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am. this hour's headlines stories. for disputed kashmir. the nuclear armed. escalates. one of the most anticipated. way the u.s. and north korean leaders try and make headway denuclearized. korean. sources tell. the u.s. military disrupted internet access in russia to prevent alleged election meddling
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during the midterms. just going four pm here in moscow this wednesday february twenty seventh a warm welcome to our to international i mean o'neill our top story. there's been a dramatic escalation in tensions between india and pakistan this video of merged which we cannot independently verify but is said to show a woman of india's two dollar and big twenty one fighter jets that is according to pakistan which claims it shot on the warplanes and it's a space for work we're under rested two pilots picks up the story. but what we have absolutely so we're seeing now is the culmination of tensions that have been building with more regularity in recent years and essentially things have now come to
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a head to the importance and consequence of how things play out from here is very significant not just because these are two very powerful countries but because they are a nuclear armed enemy is so if this does continue to spiral downwards this doesn't just impact the region this could have an effect on the whole while it's pakistan is claiming claiming to have shot down two indian air force jets and captured two pilots and says that its jets have launched air strikes in the indian territory a move that they claimed was in self-defense. pakistan is a responsible country and we don't want to endanger lives of masses we have you know retaliated to india all being done is just what irresponsible country does for its defense our message use peace and not the war now india however claims that these those pakistani jets had been pushed back this comes just one day after india claims it hit a militant training camp and killed a very large number of fighters from the militant group jayashri mohamad which took responsibility for that suicide bombing earlier this month which killed forty
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indian troops now in a bizarre twist pakistan rejected india's claim saying that indian fighters were confronted before they conducted those strikes on the training camp and actually just dropped four or five bombs in an empty field and then fled back across the border so what's making the situation all the more hard to follow is how the two sides have these conflicting media campaigns both sides are pushing their own narrative and so a single source of contradictory information online and in the news but at the core of it what is very clear is what we're seeing is the first of the first aerial attacks across that line of control across that delicate kashmir border since the two countries were at war and nine hundred seventy one now speaking in the past hour the pakistani prime minister imran khan has called for a responsible approach he said noting how both of them are nuclear powers they really couldn't afford a miscalculation love spikes in tensions over kashmir they have been up and down
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over the years a fresh wave of violence really took hold in the summer of twenty sixteen but kashmir has always been contested territory even before india and pakistan won their independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven let's have a reminder of the significance of kashmir. nicky erin speaking to me earlier we have being getting reaction as well from
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experts on both sides here some of what they told us. from the pakistan air false but i would like to see peace in the region because both india and pakistan mutely have their friends if we do not one of those two escalate to have mutually assured destruction because that is what will happen if iraq remain in effect for five action it's been different if the escalate into a full scale of all we had it would be norms barred but you see india took an action yesterday and pakistan are going to action today into allegations and shutdown of the aircraft i'm hoping that we let it go at that and be sit down and talk to each other and if india has actionable intelligence ah prime minister has assured even pig different action i don't know whether there will be no other response from india because there was a response and this is like a call to response which is oh it was part of the pakistani body see that if there is an attack on their territory day it will have to respond and seem to want to
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a nuclear powers country and leaders know the stakes are very high and we just can't afford a full fledged gone too late so the hope is that change for the not spin out of control and most of science was sort of kind of dead last of so to say and decide that. let's modi distractor and look forward to some other means maybe of doing the will. for my own means maybe to reduce the amount of the creed we can all be going on because. there are no winners and the military who are as we have seen so far. another big story of the day a landmark meeting is taking place between the u.s. president on the north korean leader donald trump and kim jong un our meeting in the vietnamese couple noyo i think it's dinner time the moment the key issues go on the agenda are a potential compromise on the d.
