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russia's security. the united states is mobile troops for a military intervention in. the country's natural resources. and they're willing to go to. the british prime minister. only. britain. is. coming up on the program. a lot of. people
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the president the electoral college. the small states from the tyranny of the big states i think it's unfair to most voters because. the way in terms of these. are your tuning in from right around the globe this hour a warm welcome to our two international my names you know our top story russia is warning that the u.s. is getting ready to intervene in venice we topple embattled president nicolas maduro to washington has only thrown its support behind the third president. stopping sanctions on officials and government and inviting others to follow the lead the secretary of the russian security council says that u.s.
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troop movements to colombia to puerto rico are precursors to a military invasion with more here. and since the pressure on the van as well and president nicolas maduro is mounting as the u.s. supported south nominated candidate one why don't vouch to bring him down even as well a colombia border has recently become quite a hot spot and ongoing standoff as the u.s. has decided to deliver humanitarian aid. in as well and colombia claiming that the country is suffering from a humanitarian crisis on the other hand venezuelan president has rejected these claims saying that this delivery might be used as a pretext to enter the country and now russia's security council has shared duros concerns by saying that deploying troops and special ops forces to puerto rico and
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columbia washington is getting ready to intervene in vain as well and topple its leader this is what the secretary of russia's security council had to say on this matter. sarcasm and arrogance towards the new zone people the u.s. is preparing a military invasion of an independent state transferring american special forces to puerto rico landing u.s. forces in colombia all the facts indicate the pentagon is strengthening its troops in the region to oust legally elected president. people understand this world reaction their refusal to accept the goods from the aggressive country and support the president well the secretary also added that the u.s. has offered to hold a meeting on the situation and as well aware the russian side and moscow agreed however these meeting never took place and it was rescheduled using different
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reasons for several times so while russia's security council as well as been as well a warning of a possible u.s. . military intervention washington as well as a self nominated candidate one dot have never ruled out of that particular possibility moreover a guy doll recently said that it is time to take action and the other day he also tweeted that it's time to make a decision and proposed to the international community to keep all options open within a culture of it while the warnings from russia come shortly after president maduro cold at the u.s. for preparing to wage war over venezuela's vast oil resources he blames washington for storing discontent in his country the united states wants venezuela's oil and they're willing to go to war for about oil they are trying to fabricate a crisis justify political escalation and the military intervention in venezuela.
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his words come members of the so-called group gathered in colombia with opposition leader one going to go to discuss the venice willing crisis the bloc of fourteen countries is sending an appeal to the international criminal court demanding it consider the humanitarian situation in venezuela with an eye on what they call the duros criminal violence against his own people the vast majority of the lima group byock. the u.s. vice president was also among the attendees. well mike pence was speaking to the lima group in bogota colombia about the crisis in venezuela now when he addressed the grouping he gave his full support on behalf of the united states to juan guede o. who proclaimed himself to be the interim president of venezuela furthermore he said that new sanctions against venezuela were in the works for individuals in the venezuelan government already been named by the u.s. treasury mike pence who offered amnesty to any folks in the military venezuela who
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would switch sides and come over to the side and he then offered additional funding to countries in the region that would go along with washington in its efforts to remove the duros today also it's my privilege to announce that the united states will provide an additional fifty six million dollars to support our partners in the region as you come to the aid of the venezuelan people fleeing from the deprivation and oppression of the material regime it's good people of venezuela she cure freedom we will go with you you go would go. now at this point the turmoil in venezuela has escalated in response to debates about whether or not to accept aid from the united states the united states is trying to bring in aid on the borders from of colombia into venezuela as well as
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the border of brazil now from what we understand there are supporters of the durlan opposition activists and they've been clashing with each other at these borders near the checkpoints at least four people have been killed there have been hundreds injured in the clashes quite a standoff and rather tense situation with mike pence in bogota condemning the venezuelan government calling one wedo the legitimate leader while many forces around the world are recognizing the elected president of venezuela nicolas maduro as the legitimate leader so a clear difference of opinion in the international community with the united states coming down squarely and solidly behind the forces that want to remove president nicolas maduro i just another aspect of this story out of the lima group held discussions around two hundred protesters gathered outside the colombian ministry of foreign affairs over the prospect of foreign intervention. for colluding with washington to attack venice we let the canadian foreign minister also heard her
