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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 23, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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over all thousand cases of room cries all against whistleblowers weren't even investigated and that's just from twenty thirteen through twenty fifteen and that's just the employees who had the nerve to stand up and say something about the wrongdoing or corruption at the pentagon to raise their hand to go yeah i'd like to risk my job my career and maybe even my life to point out there you have other al capone look like an amish schoolteacher. almost twelve hundred complaints by whistleblowers over three years that's a whistleblower every day a whistleblower ignored every single day trying to take that into your head every single day seven days a week at the pentagon a whistleblower comes forward and says they face reprisal for blowing the whistle on fraud or abuse then the inspector general ninety one percent of the time
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responds oh ok yours is a form to fill out once you're done all that up you did to me all with that and then handed back. journalist david de graw a rose for april twenty twelve to march twenty sixth t. and they found in favor of whistleblowers in only point nine percent of cases the project on government oversight said the d.o.d. inspector general substantiated only seven out of thirteen hundred complaints received seven they say seven sustained reports how is that a dog lose how is that but every channel what you want to have if you focus on what . you want a. case you need a reminder the pentagon recently failed their first ever audit and it got less mainstream media coverage in the fact that meghan marc. frailer baby bump all right
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. i only understood one word in that title but there's a sense i do understand a whistleblower is ignored at the department of defense every single day and the other part of the fence is bad allow me to show you the intelligence community inspector general they substantiated only one reprise or replies all allegation during a six year period stretching from twenty ten through twenty sixteen out of the hundreds of gazes winded they substantiated one if i didn't know better i would say the inspector general doesn't even want to reveal corruption. so where else can whistle blowers go well then go to congress for help right because if there is one institution that will not stand for corruption. congress. but even going to congress has proven difficult on nov first of last year senator
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chuck grassley issued a press release announcing that the cia had monitored communications between whistleblowers and congressional staff in twenty four teams grassley said it took him more than four years to get the incidents declassified some whistleblowers turn to congress but the cia is spying on them as they do it this is like that stings song every move you if you are watching you know i believe it was called an ode to stalkers. according to david de graw the cia was able to stay one step ahead and manipulate the process and they ended up effectively countering and shutting down the congressional investigations and these were the few whistleblower complaints that were actually investigated to begin with here's the actual memorandum from the inspector general's cia security notified me that they had conducted an inquiry prob did by routine counterintelligence monitoring of. government computer systems
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as a result cia personnel obtained e-mails between our executive director of whistle blowing and congressional staff it was routine monitoring of computer systems we just had. to read even whistleblowers communiques into congress we were not dedicating sketchy now that's like some dude taking up skirt photo and then saying it was just routine photographing all the yes that happened to point up her skirt no continued i am concerned about the potential compromise the whistleblower confidentiality and the consequent chilling effect that the president monitoring system might have on intelligence community whistle blowing. is concerned that maybe spying on whistleblowers could hurt their confidentiality and good possibly create a chilling effect on future whistle blowing of course and well you know that's all
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part of why you did it that's why you did it thank you thank you thank you thank you very much yes this is like saying i create a stocking effect yes the. drug cartel hit man saying i'm a little concerned that killing that last police import important informant in front of you it might create a chilling effect on your future desire to rat us out. whistleblower is ignored every single day the pentagon the department of defense the intelligence community out of control in spending an invasion of privacy in their last for blood in oil and they are accountable to no one and the delirious useful idiots like your cheese brained mainstream media won't talk about it meanwhile thousands of whistleblowers are trying to come forward it's about time we started listening how many of you watch the thank you. a.
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welcome welcome my kids alex the new from behind still a long time senator and time traveling wizard bernard sanders says now and he is running for president again. this announcement was met with a lot of excitement people are just thrilled to see how the d.n.c. will feel if this guy. i'm on the edge of my seat could it be the new loyalty oaths that allows the d.n.c. to block any potential candidates that they once or could it be they're well known collusion with the mainstream media or perhaps rigging the same completely
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unaccountable computer voting machines we've had for a generation you know who maybe the d.n.c. will just poison the candidates they don't like in order to cause what doctors call a d and seizure. whatever it is the next two years are sure shaping up to be a wild and fun miscarriage of democracy. of course it won't be as wild and fun as the senate report on trump russia collusion that has discovered zero trump russia collusion but don't take it from me here's n.b.c. news after two years and two hundred interviews the senate intelligence committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the twenty sixteen election having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia according to both democrats and republicans on the committee damage senate report on from russia carlos out of your one job. and now i'm going to. send back all those nasty dolls i bought i thought.
