be converted into a big point the dollar the yet the shackle the drachmas that they're all going to go in to because i. thought of who is the liar who will accept the idea of course this will be ocean without by this notice they're going the board of the six to seven with your was it about is it's got to go or we are going to be slipping i underline the snipping and go one step at the elysee i underline which means that we will be living living in
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it define one is did situation before it is light or will find itself now you go to your wish i was the north you're welcome i think i was very clear. welcome back france's president probably has other things to think about today another demo in paris and thousands injured in the deadly yellow vest uprising but for other european leaders egypt is on their mind more specifically the egyptian cease. i've driza may said you will to attend a meeting in sharm el shaikh that she wants to use for bricks it if she appears there it will have been essential according to the u.k. foreign office because the u.k. foreign office advises against all but essential travel by to or from sharm el sheikh but ahead of this proposed essential bricks at meeting she repeated accusations by british labor party m.p.'s that labor was anti semitic i never thought i would see the day when jewish people in this country were concerned about
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their future in this country and i never thought i would see the day when a once proud labor party was accused of institutional anti semitism this came after an anti called an israeli lobby linked labor m.p. resigned citing jeremy corbin's alleged anti semitism something you deny is anti semitism has no place whatsoever in any of our political parties you know in life you know our society. mr ellis be quiet so the speaker had to intervene sophie brill is the u.k. house of commons amidst defections from labor and tory parties to a defacto new york on the liberal center now accused of racism in opposing the un report on extreme poverty in britain driza may double down on her attack on corben what do we see from his labor party finance and his friends is random the united states and how they can turn their hero churchill ok not. really
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bad and will be spinning in their graves that's what the right on the old gentleman has done to our once proud labor party. we were mad at him tell it to our country for our international viewers hatton refers to derek houghton a livable politician just readmitted and then suspended after being thrown out of labor for refusing to implement thatcherite cuts sadly and van credited with universal health care also supported the malaria mergence either killed thousands in southeast asia but what sort of parliamentary party has your recall been precisely. and over since he was elected twice as the leader of one of western europe's largest socialist movement joining me now is key corbin parliamentary ally chris williamson m.p. chris welcome back to going underground quite a week for labor so it's emerged this week the party that you have been in it is the parliamentary labor party have people like angela smith in is there to apologise this week for after accusations of racism we knew the moon had to apologise previously for calling working class people trash or appeared to be
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calling them trashy apologized what sort of party is the party that you belong to well those views are utterly unacceptable obviously you know they have apologized for them chuckle when he was still a member of the party and the smith now that she's left but i think that your parliamentary qualifying is important to remember and i always make this point that the parliamentary labor party isn't a labor party it's a very tiny proportion of the labor party less than zero point four percent in fact of the total membership of the party and the democrats i believe that the you know the grassroots members that make up the party and that's why i'm so supportive of the notion that it should be down to members at the grassroots level to determine who they want as their candidate going into a subsequent election so sitting m.p.'s in my opinion should face an open selection pro why did it take so long you've had members that are now in this independent group who plainly were not liked by their constituency labor parties but look it's not a matter for jeremy coburn as leader of the party so much of the conference the national
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executive committee majority sits on the national executive committee but we are a democratic body of the labor party and people find this difficult sometimes to get their head around that you know jeremy isn't this all powerful individual who can decree a course of action and then it happens we have to go through a democratic process and this is something that jeremy supports but i come back to the point the key thing is that labor party grassroots members should have the right to an open selection i'll go past elections at the moment but we we do have a what's known as a trick about any scenes or two to trigger a contest. so in those circumstances i think it's right and proper if members are dissatisfied with their sitting member of parliament if they feel that some of the views they've articulated already acceptable then they also have the ability to choose someone else if they were possible you've been campaigning or well i've got to come back to the point that it should be down to the members at a grassroots level in the constituency there's no policy to do that but there is a me now that the the truth about a system has been changed which makes it easier now for members gushers members in
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each constituency party to have an open contest if they so wish and it's also remember that joan ryan and several of the other piece who've left the party failed a vote of no confidence in their constituency and it was pretty obvious i think from the the the chances of them surviving every selection contest were fairly slim and so they probably jumps before they were pushed in reality they deny that absolutely and say it's about policy i'll get on to policy in a second but. so until the kind of reforms you're asking for in are implemented we are literally talking about the fact that you go around talking of the two against austerity well having people in your body riddled maybe your bertie with people who can join them a subaru use the tory who defected to this well sterett he was absolutely necessary i don't have a problem with well i think that is revealing the true colors of some of the
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individuals who left the party if they feel it's ok to get into bed with someone who thinks that you know the austerity period that we've witnessed that the coalition government were a positive thing for this for this country it kind of reveals that they weren't really subscribing to labor's values and these little surprise therefore they were so insistent on opposing my campaign for open selections because i think if grassroots members of the party had given the right to determine who the candidates are. i think it's highly unlikely that people with these questionable views will survive the selection process and i always make the point you know because sometimes people say oh well you know the leadership leaders paula men terence and so they need to speak all the truth to the grassroots members i see it these are the way around because it's a grassroots membership who are in touch with reality they're in touch with what's happening on the ground in each individual stitchers the up and down the country and it's them they should be speaking hard truth to parliamentarians this is
