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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 25, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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decisions themselves many parents have been saying that is just not good enough they're describing told they don't want any such topics to be part of a mandatory curriculum and have been saying that it's up to the parents to educate their children their children on such issues. we have grave concerns about the physical or psychological and spiritual implications of teaching children about certain sexual and relational concepts proposed in c. and believe that they have no place within a mandatory school curriculum that's part of an online petition that was signed by over one hundred thousand people which in itself prompted a debate in parliament earlier today here in westminster where we're debating really the extent of this problem with questions about age appropriateness with questions about the scope all of this will be taking as well as how it would all end up working in the end. will the law provide the parents still have
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the right to do all these policies those the good was taken to get to the for example the religious schools i don't blame parents for saying they want to up their kids out because this has become so divisive and so polarizing that they cannot see a way out without any of attraction mechanism. sense decision in reporting for us from london many thanks indeed that roughly is up for this news hour drama for the latest in thirty minutes. time after time here we're going underground is a battle u.k. pm drazen may returns from bricks and talks in egypt coming up on the show is britain at risk of an imminent terror attack we speak to the president of syria's
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talk media advisor dr the famous for bomb about teresa mayes decision to resettle white helmets in the u.k. and this britain confirms there will be no post-breakfast trade deal with turkey or japan we speak to a foreign trade minister who did successfully sign a deal in time for the twenty ninth of march both the more coming up in today's going underground but first forget last night's also because as britain been acting better than any hollywood star acting in a way that will damage post brecht's it trade deals acting like it owns land to rent to the usa for torture and mass killing diego garcia lives seven degrees south of the equator in the middle of the indian ocean with all of the surrounding ocean species the local m.-w. are has plenty of opportunities for sailors to enjoy the footprint of freedom well today the world court gives its view on an aspect of what amounts to a very british footprint of freedom performance there's a deep in boston in the form of it's about the lions and ocracy this is
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a way in which the aunties were never told it was just action taken to remove the secrecy surrounding wilson jones or the secrecy surrounding what was. and. of course the ultimate secrecy of the way. it's been used for extraordinary rendition the leader of the british labor party is talking about a disputed us military base coming under scrutiny today by the world court as to whether it belongs to richard is not the u.k. level in the usa britain you see had a plan for the change go silence it was a plan that hinged on shameless exploitation over a five year period one nine hundred sixty to one nine hundred seventy three every single man woman and child was forcibly removed in secret from that islands are none persons been allowed to turn for the last fifty years to go see and have lived in poverty but why the purpose of the sonic station was to facilitate
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a lease leasing of the largest playland in the chicos archipelago vehicle garcia to the united states to allow the construction of an enormous military base the base that means to be. we know north and turn for the knicks in the chicos archipelago own dick spill in the people the u.k. government received a cash discount of eleven million pounds on plot us nuclear missiles yes the ethnic cleansing of an entire people is one of the prizes britain paid to base nuclear weapons in scotland it would be for u.k. pm david cameron to launch an inquiry into alleged torture permitted by a blairite labor foreign secretary now president of the international rescue committee has covered on this channel nearly a decade ago the u.k.'s intelligence service was given the green light by a former governor government minister to interrogate terror suspects in countries known for using torture tactics and that comes from information released by security sources involving david miliband who was britain's foreign secretary into
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a few months ago critics say his actions amount to sanctioning torture that's something miliband denies miliband on the anti jeremy corbyn side of things on foreign policy may not have been complicit in torture but today the u.k. seeks. a trade deal with india which participates in today's world court hearing it is of drool indian company tata that owns jaguar land rover which claimed that bricks it was behind its decision to sack for an off thousand workers india it seems though is not on britain's signed marcia's has been and continues to be the sobering mission for the chicos occupy india didn't support britain stance on syria iran and the voting with russia and china are indicating as strikes against president assad were illegal something on next guest agrees with all the u.k. media appears more interested in the alleged isis brides in syria well joining me now from moscow is president bashar al assad's top media adviser dr between the shabaab with a thanks for coming on the program will trump says he wants the troops back but i understand that there is evidence that u.s.
