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this sort of correlation that washington was trying to create and want to so it actually produced zero results it has no value whatsoever out of there want to do focus attention and shift attention from it being the source of conflict and the region to shift attention that iran is the sort of tension and the region which is totally untrue the most serious problems that the whole middle east is facing is actually there is the latest threats toward the region israel has occupied sinai the golan heights by this the number three south lebanon and so on so without ending the palestinian israeli conflict you're not going to go anywhere with the solving the middle east the show this is one secondly we know that it was a show of money did not attend to france didn't attend russia did not attend the ballistae knows what in moscow so all in all are lucky united states was the one to do is simply a show there for a way out of not that enough interested in football fortunately as we are
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interested in serious issues still united states vice president mike hans has set that to war so summit marked the beginning of the new era with benjamin netanyahu breaking bread was an arab leaders do you feel sort of betrayed by your friends here well look they go but i'm fucked over between us and out of companies is that a lot of peace initiative that obese initiative is the guy didn't lines for that abyss that i literally actions which explicitly states that is that i should withdraw from occupied territories and a lot of normalizing relations with this has not happened and therefore i think that ups should not be that is not us should not betray the at obese initiative the so it is a war to sort it out about it it was floated about it money out of countries who didn't at the end and those who attended this it explicitly that this is not going to be a very expensive buy this line this is a. bill and other other issues for us but is somebody we said that well i'm going
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to go we were hoping the companies should know about them but each of the out of companies was actually basing its got a position on it's better sort of entrust within that regional complex but by all means this is not the way to hunt the middle east issues that way to husband it is that the top be sufficient there because the guy declines for everybody the palestinian leadership has no trust in the united states as fair mediators in the middle east peace process anymore trump now is promising to roll up the middle eastern deal of the century in april what are your expectations of this deal. first of all there will be no deal because the deal needs above not of the palestinians autum up but of notice to up the because of them to tumble is initiating one secondly this deal is going to people are dead because we don't know the content of the deal that only talks about a state in gaza that doesn't that doesn't and if it was sixty seven borders that
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doesn't refer to. by two or three that doesn't deal with the policy not if you g.'s that moves the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem the american embassy that is using blackmail to kmiec and missile to try to push the by the scene a suicide and to accept their base the peace initiative or do they i thought i'm better ideas that is not going to happen so for us we have spoken loud and clear our voice was loud and clear and our president has explicitly stated that we are them of going to be bought of the do this deal and until now united states has not found them not in europe i'm not saying that i see your point but there are speculations in the past that the deal may include washington's recognition of its two resilin ascalon to how science capital is that happens will you trust the united states with a mediate
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a role again well look. for us it is very explicit that we need an international conference that is based on international law the man issue for us is to respect international law to respect united nations resolutions that is one secondly our president has called for and the national conference thirdly united states has always brueggemann to be a biased broke up and fourth important issue that what is needed from united is this is to build confidence with the palestinians before united states. is submitting its i. dia's when for this building measures it means that they have to do you can said out of jerusalem as. they have to go back on this issue they have to all but the washington be a law office and to resume funding for another one as well as other international
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to get this saw the palestinians are waiting for one thing that is building measures from washington the united states has criticized palestine many times for stalling the peace talks how science chief negotiator sadie katz says there have been forty meetings with the u.s. representatives in twenty seventeen alone why don't americans have an impression that college students are not interested in peace are palestinians actually styling at all those little well i mean this is very unfair accusations we have been and this process since october thirtieth one thousand to one since my confidence the peace process that we have engaged in it was up and down and all of the time we had with engaged we had meetings three meetings with president obama four to seven meetings with john kerry we were engaging with president clinton we want to get in with president bush the son the father and so on and so forth on the contrary by the scene as they never out of it shall now with the faces of from these serious