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i thought there was going to be a blue chip investment i really did. but as corrupt as trump is which i remind you lovely people almost every week i have remained pretty certain that no clear collusion would be found because they lose in takes intelligence guy on the ability to keep a secret none of which trump has. he's got the guile of a cocker spaniel humping a tree stump and the intelligence of that tree stump. and big thank you lone clapper. and me i knew they wouldn't find a breathtaking conspiracy because a year ago robert mahler indicted fourteen click bait farmers in st petersburg for posting an image of jesus arm wrestling with satan. i'm not kidding that's really what he did and were indicted those people i was like oh my god this guy's grasping
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at straws he's indicting like by farmers and this would be like if someone told you they were in mazing honner and they were going to help you kill a bear and then they showed you mounted on their wall head of a hamster. right here we see that. this guy's voice. but have no fear as we americans continue to bicker about nonsense and spectacle the world continues to melt oh sorry that was the wrong emotion for that. was try that again but i have fear as we americans continue to bicker about nonsense and spectacle the world continues to melt away better yet children around the globe have started the hashtags school strike for climate campaign demanding climate action yes kids across the us have joined europe in schooling adults on climate changed. i mean this is disgusting this is just another
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it's gross it's gross shout out. to. these twelve and thirteen year olds they don't know anything about life far i think they should sit this out for another ten fifteen years wait until they become jaded and cynical work at a job they hate pop out of view of knowing children they regret and they're right and when they're at that point think to themselves. i'm not going to go to a protest the world you're going to die or something that's the way to do it ok. here it is this. really hated miserable of dollars should be leading these climate protests not children who have hope and dreams are what they're nauseating enthusiasm and the ill informed believe that we as humans can put our differences aside to create a sustainable world gropes. kids take that energy and creativity you have and
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channel it into war important ideas like how to weaponize foreign aid all right that's what our leaders have done to us a idea supposedly for an agency of our federal government but really a regime change tool is mulling the idea of training aid workers as special forces but by the way don't get confused as i was when i read this special forces are not teams that compete in the special olympics ok. my first thought when i read this was that it is not cool to drop special olympics athletes in war zones i mean just because they might be good at the allusion doesn't mean they can take on a hardened mercenary with a thousand yard stare. not cool but no special forces means mothers with big guns. because that is what every country really wants from us right dude's carrying coloring books for the kids and assault rifles pointed at the adults. america back
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to what we teach our kids to call or. write. they say. it's one of the footnotes of the declaration of independence just like the term special forces this government report is filled with beautiful euphemisms says they'd like to quote consider the role of existing or new implementing partners as potential force multipliers for rapid expeditionary development teams yes force multipliers why do you just have foreign aid workers helping people in poor nations when you can have force multipliers blow some up you know listen up other countries your aid workers are no match for our grand aid workers ok. this idea fits all right again with all our long term all american question can we stick a gun on that. goal in iraq is to send peacekeepers can we take
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a gun on them. gamers who will bring aid packages can we say good on those aid packages that well when the hearts and minds of the native population and we do go in on those hearts and minds at what we do you don't know do we have guns we have all of them are part of again ok here's describes what i feel and trillions of dollars from the american population to not have semiautomatic assault hearts and minds. is all that shows really burning standard don't get in their projects and disarm our hearts and months where we go to a quick break but i have a lot of comedy shows coming up just because they. want to get the details and the bill for years to be added later i was a. me
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. for my dough from sixteen months honestly did you know. just far under. isis fighters and boarding a philippine naval ship. but not for me ned. laughs. just aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them. vs what. you and i do not feel. about how to pick it out why don't you. come to.
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the. best posters survival guide post a single malt to the store and simply travel to see. you should still be comforted and back. after. all it's no. repatriation scheme for the rest of seventy years. philip a seventy year old sky's report. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the multiple different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think.
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i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways and such like here. in the us lead people by is no good keep the slime view or smear the focus on the best of you so he's the one to get what. you see in the film was not present for the most good moment. for the believe me. you know my mom. you know shame when you don't let us. know what.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. ok you are some taliban officials are set to meet next week and cutter for peace negotiations many are calling this potential withdrawal of troops too quick and hasty because we've only been there for seventeen years. push it ok it is just it's our forever war lord down we have only. a.