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soldiers have continued to fire at syrian soldiers they are not that. is in theory that claiming to be fighting terrorism up in thought they cause many civilian casualties. hundred tribute of sudan casualties you know i would like to offer one logical question we all know that russian air forces help the theory an army in fighting the terrorists that is if the uk and the russia stand again the thera's and syria that they fought and there sure has been calling on the us the core of the net then a fourth and fighting terrorism now my question is if the desha and the us are there to fight terrorism why doesn't the us accept to coordinate its efforts with that russian federation and they will be much more effective in fighting terrorism
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we know that the americans are. helping that terrorist. they have nothing i think there is that helping them that protecting them and if them if they are used in a few faked is every way of course the united states denies that we'll get government try to get comment from the us embassy in london but i mean there are attacks still from israel that have happened in the past do you think russia gave you the anti missile systems too late to combat israeli action from the south let alone isis in the northeast. down there champlain and then that rush on the ass they did a lot of defense force own need to defend ourselves i mean is it. committing against our country. that russian friends who had allies with that russian lab partners they updated our military capabilities you know that to defend
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ourselves against an israeli aggression and i can tell you about the last time is that my country russian. air force capabilities and the syrian that sit on air force capabilities which were trained by the shah and the set that over eighty percent of the missiles that were. that hit our country you're of course a media adviser what role looking back did media in the two nations play in this war because here in britain we were told your president was killing people and it needed to be overthrown and that isis and al-qaeda linked groups were certainly not being supported by britain or the united states thank you very much for asking this question because also you know i made the past and i would really like to tell you in total honesty you know not only as a means of the syrian citizen that the western media played it. very destructive
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role against the syrian people that's it and people didn't deserve the western media he lied on propaganda and the love they call an eye witnesses and there really did not investigate didn't check a new source of information and the know they they supported terrorists the white helmets are terrorists and they and then he said baby one into security council and showed by evidence that white had missed where supported by british government and money because government's money not only by andrew on the border a lot by donors but by british government's money and the united states supported terrorists in it than if and distil supporting terrorists in order to combine come not allowing syrian people children and families to leave addict and leaving them
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under the mercy of that there is and that's why it is shot in syria right to open to curry gourds for the civilians to leave every one come and go due to the areas where they can live safely and that the government so honestly i would our of all the people who went in in western media to just think you know that that the word they put it is not good that it could cost somebody their life somewhere nothe only in syria really would be anyone that was read some of the white helmets was on this program he denies any involvement in terrorism britain has just said the house to one hundred white helmet people in britain do you think they pose a threat to british safety i think all terrorism causes a threat to to everybody in the way that i really you know i am british if you
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created i lived in long. and for sixty years i consider it my second home although i am now prevented to go to put because they considered me a terrorist in all i ask all european come to america and that if you believe in global if you believe that this is a planet is the order you should believe that that terrorism you are supporting and sponsoring in syria we come back to you one day in one way or another you know in one way or another that they should care about with syria being empty of terrorism because that serves london it might sound thought reaching but it is the truth and i only ask you it to go undetected that website obama said daisy and see all the evidence she is as it is said. betty the suspect even journalist and investigator who spent months under a month and i live full and in many. following what the wife has misled and so she
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presented also have evidence in front of the security council nobody loves go on to her or to question but as you said you are on the british sanctions this to use sanctions list individually do you think britain understands the islamist threat because obviously your government is fighting is the biz and big we had claims here that anti libyan government fights is when gadhafi was head of libya. to link to the mountains to arena bombings do you think britain understands the threat level from islamist terror no i think they have done i think ny that rika know you had open or their american fast i don't think them their son the middle east that would put respect then their sons the middle east or through the oriental lists you know who wrote a lot of they want about the middle east and i don't think they understand the
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threat of fundamentalism because because they don't think. we are the same people and we belong to the same was you know this is a thug it is a colonial mentality that they believe they are supporting human and we are you know under them and so they don't think that the threats that are threatening us will reach them because they're different kind of people but that's not true we're all human beings we belong to the same word to the same of love because if they believe we are the same people they should europe and the us on the eve of a they consider palestinian life equal to a jewish life but they don't they don't condemn the killing of our people at all you know we had massacres in syria killing thousands of people no european country no american person other condemned massacre perpetrated by terrorists again
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these two men and children and they get a civilian and syria because here in britain we that it's your government that is responsible for those massacres there's a hollywood film marie colvin the patio president is charged with killing this journalist who i should say hi and you the question earlier we spoke about the pre-buy ground on the i think the valen and their hearts your government knows that it is not our president or the sponsor of a for this massacre and that they they and the americans and i don't know who financed and helped and hundred thousand terrorists to come to syria now i think the major dilemma facing them or where they go with these terrorist you know. i think they know deep down in their heart that that we are fighting terrorism and that there we are a secular country but they want a government that way is there that action that is that that's the issue they were