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negotiations and now without accusing us of this thing go away from the negotiating table at a time when the how big they think the shots united states is taking unilateral measures against things that has been good between us and they say let's let me give you example jos i live is a negotiation issue between us on this level with the signature of that is that i is they say it is accepted that there was a limb is a negotiation issue that israelis have accepted that if you g.'s is a negotiation issue that israelis have accepted that sixty seven border is on the table so that is that is us on their side as they have accepted all. all of these things and now president but i'm been saying the eurozone and this is off the table that if you just as off the table not of france was sixty seven borders so to most of that it will stay there out of taking both even thought of ahead than the body of a right wing government and its allies so therefore it is not we who are staying away
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from that they believe it is united states that is that won't by the seen as those that are not out of here and that once there by this thing and do only signed the deal we will not have your president president abbas called for establishing an multilateral mechanism for conciliation this time not led by the united states however it didn't look like europe was too excited about as a concerted effort to mediation why do you think i mean can palestine hope to get more traction for this idea yes simply yes because in the end up with this conference two thousand and three it was agreed that and the national conference should pick this and more school it didn't happen the friendship that i do have an international confidence. the united states attended john kerry was there but not on the whole didn't didn't come there says it didn't come no for us the most important side of the story is that the international confidence that president
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abbas has a spoken about is that on the table there are some european countries who are saying let's wait for a romp initiative the moment it is dead then we will make the other move and i think there are a lot of set up on the european companies that are out of the reader but a betting some idea as to call it the boss but i'm fairly out of ideas that might emerge from europe and here i called up one the russian federation to really take the lead on this issue with china with some european countries because we have to have it for the moment that i'm been issued they've declared a. i suppose time has long insisted on a two state solution but in september twenty eighth president abbas reportedly brought up the idea of the conflagration with palestine israel jordan is this is a sign of things to come of the direction that the debate is about to take isn't time to look for outside the box solutions well look this is systematically
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destroying the possibility of a palestinian state which means systematically destroying got was the solution which does enjoy an international consensus one secondly it is it is the state of israel that is pushing things into a total deterioration what does it mean the palestinians and israelis and palestinian muslims and christians there. about six point six million but it's the indians. i'm there about six blind five million jews and historically by this time next year twenty or twenty that by the studio this will be fifty one one six but a song over the top of will be additional by this time so i thought it would be is that i accept the idea of this sort of ocean without by the sea knows that on the border that is over six to seven with your was it about is it skeptical or we are
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going to be slipping i underline the slipping into a one state and yet at the i underline that he had it which means that we will be living living in a de facto one the state situation and therefore is likely to will find itself neither jewish as they claim not to be awoken i think as their claim and therefore what does this mean it means that it will become by de facto and about by the state and by de jure and about by the state because we have to take a short break right now mr a stay and sorry i have to interrupt you we're back we'll continue talking to hama just i am president mahmoud abbas's advisor discussing the middle east peace process and the roadblocks that's facing stay with us. from.
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syria when a pullout well doesn't mean a pull out also venezuela how's that regime change going and the box story you know this breaks it and much much more on this edition of crossfire. joining me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i. speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be. the two going to be prosperous like the four three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the lawyers in the. sydney. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. we shall. see.