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the rise ation of the korean peninsula as well as the lifting of crippling sanctions imposed on. six us is in noir forests hi there are a bunch of take us through what's already happened we saw the handshake just a moment ago what is expected as well in the noise. will this is president to make peace with north korea the two leaders but really for the cameras and now are now having discussions behind closed doors the talks are made up of two rounds one formal dinner and one one on one talks before coming to vietnam president trump was under severe pressure to make a deal in the summit that comes after criticism from opposition back home not enough was made during the previous summit when the two leaders made in singapore. the first summit was a great success and i think this one hopefully will be equal or greater than the first we made a lot of progress and i think the biggest progress was our relationship is really
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a good one i think that your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited. i think if you will for the future of your country a great leader and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help with that. but we're trying to tweet out a potential for a deal quote saying. it would be awesome if they do but both congresses signed a peace that collaboration to symbolically end the korean war that conflict ended in armstrong is not actually a peace treaty back in one thousand fifty three which means that the war is technically still ongoing the agreement will effectively old will not officially and hostiles between the two countries and dramatically improved their relations north korea would agree to return more remains of the troops who died during the korean war and old soul. the u.s. was considering setting up a diplomatic office in north korea
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a symbolic move that could show the relations between washington counting are kind of getting warmer but north korea will agree to stop producing materials for nuclear bombs and it's a young young facility and perhaps in many others but in exchange the u.s. will push to lift the u.s. of the u.n. sanctions on pyongyang so it could pursue a more and a joint economic projects with south korea and the united states but again it's not clear that a deal exactly what expect to come out of this meeting yeah a lot is expected we wait and see what actually does come out of it of angelo sets os live in the capital of vietnam. ok ed brian becker from the anti war on circling in explaining what's north korea's seeking before giving up its nuclear weapons. no country disarms itself and its allies or with another especially a more powerful adversary so what the north what the north gran's are saying is let's have peace and then we can finish the process at least defining what the
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nuclearization is i think they will get rid of nuclear weapons if there is a guarantee that there's a new peace regime on the can eat korean peninsula that's the missing piece here and that's what they expect to have the american government come forward and say yes we pledge to end this war once and for all that becomes the catalyst for the new day i mean i'm going to pound of donald trump on almost all things but i have to say that if it wasn't for donald trump i don't see this process going forward donald trump has been the most invested. figure in washington saying yeah let's have a new day let's end the korean war once and for all let's normalize relations between the u.s. and north korea to the extent that he can oppose the headwinds that he faces succeed in overcoming them yes there could be a new day we're in vietnam there was a new day for vietnam when you were in the united states that can happen once again . it's another story we're closely following throughout the day the u.s. military has carried out its first offensive cyber operation against russia sources
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tell the washington post about the u.s. cyber command blocked internet access overseas to what they called a russian troll factory during the twenty eighteen midterm elections. we're breaking down the story for us this hour maria fanaa maria. yes hi you know it's is it is a very interesting story but we have to be very careful with that information basically what we have so far is a washington post article claiming that the u.s. military once managed to block internet access to one russian group known as the internet research agency on the day off the country's primaries november last year this group is believed by some in america and in some other countries around the globe to be involved in the alleged interference in the country's presidential elections back in two thousand and sixteen washington post is citing a number of officials all of whom spoke to the paper as the paper claims on the
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condition of anonymity and the paper also claims that they are all familiar with the matter it is also said in the article that that attack of two thousand and eighteen was of the firmest in what is supposed to be eventually a massive cyber campaign against russia that sounds quite scary let's take a listen. the operation merged the first muscle flexing by u.s. cyber command with intelligence from the national security agency under new authorities it was granted by president trump and congress last year to bolster offensive capabilities. needless to say many found this news here in russia are rather frustrating because if it was true and we still say it is because there was no any official comment or any official confirmation from the agency in question itself so far so if it was true it only shows how dangerously in secure cyber wise russia can be interested enough the news came at the time when
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this topic is highly debated here in russia on different levels earlier in favor of russia's state duma adopted the first reading of a draft floor as the digital economy a national program requiring all russia's i p's to ensure it can operate in a situation when russia is unplugged from the global network actually under a cyber attack some critics say that this is. the government's attempt to put more control on online life and they refer to this document as internet isolation bill at a time when the authorities keep saying that this is all about protecting the country's security referred russia's president vladimir putin talking about this issue had he had expressed his concerns let's take a listen. i think this will bring huge damage to the u.s.