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they don't believe. in salford and think and defend them country they've done they believe it for themselves but nothing for us. they don't believe in that but the syrian government does deny killing this journalist marie colvin oh i love the one in my government deny the fact the knife the fact that alan you know you're a member there was a once in the wire of something called investigative journalism that list would not that i've something and things they investigate and they made sure about the truth of what that right thing about all of that i mean that they at the moment they were south in syria and this is you know you would have been investing to close american embassy close all of these stations pull their stuff away all the agencies pull their stuff away and this stuff get to depend on ambiguous voices whole lot paid by
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them to tell them whatever they would like to hear that is that this doctor with a mission ron thank you going to stop you that well from doctors about after the break plus coverage of a fishy u.k. trade deal victory we speak to the pharaoh islands trade minister on the agreement to raise a maize government did sign in times of brics it's in just thirty two days time elizabeth coming up about two going on the ground. welcome back we're still here with syrian president assad struck me your visor talked about thing to show we don't really hear about syria in news in britain we just hear about a particular isis brite do you think britain is right to revoke this woman show me
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a big british citizenship. she can be tried in the syrian quote you know i'm glad you are mentioning that the bride because as i thought of you i love in the. confidence and i have to search as home i don't have to name the whole what the frowns on the belgium and to britain and they cited more than. more than two thousand of these muslims coming from the suburbs of london and the france and belgium to syria and they have there they documented so many stories and they were laughing at the issue that the b.b.c. made such a big thing about the bride as if she is the only one and that if she's the head of one and you know if legally it is really this is approved by god and this is propaganda of excellence there should be heard about the poll that the of these people husband to go to syria why did they go to syria whole tempted
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them to work to syria what happen there should be a real journalism none of this way of doing things do you think that people like shamima begum should be arrested and tried in a syrian court yet i think if they were held and i wanted integrity they should be at us because they were an aid to the terrorists and they should be tried in a suit and coat of course but you have that if they were can you know what people do you have the death penalty that would mean that really looking at britain's citizenship and then could she be executed in syria if convicted of aiding isis well you know i don't like the onset hypothetical question but i would like to tell you without this what britain and europe and they might give states did course that penalties to hundreds of thousands of students at isn't of innocent syrian citizens in many villages and in many thousands and this is what i thought i knew that they cared about life in europe or in the states but they don't care about life in syria
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that over they have the. and people where needlessly killed in this absurd war that i don't know why they started again the city i don't know why the city i do against the west in order that to accumulate all this in order that to launch this war against my country i want to ask about reconstruction in a second i must ask you though to your knowledge any u.k. special forces in syria i suppose illegally you would say. i only know from the news that there were forces but it is forces supporting the americans not all of them not illegal in my country we did not invite them to come on the way consider that any force that came to syria without the invitation of the government is in the that force ok well royce's is claiming that the united states is trying
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to stop arab countries from reopening embassies in damascus who is going to reconstruct syria are you making deals with russia china india presumably not push bricks of britain who is going to be building syria game the ones who will visit syria again out of the syrian people you will be said of prize since the. ball was liberated since hum softly but if you would be said apprised of the amount of work that the syrian people did with their little means with their little money they have that of course a lot of friends would wouldn't be welcome but i shall would be welcomed china would be was come. it out and would be well come all the people who supported the would in that war would be welcome to help and reconstruct in syria another said yes a not to fifty cent or. invest is not open and city have a day you a opened its embassy behind an open it's
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a messy oman has its own but the open. i'm sure. to a one point or another that i've invested and that investors will be open in syria do you think the media will slowly learn the story of syria like it did of iraq and of libya the b.b.c. producer quoted on twitter saying that the attack in duma was faked to the chemical attack alleged to be by the syrian government if there is you know it is said show who will. review what happened in there what happened then leave beyond what happened in syria will know that that order what happened was done for this or and purposes from the ones which way to announce by the american government or by western government for that reason i mean could you believe it that in the morning one day you and mission. in the mosque was to. investigate
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became a kind of open that they sit on government with new chemical weapons in duma i mean i mean you know there's a provocative in arabic that says i'm out there so should speak but it is numbered person should think and decide you know i mean it's impossible for anybody to do that so it doesn't really absolutely obvious that that terrorist where they did not come to syria by parachute they have people who were planning things for them with financing them away arming them i mean you know a hundred thousand dollars and syria is a huge project with a lot of money and if there's a lot of access and then they are going came through this border you know it's not something that you all order or one person or one and you all can do needs capacities of countries talk about say to ship on thank you well while some nations lucrative contracts for the reconstruction of syria britain is turning the other
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way tourism is government has confirmed that there would even be a post. a deal signed with neighboring turkey that learned the economic superpower of japan after march the twenty ninth but one signed off post rex a trade deal trumpeted by the u.k. government concerns the faro islands in the north atlantic population just over fifty thousand joining me now is the man who negotiated the deal minister of trade and foreign affairs for the pharaoh islands paul mickelson joins me now via skype from the capital torch on trade minister welcome to going underground so britain keen to emphasise the trade deal saying the pharaoh islands is an important trade partner as well as switzerland and chile the big deals we've signed how difficult with the negotiations you know i don't think there were especially difficult. we did do that in the in the beginning when the pressure was a reality you put on the framework or us it was very important that we we were nothing expecting to have a very different different agreement that we end with the e.u.