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and we're back with mohamed ishtar yes president mahmoud abbas's advisor discussing the arab israel attentions welcome back to the show mr ben i mean that's one yahoo is a hard line leader who's base is to the right of center among the conservative more militant israelis do saying the ideology that his appeal rests on will let him actually give something up to palestinians i mean will his voters and ministers and army general friends allow him to do it. no they she was not with out of their will allow him or hope their usual himself is not permitted to give anything he is not giving this is all what i eat this is our daughter to do that is ok by netanyahu has been given the chance in two thousand and ten he had meetings with our
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president at the state department and the presence of secretary head of the couldn't and then he had meetings with our president there sharma shit and the president has to go bach and then he had the third meeting with our president at his house and with generals on him so all in all he had all the opportunity today to proceed and make progress with this he never did and i think that he has and i don't know just and his that affliction of light winds for society that is bleeding out of it right wing government and there is no bottom that it is for us with the presence of miss that enough money oh so you think palestine should just wait for a change of leadership before any peace hopes can be realized enough this is suddenly because we don't have to wait for somebody who is going to be declared it and south africa i think that the national community should book pressure on its lead to move we should not wait for a no q biota to end its occupation there has to be a serious and got a shot by shot in order for him not that he will submit to the end of national will
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that this mission should end and it come up continue to do pressure is economic political and the out of so many means in which that the national community has brought about a tide system in south africa on its knees and it was ended with international pressure that then you know should face the same thing talks between hamas and other palestinian factions bought no tangible results and bringing all sides consensus can any agreement be reached with this rally well there's no unity in the palestinian ranks. well they show is not related to unity because the split among others has been since two thousand and seven so what about. says the wizard in which there was no space between ninety ninety three and two thousand and seven there was no there was no progress and so therefore i don't think that of course the does the heart of the palestinian cause and people who will come on the glim look you know but as you know it's not
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a divided with whom are we going to talk but the palestinian liberation organization to be a law is the sole legitimate that a prison that there will be the palestinian people whether and gaza in the west bank and bora everywhere album as in our president he talks on behalf of the be a little with this that i adore the agreements has been signed with the p.l.o. so if that is that it is already for peace we ought to do the problem is that they find justification and excuses for really not and dig the occupation that has occurred and i want to go to court in ninety six or seven would have asked has been tightening screws on gaza cutting salaries to former government workers in the street and slashing funds for electricity supply from israel to gaza that's on yahoo has been accused of us of choking gaza i understand that he's measures are aimed at pressuring hamas to disarm but i mean people support for the group is as strong as ever this is mean mom would have asked his measures are in a sacked if. well look it's very unfair to say that the palestinian or thought
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he is actually putting all of these sort of things that he has in fact is that it is who is putting the siege it is like that has been since two thousand and seven until today that has been really closing off gaza for the un totally there is no movement to people if it is going to allow. the stadiums out of the gaza strip even to come to the west bank we welcome that if it is going to allow trade between the west bank and gaza we want that by the state doesn't get a lot of people off there a lot of set of the measures that have been taken and now these measures are to just sell it as has gone from fifty votes on to seventy five got a son and now it's going to be a totally different story so that we should not really shift focus from who is putting guns than going to see it is that is that i live measures that has been there since two thousand and seven and all it does is see jd the palestinian author
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of is not really settling does orbiting doesn't want to see the because of the end of the day we know the conflict with house is political we will not put. measures that is going to cause harm to our people these are our people who elected bunch is not something that we do we of course we want to consolidation to happen because the split is not in our favor and do we the only way for us to end this is that is by dia log and by agreement unfortunately many agreements that has been signed it has not been yielding simply because of regional factors and regional others who don't want to see this but have seen in unity happening including just like i say there hamas leader mahmoud out zahara has accused people linked to sata trying to track gas into another war with israel by firing rockets from the strip how can you respond to these accusations i mean. how masses and full control of gaza fatah has
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not offered in gaza how is it us want to before the security situation in gaza this is something which is that addicted us because when the bought a scene or thought he was in gaza there are these people there were firing you know rockets on is that i am saying that this is and then ever for assistance why is it now that if somebody else is throwing brokers it is why it becomes doing it do you know. how. to conflict this is really something that is not understandable and it is not the product the most important thing is not who is going to push goes the people in gaza out our people we want this conflict to end we want this to end and therefore there is not only one way out of this misery over gaza which is the palestinian unity one or thought of the one one machine gun one goal and that's the only way out if not then we go to elections we have said if our