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so not only economic but also political damage but he's also but for the special services sitting there gathering all the information about you but don't be afraid i suppose they will think a hundred times before doing something theoretically anything is possible so we should create such segments that won't be dependent on anybody. after washington post article claiming that they've darkest concerns and fears of russia regarding antonov security of the country mike told ready be a reality we all presidents spokespersons comment on that this is what dmitry peskov had to say. and they did not run much that mean you can you know in your intimate scene you need to. define different associates and you can make some point. but it's a more. substantive idea is it that we've made a mistake you know who those. associates is it's not which k.g.b.
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convinced that person in the premier to take you to what's going to kill him is likely to predict what see in them and. if anything you see as in the phase i get for the masses then they pretend that this isn't is this you think it was. too up in the d.c. . again you can say this is a very interesting story but it is very important to stress that all we have is and not soko opposed that in washington post citing some officials whose claims cannot be independently verified there is no confirmation so far from the agency that is believed to be a victim all that fiber attack so we have to be very careful with the information we keep you updated as soon as we have something new very much a case of watch this space in the recent ocean or to cross want to bring us the very latest thank you. violence flared
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once more now at the venice we let colombia border over the blockade of humanitarian aid venezuela's government says it is taking preventative action against foreign intervention. well truck loads of aid to have been a must on the border with colombia president maduro has blocked the livery spearing the vehicles could be carrying weapons the situation sparked a fiery discussion at the un security council but it is no perfectly clear that washington so aids was not resolving the problems of venezuela that is you know caring for its people would work for regime change including threats to do so by
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military intervention in the united states and the international community must support the venezuelan people as they strive to reclaim their deval crissy let's call a spade a spade we observe how london and washington are blatantly robbing a sovereign country trying to bring it to poverty in order to act within the framework of the concept of humanitarian intervention which isn't recognized by international law to change them desirable regime there and his cronies and some in this body claim that delivering humanitarian assistance is a political show and the cover for military intervention. but it is very clear only the madeira regime is using violence only the regime has called in both its security forces and armed gangs. the mom speaking on behalf of washington there is elliott abrams he previously served under ronald reagan george w. bush abrams was twice convicted of unlawfully withholding information from congress
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over the covert sale of weapons to iran to fund nicaraguan rebels in the one nine hundred eighty s. . on the issue of using humanitarian aid to provide weapons was brought up a un security council meeting by venezuela's foreign minister here's what jorge. to say. in here we also have trucks and let me tell you that when the truck was inspected there wasn't just food and medicine in the truck there was a quick one for bury case there was nails. this is what was in the truck nails wire when security forces inspected this is what they found we have information from friendly countries like cuba and russia that weapons are being bought in eastern europe to be given to the opposition with the aim of seizing an armed intervention in venezuela and meanwhile the foreign ministers of russia india and china have held a joint news briefing where among other issues they discussed the crisis in venice with the background all math here so that the tranquil. whatever someone important
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in the west behind them as well as self-proclaimed leader one tries to give you an impression the whole world is supporting him you should remember these three countries two permanent members of the un security council and another agent are actually global powerhouse india for them nothing has changed for them the elected government of nicolas maduro is still the legitimate power in venezuela so while the top diplomats of russia india and china are together and the chinese city of jenin i couldn't miss the opportunity to ask them for an update on their take on the latest stage of the crisis these are. the terms to artificially create a pretext for military intervention but the us is assuming the right to use force wherever it wants to talk all regimes which for whatever reason this satisfies them the us is trying to substitute international law with those rules so rich your own
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conclusions which rules have the americans prepared for the latin american region. shifa will finish well as problems are purely domestic in nature and this should be resold based on the country's constitution and law everyone should refrain from interfering in domestic affairs should. when it comes to important venezuela's neighbors believes that they should follow the example and approach of russia india and china and he believes some countries have already done so you switch it was brazil has announced it's not going to participate provides its territory for american aggression towards venezuela not from a single wants an american country including members of the lima group heard words of support for military intervention so it looks like we'll keep hearing a strong united voice from moscow new delhi and beijing when it comes to venezuela
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both when the officials come together and talk and also when their diplomats make it work at the u.n. twenty minutes past four pm here in moscow after the break the british police recruit refused to jump from being a heterosexual white male is next. i think the numbers mean something they've matter to us with over one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich with six percent of the world market goes thirty percent some with one hundred to five hundred per second per