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speech at the meeting interrupted by the activists. and maddow. out. hands on our faces while i. think you'll find that i think you know people are. well out of political civil tensions over venezuela ron paul political analyst chris bambery shared with us his thoughts on the country's future. what the americas are trying to do is put pressure on the military in venezuela to shift to the doura so far that hasn't happened the weakness of the do is position is is that unlike his predecessor hugo chavez face of the coup twenty years ago which as you call a mass movement that was brutal insurrection in caracas received to save him. no maduro is almost entirely on the army and the reason that kind of thus far we haven't seen this kind of mass movement coming to his aid so the thousand of those
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in one job or question is is what attitude the venezuelan militant will take is he going to continue support for the do and if that's the case the potential for civil war personally i'm cynical about the americans intervening directly because i believe the stomach for it in the united states of america puts the right course to libya and also the sight of american troops in any white american country brings back memories of america's record on that continent. breaks has just got a little bit more complicated bur with me we'll go through that british m.p.'s are not set to get a say on whether to rule out a new deal breaks down crush of the e.u. in a month's time or to delay britain's the parchin that dup the pens the vote will be triggered if the commons rejects the prime ministers break the plan next month will happy to say to explain that in more detail we go live to westminster on two artes poly poly trees in may looks increasingly cornered over this trouble breaks at the
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low she nods yes some people are saying she's been so new cared to into delaying at bragg's it says made an important announcement in parliament just now take a listen to what she had to say. first we will hold a second being in full vote by tuesday the twelfth of march at the latest second if the government has not a meaningful vote by tuesday the twelfth of march then it will be tabled a motion to be voted on by wednesday the thirteenth of march at the latest asking this house if it supports leaving the e.u. without should withdraw agreement and a framework for a future relationship on the twenty ninth of march third. if the house having rejected leaving with the deal negotiated with the e.u. then rejects leaving on the twenty ninth of march with our withdrawal agreement in future framework the government will on the fourteenth of march bring forward a motion on whether parliament wants to see
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a short limited extension to article fifteen. so for anyone who didn't catch that to reason may says that the government will hold a nother meaningful vote on her gregg's it deal a reminder of greg's it deal that's already failed spectacularly with politicians in the house of commons she promised to renegotiate it so far she hasn't had much luck but she promised says there will be a vote on that deal at the very latest by tuesday the twelfth of march then if she loses that vote then the government will hold another parliamentary vote on whether the house supports a no deal departure from the european union and that would take place the next day and is the first to resign may's deal and the no deal option are rejected then on the fourteenth of march the government would start the parliamentary proceedings to
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table a motion to see if the politicians in parliament would approve what two reason may be called a short and necessary extension of article fifteen so it would be about two months that britain's departure would be delayed by. if she'd want to come out she says of the e.u. by the end of may regardless now some politicians i think it was a veteran of the house ken clarke argued that a short delay would just prolong the sort of parliamentary chaos that we see now want to daily basis and would just put off ultimately that list said a deal departure by a couple of months but to reason may's point is that she doesn't want an extension in the first place she wants parliament to approve a deal and if there has to be one she says it's going to be a short delay because well there are some european parliamentary elections coming up in june and she says it's not going to look very good if the u.k. has to participate in those european parliamentary elections saying as they should
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have left by the end of march it's not a good look with voters here in the u.k. and generally something that she says she wants to avoid now this announcement that there will potentially be a delay is quite a climb down for the prime minister take a listen to how firm she was in her insistence that there could be no delay the choice before us is clear this deal all leave with no deal all the all no bricks it we couldn't choose to leave with no deal we could risk no bricks it was all before we can choose to nigel support the best deal with renegotiating this deal for as long as we failed to agree a deal the risk of an accidental no deal increases the deal we've negotiated is a deal that's almost a referendum on as a result of the referendum and it's the best you can do it is the only deal