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model forum and of course ideation is not acceptable to hamas and if how much his model for that of course that action is not acceptable to us then let's go to the people let's that affair out of the whole issue of the people live there but as you know the people decide through a elections and decide who is going to run the affairs of that but as the the people we are ready for that we had it before the elections and we are ready to go to morrow for elections the moment is that allows us to have a ticket actions in jerusalem and allows us to have elections in the gaza strip so one does moves only makes things worse i'm in the logical question here is how can . hope to gain any foothold in gaza sits willing to treat its residents this way and then according to december poll by the palestinian center for policy and survey research it snap elections were to be held hamas leader would have left president abbas way behind. well look i mean. we know what obedience
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bombs are about it does show that fatah has in the lead it does show that although opinion as well as that i consult and see and so on i am on board of this organization that you are referring to the end of the day as i said they show is not about a billion dollars they sure as that if there is a when there is a way we want elections to take place we are all saw asking european capitals to put pressure on israel to allow us to have elections in jerusalem and i hope that they shall with how much will be settled that hamas will really come to ground and accept the idea of going to elections very soon so according to some reports flowing in after the u.s. led conference and more so under trunk so-called deal of the country of the century the gulf states would bear the brunt of the costs of gaza's restoration would you welcome bearing volman them in what hamas welcome them given how close it wants to
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become with iran now. well look i mean any assistance for gaza is welcomed by us as long as it goes through the legitimate leadership of the palestinian people the legitimate of the but is the no authority as long as it goes through the offer shall join us we welcome that because the end of the day as i said earlier these people are our people but if this assistance is going to be inclusive with political with. does for certain countries that's a totally different story then it becomes a manifestation of the split and other than here really very consolidation you know i recent report by middle east media research institute says the relations between the two palestinian parties are now at the point quote where each side is saying that the other no longer represents the palestinian people that's a direct quote how the palestinians feel about this in your opinion and we do that
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well do they feel represented by any of the parties at this table can the whole affair result in an intifada against hamas. well the distinct feeling for this assumption is the opening of bowlers is the. boxes saw and instead of claiming this and i think that we challenge how must accept the idea of elections we ought to be for it well to do good without and we will bring democracy back into action for there by the scene of one of the crowd you know which is very important to us too to keep this sort of emotional thing embryonic democracy that we started with it should not die down one second and go to the issue is that these sort of claims clam on the counter claim it does how them ballast it doesn't really help how much as it doesn't tell about it but it was in the you know this government is the judgment this government is not legitimate the other end of the day that i shall community will say to hell with both of them
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and we should avoid that and i think we should be honest once a bit and say that this is that is how do we go out of people the way out is that a consultation is not discredited each other on this issue but we know also that it is that the judgment leadership president abbas has been elected by the people there be a law which president abbas and also that is the sole legitimate that are present that the will of the but as the people which is that it could not is by all by this the indians which is it or not is by all out of companies which is there going now is by that the national community and united nation so if that is us that then go thought of the there is a unity and to be a little all right thank you very much for this interview and talking to mohammad to stay and nicer to present who would have asked discussing tensions between israel and palestine and ways to deceased and that is it for this edition of susan constantine next.
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the be. good. mood. when i was a child small seemed wrong wrong when all wrong just all. the world to get to shape our disdain to come to the ticket and engagement because betrayal. once and many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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when lol make this manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the room in clusters can protect themselves. when the crime and merry go round lifts only the one percent. going all middle of the room signals. million real news. oh. i didn't think the numbers mean something they've mattered us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent world market those thirty percent some would four hundred to five hundred three per second per
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second and fifth when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know ford commit one and only boom box. what is do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among this somebody even proven innocent enough to years on death row and how many more exonerations is it kind of take before we as a society realize that this. this is not working and we actually do something about
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. all my dough from sixteen novels. by the. isis fighters and boarding a philippine naval ship. but may not call me ned now ninety dollars. dollar still don't know what's waiting for them. to. be near my family electrician .
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or pick it out of. the man i'm the one. for going to do the things that need to be done to make sure that the venezuela's people's voice that democracy reigns and that there's a brighter future of the people of tibet as well as washington says it will take any action necessary to ensure what he calls a transitions democracy in venezuela at this bloody violence between pro and anti-government protesters shows no sign of abating also to come a referendum seems to gridlock and now reject plans to relocate us minutes from the base from one part of the japanese islands to another but locals fear it will happen anyway. the.


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