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second and that one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know ford in the one and only boom but. hello again a british police force has been found guilty of discrimination after it rejected an applicant who is a white heterosexual male belts is the decision reached by an employment tribunal
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in northwest england cheshire police were in the middle of a diversity drive when they turned dollar and twenty five year old matthew for along who wanted to follow his father into the force. it is completely out to my confidence in the police force recruitment system had i lied on my interview form and said i was bisexual for instance there's a strong possibility i would be working for cheshire police now based on the law cheshire police say they are aware of the tribunals decision and have agreed to review the results matthew's lawyer says it is the first discrimination case of its kind in the u.k. we put the issue up for debate with stephen morris from the english democrats party political and social commentator morons are. what they're doing is they are blatantly discriminating against people so any trust people have in the police is going to be gone you know how can you trust them when you know full well that they are not looking to recruit the best people for the job they are just recruited
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based on ticking a box so in fact what we see steven and the others who might think like him is that discrimination and treating people less favorably but for their race or their protective characteristic has been going on for decades and pretty. sad to say by white heterosexual men and they have had the jobs they've had the lion's share of income even though we monitor equal pay they will still have the lion's share and so positive action is about redressing a balance about saying that when things that him oh no no no no positive. results that let me off it was a huge. no no no sorry steve stephen i'm sorry i'll correct you on a matter of fact and a matter of law having taken race discrimination cases although it's the wrong course of justice no offense to stephen but this is now i do it well i'm not sure tribune official want to do with race relations cases on the side as a try to do your employment role as a trade union. but i don't use racism to. discriminate you discriminate against.
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these races and we've seen racism in the police force now racism is wrong it should be done on nothing else right now if you're saying positive faction that's just annoyed with related immigration and stephen when we look at positive action we're talking about underrepresented minorities whether they are black whether they're muslim jewish gay bisexual transgender all the people we need policies which are fair in society and absolutely you are right and the appropriate tribute potentially is right and it's binding if they have treated him less badly but for his sex nor to think it was right to bear arms in question he was saying if he was here well let's see i mean appeals and things happen but at the minute the filing we have is that but for the fact of his right. and it had been bisexual he'd been in he'd been to got a job i agree we cannot discriminate even against which is wrong because i mean i should heterosexual men it's all about freedom of choice and if people do not want to go on the police then fine but find out the reasons why it's not purely down to
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the recruitment process the. people from the pain groups or the gay groups. ok before we go a quick look ahead to a program we have lined up for you today that we think you will find informative every year hundreds of children in the poverty stricken philippines are sold off by their families to traffickers many end up in the hands of affiliated groups where there are room to fight and to kill r.t. has been following the plight of filipino child soldiers in our latest documentary crisis childhood. phone are sixteen months honestly did you know. nothing about the.
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isis fighters and boarding a philippine naval ship. but . we. just aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them to. pick it up. and remind her on a busy news day like this to keep her right up to the minute by checking our twitter page and i'll be right here in just over thirty with all the latest global dates to.
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my son doing drugs my nephew switched to lend drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population . we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for whom our own are minor offenders in the drug trade it's
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a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in ways you can save by day as you're walking out of this is just it doesn't get easier. this is bomb blast broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us i'm bart chilton washington welcome aboard we are glad to have you. coming up today big former chief executive officer is one capitol hill here in washington and faced a great grilling from lawmakers perhaps giving the executives a taste of their own medicine lalibela standing by to break down all the action plus the stage is set for a second meeting between. donald trump in north korea's kim jong un this time in
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vietnam we break down what that meeting could mean for jewish politics with former pentagon official michael maloof and conservative commentator steve malzberg and later the lead trace and go shooter for mexico ambassador hayes susi out today is here in studio gives us his take on trade in light of the new now all that in our side but first we had right to the headlines let's go. back to that once again leads our global report as british prime minister theresa may finally opens the door to a possible delay delay while opposition leader jeremy corbyn of the labor party begins to put his cards on the table ms may under enormous pressure from within her own conservative party has now agreed that if parliament has not proved a deal governing brecht's that by march twelfth legislators will be allowed to vote to delay the exit from the european union currently scheduled for as we all know march twenty ninth ms may's move.


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