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a real danger and we people talk about the westminster bubble that people do get to live because of the way to get can get a bit detached from reality and we have this terrible spectacle didn't we in the period when ed miliband left her home and took over as the interim leader when the the election leadership election process was was in full swing when the welfare reform bill came before parliament and of the four candidates standing in twenty fifteen for the labor leadership jeremy was the only one who voted against the rest of them went along with and they were whipped by the leader at the time to abstain from it this was a piece of legislation which was going to cause even great a hardship and was going to single out women in society the vast bulk of the cuts were going to fall on the shoulders of women so there's certain irony there for you know the leadership at the time and that was there is no doubt just shows how little has changed since jeremy corbyn to google earth about right because i mean i
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think the policy agenda of the party is very different radically different to the gender of tony blair goldblum and certainly miliband as well and ok well one feature of all these desertions has been apart from anti-semitism because it's usually entries so music has been the charges leveled against your party but it's because a very unfair charge and we're only going to look at it as a position of fighting racism ever since it was founded we stood with the jewish community in the one nine hundred thirty s. on cable street resisting. well most of these fascists i and jeremy and many many others of my generation were very active in the anti nazi league fighting the literally actually in some circumstances fighting the national front and you know we have no truck with racists with bigots of any form of the labor party got a proud tradition that's not to say there are isolated examples but any bigot any racist any on c.c. by has no place obviously has no place in the labor party a bit like i was asked to to accuse jeremy called baby of they speak us he's
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a man who spent his entire life fighting racism and bigotry and he was elected as a leader the first thing he did was to go to a rally in support of refugees that's a mark of the man in a well obviously if that may be the case but we haven't communicated itself out to the public and yet ruth george is on the committee you're in parliament has been she's been on this show she immediately apologized for suggesting israel might have something to do with the breakaway labor m.p.'s they are labor friends of israel why did you have to apologise and you all just basically scared in jeremy corbin's put it well i think that there is a degree of of intimidation you know that people have been subjected to but also i think people don't listen to many of you i think well nobody is intimidated me but you know i get a lot of flak you know because i do stand up but i can understand why people are reticent about putting the head above the parapet as it were never course you know in ruth's case so many doctors thought the reason why she said what she did and why she withdrew those were wrong when i do think it's important that we were trying to
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use our words carefully we try and be as sensitive as possible because the last thing you know labor a true labor member and certainly labor m.p. would want to do would be to upset and hurt people we invite her on the show but you say you know there has to be a sensitivity mike gapes one of the other leavers said basically corbin is wrong on russia to make a lifelong labor politician. one hundred eighty degrees wrong on all of those actually. and there were there was some revelations i think it was lost in. unimpeachable source and suggested that that was indeed stage management or jeremy was suggesting in the arts and indeed in the script whole case and so on the same will assess that evidence i mean clearly this is totally unacceptable it polling what happened to the scruples and sublets absolute evidence about who's responsible who's behind it and let's not have any need reactions and as for venezuela of course will look again mark is completely wrong will base because we know why
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venezuela i mean they've made some wrong turns no doubt about the government i think they would acknowledge that but the reason why venezuela is in the position that it is is a number of races one the oil price collapsed secondly the the economics up it's always at the elites in venezuela at the gates and thirdly the extreme violence the right wing forces have meted out and that they are. burning down government buildings warehouses to store storing food and so on when the been trying to intervene to try to address the the shortages and so on then of course this is then been further exacerbated by the us sanctions started with a. look at all of those you know share those opinions by the breakaway breakaway people on syria this country has not been talking so much about bricks that little even least but symbolic as i says runaway bride teenage well you make of the home secretary deciding to play into the challenge of lead player playing to
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the right wing galleries play it playing to the tabloid press is going to sort of a kneejerk response you kind of makes him look much show until for as if they really you know taking firm action but you know the truth is i mean it tony bennett wants to talk about the it's often thought crime until from the causes of crime we could kind of apply that really i think to you know looking at while people radicalized and this young woman was fifteen and she was a child and she still is a child really now british citizen i think we have a responsibility you know it was a nation and they. the truth is that as i understand it it's that the syrians would like to try it in that country and of course if we abandon her in that way she could potentially face the death penalty chris williams and thank you and we'll bring you more about spoil monday when we speak to president of syria bashar assad's move your advisor talk about famous or about.
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came here where did you work before you came here when you live. in many u.s. states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race of his own spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to
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resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. and this and. i'm just not i said. so there was a building also up. in the him a ride down a new question about a highway and i. looked. on the hood of the little guy we. don't want to talk about the money i was talking about. something you didn't really. want to our mystery just. thrown up on the. art of
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a shuffle stem and we have. gone and will. feel better when the one thing you know will be. shot out of the h. so i don't fall for this i know of the. road .
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that is why i entreat spy to gas prices heston stripes things in life eyes in the big surprise to the bridge the people would have with colombia demonstrates. to let us say through what he faces could also consign weapons. gases foghat mass demonstrations in albania where thousands of rowdy gets government corruption that however some western governments all condemning all position led private tests as undemocratic and we speak to a general pension of being evicted from the flats he's lived in for.


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