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week which are talk about peace it's impossible right now the war is barely old enough to vote. or more importantly by a six pack or pay for sex. we've only spent nine hundred billion dollars in afghanistan plus i do have faith in these talks because the taliban named a team of negotiators including five former guantanamo bay in me really yes these peace talks are going to be awkward. if you like the running into an extreme force fed in mordor border for twelve years you can't make eye contact after that. see we've got a complication complicated relationship with the taliban this was one thousand nine hundred seven secretly negotiating the pipeline so the real photo yes that was. a little text in christmas and then went all over lation ships it had its problem you see. now we can say hey abdul you look great have you gained weight since that
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prisoner exchange in twenty fourth it looks like you never went on hunger strike we can say something like that yeah so. so illegally detaining prisoners of war has come back to haunt us you're saying you have to admit we were different back then we don't torture now we've mature settle down and raise tiny predator drones to use against our perceived national security for. these five are dangerous taliban leaders hardened killer. years ok one of them was dangerous the rest were imo secretaries for the organization but now that they spent twelve years that get no we made sure that they came out hard and killers. and if the taliban who spearheading this peace process hardened killers did you hear me say that. yeah sure they're trying to remake their image and present themselves as semi soft killers watch this. to sponsor the wall sort and enough of
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a son who made this mr salazar to his team that we want that we do with all of your forces from afghanistan but if you want to be friend friend we do in future so that the americans should come back to afghanistan and work with us in the abilities and in the because section of understand well if he's speaking honestly it sounds like he's really offering a bit of an olive branch to a friendship that can't be the taliban they obviously just kidnap sasha baron cohen . good question listen to this american colonel who actually served in afghanistan take a look at this just read a report this morning that part of the taliban taliban goshi a delegation of those five individuals that were released from guantanamo bay by president obama and to me that just makes me sick in the stomach and it should make every single person to serve the sacrifice of afghanistan secure the stomach's. see the colonel is right if someone offers you an olive branch you throw up all over it
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. and then you find a creative place to stick that olive branch in your enemy. you know that this could be an opportunity for you. afghan people to live without war and look people say the problem with these talks is that it's not inclusive of other afghan people and won't secure rights for women and minorities but the problem is that the taliban has the upper hand and we're going to look really bad like we lost a war. they have control over how few of the country where we still have fourteen thousand troops and in chile invade iran we have no place to put them there when you. say ok it was always going to remain the banks that were once too big to fail are now even bigger correspondent natalie mcgill took
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a deep dive and brings us this truth. i just love the presence of a community bank the free pens the free lollipops and it's mobile ads would show was even the banks president stays connected with his customers it was very depressing if you're. going. to members of congress say they like community banks too especially lawmakers who are part of a bipartisan effort last year the pass the economic growth regulatory relief and consumer protection act which became law in may and so senators like mike craig of idaho telling the act as a way to remove regulatory red tape for community banks competing with larger ones there is very very. little in this bill that reaches to the mega banks or the
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bigger banks unfortunately when it came to telling the truth about the bill senator craig bo was full of his own last name. because it actually raises the threshold for banks that are subject to an amstrad military standards from fifty billion dollars to two hundred fifty billion dollars this obviously benefits the stadium banks banks with over fifty billion dollars in assets and big enough to have a stadium named after them who can't read stricter regulations with less money to spend on keeping up with regulations that assess their risk management there was even more money to spend on mergers and big banks wasted no time all right it is the biggest bank merger we've seen in a decade sun trust announced a new sixty six billion dollar merger of equals this morning the new company will become the sixth largest bank in the u.s. our clientele demand what are called real time so that sergeant bergdahl what they
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want wednesday morning right here right now the only thing happening in real time is the sun trust wondering if he can really handle being this evil. or if he forgot he locked his kid in the car these type of murders result in increased wealth for c.e.o.'s company layoffs and a further consolidation of banks which for smaller community banks to close the complete opposite of what lawmakers claimed they could spend it why didn't anyone warn us what happened this bill will increase the likelihood that american taxpayers will be on the hook for another bailout oh that's right senator warren. of course it was a woman who told us something was a bad idea and once again no one listened just like when marge simpson said building a monorail in springfield instead of fixing existing infrastructure was a bad idea.
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in the case of this law that mob was a bipartisan group that included thirty three house democrats and seventeen senate democrats who voted for it including senator jon tester of montana and now former senators joe donnelly of indiana and heidi heitkamp of morphic ota who according to the center for responsive politics shot to the top of the list of senators receiving money from the financial industry in twenty seventeen gathering over four hundred thousand dollars and as community banks continue to close or consolidate because of this law it's clear lawmakers never thought of its impact on roll america they never thought of its harm to local economies. they never thought of what will happen to the commercials. welcome the first consolidated community bank if you're looking for a great low interest loan to buy your first car or
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a line of credit to jumpstart your local business then too bad because we're close right to take the rest of these free pens tell your kids we have a good lollipops in the back room the whole time you know the house and citibank. the day saturday may kill redacted tonight. here are your headlines from the future in one week you'll read c.n.n. anchor clearly struggling to make slightly expensive kale in venezuela supermarket sound like crime against humanity. and two months from now. man can't believe good housekeeping is only magazine left in pentagon whistleblower waiting room. and big news this coming august international confederation of children's. seed from poorly run
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a don't want all. that hard feelings you want my standup comedy central really can feel me if you guys are right there are five cats great and i feel. very proud moment to. join me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this list i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. and the list on. my hands is that i said. this is your money in.
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stocks so there are other bills go up. and they have a mission but then i. was on the phone with up a guy we. don't want out of the money i don't want to worry about. something that really. mr he just. told us with. a shuffle stem and we have been. calling the well. you know but i will offer them you know what. i want. a while. so what i do you saw. this i don't. think. that's far right parties obsess about the do. danger is down presents to the
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western lifestyle some islamic scholars are concerned about the opposite are no advantage on argues that good muslims don't step up their game within the next twenty to forty years islam may vanish from europe are those fears really justified . in twenty forty you know bloody revolution two to the demonstrations going from be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no war here i mean your list. is full of needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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reuters vehicles on the venezuelan border with colombia as they try to break through. president. united states. more than eleven thousand. yet again for a fifteenth weekend government. we speak to.


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