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available. and just as an illustration of how fickle the world of politics is to reason may was rejecting the idea of a delay just last night when she was in egypt to doing her press conference at the end of that you arab summit in sharm el sheikh but over the past week she's been on that intense pressure from her own ministers in her own cabinet some of which are seen as remain as and they've sort of backed her up against a wall a lot of them have broken their silence and issued ultimately. an ultimatum saying that they would resign if she didn't say well rule out the option or they would resign if she didn't say that there could be a delay and adding to the voices that delay is a good idea was the council president donald he said yesterday that it's a was the only rational option in this scenario and jeremy call been the leader
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of the labor party the opposition party here he's challenge to reason may he's come up with a new policy and self he's finally outlined where he stands and he said that if to resume a manages to purse through deal as she's hoping which labor calls a botched plan well then the labor party here wants a consummate a republic vote so they would want the public to approve her deal series a may is saying that this concession of a delay to article fifty of britain's departure from the e.u. it shouldn't really matter because she's still hoping and saying that she doesn't want to delay because she's entertaining the notion that she will be able to get her deal through parliament tops off police thanks for breaking all of this or probably boy girl in westminster. moving on clean. it's killed hundreds of fighters
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from a customer group it's blamed for killing dozens of police officers earlier this month we've got the latest right after this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. theory dramatic to follow only. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to liberals in america they consider themselves to be living in. the masses and they're never wrong and they have the moral high ground and occasionally when their
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own policies are exposed as fraudulent then they are don't want to deal with their unmasking they bring in a max or william kristol to beat people up there. hello again we're really in foreign minister house all mix practically resigned iran's state run news agency confirmed. quit but gave no reason why he was key to the nuclear deal struck in twenty fifteen and the u. spokes person sees their position remains on changed the spite serif sudden departure here are some of the key moments during his five year tenure as iran's top diplomats.
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ten to one thousand and ten with those feces they can. put into perspective a surprise it in today's resolution can only be mind you don't you people of the story can just assume. these. are the. let's go live now to around and to political analyst side mustapha cuss
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chest somehow either side how would you say mr zarif how does he have how is he is five year ten year what kind of mark would you give him representing around the world stage. hello and thanks for having me well lou there is no doubt that mrs area is one of the best skillful diplomats throughout the world this has been admitted by various officials of different countries and everyone agrees with that but his expertise comes in areas of international organizations as well as negotiations and when president rouhani was elected to be the president he was given a mandate five zero there is to improve economy through from settlement and conflict resolution with the west and he you know with all these cards whatever energy he had in this you know area and he worked hard but after the u.s.
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discarded the nuclear deal and the europeans proved to be adamant to comply with their undertakings under the nuclear deal and pay the costs to keep it alive then rouhani started some on you know incomplete reshuffling of the cabinet with regard to these economy ministers and the street minister and trade minister but he didn't you know accomplish the task now it seems that mrs there it has come up with the conclusion that it's now time for president rouhani to be pushed to complete this you know replacement of strategy in order to complete the you know this alternative road which requires expanding ties with the eastern countries in the area of foreign diplomacy that includes china and russia and the economy ministers. who happen to be experts in an area of mobilizing national capacities and possibilities and developing national economy so i believe he has made
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a very smart choice here that u.s. secretary of state mike palm pale sniped on to reforest quote a frontman for a corrupt religious mafia what does that tell you about how washington might regard any successor to his. you know another thing more is expected from donald trump's administrations they are not professional you know diplomats and they don't have the character so you have professional diplomats they are not you know accounting for the fact that when iran has done all its best and complied with all these undertakings under the nuclear deal law even the u.s. is out of the deal why have they been you know violating the terms of the agreement that they have indorsed it's no good reason and no good excuse to say that it's a government change they are you know all responsible for the endorsement of this
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multilateral deal by obama or anyone else in the meantime they have found nothing further to you know show themselves to be on the right path otherwise this is the united states that has invaded there was this region it's the united states allies that of this chaos in the region that's what joe biden said once michael flynn also has a made some acknowledgement in this regard and they are not presenting any you know explanation a lot i have ruined this region why iran has been killing i still militants the terrorists who have been conducting terrorist operations all across europe so if there is anyone responsible here it's iran and its allies in the region all right the thoughts this hour live from tehran a political analyst side mustapha cust chesson thank you.