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but the important thing for us well when the british it happened in that it was a hard or a soft one that we were we had an agreement because u.k. is there were an important market for us so we had to ensure that our export was allowed to keep on going as we had been doing before we're talking about total trade for twenty seven thousand figures two hundred thirty six million pounds a year britain's hundred fourteenth or something largest trade partner so basically your fish and cross station products will be able to be imported to britain zero percent tariffs and britain to send sell to the faroe islands at zero percent is that right yes with us formerly of a if you of if there is some special agreement but normally that's that's the basic that throughout a balance you try to to see that taxes are equal but in this agreement as well with the u.k. our fishing industry has of course of the main issue and other thing. on the table
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can be exported and there are quotas. no on the zero percent tariff ninety five tons of trout fifty four of caviar hundred sixty three is tons of colored coal fish take us and britain can exceed that five hundred forty five tons of shrimp we had have some problem with fish meals this year only thing which which we are not satisfied with the other things we haven't been able to to export to you kate before you have to look at it in the way that they have made a sheer which. are figured out with with a total export to e.u. and then they took a share how much each year were in their old e.u. . and that's the sum figure which we don't really have the knowledge of why they made that like that but that's what them the team of
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thinkers shisha at weren't able to to to or to put on the table we had to change the calders we have to do that afterwards so the e.u. has an influence over the deal even though the trade agreement is just between you and the post bricks of britain yeah it is it is like that that it is just a copy more or less what we are going to do with the u. as i told you the important thing for us was if it was an article or soft correction that we had enough we didn't have an agreement and the export will stop that was the most. thing we were nervous about we have an open market for them but they you have nothing open market for us but you did make a good deal over any dispute mechanism britain has to pay the cash if there is any dispute over a trade off to break that with the faroe islands yacking you can look at that but of course to our export into the two to u.k.
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are about eight hundred million. and of course of the other way around and there's a living a lot of millions of people there and the market in the first fifty thousand people and it's difficult for us to have a balance but the best still we are buying about two hundred fifty or two tree and the mood then from the from from u.k. and i i do believe if you look at it another angle as i told you about that for the story of history relationship between the u.k. and and try to widen has been better before they were a member of the e.u. than out our closest one neighbor and i do believe that there's a growth of the possibilities in the future for us when they are independent and can can do we arrange intervention or agreement there is help obviously our biggest
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trade pot there is russia what about if britain support sanctions on russia will that affect the trade you know with us and the rest of the it yourself that is the foreign policy and defense is not exactly what we're doing and it's a good reason for that the issue is at the moment we are responsible for trade and we have never. met in walled sanctions and boycotts with any country we could do what we are we have to do we living here in the middle of the atlantic and we have to sell our products and we try to to their surprise our our our brother the market also based on that we for some years ago were very much poker that by the e.u. and so for us we learned a lesson and at the moment we diversify our markets i understand about thirty percent with russia just finally because because the british govern. just saying
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that what arguably the most important of the most important trade deals is with the pharaoh islands given we've only a particular chile and switzerland i don't know it was what do you see this burgeoning relationship between britain and the faroe islands after bricks at what what what you british people know about the faroe islands they might not know now. as well. we could see the two michelin stars you had one before and one more because this is something which is where we are neighbors so for us coming into their families and they will be independent and more more need. more part of us than they have been when they have been a part of the journey to foreign minister thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday eight hundred nine hundred years since the founding of one of
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the largest socialist movements in western europe the british labor party. us vice president mike pence means spending self-proclaimed president in colombia where he arrived to announce washington's plans to resolve the crisis comes after a weekend of violence triggered by america's attempts to deliver aid which is being rejected by. the un's high school has demanded the u.k. and see its control of the chad go silence as rapidly as possible and return the territory to militias.


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