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to the u.s. states have backed a law that seeks to overturn the way people choose their president in the united states currently it comes time primarily to many states are won by a candidate as opposed to a one person one vote basis while calls for a change had been growing since donald trump's victory back in twenty six the ego or so that love has more. america a place that writes dates backwards has a really weird voting system and uses around four times more water than europe to flush their number ones and twos and if you think i'm going to talk about flushing here i totally will except not in the sense you were perhaps expecting the us voting system so far has been centered around the concept of an electoral college but there's a growing movement in america to send it down the drain and see what i did there the states of new mexico and colorado have backed a law that seeks to decide who wins the presidency based on how the majority of
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people vote making sure that people no matter where they happen to live. have an equal vote we all are last i checked the legislature and we do under the united states constitution have an authority to determine whatever manner we would like to point our electors if you're confused at this point you have every right to be in the us it's not about how many people vote for each candidate like in most democracies it is about how many states each candidate wins. every four years the people of america elect a president well they don't not directly they are electing the electors and the electors vote for the president that happens in every u.s. state the more people that live in a state the more electors they have so you just have to choose the elected pledged the candidate you like best if a majority in your state votes for the electors supporting a different candidate that will mean your state supports him or her to become president so it's not
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a popular vote which determines the president to get into the white house candidates need the electors to support them with at least half is enough mass two hundred seventy people to the future president doesn't really need a popular majority in fact the candidate could even lose a popular vote but still win with enough electors in the bag. this is how gore lost to bush in year two thousand despite getting half a million more people's votes and more recently that's how hillary clinton lost to trump so no wonder she's been one of the most vocal advocates to tear down the electoral college do you think the electoral college should be able i said that in two thousand i think it needs to be eliminated i'd like to see us move beyond it yes ironically for this to happen just like with electing the president laws like in colorado and new mexico have to be passed in states comprising the minimum of the same two hundred and seventy votes with eleven states in on this already there
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are more than halfway there a recent poll shows that the majority of americans also want to see the shift to the popular vote but the republicans are saying that this initiative will leave the flyovers states voiceless it is an attack on the constitution that will forever change our representative form of government it's your votes and your choices are no longer your own we are going to tie your representation. to what the other forty nine states choose us society's split along many lines and now the fates ovi more than two centuries old the concept at the hearts of how generations of americans have been choosing a leader is being added to the list. to another developing story india claims its hit a training camp belonging to a customer base terror group killing three hundred fighters the indian foreign secretary say as the earth strike was
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a preemptive attack against the giant group it was responsible for a suicide bombing that killed forty indian military police officers earlier this month pakistan say this week's incursion was a grave aggression by india on the violation of the line of control though in a mark on trust to india's claims the pakistani military tweeted that no infrastructure was hit and no casualties reported the strikes are the first across the border since a war between the two countries broke out in one thousand seven hundred one. where i get your news fix on the go with her up ready for dawn load no ups a little e free this is our to interest. when else seems wrong. but i. just don't.
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get to see. this day. and in detroit equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. it's the beginning of the week and there's lots going on and it's a good thing that this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm bart chilton in washington d.c.
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and we're sure glad you've taken the time to be with us coming up today are we on the brink of yet another breakfast breakthrough are the correspondent shadi edwards dynasty joins us from london to bring us up to speed and its fashion week and paris but the color remains yellow as in the yellow vests protesters are to charlotte dubinsky tells us if progress is being made with the latest from paris plus our domestic political movements the real remedy for addressing inequality joel burns thinks so he's the c.e.o. of hunger free america and he joins us to discuss also further u.s. trade tariffs on china have been put on hold at least for now is this a strong step toward better relations are to correspondent alex by hail of it will be here to discuss and later general electric has fought off its pharma business and the stock has topped the annual share of similar trading joins us to dig deeper into recent market moves all that directly ahead but first let's get some headline let's go. great britain on the edge of bricks that leads our global report today is
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prime minister theresa may reject for now at least a call from the president of the european council to delay the united kingdom's departure from the european union council president donald tusk earlier today told reporters that an extension of the so-called article fifty process for the u.k. to leave the e.u. would be a rational solution and signal that the e.u. would be understanding of an unnecessary delay at the same time mr tough seems to be pressuring ms made to show she. can line up the parliamentary majority behind any version whatsoever of a brick to deal much less specific demands from the heart brought to tears on her colleagues in the conservative party in a press conference today in egypt ms may affirm her commitment to a timely breaks that deal we have it within our grasp as i've just said i've had a real sense from the meetings i've had here conversations i've had with easy leaders in recent days a real sense that we can achieve that deal it's within our grasp to do.


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